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Found 20 results

  1. After seeing the new trailer for Pikmin 4, I was struck with inspiration for my old Custom Fighter system idea, and decided to make a new topic for it. So, in contrast to the Mii Fighters of SSB4 and U, these Custom Fighters have far more customization options and are intended to fit the look of different game series, not to mention can borrow moveset material from them. These are the options I'm thinking of: Series - This determines your fighter's series. Each series has its own selection of features, voices, specials, and so on. Species (Pokemon only) - Your Pokemon fighter's species determines its race, build, and height. Trainer (Pokemon only) - You can choose to give your Pokemon fighter an accompanying trainer who appears in the background. This option is automatically set to on if your Pokemon fighter has a special linking them to another fighter. Race/Class - Some series allow you to choose from multiple races and/or classes, which each have their own sets of cosmetic and gameplay options. Cosmetic Symbol - Your character's symbol for their damage display and victory screen. In the past, each series had a specific symbol, but here, you can choose from a variety, such as Bowser's Face for the Super Mario series or different Hyrulean tribal symbols for The Legend of Zelda. Features - These are cosmetic features with no bearing on gameplay. Hair, skin/fur, mustache, eyes, mouth, ears, clothing, accessories, etc. You can save multiple configurations as costumes, up to eight per fighter. Voice - Your character's voice, which has no affect on gameplay. Animations - Various animations for standing idle, running, and so on. Victory - Your fighter's victory jingle and animations. Gameplay Build - This affects your fighter's physique. A heavier fighter has more power, weight, and shield durability, while a slimmer fighter has more speed and less weight and lag. This setting is disabled if Pokemon is the chosen series. Height - This determines your fighter's height. A taller fighter has more reach and weight, while a shorter fighter has faster attacks and less weight. This setting is disabled if Pokemon is the chosen series. Attacks - Your fighter's ground and air attacks, which are chosen as a whole set and determine whether a character is capable of crawling, wall clinging, and/or wall jumping. Specials - Your fighter's specials, which are chosen individually, one for each of the four slots. A handful are available from the get-go, more can be unlocked. Some specials allow you to link one custom fighter with one or two others from the same series for transformations or tag-teams. These specials come in binary (A ↔ B) and rotating (A ➝ B ➝ C ➝ A) varieties. Final Smash - Your fighter's Final Smash. Grab & Throws - Your fighter's grab and throws, which are chosen as a set. Taunts - Your fighter's taunts, which are chosen individually, one for each of the three slots. A single taunt can be chosen for more than one slot. Name - Your fighter's name. You can of course save more than one custom fighter, and you can use an existing Custom Fighter as a starting template for a subsequent fighter. When choosing fighters on the roster, there is a singular Custom Fighter slot on the roster that brings up a list of custom fighters you have saved, similar to Mii Fighters in SSB4 and U. Something that would be really cool is if the game has enemies that are basically CPU-controlled custom fighters that you yourself can create, with full movesets. For example, Koopa Troopas, Moblins, or Kremlings. In most cases, Final Smashes would be disabled for these Enemy Fighters, but most other moveset options would be fair game. Many custom specials would be unlockable through my proposed Adventure Map or some other specific method. For example, you could find a chest in Adventure Map that contains the Ice Rod, unlocking it for your Zelda-series custom fighters. If unlockable fighters return, their specific attacks, specials, and cosmetic options could be unlocked with them. Same goes for DLC fighters, who would now bring their Series as a custom fighter option with them. For example, if Crash Bandicoot were to be added via DLC, the Crash Bandicoot series would become available for Custom Fighter Creation, and give the player a plethora of Crash-themed Custom Fighter options, including components that allow you to recreate Tawna, Coco, Fake Crash, Ami, Isabelle, Liz, Megumi, Crunch, Another Tawna, and Fake Coco, as well as variations thereof.
