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Found 3 results

  1. I want to share a few ideas about Fae to remedy the whole 30 use divinestone deal without making her OP. Mostly ignoring the glitch in chapter 23 that can be used to obtain a firestone. Possible Changes: #1) Doubling the divinestone’s uses from 30 to 60 and halfing her super high experience gain rate. Her total exp to uses ratio is the same, but she lasts twice as long. #2) A small change, increasing her move from 5 to 6 #3) Making the divinestone unbreakable(or they are dropped/sold so she can pretty always be using one), but its stat boots are reduced. Such as the stat boosts are reduced by 5, or a more finetuned change, and she gains experience normally like everyone else #4)Another thing could be to give her legitimate(nonglitch) access to a firestone earlier than chapter 23(when you can do the glitch) by just puting one in her starting inventory, as an enemy drop, and or from a store(though that makes the least sense storywise). The glitchyness from even using the firestone being a possible drawback to doing this.
  2. When the team calls for a green dragon, there's one unit that comes to mind immediately- Fae! (No one tell her it's because she's the only green dragon). However, just because she's the only one who can fill her niche doesn't mean that she's bad at doing it- green just so happens to be the colour that resists Reinhardt, after all! In addition, Fae is lucky enough to have the Trainee stat bonus and be in the 4-5* pool, so she's a very good contender for your Arena Core on that basis alone. Base stats: HP: 46 Atk: 33 Spd: 28 Def: 25 Res: 30 Base skills: Weapon: Light Breath+ Assist/Special: Draw Back 4* Passive: Renewal (B) 5* Passive: Threaten Attack (C) Triangle Adept: Colourless Defensive: Fae, in general, is not particularly fond of Falchions or the Naga family of tomes. As a green unit, she has the weapon triangle advantage against neither. However, in a pinch, her high resistance should allow her to be used to counter a Julia or Deirdre- but you should aim to avoid putting her on the defensive against such an opponent.
  3. drew best dragon full resolution here from reddit
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