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Found 8 results

  1. Starting roughly half a year ago, I started doing a playthrough of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. Originally, it was just gameplay with subtitled commentary I made for a friend who hadn't played the game, but as I learned more about how to use my editing program, I had more ideas for my project. Starting with chapter 24, I started making some visual novel-like scenes from scratch, to add a more humorous and dynamic aspect to my playthrough (though in retrospect, some of it is a little too silly). I started calling this series OVERpLAY, partly because of the use of overlays and that I'm doing more than just playing a game. I read somewhere that at least part of Kaga's vision for Fire Emblem was for players to make their own stories, and that's sort of what I'm trying to do with this now; have some more character interactions, show some ways the deaths of some characters have affected surviving ones... ... and also play some things for laughs. Here is Chapter 24, where I started doing stuff in the "OVERpLAY" style: I was, admittedly, still trying to find some direction when I made this, and some of the humor, particularly early on with external references, which even I find a little cringy now. Also, in case you're wondering why the dead unit list is so long when the Aum staff is used, when when this was still an LP I made for a friend, I deliberately sacrificed my guys to access the gaiden chapters so I could show as much of the game as possible. Here is the Endgame: This is where I started doing stuff the way I currently am: while still mostly comedic, there are some serious moments too, and I used my additional scenes for the sake of some extra character depth, like Marth feeling the pressure of living up to Anri's legend. Lastly, here is the Shadow Dragon Epilogue: I bring everyone back to life for the sequel in an unapologetically contrived way, and make shoutouts to what's to come in Echoes and New Mystery. The very end also lays some groundwork for some of my plans for NMotE, but I'm not saying where that is. ? Here is the full playlist: As I said, Chapter 24 is where I started doing stuff in the OVERpLAY style, but here you go if you're interested in seeing how things got to that point. If you're interested in seeing an expert playthrough, though, you won't find it here. I'm planning on doing a New Mystery of the Emblem OVERpLAY in the not-too-distant future, building a story around the results of an Iron Man run, but for this, I deliberately killed off units for the gaiden chapters and I wasn't above stuff like arena grinding. Here is an unfinished video showing the progress of my current project, where I set up a little competition between my units: Here are some screenshots: Anyway, I really hope you enjoy these videos, and if you do, please leave a like and comment for the videos, and maybe consider subscribing to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC47MYIuECuL7-mLMDIf403Q It would mean a lot.
  2. So I’m writing up this blog series called a “Dub off” which is essentially watching Cloverway fun of Sailor Moon and the Viz version and making notes of which dub is better. I love reading the comments online about how awful the cousin censorship was and like to overlook one thing about Viz... THE VOICE ACTING OF THE VIZ SAILOR SENSHI ARE TERRIBLE Just making a concise list here Moon-Hate her Mars and Mercury-so generic I can’t even identify the two EDIT forgot Jupiter Viz Actor is okay and non offensive but Susan Roman stays queen. Venus-Better than Cloverway worse than DiC... does that make it a... half win? Uranus and Saturn- Uranus is overall pretty similar and Hotaru I need to listen to more but overall I have no complaints so those are ties... Neptune-A matter of personal taste. The voice actor in the Cloverway dub had a particularly serene and motherly vocal inflection that made her sound really mature and elegant. The Viz and Japanese present her as elegant but subtly snobby and arrogant. Preferred personality is kind of the game here. Chibiusa/Rini-Viz wins... how hard was it to cast the voice actor of a little girl that didn’t sound annoying in the 99s? Lots of shows had that problem back then though so I can’t blame Cloverway but as a Canadian, having to endure Sugar everyday after school on The Zone and watch this dub makes it SO MUCH WORSE because you KNOW she put ZERO EFFORT into her voice acting. Secondly, product of its time might seem “weak” but it’s true. No way children’s television networks are going to piss off parents and thus advertisers with an overtly lesbian couple when DIC has marketed it as the little girl equivalent of Power Rangers. Cloverway got handed a really awkward bag in the first place. Thirdly, English fans need to stop holding Japanese parents on a pedestal and thinking they were so much more accepting. Sailor Moon SS and its gross departure from the Manga by all but excluding Uranus and Neptune was because of parental backlash. If you want to rag on an English dub company for censoring an entire season then fair is fair. It’s time to pull those little halos off of Japanese heads. You can say what about Zoisite but he was a VILLAIN and an ADULT. Being evil and gay scares little girls from the perils of homosexuality is not a hard extrapolation to make. So yeah... stop doing that. Fourthly, Sailor Moon S is a dark season and the much needed levity from the unintentional comedy of trying so hard to dub away the lesbian that they accidentally created cousin on cousin incest is in my opinion, actually a breath of fresh air for the show. Now by no means am I saying I’m okay with the censorship. But things get really bleak here so when I can sit there and go... “Cloverway made them say what now? BWAHAHA”, I mean given the choice between my sexual orientation being represented and the gift of meta humor that keeps on giving, I will take exclusion and a belly full of laughs but that is just me. I appreciate the humor however accidental the Cloverway dub brings. Finally the minor alterations made outside of the cousins thing do make sense from a consumer. In one episode British people were redubned as French because English speaking people just aren’t going to appear exotic to Americans and no way are American parents going to find drunk Serena funny when their kids are watching that stuff. The end result is you have a dub with a generally superior voice acting cast that can get a bit kooky at times and you have a dub that as an inferior voice acting cast that stays faithful to the dub. If we are going to keep an open mind here then let me give you a sneak preview of my blog... Which dub do you watch? The answer is you should watch certain episodes in Viz and certain episodes in Cloverway to have the best viewer experience possible. When Viz is better it is usually MUCH BETtER and when Cloverway isn’t worse it’s BETTER. The issue is how adversely the censorship affects the dub. In other words, the two are like Sin and Cosine on a graph in quality of entertainment to me which I find hilarious. If you are LGBTQ like myself I understand the beef with censorship truly I do. If it upsets you that much then by all means, go full Viz. My heart goes out to you but my ears (OMG that voice actor for Sialor Moon is TERRIBLE! MAKE IT STOP!) just happen to hurt a little more.
