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Found 122 results

  1. Now that Anna has been out in the States for a while now, what is deemed the best class (including all DLC classes because I have access to them) for Anna? Some people are suggesting staying some sort of bow class and just using the shining bow, but it's hard to forge a +7 one, and it cannot trigger offensive skills or crit. I have actually been considering about Witch, but what do you guys think is the best option and why?
  2. It's out now. Dunno when it came out, but getting it now.
  3. I know that I have already posted a similar forum for Birthright characters (you can find this forum here>>>http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=62994&hl=%2Boptimal+%2Bdlc+%2Bclasses), but now that I just got Revelations, can you guys name me all the characters in Conquest (because I already know the optimal sets for the Birthright characters) that are significantly better with a DLC class over their most optimal non-DLC class? (Example: Azama is much better with Dread Fighter than his most optimal non-DLC class, Merchant)
  4. So, in my over eager starting of my Normal Conquest play through, I failed to get our sweet little villager Mozu until around chapter 18 (I'm on 20 now). Normally I'd just say 'oh well!' and move on, but I need to bring her up to par with the rest of my team so I can get Ignatius and round out some child pairings. I've been trying to use Boo Camp to level her up, but part of my issue is that I either kill an enemy before she can finish them off due to having an all promoted team, or she dies on her first attempt to attack because of a low hit rate or not doing enough damage. I've gotten lucky a few times and she's now at level 8, but I am hoping someone can suggest something that's a little more... Effective. She's running Aptitude, Quick Draw, Life or Death, Savage Blow, and Death Blow. I am more than willing to buy more skills for her since I'm really not happy with this build on her for this point of growth, so if anyone has a Mozu with other skills I'd appreciate taking advantage of that as well as tips on getting her some strength~
  5. Given what we know about the first batch of dlc for fates, what would YOU like to see in future dlc? I personally would like to see: 1). Apotheosis 2.0 -I never beat the first one, but I did like the challenge for what it is worth, and I would love to see what they do with the new mechanics. 2). Scramble map for the child units -Might be a good way to get some more development and dialogue for the child units. 3). Story/scramble map for the underdeveloped units (Kamuisexuals) - Getting more dialogue and characterization for the characters that seriously lack it would be nice. 4). A what-if scenario where Kamui/Corrin dies in the early game. Could have a set of maps for both Hoshido and Nohr. -Could be interesting. Kind of like future past.
  6. So, I am just getting around to doing the free DLC (Gift From Anna) and I don't know which is better to get, the Witch's Mark or the Sighting Lens. Which is better in general?
  7. I know there are a lot of threads that go in detail about the best classes for characters, but I have not seen one that compares the optimal non-DLC classes vs the optimal DLC classes for certain characters. Can you guys list me all the characters you know of in the BIrthright campaign (because that's the one that I'm playing right now) that are significantly better with a DLC class over their most optimal non-DLC class? (Example: Azama is much better with Dread Fighter than his most optimal non-DLC class, Merchant)
  8. Hello! I've been giving it some thought and decided to make a topic to cover the DLC of Fates as much as I can! I will cover the basic of the chapter storywise and gameplay-wise, as well as the rewards and unit quotes per each map. Note: I have yet to buy Revelations. ​DLC 1: Before Awakening​: /Later/ DLC 2: Ghostly Gold: /Later/ ​DLC 3:​ Boo Camp: Story: Felicia/Jakob notices that the enemies being faced are becoming stronger, and is worried that their strength may surpass their own. Corrin agrees, and Felicia suggests that they all go on a test of courage on a haunted mountain in another world (An Outrealm), said to have fearsome monsters. Those who survive to the next morning are said to get stronger. They reach the mountain, and prepare for battle. Gameplay: ​This chapter is basically a harder version of Awakenings EXP DLC. You fight waves of Faceless, ranging from pathetically weak to pretty powerful. However, you can bring 12 units, over the 6 in Awakening. More EXP for everyone! The weakest Faceless are very easy to kill, with around 6 in their main important stats (Strength, Defense, Resistance, Skill), but over a very short time will only give 1 point of exp. The next tier of Faceless