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Found 2 results

  1. Who else would inhabit an ancient upside-down castle but an upside-down lord. The evidence is irrefutable. Fabulous and Nohrian.
  2. Who do you think wears the best looking dress? I think: (TOP 10) Girls: 1. Calill -> Gorgeous! 2. Ashera -> She looks like a bird goddess. 3. Eirika (bride) -> She looks prettier than Disney's princesses. 4. Laura -> Her dress is kind of simple but cute at the same time idk. 5. Lute -> Same as Laura. 6. Ismaire -> It's like the vegan version of Ashera's dress but with jewels. 7. Sonia-> Its quite revealing compared to the rest but I like it. 8. Nyna -> I like it! So fancy. 9. Ameldha -> The dress looks nice to me. 10. Elincia and Lissa Tie -> I like Elincia's dress although it would look better if it wasn't orange, and I like Lissa's dress but it would look better if the metal thing wasn't revealing.
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