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Found 4 results

  1. Overview Rarities: 5* Hero Type: Red Sword Movement Type: Cavalry Origin: Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War Eldigan is designed as a bulky, defensive sword cavalier. Thanks to his natural ability to move up to three spaces per turn, he is able to take advantage of powerful buffs exclusive to cavalry units, such as Hone Cavalry. He is often compared to Xander due to both having nearly identical stat lines, with the latter possessing a few more points in defense but with slightly less HP and resistance. Since Eldigan's greatest drawbacks are his mediocre speed and vulnerability to magical attacks, it is strongly recommended to use him primarily as an enemy phase unit against physical attackers. Players should build his kit in a way that capitalizes on his physical bulkiness in order for him to bait enemies more effectively while retaliating with as much punishment as possible. A common solution for players to remedy his low speed is to use Quick Riposte for his B slot; while it does not prevent faster units from doubling him, this ensures Eldigan can have a follow-up attack, granted that he survives both attacks and that his HP is within the activation threshold when the enemy initiates. Another viable, albeit less flexible, option for offsetting his speed deficiency is to use Swordbreaker, which can be useful for countering the faster sword units that are considered meta, such as Ryoma. Sadly, unlike Xander, Eldigan is unable to retaliate when attacked at range without inheriting Distant Counter for his A slot. What sets Eldigan apart from Xander, however, is the special property granted by his personal weapon, Mystletainn. The reduced cooldown charge for Specials often play a pivotal role in deciding match-ups, even against certain blue units. This is Eldigan's trump card. When paired with other skills like Quick Riposte and Quickened Pulse, 3-turn charge Specials such as Bonfire can be unleashed immediately after a foe makes the first attack. Heavy Blade can also be a neat option for abusing the Special cooldown trigger, especially if the Eldigan was +Atk. With such synergy between his weapon and skills, it is not uncommon to see high cooldown Specials being used on Eldigan, such as Galeforce. Aside from Mystletainn reducing the time it takes for Specials to trigger, Eldigan's access to multiple merges and various IVs are a few advantages he has over Xander. Before Weapon Refinery was introduced, it was widely debated whether Eldigan or Xander is the stronger red cavalier. Now that it is possible for Eldigan to use Distant Counter together with Fury, the answer becomes ever so clearer. LV. 40 Stats HP: 42 / 45 / 48 Atk: 29 / 32 / 35 Spd: 21 / 24 / 28 Def: 31 / 34 / 37 Res: 15 / 19 / 22 Total: 153 ~ 155 Standard Skills Weapon: Mystletainn Assist: N/A Special: Growing Light Passive A: Fury 3 Passive B: Lunge Passive 😄 N/A Weapon Refinery Options To upgrade Mystletainn to any of the following, the player must have at least 400 SP, 500 Arena Medals, and 200 Divine Dew. Fury 3, +3 HP +5 HP, +2 Mt +5 HP, +2 Spd +5 HP, +2 Def +5 HP, +2 Res Sample Builds Paragon Lionheart Heavy Blade Lionheart Fast and Furious Lionheart Impervious Lionheart Conclusion Eldigan has come a long way since his introduction to the game. At the time of his first banner appearance, he was a highly sought after sword unit, especially for those who were creating cavalry teams. Once Xander became available, Eldigan slowly faded into obscurity, mainly due to the former's ability to counter at any distance being deemed extremely valuable at the time. The arrival of Sigurd did him no favors either as his role as a defensive cavalier was further overshadowed. In spite of an ever changing meta, not all hope was lost for Eldigan. The introduction of Weapon Refinery, Summoner Support, and new skills all benefited him considerably as more and more players are devising new ways to build the character. A highly invested Eldigan can become a very formidable threat. Fun Facts Eldigan is one of the very few sword units in Fire Emblem Heroes whose fourth tier weapon is preceded by Killing Edge, instead of Silver Sword, alongside Mia and Joshua. Eldigan's voice actor in Fire Emblem Heroes, Greg Chun, also provided voice work for Ephraim, Lukas, and both variants of Ike. Revision HIstory
  2. Hello everyone! I'm new to this site so sorry if I mess anything up in advance. Anyways I've been playing a lot of Heroes recently and I've noticed that in later challenges like hard/infernal hero battles, squad assault, higher level chain battles and etc I've been not doing so well. I have a lot of five stars with competitive skills but I didn't have the sp to get them all the skills so I've been grinding for xp. I was hoping that some of you could help me with a team comp based off of My units listed below. Thank you all so much. -M Eldigan, Xander, Camus, Priscilla, Caeda, Tharja, Cordelia, Nowi, Hecor, Sonya, Merric, Nino, Faye and Bridal Cordelia are all five stars. Also please recommend other units that I should summon for to go with these units. Anywhere from 1 to 3 teams would be greatly appreciated for squad assault and chain challenges. Thanks
  3. Hey everyone, I've been doing a monthly Voice Actor series with different Fire Emblem Heroes' VO performers. This time I got Greg Chun because he was lucky enough to score the role of Ike in addition to Ephraim, Eldigan, and Lukas. I found out that he also did Lukas' voice for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, and that he found it intimidating to embody everybody's favorite mercenary. Greg has some great insights about breaking into voice acting, overusing your voice, and a little bit on the process behind winning some of his roles. He actually broke into VO through an Arnold Schwarzenegger impression! https://comedyngaming.com/news/interview-greg-chun-fire-emblems-new-ike Hope you enjoy it!
  4. Has anyone else heard some familiar tunes when you are listening to certain FE music? For example, in Geneology's "Eldigan the Lion-Heart" song, something that sounds like the Smash Brother Brawl main theme plays throughout. Another example is in Path of Radiance's "Congregation of Ambition", where Linebeck's theme from Zelda: Phantom Hourglass can be heard at a certain point. I know the FE songs here have been made years before the other games, but I want to know what everyone else thinks: Coincidence or Foresight? Of course, maybe it's just me...
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