have much scarier stats, are will start appearing after a good amount of the story is completed. They have 16-20 (although their Res is 10) in their main stats, and are somewhat formidable early on. Both of these tiers of Faceless have the skill Heartseeker, making any player unit next to them have -20 Avoid. The third tier Faceless are a bit tougher, with stats a few points higher than the previous tier, and have Seal Defense and Natural Cover in addition to Heart Seeker. These can be a real pain, as the Seal Defense can often mean death from other Faceless if not prepared for it. Some also have Odd Shaped. Why? I have no idea. All of these three are the "unpromoted" Faceless, with the green sprite. They will attack you. The fourth tier are even more powerful than the previous in terms of offense, however, their Defense is down by 4 or 5 points, so their actually easier to kill. They have the skills Pass and Resist Status, a Dread Fighter skill. However, this and the next two tiers are both the yellow "promoted" Faceless, which will not attack you on enemy phase. This means units with two range can easily chip their massive amount of health down, without having to worry about enemy phase. The fifth tier is basically a fourth tier with slightly better stats and the skill Wary Fighter, meaning they can't double you, but you can't double them. They also seem to have Pavise, but only sometimes. Each tier get progressively higher leveled, with the tier one at level 23, and the tier five at level 29, meaning they give more EXP the higher their level. (Add Boss stats here. There are like 4) Along with the Faceless are some Stoneborn. They have Immobilize, which is basically a Freeze staff if you get hit by them, as well as Certain Blow. They don't seem to give much EXP. They seem to spawn randomly, as I've seem them spawn as early as turn 3, or not at all. Aside from that, there is a tile on this map called Mist. It is completely impassable to your units, but (from what I can tell) is like plains to the Faceless and Stoneborn. In the middle of the map, there is a breakable wall, which gives quick access to the other side, There are gravestones surrounded by mist which are the spawn points for the enemies. they always spawn 5 at a time. The enemies seem to spawn on almost every turn until the boss spawns. All enemies are heading to a Sigil tile on the north end of the map, where they escape. It is surrounded by mist, so no units can reach it, You COULD block it off with 7 units in front of it, however the Pass Faceless will just walk right through your wall anyways. Strategy: ​This map is fairly easy. Using Daggers, Shurikens or other stat reducing weapons or skills can allow you to let weak units kill the stronger enemies, while also getting damage EXP and Weapon EXP. Makes sure to check ranges of Defense Seal enemies, as they can make or break a plan. Since all the enemy units are physical, using high Defense units such as Oboro, Rinkah, Effie, Benny or Xander (Just to name a few) to lure in enemies is a very valid plan. Just make sure they don't kill them by unequiping them (Or they may just not kill them anyways). I find Levin Swords or other non-crit or skill activating weapons to be great for chip damage, since you won't have any RNG in that regard. Just keep weak units out of danger (May need Rescue Staves) and kill the enemies as much as possible. Make sure they you won't get Dual Struck by the Yellow Faceless, as they won't move to allow Dual Strikes, but the Green Faceless will try to do so. Also, Just leave the Tier 1 enemies alone. They can't do much to you. Rewards: ​The reward for this map is, obviously, tons of EXP for your units. And, in my opinion... Character Quotes!: I usually think of these quotes as a secondary reward in these maps, ​as they can give some more character development. I will update these over time, so be patient. Now the real question, is this DLC worth the money? This one is a bit objective. Birthright and Revelations players may not need it, but there is this weird spot where the Skirmish enemies are a bit too tough, and the tier below gives almost no EXP. Conquest players of a casual level may want this DLC, as it is the only way to grind. On the other hand, some may not want it. Overall, this is purely up to you. So guys, tell me if I missed something. I really want this to be thorough. Also, I will update the Quotes probably daily. I also have no children in my Birthright file, as I'm trying to get all the S supports. I only have Kana because... I felt like it? I have all of them on Conquest though. Tell me what you guys want next! I only did this one first because... idk I felt like it. I'll try and finish these each weekend if I can. School may prevent me from doing so. Thank you, and g'night! I'm not going to sleep yet though...