  3. This is basically a page where you can share the weirdest things you've run into in video games, be they bugs, glitches or programming errors in the games code that you find interesting and want to share with others. Not really any rules or regulations sooo, yeah have at it. I personally ran across this gem a while back when I was desperately searching the web for a way to save a certain lower girl form meeting the end of a certain white haired mamas boy's sword. It actually one of the most mind boggling things I've found on the internet and somehow actually works too! I have personally tested and used this "glitch" (I'm not sure what to call it honestly) and I still have zero idea why this works in the first place. If I had to guess, I would say that there was some sort of overlay in the map data of Saga Frontier and FF VII since they were developed by the same company at roughly the same time and there may have been some sort of budget constraint. Nevertheless it still boggles my mind how this thing works and has basically zero negative side effects. feel free to share your experiences with any fun glitches/bugs you've seen below!
  4. As the topic says I am curious what are everyones views on spoilers? On anything games, shows, books, manga, etc. just anything in general? I am asking because personally I can`t see it from the others point of view. I never understand why someone becomes upset about getting told even the smallest thing. Personally it annoys me greatly when someone complains about spoilers. Note I can feel sympathy with someone not wanting spoilers if the series just now came out and is fresh and brand new then yeah I can kinda see. But it annoys me to no end when I speak to someone about something and then they complain about freaking spoilers on a Tv show, game or book that is old as heck it`s old passed done what do ya expect? of course you are gonna hear and see stuff about it.So I can`t stand it when someone gets upset over something from like 1990`s or early 2000`s that has long passed and ended. It`s annoying when I try and tell someone about a certain character and I bring up ''insert character'' dies later in the story and I get accused of spoilers eh?? Not much was spoiled. For me it`s like this ya learn about a certain character or event in the story ''spoiler'' right? But usually when people explain stuff they tell it either in pieces or like I do since I mainly discuss characters and not so much story learn one of them dies. But it`s not spoiled technically as you still don`t know the circumstance or the cause of such event. So for me I don`t mind spoilers at all I actually actively seek them especially if there is a series and my favorite character is involved I often wanna see their status if they are alive or not so usually a fast visit to a wiki solves that. But I don`t mind because I still do not know the events leading up to it what happens between? What happens before? Unless the entire narrative is laid out in front of me and explained word for word nothing is really revealed in my eyes. It`s the journey to that key point that matters and you don`t know the journey to it unless the whole thing is laid out. So yeah Sorry if this came off as a bit rantish but it`s so annoying as recently I introduced 2 friends of mine to the Naruto series and we discuss the characters together and I bring up say Itachi Uchiha dies later and I get accused of spoilers. When i didn`t all I said was he dies later you don`t know when later is or how/why it even happens. And on top of that Naruto is old as heck it ended ages ago so avoiding spoilers is nigh impossible at this point all is said and done like with all old series. As far as video games go finding out your character dies later mainly for RPG games I find quite helpful as I am the type who likes going in ready. because some games can be cruel to ya and whatever items/equipment you had are lost or you pour a load of time into someone only to see later ya wasted all that time as they leave later Lol. I hear SaGa Frontier 2 a game which I started recently has tons of characters die on you so that was helpful for me as now I know not to even waste time training up any of them wasting time until later in. So yeah opinions? What is and what is not a spoiler to you guys? What do you consider a spoiler? And which part matters to you most?
  5. What personality traits turn you away from liking a character? What sort of character interactions would make you like or dislike a character? How would you rewrite the character, so that they'd be better developed? I've been inspired to make this topic, so that I could better understand what it is like to hate a character of a popular work. (for example, if someone thought characters like Superman and Tim Drake were boring.)
  6. Sorry Aussies But "I DON'T THINK RUGBY LEAGUE IS A REAL FORM OF RUGBY OR SPORT FOR THAT MATTER" You cant beat the real deal which is Union.....sorry Comment if you agree or not.... Peace out
  7. Felt a little bored, and I thought a non-FE variant would be nice, so... The rules are the same as in the FE one: I'll start with a riddle. If you guess the character, you come up with a riddle for a different character. If you can't come up with one, pass your turn to another user. You can use any character, enemy or playable, as long as they have a name, face, and aren't a generic unit. This unit can be from any game. If it is your turn, you can give 1 hint per attempt if other people are having difficulty guessing. If you are doing the guessing, you are not allowed to edit your answer, and you have to wait for confirmation from the riddle maker to see if it's the right one before you start posting answers again. If a riddle has been solved, the person who guessed correctly has one week to post their own riddle up. If not, then he or she will automatically relinquish his or her turn to the next person who does come up with a riddle if he or she can't make up one at all. And again, seeing as I'm the OP, again... There are many legends about me Yet few bear my name They tell about the warrior I'm destined to be And the safety of my land and loved ones is what I seek to claim They also tell of a young maiden. My goal is what she helps me achieve And of an evil king. Who seeks to rule the land of my birth I am tested with each arrival of Cataclysm's Eve And for the means to defeat the would-be tyrant, I test my worth
  8. I am the true real amazing WALUIGI himself, and if there are any questions that can be asked, fire away! Just follow the rules though if possible, and enjoy asking questions about the ruler of himself.
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