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Found 14 results

  1. Hello hello! My name is Rooben, I decided to join Serenes Forest after reminiscing on the FE series. I started playing the Fire Emblem series when I was a bit young, and my name actually comes from an old joke based on Robin. I haven't played many games in the series though, only Awakening, Fates and Three Houses. I own Echoes but I still haven't taken it out of it's packaging, and I've been meaning to play some other titles in the franchise. Awakening is my favorite out of the three, but the other games have their merits so it's hard to choose I'm really into writing, to a fault really. I want to write myself, so when it comes to Fire Emblem I like paying close attention to the characters and plot, as well as discussing it well beyond the point that I should sometimes. "All for progress" I say to myself! I'm also practicing to become a better artist and character designer. The visual design of both Awakening and Fates has been a huge influence on me and recently I've been working towards understanding the outfit and character design to use the knowledge in my own works. The last thing I want to mention in my introduction is that I've been studying Japanese for around 4 years now, and aim to be a translator in the future! Though, my biggest fault is my small vocabulary, which I have recently been dedicating my studies to fleshing them out. Eventually I want to play through a Fire Emblem game in Japanese, but until then, it'll just be watching Three Houses support conversations in Japanese, picking out the words I do understand. I'm hoping to meet others who have similar interests here, but considering the circumstances, that won't be too hard. Here's to hoping! But before that, I need to remember to stay active here...
  2. So since I love to draw, I thought I'd try my hand at computer art. I know it's not that great so I want constructive feedback to help me improve on this. Also, I'm using Microsoft Paint so if anyone can recomment any programs (that are free) that could help me out, I'd appreciate it. Thank you for your time.
  3. Hey there. I had an idea for one of those "30 Day" challenges, but this time applying to Fire Emblem OCs. In short, it's a collection of common tropes/archetypes which have appeared multiple times across the Fire Emblem franchise. I don't mean to toot my own horn but this works as an art challenge and as a writing challenge, either way you can use the mediums to design a characters. I'll try to keep this as short as I can. and hey have fun
  4. So I finally decided to make an art thread to show off some of my art. I am a self taught artist who likes to draw lots of Fan Art as well as my OC's in stories that I have been writing. Feedback is welcome and encouraged. If anyone ever wants to post my art anywhere, feel free to do so as long as you credit me. Please send me a PM or message me on here to let me know that you're doing so. I do both digital and traditional art, though traditional art posted, will probably not all be scanned due to lack of a functional scanner. Feel free to request things, but there is a chance I might not do the request. Without further ado, my art! Oboro Lapis Lazuli Cana Alberona Nohrian Festival Leo Celica Profile I might add more later but five seems like a good number to start with.
  5. I've decided to post some works that I've created for Fire Emblem. Here they are: Scarlet (first drawing/2016) Chrom Lucina MLP crossover fanart Scarlet (second drawing/2017) Here's a link to my art gallery on Deviantart if you'd like to check out more: MetalAmethyst
  6. I have several more scattered about that i'll look into once i can find time! i mostly do fanart for stress relief, and i'll admit to finding the 3ds title's designs the most fun to draw despite some of the armor's craziness :p i have some awakening stuff around too somewhere that ill upload once i find it and once finals clear up i'm hoping to update with more new stuff but for now this is what i got to share. (ignore the low effort look of the lines LOL)
  7. Hello people of the forest! Today I'm in search of artists willing to take requests, to take on a drawing. It's not really a normal drawing though. Not just a still of a character, but a whole scene. You'll understand in a second. So, who has played Awakening? It would be best if it was someone that has. I had an epic sort of happening in a battle. Spoilers ensuing for anyone that hasn't finished the Valm arc: Haha yeah, you're probably thinking, "who the hell does this guy think he is? This is a monumental project". I understand if you don't want to do it, I know I'm asking a lot! But if anyway is, I'd be grateful! Either way, keep on producing great art everyone! I wish I could draw as well as some people here :D
