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Found 16 results

  1. Royal Sword really had an increase in memorability and identity from Gaiden. It correlates incredibly well to the themes and Celica's new prf sword: Beloved Zofia. It also helps give Alm a different standout weapon than being another Falchion user among Falchion users. Alm's Falchion is easily the least standout, has the least screentime and completely vanishes off the face of the earth, . With his amiibo completely locking Alm in future games with compatibility or just general spinoffs featuring FE characters. I really hope we don't have another Heroes where Royal Sword was completely shafted.
  2. I'm using Nightmare to hack Shadow Dragon; but it doesn't seem as though there's an option to give stuff like the Falchion stat bonuses like what most other games do with their divine weapons. Does anyone know of a way to do this, or...is that feature just not in Shadow Dragon? Thanks for your time, and God bless you.
  3. So recently we now have the Valentian Accordion reveal the details of the lore and the full story of the Valentian Revelations. And boy is it a doozy. However, this particular part of the Revelations is where I feel holds incredible potential for controversy: The arguments that I have encountered is that this is strictly for the Valentian Falchion only. However, the Valentian Falchion and the Archanean Falchion are both still the same type of weapon. Ultimately, they are weapons meant for humans to have the ability to defend themselves against the dragons. In that case, would that not mean the Archanean Falchion is the same? Blood of a Divine Dragon and a Brand? Of course, everyone knows that Anri, the first user of the Archanean Falchion, and his indirect descendant Marth, have no mentioned Brand, nor Divine Dragon Blood. However, Marth has been implied connection with someone that does have Divine Dragon Blood. In Tiki's B support with Male Robin, she mentions this: Tiki mentions that Chrom resembles a man 1000 years before Marth. Except there's only ONE character that can fit that description 1000 years before Marth, and that man is Sigurd. Sigurd also has a son, Seliph, who has Major Baldr Blood as well as Minor Naga Blood. Given that Genealogy and Shadow Dragon have a 1000 year gap, the assumption is clearly made that one of Seliph's descendants could have gone to Archanea. It's used and before its fun, but it isn't anything conclusive. But now this new information about Falchion opens up a whole can of worms. If the Archanean Falchion functions the same way as the Valentian Falchion, requiring the blood of a Divine Dragon and a Brand, that would mean that Seliph's descendants, and possibly Julia's, would need to actually create a Major Bloodline for Naga likely, and that somehow got to Anri and Marcelus. Anri could wield Falchion, but Marcelus had to also possess the trait, as otherwise, Marth would never get that trait. This is where I believe the potential possibility of a new remake can take place, where we can have a new remake of the Archanea series, as well as the a remake of the Jugdral series. The latter can possibly open the possibility of Seliph's descendants heading to Archanea, and the Archanea remake can possibly reveal to have a retcon that Marth and Anri do have the Brands. Some would argue that this undermines the feats they have done, since Anri was this mere peasant and rose to greatness. Personally, I don't think so, since Holy Blood by itself has nothing truly special until they get a Holy Weapon. So Anri's journey through Anri's Way, being a desert, a volcano, and a mountain, is still all Anri in the end. And Marth only ever gets Falchion at the endgame mostly, so his feats are still well earned and not dictated by any Holy Blood. So what do you guys think? You think the remake will happen and there will be retcons made for the series to fit the new lores being added into it?
