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Found 4 results

  1. Any sprites you ever spent a lot of time on, only to look back at the end and see that something's off about the whole thing? I have some sprites I spend a ton of time on, but ended up as flaming dumpster fires. Spent three hours on the first one.
  2. I have no idea what's going on and why.
  3. Hello everyone, today I have a bunch of questions for you. -When I browse the animations with FEditor it skips some of them, thus not allowing me to properly insert my animations. -How do I repoint animations? I want to replace the Paladin Axe animation with a Bow animation and make it play when they're using a bow. That's all for now. UPDATE: How do I edit topic names? UPDATE: Everything is fixed, thanks for the support and answers. P.S. Guess who managed to find a way too add Wind/Thunder/Fire Mages to FE7.
  4. How come you can't name your character Violet when you can totally name them Loli with no problems? Fail Nintendo, just fail
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