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Found 5 results

  1. I assume if you click this you know it is a spoiler for rewards, but I will still mark it.
  2. So, we have now been introduced to 2 classes and I'm wondering what people think of them. Starting out with the more recent introduction first because I have less to say about it is the Mage Cannoneer: The class is armored, and is a mono-weapon class with S-rank in cannons. The Magic Blast used in the paralogue is a B rank siege weapon with 3-8 range but accuracy reduces at high range. Despite the weapon running on magic and the class' name, this enemy's stats are more physically oriented. Then there are the Enchanters from Soren's paralogue: The class is support-focused with B arts and B daggers, level 5 access to the convoy, and provides a variety of buffs based on item usage or weapon syncs. I'm really interested to run this class eventually. Initially I thought this would be more of an apothecary item-throwing class, but is instead focused around consuming items and spreading buffs to nearby allies. The buffs you can get from the weapon syncing side are also intriguing. I imagine the class could pair very well with Micaiah, being able to pull any staff you need out of the convoy on a whim (without being stuck with Alear's bad magic stat). It could also work with Lucina, since you get chain attack poison from daggers and Qi-Adept 100% bond shield. The focus on support makes me think that for the most part the stats don't matter and it can be good on any character (except magic for staves if running Micaiah).
  3. Looks like "War Cleric" is a only class who i not used yet in my game. Any recommended female characters for "War Cleric" ?
  4. what are the best classes from the abyss? and who should I give them to? Note: right now I'm training my ferdinand as a trickster (just for a goof) but who is really good for these classes? my female byleth is def going to be a war monk
  5. So I've been planning a playthrough of Revelations for a bit, and for it I've really been considering have Corrin end up in the Vanguard class. And I started to wonder what skills, boon, and banes synergized with the class best. So, What are some skills, boons and banes that synergize well with the Vanguard class? Looking at it, it looks to be a very physical class, that would appreciate a bit more speed but I'd like hear more about it.
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