  4. Clairvoyance (noun): The supposed faculty of perceiving things or events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact. In TFS words, "I CAN SEE THE FUTURE!!!" Joking and definitions aside, Naga has always shown to be a very powerful dragon without peer. By Awakening, her power has been displayed to even manipulate the fabric of space and time. Her fang was forged into a blade, empowered by a dragonstone, allowed a human to wield her power in their hands, and strike foes with her might. With it, the likes of Medeus, and later on Grima fell. And her tome possesses incredible power as well, allowing one to have the power to take down Loptyr. And she created the Shield of Seals, that with the Gemstones, allow one to become a demi-god and seal any entity with it. She is powerful indeed, and can make the most devastating weapons of mass destruction if she so wished. But can she actually see the future? Here's where I explain how I got this. Recall in Echoes, when Alm finally grasps Falchion and pulls it out, and later on, Mila emerges. Take note of what she says: Notice how Mila says that Naga KNEW that dragons would go insane. They were exiled several thousand years before Echoes started, so its even possible that this happened before the decline of the dragons began. If Naga knew for certain that dragons were destined to go insane she must have foreseen it. Furthermore, the fact that Naga goes and gives Duma Falchion seems a tad crazy. You give a guy that you have a violent clash with a weapon that can kill dragons just like that? What, confident that Duma would not use it against you? And how would she know that Duma would not just seal it away? What makes her so confident that she knows for certain that Falchion would for sure be used against him and Mila? Well, here's another thing that's revealed in Echoes: Rudolf explains that there's an actual prophecy about two children that will bear the Brand and will save Valentia from ruination. From exactly WHERE did this prophecy come from? Or rather, WHO gave this prophecy? If Naga had actually foreseen these events, everything starts to add up. Naga knew that Duma and Mila would go insane. She knew that Alm and Celica would be born with the Brand, and that Alm would use her Falchion to kill Duma and Mila. She knew these events, and thus did all the necessary things to prepare for the future to come. Now this is just Echoes. This can't possibly be related to the other games, right? Wrong. Let us fastforward to Awakening now. When Lucina begins explaining how she traveled through time, here's what she says. Now I dunno about you, but don't you think that time travel is a pretty BIG jump to make about Grima coming in? Rather than try anything else, it's like she had a feeling or knowledge that there was a chance that the future would come where humanity falls to Grima. So she prepares this case where she creates a new future. Of course, if she knows Multiverse theory, then Naga knows that changing time would do nothing to this future. So perhaps this was just to ensure that if this other world is saved, it would have the means to stop Grima when he inevitably arrives to conquer them. In that saved future, they could very well perform the complete Awakening and seal him away. But here's where things get really weird when you look at this other Naga in The Future Past. Now there are two ways this makes sense: 1) Either these events actually happened and Naga is literally pulling people from other dimensions to help her through time travel to the past of her world where they are there. Or. 2) She foresaw all of these events and is bring these Outrealm warriors into the exact moment when these fate comes to pass, so that they can alter the events before it even happens in the first place. Why do I think it should be #2 instead of #1? Simple. The first one creates more alternate futures. By bring the heroes into the point after it's already happened, then obviously it is only going to create another branch in the timeline. The future still happened. Even then, Naga would most certainly die if Grima actually destroyed the planet, since Naga is tied to the world as I wrote in this thread: But if Naga knew the events that were going to happen, she brought in other people so that the moment that the event is about to happen, it is avoided, thus avoiding creating different branches in time. Still not convinced? Well, I'll rewind back very far in the past, all the way back to the story of Genealogy of the Holy War. Answer this question: How did Naga learn of Loptyr's existence in the first place? Loptyr created his bloodline through Galle, and his will and power had possessed Galle, and for almost 200 years, Loptyr had gotten away with it. So how in the hell did Naga suddenly learn of the Loptry Empire's existence? Kaga actually stated in an interview that she didn't know at first. What, did Loptyr leave a note lying around that listed his evil plans? ^ Like that? Or did Naga's ability to see the future allow her to actually see the Loptyr Empire and thus she moved along to stop him? Kaga never explained how she found out, just that she did find out. Now going back to the original home continent of Archanea, if with Echoes, we know that Naga foresaw the dragonkin being driven to madness, then naturally she would already be in agreement with the transformation into Manaketes. So yeah, in the end, I think Naga's precognitive abilities allowed her to actually play a role into many events. The Divine Dragons are the strongest dragons, and dragons have incredibly powerful knowledge over magic. It would not surprise me if there was a way to see the future with this. Of course, even with this power, Naga is not omniscient. She cannot foresee everything that happens, else nothing in Fire Emblem would have happened. If she could have seen everything, Adrah would never have stolen the Shield of Seals, and Naga would have sealed Medeus in the Dragon's Altar rather than put him on guard duty that let him ultimately decide to try and conquer humanity. But what she sees and depending on how far it is, she might actually get a good idea and just be able to use her advanced knowledge and power to make preparations. So yes, I believe Naga does indeed have a form of clairvoyance.
  5. Ignore the fact that he checks all dragons, has a solid stat spread and is a better healer than any staff user- he has the potential to give 26 points of stats in non-panicable spurs to whomever he supports. He fits into any team makeup and turns all his teammates into tanks, and there's no way to adverse the effect. this video basically showcases exactly what im talking about. None of his supports take any damage when they're next to him. I'm not sure how IS (or the entire FEH community) could overlook this.