  8. Hey everyone! I'm a relatively new user on these forums (like, a few days ago lol) but I really love FE and I figured I may as well reach out more to the fandom! I'm a college student and art is more or less a hobby of mine, but I've done a few FE arts so I figured I'd share them here! FE related art (mostly old-ish, from a few months ago, will improve upon them... eventually) [spoiler=different Leo portrait WIP excuse the eyebrows hehe] [spoiler=Semi finished fates protraits] [spoiler=Gaius sketch] [spoiler=Takumi sketch] [spoiler=Charlotte & Camilla sketch (semi inappropriate, you've seen their costumes c;)] [spoiler=Lucina sketch, sorry for poor quality image, I have an andriod lol] non FE related (brownie points if you know what these are from!) [spoiler=large image warnin] thanks for your time!! ovo)/ if you have any requests hmu, i love drawing
  9. Hello there everyone! it has been a long time since I step foot on this site. Anyways as the topic says who here can draw? And it does not have to be perfect either just decent enough. The reason why? Well I am making an odd request and not everyone will want to do so but some people do have this done get some assistance. Whoever says yes or is willing to do this for me we can discuss it in greater detail just send me a PM message up here and then guess can go from there. Anyhow lately I have been creating OC`s (Original Characters) and you see I can`t draw not one bit to save my life and yes I have practiced and practiced for years and still cannot grasp it for anyone who may say to just do them myself heh me+drawing do not mix. So I was wondering if anyone would like to be something of an artist for me from time to time I am not asking for a lot and you will not be drawing frequent just here and there very rarely. A friend of mine already drew one of my characters for me (which I will show in a picture at the end of this post) But my friend does not really do art requests and she only did it for just that 1 time. I have all character details listed down for each character. I do have 1 requirement though the character must be draw anime/manga style so if anyone knows how to draw anime/manga even if just a tiny bit that would be great. Also of course all drawing would be credited to whoever drew it like for example when my friend drew my character Yume she signed her name on it and blah blah you get it right? So yeah just that decent but not perfect drawing because I am not a picky nor bossy person you do whatever your abilities bring you and I really have not much say as I am not the one drawing it and able to draw manga/anime atleast a tiny bit that is all now I`ll leave you guys with a picture of one of my characters. And I know I said it already but again my requests will be spread apart as I am not looking for a lot I could request a drawing now and not ask for another until like 3 months later. I just really wanna see some of my OC`s completely brought to life seeing Yume just how I imagined her was amazing,and trust me if I could draw remotely myself I would do them all alone but sometimes ya gotta ask for assistance.
  10. Want someone to draw you something you somehow can't find anywhere else on the internet? Post the request here and someone just may do it! Rules: You can request multiple times, but try not to request something TOO much. Nothing that goes against the SF Code of Conduct. No porn or like-wise. If you want someone to draw one of your OCs, please provide a reference of some kind. If you don't have one, describe them and they'll draw it the best they can. This is not a discussion topic. You can say thanks (or hate) for the picture if you want or something related to it, but try not to flood the thread with unrelated content. If you think you need to provide a reference, please do! Have fun! Now then... BEGIN!
  11. Trying to making something new o.o/ BTW... i need more practice u.u http://masterenex.deviantart.com/art/Before-After-feat-Isabelle-498082054
  12. Hello! I'm new to the forums but I've decided to play an artist role here. I love Fire Emblem artwork so I'm mainly focused on drawing fan art. Looking forward to getting to know you all, Regards, Kainengtah Also check out my art thread that I've started in the Creative forums. http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=49758
  13. Hello, I'm new to the forums. I have recently been getting back into art so this seemed the best place to submit them. Right now I'm wholly focused on Fire Emblem fanart. Here is 2 pieces that are almost complete! I still have to put a little bit of touch up. The first one is Lyn and Robin and the second one is Tiki taking a nap. UPDATE!! Here's 2 more pieces I've been working on.
  14. On this topic, we can share references for artists. Either it's other person's or yourself, digital or traditional, video or pic, feel free to share drawing references in here. I think we need one of these topics to compile the loads of references out there and to aid artists out about proportions, poses, and others.
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