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Found 1 result

  1. Doctor Seuss Mafia: X-Site Summer Invitational RULES 1. We (Aquilla and Iris) are the hosts, and what we say goes. Edits to these rules may come at any time, although you will be informed if this occurs. 2. This game is NOC (No Outside Contact). Communicate in the game thread only, unless your role allows you to do otherwise. 3. Speaking during the night phase is disallowed unless you are directly told otherwise. 4. Don't talk to dead people, don't talk to non-players who aren't hosts/Informed Observers. Only when you die and are provided game information by the mods is this acceptable. 5. Taking screenshots of outside communications with the host, real or forged, will result in an instant modkill. This covers Role PMs, images therein, night results and anything else. Do not directly quote your role PM or any action results; paraphrase instead. You also may not refer to any private communication you have had with the mod at all, real or fake. 6. Do NOT edit your posts.We will be moderating this heavily. 7. If you are modkilled by any fault of your own, you lose, and any attempt at gaining an advantage for your faction through them will be punished. 8. If you don't post for 24 hours, we will prod you. After enough prods, we will attempt to sub you out or modkill you if that isn't possible. Please let us and/or the game know in advance of any absences. 9. Do not discuss substitutions, including why/why not someone subbed and what that may or may not mean for their alignment. 10. Do not publicly tag or ask the mod anything whatsoever. If you have a question, DM/PM us. 11. Be civil, and make sure to have fun! MECHANICS 1. This game starts on Day 1. 2. Days last for approximately 52 hours, while nights last for 20. Start of Day (SOD) is 6 PM EDT / End of Day (EOD) is 10 PM EDT. There will be no deadline extensions. 3. The player with the most votes at the end of the phase will be lynched. 2/3rd hammers and ends phase early. Ties lead to a randomized lynch between the players who are tied in votes. 4. *YLO will be announced. Whether it is potential *YLO or *YLO will not be announced. *YLO is defined as a phase where the town can lose at the beginning of the immediate day phase. In *YLO, to hammer, only majority is needed. 5. This game is not bastard. 6. To vote, use the following format: ##Vote: <USER> and to unvote use ##Unvote; if you are just switching your vote, you do not need to unvote. 7. The mafia can communicate during the Day through a private Discord server provided; dead scum will not be able to talk after their death. 8. This is a simple closed setup. There are no third parties. There are no roles that would interfere with the accuracy of investigative roles. 9. The win conditions for both factions are provided. 9a. The town win condition is as follows: You are aligned with the Blue Fish. You win when all threats to the Blue Fish are eliminated. 9b. The mafia win condition is as follows: You are aligned with the Red Fish.You win when the Red Fish reach parity with the Blue Fish or nothing can prevent this from happening. 10. Flavor is unrelated to alignment. Alignments were randomized for characters, and then roles were randomized for players, etc. 11. The mafia kill will be assigned; that is, the mafia must designate one member of their faction to send on the kill that night. The member assigned the factional kill will be able to perform any additional abilities that night, if any. The mafia must send in a kill every night. 12. Actions will be told whether they are successful or not. Actions are successful when no external role prevents the action from occurring (ex: a kill on a target that was saved by a protective would be considered successful, but if the kill was roleblocked, it would get a failure message). Actions that get redirected will be notified about where their action would get redirected to. 13. Any conflicts between night actions will be resolved with the following order of operations: Commuting Hiding Strongman Killing Absorbing Busdriving Roleblocking Jailkeeping Redirecting Protecting Miscellaneous Killing Investigative
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