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Found 1 result

  1. So this is when I realize that I will never play my Nohr game, and I want more save slots for the IK - I first bought the IK on my Hoshido cartridge, but when I put in my Nohr cartridge, the game files for my IK run shows up as well (which makes sense since it saves to your SD card, I believe). My question is, is it possible for me to buy the IK route again, for the extra three save files ? I currently have 2/3 save files for IK saved, and they're duplicates in case I make the dumb mistake of deleting my file again. Since you have to buy the route through the decision screen (at least that's what I did the first time, and I believe that you cannot buy it through the E-shop) won't it just automatically force me to use that third file or something ? Or will it let me buy the game again if I save over all three slots ? Also, I'm like three chapters into my Nohr run on Normal / Casual (meaning I've started it but haven't reached the decision point, but it's on the Nohr cartridge), since it was going to be a speedrun; I'm planning on stopping there and starting fresh for the IK route. I know you can reuse your avatar and it keeps your stats (as well as personalized information such as attributes and whatnot), but will I have the option to change the difficulty to Lunatic, or will it stick with the difficulty I picked when the character was first created ? I'm really bad with DLCs and everything since FE:if's the first time I've used them, so sorry about the abundance of questions ! Regarding my uncertainties about character creation info and stuff, I can't check myself since my DS is dead atm and I'm out without my charger ; u ;
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