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  1. Hello everybody! Here I am once again delivering another Engage related piece I wrote. A one-shot this time around. As such, any comment or feedback can be put here. Notes will be placed afterwards, so without further ado... enjoy! Divine Legacy - The Dragon Child And now, some author's notes: I think that should be it. If I forgot anything... well, can always answer it in a later post. I hope you enjoyed it!
  2. Warning that there are some spoilers for Engage in this. So, I'm still not done with writing the first chapter. But basically, the premise of the story is that after chapter 24 of Engage, Past Alear is transported to Awakening. This is a year or two before Chrom discovers Robin. And the kindness of Emmeryn is something that Alear latches onto rather quickly. In turn Emmeryn practically adopts Alear. Weirdly enough while Alear views Emmeryn like one would a mother, she views Chrom and Lissa like her siblings. The way the story is written is through supports, different characters, snippets, and once and a while Alear herself. Currently I'm still planning the first chapter. and I'm not sure if I'll be jumping around or not. But this was just because this wouldn't leave my mind no matter what I did. (Emblem Marth does come up as well though he's silent because of this being Fell!Alear) But I do hope you guys enjoy a brief snippet which will takes place in the future. And I would love to know what you guys would like to see. As for the pairing, ironically, I'm thinking Tiki x Alear but I might do Robin x Alear maybe. I will say that Fell!Robin has an unhealthy obsession with Alear because of what she is. And the pairing for the other characters haven't been decided yet though I'll take some suggestions. I think Sumia and Sully will be one, only because that the first pairing I did with the gay Awakening mod. But anyways here a preview. (Note this is still a rough draft, but I'm working on it.) Preview Falling, falling, falling to the ground. Alear could only watch as Emmeryn falls. Only watch as Emmeryn's blood runs onto the stone. Everything around her was muted. Maybe her father was right; maybe she was defective. It was the first time she had felt this emotion. She had felt sadness, muted though it was like her other emotions. She had felt it when her cocky older brother was drowned, when her kind older sister was burned alive. She had felt it immensely when her little brother and sister had been torn apart by the Corrupted. It was a feeling she felt when all her siblings were killed. Alear had also felt fear. Fear had been a constant in her life. Fear of being labeled a defect. Fear of disappointing her father. Fear of being killed, of being murdered by the Corrupted. It was only recently that Alear felt anything other than those two emotions. Only recently that she had felt happiness. Happiness from Emmeryn being kind and taken care of her. Happiness when training with Chrom or dealing with some of his antics. Happiness when she joined Lissa in some of her pranks. They treated her like family. Emmeryn had practically adopted her two years ago, and Alear looked up to her like she was her mother. Those two years were the happiest that she had ever been. Now though, Alear felt a new emotion. It bubbled and boiled under her skin. It twisted her insides up and spread through her body like fire or sickness. It was a feeling Alear didn't care for, but she still embraced it. It grew and grew as if it would rip out of her chest. "Ah," Alear did know this feeling. She had seen it on some of her siblings faces when they stared at father, seen it on the faces of the enemies she had cut down in the war. Chrom was in front of her now saying something she couldn't hear. She could only focus on Emmeryn's body. It was Robin who led Chrom to safety. Later on, Alear would be glad, she wouldn't know what to do if Chrom got hurt or worst killed as well. This feeling was festering. It was almost painful like an infected wound. She knew the feeling from having seen it on others. It was rage; a burning hot mass that seemed to consume her thoughts. Rage and hatred. It was Plegia that had killed Emmeryn. Plegia that had caused her to suffer. It was Gangrel who instigated this whole thing. Took Emmeryn from her. Hate. Hate. Hate. It was a never-ending all-consuming thought. It took her mind over, twisting it. Something had broken inside of Alear. Finally, she let out a scream. A blood curdling scream. A scream that was more animal than it was Human. In a flash of light, Alear was gone. In her place was a dragon. A fell dragon. Black scales gleamed in the light of the desert sun. The dragon's four eyes glowed a scarlet red. When it spread its four wings, those who saw it were remind of a bloody battlefield. End of Preview That's all I have for the preview. I'll work a bit more on this, but it's pretty much a side project. This does change Chapter 10 and 11 of Awakening, as Plegia was pretty much destroyed by Alear. Chrom also has to deal with refugees from Plegia and other kingdoms and countries blaming Ylisse for the destruction of Plegia. This also bring Alear to the attention of Grima and Naga. And Walhart takes an interest in her as well. So, a lot of things change with the destruction of Plegia. Some are good and some are bad. But again I would love to know what you guys would like to see for this.