  2. Hello, I'm new to the whole sharing personal made content with the outside world kind of thing, but I've been wanting to make an FE hack since the first time I played Fe7 like legitimately 20 years ago. I remember barely being able to even understand it, let alone the more complex side of it, anyway! I thought I'd try my hand at making my own, I have a grand idea in mind (who doesn't though) but I'm making this hack as practice. I've been using the "FeBuilderGBA" and I have a decent understanding of how it works so far, I've been frequenting the online manual for it. I've played most of the big and great hacks out there, and I really want to make my own. I have seen a lot of greats ideas on here over the years but the usual reply to most of them is: "Not enough work done, basically a concept, no one will help you" etc, which I completely understand. So I have went through and rebalanced all classes, all individual characters, items, even gave every item a description (kind of always bugged me how every weapon didn't have a description, even a basic one would have made me happy) so I did that, I also implemented the skill patch which is LOADS of fun to me, I always thought skill were so cool when I first played Fe8, but let's be honest, they're a bit underwhelming. Slayer is nice, but really only necessary on Draco Zombies/Cyclops, I finished 3 full cohesive maps and the dialogue that goes with those (also wow, rewriting all that dialogue is TEDIOUS) anyway I'm rambling again, my point is I've reached a dry spell, but not in ideas, but rather mechanical application. Now before anyone thinks (Oh boy, here we go again, someone wanting someone to do the hard work for them) that is entirely untrue. I just need help with some things that are probably very small things to a lot of people I'm sure. I'm looking for someone that can hop into a discord call with me and let me show them some things I've done hands on. I have a full length hack in mind by heavily altering the base story, nothing over the top, it'll FEEL like Fe8 but much harder and refreshed and from a different perspective. Kind of like a mix of Fe6 and Fe8 story, like how the plot unfolds, that might sound silly but it works in my head, and I could explain much more but this has already become a longer post than I wanted and I'm probably gonna disinterest some people purely from the rambling. On a side note I did create one rough portrait on my own, it's Cordelia's portrait but for some reason some of the color washed out, I must have clicked the wrong "transparent" color when I imported it, but the rest are from NickT's community sprites I found in the Fe Repo bin download from Klokinator. Honestly they're just placeholders for now, it makes me feel more motivated not to see all the vanilla Fe8 portraits, so I picked some that were closer to the characters I'm imagining, with the exception of Knoll, man I love him, he's hands down my favorite character in all of Fe8! I used a couple animations as well from the Fe Repo and I absolutely will give all due credit for those, I just need to go back and check who they were made by exactly. So I'm looking for a partner, specifically someone that can help me line up events, I kind of understand how they work, but as we all know seeing YouTube videos fixing something SIMILAR isn't exactly the same, and I'm not asking for anyone to hold my hand, I know everyone values their time and I appreciate that. I'm simply looking for a little nudge, and possibly a full-on partner. I have a long story of this game typed on my phone's notepad so I could send it to whoever is interested through discord on my phone. I also have some screenshots showing some of the small fry things I've done, but there's a lot I didn't screenshot yet, like complete class skill paths, individual character skill paths, stat reworks, class reworks, most classes have a 3 way split promotion instead of just 2, allowing for a huge level of variety. I would also LOVE for someone to play test the first few chapters for me, I've only done the first 3 so far, if someone wanted to do some bug testing, notice any spelling errors, glitches etc, that maybe I missed, I like to think I'm pretty thorough but no one catches everything. If anyone wants to see something specific just ask and I'll gladly share a screenshot asap. I'm not sure what kind of things to show on a general layout of screenshots so I took some of things that I think liven up the game. Omg this is such a longer post than I wanted if you read this far thank you, you are an Unsellable/Unbreakable S tier weapon with custom animation and stat boosts, my friend. Also if anything sounded sarcastic or entitled I'm sorry, text doesn't convey tone very well, I'm actually not either of those things. I just type overly formally sometimes and it comes across as.... well, you know. But I am nice, I promise! Fastest/easiest way to get ahold of me is Discord, my Discord is: magic#6740 Please don't hesitate to ask me anything, I'm looking for any and all feedback! Thank you! TLDR: I made a hack, need some mechanical hands on advice in real time, IE speaking, screen sharing etc. Also for those of you in the more lucrative side of skill sharing, I am willing to discuss financial compensation, particularly for portraits. ALSO! I apologize if this post is in the wrong place, I think it's right though?
  3. I am trying to follow this guide here, and when I am trying to do supports with Corrin, it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong? Also, I have found some inconsistencies with the supports I am trying to make. Take a look at this picture of a vanilla conversation with Shiro and Male MU: Compare it with this, a custom support with Male MU and Kotaro: Could it be the reason my supports aren't showing up for Corrin? Because any other characters work. I have the EU special edition and edited the support options with Paragon (occasionally, the tool the guide told me to) btw.
  4. I started this hack around the start of december, since I don't have much time on PC, the progress is kinda slow. About my last hack, the Dark Emblem, I accidentally courrupted the files and since the hack was kinda lmae and messed, I decided to start a new one.(No random-generated maps this time, I swear) Story: In the Melgen continent, there are two very powerfull countries, they're Arcadia and Petos, Arcadia suddenlly started to invade other countries, even though king Arcadio and King Petos are on good terms with each other, so wat's the reason that made king Arcadio suddenlly attack it's neighbors? Follow the story of Izarck, as he makes his path from a simple squire to a famous Hero. Features: No bandit chapters! New items. New icons for new items. Some new classes. 7 chapters as of now(counting the prologue and chapter 4x) Some new music. New mugs. New events. New maps. Deep plot(Not much at the start I admit, but what FE game starts with a good reason to fight?) New custom battle animations. All chapters have hidden items and secrets.(Except for the prologue, don't bother searching) Some screenshots: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ba417u1z9azcuza/Izarck%27s+Quest.rar Update notes: Known issues and gliches: Lamp sword use effect works properly but it crashes the game if used right after resuming a chapter. Make sure to always savestate before using it's use effect. By grammar isn't the best, if someone could help with it would be of great help. The same can be said about my mugs. Credits:
  5. As some of you might know, I am working on my hack Fire Emblem: Traitors Tale. It has been dead for some time, but I have come back to it. Last time I asked for help i waited 10 minutes and gave up, don`t worry, I learn from my mistakes(and suspensions). Returning to the original topics, I need to know how to make custom portraits. Could anyone lend so help?
