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Found 10 results

  1. Is there a list of the known crest powers that aren't how they mechanically work? like how Marianne can understand and talk to animals with her crest?
  2. I've always wondered this playing Genealogy of the Holy War, but what made having Major Blood so special than having Minor Blood? While I get only Major Blooded characters can wield the Divine Weapons of their respective bloodlines, it still never made sense to me storywise. Were they meant to be the next incarnation of the Crusaders to stand against Loptyr? or were they simply meant to signify who was important and who wasn't? I do like that three Houses kind of abolished this kind of weird mechanic as it doesn't matter if you have a Major or Minor Crest you can still wield your bloodline's Hero Relic or Sacred Weapon. But why didn't they just call them Crests then?
  3. I want to know what character is Mudblood, Half-Blood or Pure-Blood
  4. I've always wondered what determines whether an individual has a Major Crest or a Minor Crest. Why do some people have a Major while others don't? Is it just random chance? Or is it determined by how close you are to the original Crest bearer? I'm sure there's no canon explanation, but I'd be interested to hear some theories.
  5. Indeed, what are they? It semms like they're linked woth dragonblood (like in FE4). Both Sothis and Seiros are certainly devine dragons (just look at their hair! - the same as Naga, Nagi, Tiki, Nowi, Nah, Duma and Mila). What is more, the crest of Seiros is eerily similiar to the mark of the exalt (that unsrprisingly gives the ability to use the Falchion). So: Did Sothis blessed Nemiesis and others with her blood (and maybe other dragons as well) to create these crests? What do you think? And how is the crest of flames/fire emblem connected to all this?
  6. NOBODY STOPPED ME THEY'RE DONE https://imgur.com/gallery/sBipLiD I'm dying waiting for three houses to come out. Decided I'm going to make sheets to print out for when I started playing the game including their bases, portrait, proficiencies, weaknesses, budding talents, personal traits, and crest description. Leaving room for tallys by the base stats so I can get an idea of how lucky I'm getting with the growth rates for each character. And a section at the bottom for extra notes where I can write notes for what their goals are and what classes I want them to get to. And yeah I'm doing this because I'm crazy and plan on using it during the school section heavily as like my teaching portfolio thing. So before I do this I just wanted to ask. Has anyone already done this work for me? If not I'll be posting what I make here.
  7. So with the latest Famitsu article we can pretty much conclude the list of crests our main characters have. We also know a fair bit about their (crests') connection to history. The confirmed crests are: Saint group: Crest of Seiros, Crest of Cichol, Crest of , Crest of Indech and Crest of Cethlenn. We also have a mention of Divine Macuil, the crest of whom is probably the one on the right of the Crest of Chichol if we are looking ate the mural. The main reason why i think that is her(?) crest is because statues shown in the article have weapons with a fair resemblance to their crest image (Chichol is actually is the most obvious one) and Macuil is holding a sword which hilt might actually be an inspiration for the crest design (also all saint crests so far have been based at the top of the mural). 10 Elites group: Crest of Dominique, Flardarius, Daphnyll, Blaidydd, Gloucester, Goneril, Gautier, Charon, Riegan and Lamine. And that is 15 crest confirmed. But we have 21 on the mural excluding the crest of Flames Byleth has (since it is in the middle and covered). That leaves us with 5 (the crest of ?Hraesveleg? is not confirmed but we know of revealed bearer and relic weapon) crests of unknown allegiance. All of them are either damaged (Marianne's crest) or damaged on the basic mural. Below is the mural with red saint crests yellow/blue elite crests and purple other crests. Which kinda led me to a little speculative theory which has several main points: 1) So we know crests originated from a certain high being. This certain high being is not depicted ANYWHERE and nobody worships it, even tho crests are deemed as very important and powerful. this is very much weird. That leads to the second point. 2) Either saints (which i see as more likely) led by Seiros or somebody else had a falling out with the high being which led to a wide conflict. My ideas include: imbalance of power (this idea is based upon the fact that Byleth's crest is placed in the middle of a mural, which indicates it is the most important . So maybe Nemesis, the previous know bearer? of Crest of Flames held too much power so divines got jealous or smth.), disagreement between policies (maybe saints wanted to worship high being and SET UP A CHURCH, but as the main representative Nemesis refused) or corruption (in this one everything gos well until Nemesis gets smhow corrupted by his crest and starts rampaging so Saints have to stop him). 3)Since Nemesis lost the war all infromation about high being was restricted and people maybe forgot and started instead worshiping Seiros and 4 of her companions as saints. That may explain the 1-st point i made. 4)I think that maybe 6 people initially joined Nemesis in his "Liberation" (thus 6 damaged crests on the mural), maybe 10 greats remained neutral or joined Divines. Main thoughts here are: Bearer of ?Hraesveleg? crest may have betrayed Nemesis, but to keep him in check/reinforce friendship/maybe he fell in love, he(who knows) had to marry Seiros and thus Adrestian Empire was formed. Thats why this crest is not completely obscured on the mural but it is not really mentioned (smth like shame bearers of this crests hold). Night crawlers are either companions of Nemesis or their descendants who want to ressurect the Liberation King (who knows the might actually succeed with the hands of ?Nemesis? bursting out of the coffin in one of the videos). That might explain their hate for Church of Seiros and mysterious powers (they might also be corrupted crest bearers). Thats basically it or the theory so tell me what you think plz. P.S I'm bad at image stuff so this mural edit is made in paint and is BAD. P.S.2. English is not my first but i tried my best.