  3. Greetings, everyone! Here I am once again bringing one of my many works made over the years... actually complete for once! Okay, I've actually been uploading this in other websites as I wrote it, but I figured might as well upload it here too. Since what better place to post a Fire Emblem story than in a Fire Emblem site? Yeah okay, I didn't while it was a work in progress. Anyway, here it is now. Now, unlike previous stuff I've put up, I won't do with a Feedback thread. Judging from previous experience, I think it's best if the feedback, if there's any, to just be here in the story thread itself. That said, do wait up until I've uploaded the whole thing before actually commenting, in case you're reading this right after it goes up. Once the epilogue is up, the story is fully uploaded and so you're free to post. Well then, the following story is a rewrite/revision from a work long mostly uploaded at Writing.com, for a CYOA style of work. Wanting to turn it into a proper fanfic, I wrote the missing parts, which was mostly the beginning portion. That said, I also did a fair amount of rewriting to the parts I did wrote originally. If by any chance you happened to have read that original version, well, I hope this new one will still be worth the read. Lastly, one word of warning. It'd perhaps be best to read this if you've at least played or are aware of the events of SoV up to the end of Act 3 if you mind to be spoiled. Just in case. So, without further ado, I hope you enjoy: Cavern of the Fae
  4. Hachiman Hikigaya observed the field in front of him silently as the cold gusts of Hokkaido blew across his face. All around him, grumbling could be heard as the dejected men in his presence complained and despaired. The sharp feeling that could be felt right before a fight hung in the air, and the men he was with did not like that. How could they? He asked himself. These men were now in the eyes of essentially all of Japan, Traitors. The traitors that dared defied the emperor, the traitors that fled up north to Hokkaido and formed a new government in spite of the emperor. Yes, These men were the newly formed republic of Ezo's army. Prior to that, many of these men fought for the shogunate. And even then, those men lost the majority of battles fought in the recent year. Hachiman quietly shared the same sentiment of the men himself. He was after all, conscripted. Forced to fight. Given very little training. And given very little supplies. From Toba Fushimi all the way here to Hakodate, he fought and lost every battle. When it came to losing he considered himself the strongest. The winds blew fiercely as they were cold. Sighing, he took a cigarette from his pockets and lit it. The sparks from his lighter hitting his white gloves as he casually put the lighter back in his pocket. It was still going to be a few hours before the fight, and frankly Hachiman stopped caring. To him it was just another battle, another loss and another defeat. The fact that the men were also grumbling and demoralized didn't help either. Taking a drag, Hachiman quietly self reflected for what he knew was the last time. He was going to die here, He knew it. After all, though he may be conscripted, he still rose rapidly up the ranks. Making the rank lieutenant and having the privilege of not wearing the shabby thin black uniforms of the republic, instead opting for a long black frock coat that provided suitable warmth. He also wore the pants that officers wore, black as night but certainly not cold like it. To top off his outfit, he sported nice leather boots that went up to his knees. Not only did he look like an officer, he acted like it to. Giving orders to attack and retreat when the time was deemed appropriate by himself. It could be said that his unit was one of the only ones that still had over fifty percent fighting strength left in Hokkaido. As he smoked in silence, one of the young recruits rashly spoke up in a loud voice. His mouth letting out puffs of fog as light rain started to fall, his face one of mixed rage and desperation. Gripping his rifle tightly, the recruit shouted; "Come on my friends! the imperial dogs will be here anytime now! this will be an easy fight! all we need is to defend and we shall drive them to the sea in no time!" Receiving silence and being ignored by some, he continued again. With the other new recruits being the main group that listened to him. "Yes! after all, it is our duty to fight for the new republic! to fight against tyranny and those who impose it! we will not r-" "Run away right?" Hachiman cut in. Receiving looks of confusion from the recruit along with some salutes from the older more experienced veterans, He took a drag and for a moment, watched the smoke get swept away by the winds before continuing. "...I am your officer. From Toba Fushimi to here i have fought in every battle so far. Every battle we have tasted defeat. Do not spout false bravado to