  6. What is the best hacks or cheats for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia? I’m mainly looking for hacks or cheats to get the rare weapons, Astra, Sol, Luna and also easy level promotions, maxed stats, learned all weapon skills, and after all that, if it’s possible, save the file and not continuing the hacks or cheats. My OCD is killing me. Those items are way too hard to find and I don’t have the time to grind for them. :( Any help would be great!
  7. Hi, I'm trying to make 4 magic weapons in TSS with Nightmare. They're supposed to hit res for their MT +1/2 str but my Neimi has 21 MT with 7 str on her 13 damage bow, and she hit Bazba for 13 damage on his throne with 5 def. I don't understand, since she hit a fighter before for 20 damage without terrain bonus. How am I supposed to deal with something that deals different damage in different situations? My 13 str lv 7 Gilliam has 27 MT because of that, while she should have 20-21, it's completely broken since I gave it in chapter 3 chests like the lightning sword in Gaiden/SOV and wanted it to work like Fates magic weapons with half strength being the equivalent of physical units' magic stat (then I'll have to halve the MT to get something not broken from the get go and for the whole game...).
  8. Hello everyone! I had the idea of making a thread in which I post my "content" I've started by remaking some old portraits of mine, when I first started making them. I just need the palette and the hair done. wip.
  9. Using Laytruce's Stat Screen Creator (thanks, buddy) I've created this set of screens based on an old concept of mine- an FE7 hack that takes place during the Scouring. The main character will be Roland, though Hartmut will likely play a large role. And anyways, there isn't a sprite for Hartmut. Here are the starting stat screens I've made for Roland, Durban, and Bramimond, plus a thief variant of Anna and Bill the Soldier, a completely-legit OC. Here are the screens. If anyone wants to make a fangame similar to this, you MAY use my stat spreads AND Bill, if you so choose. All non-Bill characters, plus Bill's sprite, are from FE7, as are the assets used to make up their spreads.
  10. Hey guys :) it has been a long (emphasis on the long) time since I've done any spriting in the FE Style, so here I am posting all the content I'm making and I would love to see the feedback. Izuku Midoriya (Alias: Deku | Class: Fighter) Naruto Uzumaki (Class: Jonin (Similar to a Mercenary) > Class: Hokage (Similar to a Hero/Promoted Lord) Next: Sasuke Uchiha (Class: Rogue (Similar to a Myrmidon) > Class: Wanderer (Similar to a Swordmaster/Promoted Lord)
  11. So, I've made my second custom gba mugshot, but I don't really like the way the armor looks. Anyone got any tips? Feel free to express your opinion, I'll only hate you slightly.
  12. I'm trying to create my own custom Mugshot or face sprite whichever name you prefer. I know you can just edit and photo shop the characters from the game but I wanted a pure custom one. So I created a face, but now I cant find any information on how to size it and make it into a full fire emblem face sprite. I'm looking for an easy simple way but if I must I'll go the hard way. Maybe I'm missing something super obvious. If I am I'm sorry >.< I'm still quite a noob at this hacking stuff so please bare with me. If anyone knows a site,program, or a diagram that will help me figure out the size and the cutting of the face along with the chibi face size please do tell. Thank you very much in advance.
  13. So I've finished my first custom mugshot and I want some tips: I need tips in drawing better hair, and maybe eyebrows, also clothes. The clothes are supposed to be like hana's and hinata's without their armor.