  6. I've actually encountered this argument a LOT of times, and it's never gotten a definite conclusion. Naga carved Falchion out of her fang, and the might of this weapon has been able to defeat the likes of Medeus, the Earth Dragon prince, who later became a Dark Dragon. It was stated by Gotoh in both Shadow Dragon and New Mystery of the Emblem that without Falchion, there was no hope of defeating Medeus. By Awakening's time, Falchion in its full power is said by Naga to rival her own might, and can be used to seal Grima away. A Valentian Falchion by Echoes has been used to defeat Duma, another Divine Dragon. However, now we go onto the Book of Naga. As Kaga stated, its a magical tome that Naga placed her will and power into, and Forseti claims that without Naga's power, it was unlikely that they would be able to defeat Loptyr. Loptyr is a powerful Earth Dragon that seems to also have cases of being a Dark Dragon as well. Now here's the question. Which is stronger? Falchion or the Book of Naga? Both were created by Naga, and both were the only weapons that could defeat the dragon (or dragon powered) enemy that the heroes were fighting against. And Falchion has been stated by Kaga to be created in a similar method to that of the Jugdral Holy Weapons. But unlike Book of Naga, it seems that the Falchion does not have the case of the will of Naga possessing the host. Would that make Falchion inferior? There was never any confirmation on that being the case, and by Awakening, Falchion has been confirmed to rival the might of Naga herself. And this is where the other topic comes. To question on whether Falchion or Book of Naga is stronger, which is stronger for the dragon that was used against for it? Medeus or Loptyr? Which Earth Dragon was stronger? So share your thoughts on who you think is stronger, and therefore which weapon is therefore stronger as well. My personal belief is that Falchion is the stronger of the two, or at the very least, the two weapons rival one another.
  7. I finished this up today in Photoshop, it's based off of the Awakening and Fates rubber keychains that they were selling a while back. I used Chrom as a template, and worked from there. What do you guys think? Also, if anyone knows a reliable website where I can make a custom two-sided rubber keychain and order it, I'd love to know. I just don't know where to look!
  8. I have been thinking about something regarding the game's eponymous sword recently, leading to the question in this topic's title. And of course, the Falchions in the series are the primary objects in the comparison. So what is it they have in common? Well, each weapon is the main ultimate weapons of the main characters. Each are effective against Manaketes and the game's (true) final boss. And each can be used to heal its user. And that's pretty much all the similarities aside from the design up to Echoes, where the Binding Blade is the one of the few things, alongside the Nosferatu spell and Marth's and Alm's Falchions, that can finish off Duma and Grima. (Why Lucina's Falchion can't do that in Echoes, we'll never know. But I think it may be an oversight. Someone let me know if that's the case, please and thank you.) This, however, had me thinking: How? And why? Given the recent expansion on Gaiden's lore, the only answer that I keep coming back to for now is that it might be a Falchion, or a weapon forged from the same materials as Falchion. Given it's strength in-game (as it's the only weapon in its debut game that has effective DMG against the final boss, save Fae's Divinestone), its empathy (remember: The Binding Blade adjusted its own strength to its wielder's will to spare Idunn, and Lucina's Falchion also shows at least some form of empathy in Lucina's sibling supports), and the fact that it's not considered to be part of the same set as the weapons wielded by the Eight Generals (though its first known user, Hartmut, is among said group) this would make at least some sense. I admit, this brings up more questions than answers. Such as who among Elibe's Divine Dragons would create a Falchion-esque blade. But I think some of those questions might be answered in side material. Particularly, the Hasha no Tsurugi manga. Which is, admittedly, non-canon side material, but side material nonetheless. I bring that manga up because of the fact that it's depiction of Elibe's version of the series' eponymous object. In the game, the Fire Emblem is the ceremonial family heirloom of Bern's Royal Family, and is required to be set in the hilt of the Binding Blade for the sword to be used. And in the Hasha no Tsurugi manga, that same heirloom is shown to be a Dragonstone. And if I remember correctly, the developer's notes for Genealogy of the Holy War says that the Holy Weapons had Dragonstones embedded within them. And the stone within Marth's Falchion is speculated to be a Dragonstone as well. I think where I'm going with this is pretty apparent. Of course, this understandably brings up questions about the Binding Blade's maker. And something about Roy that wouldn't be hinted at otherwise. After all, each Falchion is forged from a Divine Dragon's fang. And I can't think of any user of a Falchion that wasn't somehow not a royal family member of sorts. All I can think of in regards to this is that Idunn wasn't the only Divine Dragon that remained behind during the Souring. And that at some point, Bern's Royal Family branched off, and some of those members that did branch off were some of Eliwood's ancestors. (Seeing as none of Roy's potential mothers have any ties to Bern's Royal Family. Not to mention, the fact that Pherae's near Bern's border might have played a part in that.) Of course, this isn't without its holes. Like for starters, the Binding Blade can break. And in other appearances, specifically Heroes (as the Binding Blade didn't appear in any other FE related game besides Smash Bros.), the Binding Blade didn't retain its anti-dragon properties. (Though it does share an effect with the Book of Naga in that same game.) Anyways, this is something that I've been thinking about. And I wanted to see your thoughts on this. That's all I can say. At least for now.
