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Found 83 results

  1. There will be a fan translation of Echoes ? I don't want some support or content be erased because of the censorship
  2. This was just leaked that they are going to appear in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia in the new Paralogue chapter.
  3. I am creating a sand box page that focuses on today's (different time period in North America) April Fools content that was shown in the Japanese website of Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. But, I might need some help with the translations from any translators that be willing to help out in this page for site that doesn't use Google Translation as a reliable translation and proof reading with the grammar with the description for Valbar, Leon, and Kamui and the rest of the info from the site. And probably going to show this to VincentASM (Avyen Knight) for the approval and ask where to put this at so that we can get the info and translations down. https://serenesforest.net/wiki/index.php/User:King_Marth_64/Sandbox/Fire_Emblem:_Battle_of_Revolution Incase if you haven't noticed or seen it yet from the April Fools content that was shown in the official Japanese website, this was founded here: https://www.nintendo.co.jp/3ds/ajjj/0401/index.html But, I am not exactly sure if we are going to get the same April Fools in the website in the North American, European, and other countries or this is going to be Japan exclusive April Fools?
  4. With Shadows of Valentia potentially improving on and/or expanding on Gaiden, it had me thinking about supports. By no means are supports confirmed or disconfirmed, as we have little information to go off of, but I imagine most of the community interested in SoV would like some sort of support system to be introduced, in order to give the characters more/better characterization and development. This got me wondering, what characters from Gaiden's original cast could have plausible, interesting supports with each other? For the sake of consistency, let's assume a C-A support system similar to GBA and PoR Fire Emblem, without marriage but with potential for paired endings. I'll start with some obvious ones: Alm and Celica: This support could highlight their different opinions and attitudes on war and conflict, and further develop their relationship with each other. However, issues with the support could come from the fact that they are together only very briefly in Gaiden. Whitewings with each other: They are sisters. I'm sure IS could make something work. Zeke and Teeta/ Cleive and Matilda/ Clair and Gray: All canon pairings from Gaiden, but said characters had very limited interactions, due to Gaiden's small script. I have plenty more ideas, but I'd like to hear what others think first.
  5. So I was rewatching the trailer for my analysis video for Youtube it and I noticed that Saber retaliates against an archer at 1 range. Does this mean that Gaiden's 1-3/5 range bows are returning? Also, I watched both Ghast and Mang's videos on it and neither mentioned it, is this just something people already know so they don't feel the need to point it out?
  6. Just something idly getting my curiosity. We consider Shadow Dragon and New Mystery of the Emblem FE11 and 12, but I've seen some refer to the Switch game as FE15. So... which are we considering FE15? Gaiden remake or the Switch title?
  7. So by now many people have noticed that in the direct you can see an extra unit that wasn't originally in FE2. Given the speculation that it is the new player character, I gave some thought to how this could be done without fucking up the story, and here's what I came up with: The MU doesn't have to be a new main character on the same level as Alm and Celica. He should just be one of the villagers that Alm recruits along with Cliff, Robin, and Grey. That way s/he can function as a self-insert character without stealing the spotlight from the other characters. This then led me to thinking about the other games. This was essentially Robin's role in the Gangrel arc in FE13; he was technically just one of the Shepherds, although one that was close to Chrom, but the story was very much focused on the Lord. If in future games the Avatar is just a member of the Lord's group from early on, rather than the main character or overshadowing the actual Lord, I think they could them justify having them in the games.
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