  8. So, idk if someone made a Post about this already (used SF but didnt come up with much), but after digging through the trailer and materials once again (this was really helpfull to sum it up), i noticed that Protagonist/Byleth's Crest is the ONLY Crest missing in the Art we got where ALL Crests are shown. Its very wierd and when i first saw it i had to double and tripple check bc it didnt seem to make sense to me... i mean, i think i heared somewhere that the Sword of the MC is the Sword of the Creator - wich kinda makes the Crest that of the Creator i guess {correction: its called Crest of Flames, but the point still stands since its the Sword of the Creator that links with it}, since they need to be synced to work (wich is shown in another trailer)? And theres still the fact that Nemesis wields it (thuss Byleth beeing his decendent) but arnt all Crests gifts from the Goddess? The first trailer states that they revieced a divine gift (although its doesnt say Crests, its a good guess that they are meant, and i think it might have been stated in the Treehouse life footage but i dont want to go over and watch it again) The only course of events that makes sense to me is that Memesis was choosen by the goddess as the others were, but for some reason rose against them - thuss the battle of the first trailer broke loose where Nemesis is wielding the Sword of the Creator (against Seiros?). And because he lost and was (maybe) branded a Traitor soe something, left out of the Art work (in universe) bc they eitehr believe his line to have died out or want it to be dead/unrecognized. Otherwise it just wwierds me out that there are 21 Crests on the Artwork, for 10 Heros (wich means that minor crests probably look different and are added too or they somehow got more crests after the 10 Heros?) - but not Byleth's / Nemesis. Thoughts? Theories? Anything you've noticed that i didnt see?
  9. Hello! This is my first time on this forum so I'm sorry about any formatting. I was skimming over all the information we got since the Famitsu reveal and I noticed that some crests seem to take more precedence over others in an unknown capacity (unlike the Hresvelg crest, which is just all over the church). Namely two of the Leicester crests, and the orb crest. (Some of these we have briefly seen in @VincentASM's articles) We see the top right crest when we use magic circles: And we see the bottom left crest on warp tiles! (The inner red circle) Now you may have noticed the blue circle, which shows our mysterious non-Leicester crest, surrounding the smaller one. We have seen this one before too, with the orb in the sword hilt. What does it all mean? I don't know! I just think it's interesting seeing the crests dotted in these places, and I'm also frustrated that absolutely no information on their relation to the plot has been expounded upon since E3.
  10. This... came up to me just today, and not sure if anyone else noticed this, but I may have discovered evidence that there is a connection to Naga through the crests in Three Houses. Today, I took a look at this artwork of the circle that bore several crests. On it, I wanted to look at the crests and then noticed one crest, in particular, the crest just below the moon crest 90 degrees to the right, which is also next to the crest Byleth wears on him. I was shocked. So I looked over this reddit thread and found this image that has the crests and numbered to boot. Credit to @VincentASM for that. Everyone, take a look at Crest #16 on the link to the image. Recognize it? Or take a look at the circlet that Tiki wears. That crest is the mark of Naga. This cannot be a mere coincidence. Naga's mark wouldn't be used as one of the crests unless it was meant to hold a connection to the actual Naga, and therefore, to Archanea. This is getting more and more interesting for me. Could IS actually make this continent be in the planet as Archanea, Valentia, and Jugdral?
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