  14. Hi! I've been attempting to make a fun little romhack where I basically just dick around, changing people's classes and making dumb "Balance changes" to make the game (FE7) a little more fun for myself. In the process, I "added" (edited the peer and others) the female myrmidon, female mercenary, female brigand and a nifty little mage class and gave it to a few of the characters. My thing is that should I ever feel like randomizing this for extra fun, these classes are never going to be randomized themselves (keep in mind that I'm using the universal gba fe randomizer). Given that my knowledge of romhacking extends to Nightmare, FEditor and changing palettes, I would have no idea if it is possible to randomize them and if so, how I would go about doing it. I was thinking that perhaps there was a particular attribute in nightmare that the "usual" classes have that the others (like the peer) do not have but I noticed nothing of note. The one thing I did notice was a certain ***UNKNOWN*** attribute that most classes had a value on but stuff like the peer had a 0 value on it. However, while the mercenary (F) also had the 0x00 value attibuted to it, the female myrmidon, shaman and druid (all of which are unrandomizable as well) had actual values on them, so I guess that's not it. Plus, the values were going up with every different class so it didn't appear to be related to that at all. I'm asking this because Klokinator made a "fixpatch" for fe7 for a different randomizer and now he made one for fe8 for the universal randomizer that apparently make those classes randomizable (as long as he edits them in a specific way) but I don't think he's done that to his FE8 fix patch yet and I'm pretty sure after a several tries that the normal fe7 fix patch does not work on the universal randomizer. Any thoughts?
  15. Hey everyone. I was gone for some time... Well, that's because quiet a few things happened. Lost my computer. Lost my work. Fell ill. Lost a father. Just a lot of things really and I lost my will to sprite. Now, I'm going to start again with a new unit that is a WIP now but I hope will be able to be put as any weapon unit not filled in a game or just mooks with a large variety of weapons to use. The Man at Arms is a unit ready to give life and limb to country and his unit has been specially trained to use a variety of weapons to make them a force to be reckoned with in the battle field. Equip to for almost every situation, all this unit will need to become a pain in the enemies side is the proper weapon at the proper time. The only downside of having the ability to have so much equipment is that the weight of his armor has been lowered to compensate the arsenal of weapons he carries.
  16. So, I don´t know if there is an existing post for this, but yeah, I had some ideas, mostly names for my builds but I´ll try to complete them soon. Well, here is the list of names. Clumsy Maid Felicia - Maid Sol Shurikenfaire Inspiration Live to Serve I really don´t know give me some ideas Multitalented Mushroom Hater Jakob - Butler Luna Shurikenfaire Inspiration Live to Serve Armored Blow Old Spice Gunter - G. Knight Luna Deadly Breath Line of Death Galeforce Aggressor Ice Cold Flora (or maybe Ice Ice Flora...) - Maid Vengeance Shurikenifaire Lifetaker Inspiration Live to Serve Dragoncursed Ninja Kamui - Master Ninja Lethality (or something else, I like Lethality..) Draconic Curse Deadly Breath Replicate Cut Through (couldn´t think of anything else..) My idea with this one is like to replicate the unit and separate them in order to drop the stats of enemies so that others can finish them up. Lobster Wannabe Kamui - Hoshido Noble Astra Swordfaire Hoshidan Unity Dragon Fang Vantage High Lobster of Hoshido Ryoma - Swordmaster Astra Swordfaire Death Blow Line of Death Lancebreaker Lobstar Ryoma - Lodestar Dancing Blade Speedtaker Astra Swordfaire Lancebreaker Dragonborn Hero Kamui . Hero Sol Dragon Ward Swordfaire Replicate Amateratsu My idea is like the Dragoncursed Ninja, use replicate but this one is to support your other units, halve their damage give them health or defense. Greedy Little Anna - Merchant Hana Banana - Swordmaster Tactical Puppeteer Yukimura - Mechanist Suicide Squad Saizo - Master Ninja Line of Death Lethality Shurikenfaire Deadly Breath Galeforce 50 Shades of Niles - Adventurer Little Boy Hayato - Onmyoji Little Cheese of Hoshido Shiro - Weapon Master Friend Bear Benny - General Cirque du Soleil - Hero Fabulous Forrest - Strategist Corn Prince Xander - Paladin Swordfaire Aegis Luna Armored Blow Lifetaker Little Princess Kamui - Nohrian Noble Swordfaire Luna Nohrian Trust Dragon Fang Draconic Curse (or another one?) Pieridorito - G.Knight Hoshidan Dragongirl - Kanna Nohrian Dragonboy - Kanna If you have any ideas for Names for the builds post them, or if you also have builds of your own post them. Edit* I also need you to change my ideas a bit since I haven´t thought much of if the skills will work right.
  17. I need help with custom animations. Can anyone make Mage Knight with Sword please? I would appreciate it if you have pre-made sprites and a pre-made script.
  18. Here's my custom sprites. I need your help , make your custom female mugs then post it here . ^-^ Thanks.
  19. Topic. I'm getting the game soon, and when I do I'll be making stages all day. Share your stages and ideas. GameXplain attempted to recreate Hyrule Castle and Peach's Castle from Smash 64, so I'd like to see how people brought back other classic stages.
  20. Discuss things and opinion on character customization. Which games have the best character customization? Which games would you like to have this feature implemented in? Any examples or memorable moments you had customizing? What do you add when making a character? It can be skills, attacks, stats, or appearance. The world is your canvas.
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