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Found 126 results

  1. So I decided to just sit down and make a list of every legacy bonus character in Fire Emblem Awakening who had some kind of special property that couldn't be replicated by just any old MU or other legacy character of the same gender. There's not really a whole lot more to say than that, so here's the list! Note that I've only listed the skills the characters couldn't normally learn through reclassing/leveling up. This is not meant to contain their complete base skill sets.
  2. This post is dedicated to all FE fans alike. -List of Added Features > Unique character endings > Unique endgame dialogues
  3. With the new dlc available, you can collect start shards which enhances growth rates (some with penalties). I would personally recommend shards to improve middling stats (neither low nor high). I would recommend Libra shard for example to those who are doubling about half of the time.
  4. So I'm finally getting back into Birthright and I was wondering which BR characters are best with which DLC classes. I've tried looking through the forums but usually the answers are for children or Nohr characters, so I was hoping you guys could help me out. It's still early game so everyone on the BR path is an option, although Mozu and Kagero are already Dread Fighters, and I'd rather not use any special classes on Corrin. Children aren't really a consideration unless they would really excel in a class regardless of their parents, because I tend to pair people up for LOVE and not eugenics the first time. Shush. With all that in mind, who would you suggest I make these classes? -Great Lord -Lodestar -Dark Falcon -Grandmaster -Vanguard -Witch -Ballistician Thanks for all you help, Serenes.
  5. Is the second wave of DLC out for english yet? Or will it be later today?
  6. The prequel dlc has arrived in Japan and you're rewarded with weapons at first clear. What happens when you upgrade them? I saw Clair's Lance get -1 weight when maxed.
  7. Also tested this on a Japanese 3DS without the overclass DLC loaded. They are listed as an Unknown class, and can't use any weapons. Pretty disappointing since Awakening made it so DLC units were listed as "Outrealm Units" and could still using their proper weapons and skills if the proper DLC wasn't loaded.
  8. So with the coming DLC, we have new weapons. (The last two packages) What do you think their skills are gonna be? Will they have new skills or a unique combination of the old ones or both?
  9. I was trying to remember that I did heard the term Season Pass was existed before they announced in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia that was coming up in May and this is going to be my first time getting a Season Pass in video games, but I did heard that there was season passes existed from other video games such as The Breath of the Wild and some other video games that I am not entirely too sure if they were invented around 2016 or 2017? I have no knowledge of the term "Season Pass" meant, does the term "Season Pass" in video games suppose to be unlocking all the DLCs for a Limited of Months (or Seasons) for one time for any Seasons like Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall or is it just players can getting all the DLC content and you can play all the content before the actual content releases in the future without a limit? I was thinking of saving up the money to get that Season Pass for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia and I didn't see anyone made a thread talking about the what does term "Season Pass" mean?
  10. A new trailer just launched less than 15 years ago detailing the first four packs of DLC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9P63IrQ6bWM
  11. Since this game does have DLC and any characters except Alm and Celica can reclass back to Villagers using the new Reclass item. But, what kind of Special DLC Classes, Items, Skills, and maybe a character rewards do you like to see it happening for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia just they did with Fire Emblem Awakening and Fates like how they added Dread Fighter, Bride, Dark Falcon, Bastillian, and Witch as a DLC reward? I personally wanted to see if they can might add the Swordmaster class from the April Fools prank from the Japanese website that was shown from this April Fools day, Dark Knights, Dark Fliers (or Dark Falcon), Great Knights, Assassins, War Clerics, and/or Dancers since we did saw those Dancing Girls were in Zofian Castle that was shown in the Fire Emblem Direct as a DLC class. I know that Dread Fighters are third tiers from the Mercenary line for Echoes, but I personally wanted to see Witches to be playable in Echoes since Fire Emblem Fates have Witches returned and got a chance to be playable for the first time. For DLC Skills, I do wanted to see if Vantage, Lethality, Aether, Weaponfaire skills, Weaponbreaker skills, Gamble, and Shadowgift return as a DLC skill. For Items, I'm not exactly sure which one to pick besides Scrolls and DLC Reclass Items? If there doing a character reward if Alm or Celica's team goes to one of the Xenologue maps that a character needs to be rescued like how Fates have Anna in her own map and she joins as a DLC character. I do want to see if they can might add Anna join as a DLC, add one of recurring characters like Jake, one of the Fates characters, or other characters in the previous Fire Emblem games, or it be a completely brand new character.
  12. I heard a rumor that you can get Master Seals in the DLC dungeons. But I haven't found any information or videos that confirms this. Can someone confirms this for me?