  9. So, the DLC's released. Also, it SOUNDS to me like Anankos' voice is just one of Corrin's reused...with an echoing effect, like he's in constant Dragon mode. I kinda like it. Edit: Also, I love the title drops that Owain makes.
  10. Is anyone else a little annoyed that for the 3rd (and 4th) time now, a DLC comes out where we cant use our own units, we have to use some premade units in an insanely difficult and imbalanced map? are all the future DLCs gonna be like this? Whats the point in leveling my units post game if i cant use them in the coming DLCs?
  11. After playing Before Awakening DLC, I was kinda disappointed that Chrom or Fredrick didn't gave the Avatar a brand that allows the user to become the class "Lord". It's even more disappointing the class "Lord" isn't available for the avatar in the game. What's having the class to appear if you can't obtain it? ...... When will this class be added as DLC? They can't have it to appear once and never appear again.
  12. Hey there! So I have the DLC at home, but won't have access to it at least until the weekend, so I was wondering if anyone with the DLC/ who has played through it a little more thoroughly than I already have (a quick run-through using mostly non-kid characters) could answer a question for me. I know that the kids you take have conversations with the Avatar if you are their parent (or at least Gurei/Asugi did) and they also have conversations with their non-variable parent, but do they also have conversations with their non-Avatar, variable parent? And if so, are these generic, including those with the Avatar? Much obliged.
  13. So, I bought a physical copy of both versions of Fire Emblem Fates. I bought the DLC Map Pack 1, and it said that there was no downloadable content on Birthright after I switched from Conquest. How do I register the DLC for Birthright after I purchased the DLC on my Conquest?
  14. With the new wave of DLC being announced for Japan and I think there is one more wave after it, it got me thinking on something. What would you think if they added a sort of Boss Rush where you face off against all bosses from previous games and fates in a row? I think it could be an interesting challenge for them to do. Perhaps only a small group of units could do the challenge to make it even more difficult? Rewards could be a new class, or something like an Ultimate Emblem or even a powerful skill. Be really cool to fight all the bosses with the amiibo characters at my side. Lords of FE, unite!
  15. So the Ghostly Gold and Museum Melee DLC releases tomorrow. What do you all plan on doing with your virtual moneybags? For me its gonna be a whole lot of forging and skill hunting. Daddy's gonna get paid!
  16. So, I have a question. If i buy DLC for one game, will it automatically go to the other? Does it have to be the physical copy, or just digital? Or can it be both? So many questions! I need answers!
  17. So, from what I've seen, we seem to know every thing about the current version of fates, in the sense of whats available and DLC. I also noticed though that there is kinda a lack of DLC (compared to awakening) and there's also no other dark magic other than an extremely nerfed nosferatu. It kinda makes shadow gift a really redundant skill other than the fact that you can now use ONE tome that's not even as useful from what I've seen. I thought the whole point of dark mages not being able to use staves was because they made it up with dark magic. Now though, all I see them having is just a higher rank in tomes by a whopping one and some different caps, over the use of extremely useful staves. It wouldn't really effect me much if it was final, but is it possible to be any other add-ons or DLC in the future? It would be really nice to see some stuff like dark magic added on to. I would understand the lack of DLC though since technically an entire path of the game is DLC so. Although, the amount of DLC in awakening was insane, so unless I am just really late on information or just expecting too much, is it really bad of me to wish that there was more DLC?
  18. We've got trouble! They're memeing us!
  19. I'm trying to decide on which DLCs to buy when they are released. I keep hearing that Invisible History is bad from multiple people. Should I buy it or is it not worth it? I can always just watch someone play it on Youtube, which I will probably do instead.