  9. Basically, this. When I got Awakening I pronounced it "Fall-key-on", but Rey in his LP of the game pronounced it as "Fall-shee-on". In Japanese it's "Farushion", but things get adapted, so... "Fall-shee-on" feel so weird to me, but I actually believe it's the right one. I thought it had to do with birds (an adaptation of "falcon", of course), but it's probably wrong as it's linked to dragons instead.
  10. To start, I'd like to apologize if this is a question that has already been asked, as well as answered, however I did not find one, so I decided to make it myself. Basically, once you tapped an Amiibo Unit 3 times, you can tap them a 4th time to get them to help around the castle. Additionally, if they appear in your Accessory Shop or Armory Shop, they will sell the special gifts (In the Accessory Shop) that you were originally offered when tapping the Amiibo's the first couple times, as well as "Mock Weapons" or "Replica's" of their Legendary equipment (In the Armory Shop) that any Unit can wield. My issue is that I do not have the money to buy any of the Amiibo, but I want to acquire said weapons. I would like to know if I visited someone else's castle if I would be able to purchase the "Mock Weapons" from their Armory, assuming that an Amiibo unit is running the shop. If so, I would like to request My Castle Address' so that I can visit your castle and purchase them. If you'd like, I can give you an accessory of your choice. If I somehow still don't have said accessory you want, I'll just give you a random one. Thank you for your time. <3 tl;dr: Does anyone know if I can buy "Mock Weapons" from other Castles? Could I please get a Castle Address that has Amiibo Units if you can? I can send you an accessory in exchange, of your choosing, if you'd like. <3 Thanks. PS: My 3DS is not hacked, so I can't use a mod to force unlock Amiibo Units either, so this is basically my only option as I don't trust myself enough to try modding it.
  11. that Marth doesn't start with the Falchion in his inventory in book 2 of Mystery of the Emblem. I know why from a game balance perspective,final weapon available from prologue=OP, but I am curious if the game ever provided a plot reason I missed.
  12. Don't worry this is not another thread about the Man at arms forging of Chrom's Falchion. Normally I'm not one to show off but I got something that you guys might enjoy. So I ordered this handmade Falchion replica made of wood from an Etsy seller (link below) and I got to say I'm thourougly impressed with the quality of this piece the detail is amazing, the balance is perfect, and damn was it packaged well (came from the Phillipines in a nailed wood case). It cost about me about $70 and another $70 for shipping but damn this thing is awesome. I'm actually suprised how much it shines given that it is not steel the paint is really well done though. I hope the image does it justice. Link to the shop: https://www.etsy.com/transaction/1004142250
  13. Yes, I have watched the new Nintendo direct recently. A bit late, I know. I noticed something in the announcement trailer of Fire Emblem 14. Take a look at this http://i.ytimg.com/vi/N7zDHOSSj1o/maxresdefault.jpg The man on the right wields a sword that bears a resemblance to Fire Emblem: Awakening's version of the Falchion. The resemblance is actually quite big. It looks very similar. Do you have any thoughts to share?
  14. Blades. Majestic and precise killing machines. Gaming is just one of the mediums that they are portrayed but it just so happens they are oh so common. Whether it is a certain magical sword or a demonic blade they captivate our imaginations and make us wish we had one. What are your favorite blades in gaming? Don't play games? Any movie or comic book swords you like? My personal favorites in this order: #1 True Master Sword (Skyward Sword): You literally go through so much crap to get it 3 silent realms (shudders), 3 tricky dungeons, 3 brutal bosses (hero mode) and the way its presented is just glorious with Link finally becoming the hero he was meant to be with that iconic master sword tune. The blade is also gorgeous and kills enemies in the game with great ease. #2 Ragnell (Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn): Being able to use the same blade that killed your father to kill his murderer. Badass. Blade has a solid gold look to it and shoots shockwaves. Oh its also massive but Ike uses it with one arm. O_O #3 Falchion (Awakening): I particularly like this version because of the distinctive tear shaped hole in the middle its exalted look also makes it a true beauty.
  15. I Noticed some time ago that the Falchion of awakening has an entirely different design compared all other appearances. However, i just noticed that marth from the new super smash brothers uses the old design. Any ideas why either of these are so? Especialy the falchion. Why redesighn it when it had appeared that way in 6 games and you are trying to be nostalgic? Also, i noted that the awakening version of the tyrfing from FE4(the original version of which looks like the pre-awakening falchion) Was redesigned to look like the awakening Falchion. Do you think this lends credence to the theory that the tyrfing was reforged to become the Falchion between FE4 and FE1? (in which case the awakening version is from an alternate universe.)
  16. Hey don't know if this is already a topic, but I haven't seen it. I thought this was pretty cool, and I totally nerded out on it.
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