  13. I accidentally left my 3DS at a distant relative's place. I still have my cartridge for Birthright though, that I was using to play through the Revelations path that I had purchased. I know DLC maps are saved to the SD card, but save files are saved to the cartridge correct? I don't want to do a system transfer since I should be able to get my 3DS back eventually, but in the meantime, can I borrow a friend's 3DS to play through Revelations?
  14. I'm kinda curious as to which one others like more. I thought both were pretty cool, but I want to know what YOU think!
  15. Is it true that these dlcs only present pre-set units, and have no relevance to the actual game? I don't see the point, aside from the Takers and Pointblank. It feels totally out of place and even worse, screwed all of Fates' logic (not that everything is logical, i.e deeprealms, but still, this is getting worse) like having twin Kanas. I haven't played them myself but from what I've heard it sounds like Hidden Truths, where Severa, Inigo and Owain's appearance "altered" by magics which somehow manages to be inherited by their children. So plot aside, I believe Awakening handles this much better, at least it's still connected, even in an alternate world. HoF breaks the actual game so hard - be it the story, units...etc. Please bear in mind that this might be my personal opinion only. I was so eager for the game, for the story, dlcs and have been disappointed over and over, sorry if I came out as rude. For those who likes this pack please understand that I have no ill intention :)
  16. When is North America getting the last 2 DLC maps? Have they truly forgotten about us? Is all hope lost?
  17. So, as of recently I've been looking for these 2 portraits of Anna in DLC uniforms. and I know this is a stupid kind of question but I don't know if anyone has ripped them or though of ripping them yet. Thanks for reading this post and thank you if you can point me in the right direction for rips of these portraits.
  18. So has there been any word on when the new festival DLC is coming to NA or if it even will be translated and released? I'm dying to see the interactions and we are getting very close to October people. I'm sure there should have been some word of it by now.
  19. Hey Guys, I was just wondering if anybody knew where to find the music that played in the Invisible History DLC?
  20. Which of the Fates DLCs let you use your own units? Most of the ones I've tried, I've been annoyed to find I only get rent-a-units. I like to be able to use the units I've been using the whole game, and I can just watch an LP, if it's the same units every time.
  21. So they haven't been confirmed nor denied yet but how do you guys feel about spotpass characters/maps and Einherjar characters returing? What characters from Awakening do you think would make it as Einherjar characters? Einherjar are the cards of characters from previous games you get once you beat their DLC chapters. Personally, I enjoyed the spotpass maps as they were far more challenging than the regular story maps and you could unlock more characters my favorite unlockable being Priam in Awakening. As far as the Einherjar from the DLC I thought it was a nice little addition to the game and a good nod to the past titles I was just kinda disappointed that they used generic avatars to build them save for Marth who got a unique class and appearence. I get that there are some limits with remaining in the art style and all but if they were to be implemented in the future then I'd hope that they'd have unique looks to them closer to how they originally appeared. Oh and the fact that spotpass chapters and characters were free was a huge plus as well.
  22. So, whether it's DLC where you can actually gain experience, and have the screen list characters as MVP's other than "None," or DLC chapters where you use given units, what's the point of the whole MVP thing? Other than the Outrealms screen, which shows the lowest amount of turns you've beaten a map with, the MVP function seems useless. You don't even see them after you beat the final chapter, alongside other chapters, do you?
  23. Who do you think would work best in the DLC classes (Witch, Dark Falcon, Dread Fighter, Great Lord, Lodestar, Grandmaster, Vanguard, Ballistician)?
  24. So my problem is, the Anna on the run DLC released yesterday. I bought Map Pack 1 and when I go into the shop it says that I have allready bought the DLC. However nomather what I do it does not show up for me in my game. I updated the game data, I restarted the game, tried to update my DLC data again, I tried out different route save files, nothing. Did anyone else have this problem and has found a solution? x-x I've been trying to get it since yesterday.
  25. Sorry if I'm breaking formatting rules I'm new but I want to ask a quick question. I'm currently playing through Fire Emblem Conquest and loving it but I purchased DLC and reclassed Odin to Grandmaster. I have an old save file that hasn't beaten the Hidden Truths 2 yet but I don't know if I will get a Fell Brand on this save file if I already beat it on another of the same playthrough. I also beat the Vanguard Dawn map on the further play through and I don't know if I will get these items again if I beat the map on the old play through. The reason being I want to reclass Odin to Dread Fighter and Niles to Grandmaster instead of Odin Grandmaster and I don't want to waste a Vanguard Brand as well. Sorry if this is hard to understand. Thanks in advance for responses.
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