  20. So I'm new to the Serene Forest forums (this is even my first post), but I'm not new to either Fire Emblem or Serene Forest. I joined to see if I could get some optimization help/suggestions considering I recently got all the awakening DLC (meaning I can grind exp/gold for this run). I made a google doc showing my setup that I plan to use. I went through the hassle to make it neat incase anyone wants to use it for reference. I need help deciding whom the children should marry. My Setup: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1i_8mRRwq0mN8WWUo6HGLJeIqO8QOfYzm2va5sfdLL9I/edit?usp=sharing [ In case it wasn't apparent in the doc, it's a M!MU run with +Skill,-Defense. ] Skillset suggestions? Pairing suggestions? Class suggestions? General feedback? --- Anything is appreciated.
  21. How does the DLC pack work? Does it give you access to all the maps on release day? Or do you get each map on the day that it is released?
  22. What DLC has been confirmed for the NA release of Fates? Does anyone know the release schedule for them? Is anyone planning on buying the DLC? The only DLC I got in Awakening were the Scrambles, but this time I'm thinking about getting a more combat oriented pack for the Nohr route. I rely on grinding a lot because I don't usually play for optimum pairings or classes or children. I just like to play how I want the story to be or whatever matching I want based on character personalities. Which is the best map for grinding? Is the DLC map pack a good value or should I just buy 1 or 2? Suggestions?
  23. ...Is that there weren't any alt costumes. As in, actual alts for characters, and not Mii Fighter Outfits. I could have easily seen them peddling, say, Melee/OoT outfits for the Zelda characters, or a Samus outfit that actually goes the extra mile and is an entirely different suit of hers, instead of merely a palette swap. I'd be partial to a Shulk one with the True Monado and that-late-game-white-angelic-armor-that-I-don't-know-the-name-of-but-every-LP-uses. And then there's the promoted forms of the FE characters (Great Lord Lucina, Grandmaster Robin, and now Dark and White Blood for Corrin)... . Or even a proper Blood Falcon/Black Shadow outfit. At the end of the day, I just feel like limiting things to Mii Fighter outfits was a wasted opportunity, as detailed alts for the characters would, IMO, have been much neater and more attractive than "here's a chibified outfit for characters that you can't even use anonymously online".
  24. OKAY SO HERE'S THE RUNDOWN: You guys might already know this considering I REFUSE TO SHUT UP ABOUT IT, but there's an expansion coming out for this game I like. It's called Bloodborne and it's a game where you play as a foreigner immigrating to an ancient city called Yharnam in an effort to cure yourself of an illness. Unfortunately, after visiting a local doctor in the city, shit goes wrong and THE NIGHTMARE begins. It's got beasts and eldritch horrors in a gothic setting. Very fun, and the story is way more interesting than I make it sound. What I am planning on doing is streaming the game on Twitch at 9PM. I'll most likely be playing all night because FUCK SLEEP. It'll be so great, totally great, and I wanna share the fun with you guys. (If you guys can even watch the stream that late. If not, that's ok. I totally understand.) So, yeah, I'm just making this thread in order to announce that. Here's some info: 1. My timezone is PST, and I will start the stream at midnight. I have the DLC pre-downloaded so installation or whatever will hopefully be quick. 2. My twitch name is Audelainne. 3. Again, I'll be playing all night. I have to get ready for work by about 10am PST, so it might end by that time or sooner depending on how tired I get. 4. I am considering using voice chat through Twitch, but I don't really provide the best commentary and I am not TOTALLY EPIC like Pewdiepie so I might not. If I make a skype call, then others can join and chat with me, but I don't know if you guys wanna do that since not all of you might want to watch me fail at video games and I might not even have a decent-sized group of people watching me anyway considering I posted this so late. I guess I'll leave that decision up to you guys. So, yeah, if any of you can't come then that's okay. If you can and/or want to, just let me know. I should have posted this sooner.
  25. I've been wondering if even after I've put many, many hours into awakening and buying the scramble pack, is it worth getting Future Past or another DLC like Infinite Regalia? The game has been out for a couple years now, so is there a point to by it when there won't be any more maps added?
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