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Found 2 results

  1. I've made my distaste of SoV's story no secret on this forum and after two and a half playthroughs of the game that opinion has yet to change. The reason for that is the titular protagonist, Alm. What bothers me about Alm(and I should stress this issue only applies to his SoV incarnation) is that he doesn't at all fit the story that he is a part of. Say what you will about Corrin, Chrom, Edelgard, Byleth, Ephriam, Ike, or any of the other lords but at least their character arcs and characterization fit the themes and ideas their stories set out to explore. Alm doesn't in a lot of ways. LIke he's a fine enough character in vacuum but he just doesn't work for this story specifically. SoV is a story about how strength and kindness and strength on their when taken to extremes will ultimately lead to a kingdom's ruin which are shown in the degenerating gods duma and mila. It is only in the marriage of those two philosophies that a kingdom can truly prosper. This theme is shown in a lot of ways but the primary way is with the protagonists Alm and Celica who are supposed to represent Duma's and Mila's ideals respectively. Their character arcs are supposed to be reflective of the story's themes of seemingly conflicting yet complimentary ideals which is why the romance between the two is pushed so heavily. The two are supposed to take these ideals of strength and kindness to the extreme and realize they need pieces of the other within themselves to overcome their struggles. Celica represents Mila's ideals just fine and is narratively punished for lacking the strength needed to protect herself or her overly kind nature which gets taken advantage of. The problem lies with Alm. He's too soft and kind and too much of a nice guy. He's not very ruthless or if he was the story never really puts much emphasis on it. Like he's more representative of Mila's ideals than Duma's. Him killing his father is supposed to be the climax of his arc where, in a lust for power and justice, ultimately ends accidentally killing his only remaining family but it doesn't really come off that way because he was never shown to be power hungry or ruthless. He never showed hostility towards Rudolf to my memory except maybe in Celica's dream sequence which never really came to pass. He was shown to be a protector of the weak, that aspect of his character remains consistent. Like in the early stages of the story it's actually quite good where he recklessly charges in on a bandit hideout to save silque or his steadfast determination to march on Rigel. However, those are really the two instances of this happening at least to my recollection. He's never really shown to question his actions nor are his actions portrayed in any negative light except killing his own dad. Like I said, Alm is way too soft here. He's too much of a nice guy light novel protagonist for this story to really work the way it wants to. It's strange because Gaiden, the awakening DLC, and even the manga characterize him just fine with all his ruthlessness intact. I wonder what happened here. Anyway, sorry for the rant I just needed to get that off my chest.
  2. Ok, I managed to complete making the name chart as of right now, Avyen Knight (VincentASM) and I that we're planned it for the Gaiden page for getting the people to notice in-case that some of them are don't realized it since April 8th, 2013, but I managed to improved more stuff using the localized names from Heroes website that was confirmed from the Fire Emblem Direct also and we'll might improve more stuff when we'll see more English trailers and footages for Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. But, this chart will might get massively updated when the game comes out. And please note that all the Playable Characters that weren't appeared or mentioned in Awakening and three bosses are in Heroes also. https://serenesforest.net/wiki/index.php/Name_Charts/Gaiden_and_Echoes:_Shadows_of_Valentia Also, just a requestable note: Can someone might please help fill out the rest of the kanjis, romanjis, and the other fan translation patch names that were from je2's (Wolf's updated stuff that he did mentioned about fixing bugs) and Artemis's in the chart coloms. I stopped playing Gaiden through Chapter 4 after defeating Grieth for looking around through the patch differences for helping out the community back then (I was super busy with College stuff and studying for my future goals back then)? Edit from February 3rd: I managed to get a lot of the Classes, Spells, Items, NPCs, Bosses, & Titles and Factions down from looking a lot of pages from the Gaiden section. Might still needs some help with filling out the Romanjis, Kanjis, and mostly the Patch names from je2's and Artemis's version from Gaiden. Edit from February 12th: We got new English screenshots from the UK website, it's confirmed that Saber from the Heroes website is still remains as Saber in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Claws was added in the game (I did checked for clarification that Claws was debuted from the Tellius series), Grave added in the screenshot, Japanese version of the website for Echoes: Shadows of Valentia has Valentia is now called Valentia instead of Barensia in the Japanese version of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia since the original Japanese version from Fire Emblem Museum and The Complete had it as Barensia. By the way, keep an eye out incase if we get more English screenshots, footages, and info from Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, I will or someone who has access to the Wiki content in this site adds it to the name chart and Avyen Knight (VincentASM) will upgrade the non-wiki Name Chart for Gaiden Section and adds an another non-Wiki Name Chart for the Echoes: Shadows of Valentia section of the website. This title is now renamed as Localized Names Discovery Thread and I will ask one of the mods or Avyen Knight (VincentASM) to pin this topic so that we can contribute the site. Edit from March 10th: We got a new trailer and new screenshots from the GameSpot website revealed, it's confirmed that Tobin from the Heroes website is still remains as Tobin in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Terrors (probably the new name giving out for the monsters in Echoes since Awakening had the mosters from that game were called Risen), Zofia Castle, this new possible term called "23rd of Pegastym", new skills that are added in the remake are called "Anti-Fliers", "Bowrange +1", & "Terror", and I don't know about this "Deliverance Hideout" location, it could possibly be Clive's HQ in Chapter 1, but I don't recognize the layout that was in Gaiden. Edit from March 14th: I added the names that were shown in the PAX East Footage from the North American version of Echoes, tI did seen Lukas is still Lukas from the Heroes website, the villager girl's localized name is Faye, and the rest of Celica's team in Chapter 2 were remained the same from the Heroes website as well + added the Provisions, Grieth's Army, Seraphim, Invoke, Miasma, Mountain Graveyard, Leather Shield, Gold Dagger, Silver Purse, Black Magic, White Magic, and Archanist in the Name Chart.
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