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Found 5 results

  1. In my current revelations run ive optimized the hell out of my child units but I have 5 mothers and 4 fathers left im not sure who to pair with each other. I have a temporary setup and 2 of these children end up garbage. With my only options being Felicia, Orochi, Nyx, Rinkah and Setsuna, who do these 5 best suit when it comes to Dwyer, Kigari, Nina and Rhajat? Current Pairs: Dwyer! Orochi ( Garbage final pair I heard makes an ok Basara) Nina! Setsuna (For the +7 speed but I heard Nyx is ok if you want a shining bow build?) Kigari! Rinkah (Good for Sidelong, Setsuna is better for Nina for now so yeah...) Nyx! Rhajat (Many polls and discussions said Rhajat is better re-classed as Sorcerer) Leftover Mom: Felicia
  2. So Battlebees from tumblr/Youtube decided to create custom sprites featuring Oboro's children inheriting the demon face. (Original website here.) Sophie just looks silly cute; I just can't seriously imagine her with a demonic face. Midori looks like she ran out of weed and starting to have withdrawal symptoms hehehe. Nina, on the other hand, looks like she ended up spending the entire night, watching men interact, and getting sleep deprived the next morning. Mitama also looks like she got rudely woken up by Azama and angry for being deprived of sleep. Well, that's what happens when you don't go to bed dear. Asugi looks like a douchey teen who's been trying to act edgy after playing too much GTA. Ignatius, Dwyer, and Rhajat don't look all that different... Not too sure about Shiro or Selkie... I'd hate to see Caeldori or Hisame with such a face though. They look like they are going to utterly screw you over. Both Kanas also looks unsettling. And Gods, is this what happens when Kiragi must have inherited both Oboro's demon face and Takumi's jerkassery.
  3. Hello Serenes Forests users! So once again Im having troubles in my game. I followed optimizations guides, and everyone turned out good for now, and I got advice for one of my last uncertain pairings, and this was the leftover bracket.... I don't mind their story, its better than the Benny X Peri one imo, but they are pretty nice together I guess :P So Jakobs fine, its never been anything wrong with Jakob.. Its just Nyx.. What do I do with her? Her stats are ok I guess, but she keeps nearly dying or just dying and I have to restart. Any suggestions to make her and Dwyer better? Nyx stats: 10 str, 20 mag, 13 skill, 18 spd, 8 lck, 11 def, 15 res Thanks and have a great day to anyone who helps!
  4. Hey ya'll, nobody ever seems to have Dwyer on the MyCastle teams (odd considering MyCastle is pretty much the only thing he's good for :P) I was hoping I could pick up some skills for him from somebody? Namely, I'm trying to find some of the Activation skills like Lethality, Luna, Miracle, etc... or Nohrian Trust I suppose I've got Aptitude and Hoshidan Unity if anyone wants them for him (also have some other stuff for random other people) Castle Address is: 04222-37974 15838-84699 Lastly I know it's a longshot cuz he tends to be people's throwaway kid, but I was really hoping to find some of the DLC class skills.if that's at all possible. Namely Aether, Ignis, and Awakening (Great Lord, Grandmaster, and Great Lord skills) Any of those for MU would be absolutely fantastic and appreciated as well. Thank you so much in advance for anyone who can help me out!
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