try and lie to yourself and your fellow comrades. This battle was lost before we even fought it." Pausing, Hachiman took another drag while he had everyone's attention. Looking at the flowers dance on the field due to the wind was indeed a worthwhile sight he thought to himself as he continued speaking. "The truth is, you are all stupid no good wannabees for being here. You wanted to be something your Not, You wanted to be heroes. And because you cant, you now spin up tales. Make up reasons to try and justify your being here. Speaking of courage, of Bushido, Of loyalty and now calling the enemy dogs. You are all the most pathetic fake people i have ever had the displeasure of knowing. I don't want you, the enemy don't want you and this army doesn't want you. Go home boy for i do not need you and your like here. If i am to die, then i would like to die alone on the same field with genuine people." Hachiman said as he spat on the ground near the young recruits feet. The young recruit merely had a look of shock on his face as emotions quickly showed in his eyes. Anger, sadness and humiliation could be sensed from him by everybody as the tears started to form. All around him, the young recruits started to murmur in displeasure of what Hachiman did. The older veterans only remained silent as they looked at Hachiman with understanding eyes. Hachiman however, was used to people talking negatively about him. No matter which insult, no matter what they said, he would not be fazed. Hearing words like creep, defeatist, arrogant and stupid come up did nothing to Hachiman as he merely looked at the sky with a solemn face. Not even bothering to look at them, He continued. "Those of you who murmur against me can leave as well, I despise people like you. Living a fake life, forming cliques and badmouthing those who you don't agree with together as a group. You are all fake lying cowards who lie to try and maintain a fragile image that is just as ugly as yourself." Hachiman was met many shouts of outrage and indignation as he finished. "How dare you!" "And you call yourself an officer? i'm outta here!" "Come on guys, lets go!" The young majority left in anger, the young recruit that had tried to inspire the men following them with his head down. Hachiman merely watched with no change in his face, Still smoking his cigarette as he turned to the veterans. His cold fish eyes eyeing them, only to be met with tired eyes that made him rather uncomfortable. Their eyes reminded him to much of him, there was no hint of care left in those eyes that met his gaze. And silently he nodded at them, walking past them to the officers area in the camp. Hachiman walked as he smoked, his left hand gripping the handle of his Katana tightly. The camp was bustling with lots of activity as men rushed here and there, bringing orders and such. Hachiman merely sighed. If he could go home, he would. But unfortunately, it was not going to be that way. He was still an officer with enough experience for the imperials to note, not a random private. Puffing out smoke, Hachiman merely sighed again as he silently decided that this place would be the place where he would die. "Why delay the inevitable?" He muttered to himself as he passed the countless tents in the camp. Stepping on the well used dirt road, Hachiman quickly made his ways into the commanders tent. Deftly lifting the flap cover of the tent, Hachiman quickly stepped in and saluted major. Looking up from his desk, The major simply saluted back in a quick manner as he then looked at the paper he was looking at before Hachiman stepped in. "Major sir." "lieutenant Hachiman. How may i help you?" The major said as he continued reading. "I would like to transfer my unit to the defensive position most closest to the enemy sir." Hachiman said in a neutral tone. His eyes only focusing on the major. "Eager for a bit of action huh? no worries. You'll get your piece of action soon enough." The major said with indifference as he still read his paper. Sighing, Hachiman walked up to the major, stopping only a few inches from his desk. The major noticing this, stopped reading his paper and looked up at Hachiman with a puzzled look on his face. Hachiman merely responded with a "Please sir." and a look that showed he had resigned himself to fight to the death. Quickly showing a determined look on his face, the Major responded. "Absolutely not, we need every man we can get. And why do you ask this? you are most known as one of the best officers in this army! You constantly retreat, so why do you ask of me to put you in a position closest to the enemy?" Hachiman looked at him for a moment before he continued. Pausing, then giving him his answer. "Sir... there is only so much death you can see, so much bullets landing near you and so many defeats that you can bear before you stop caring... And don't think of me throwing my life away, think of me resolving to fight for this republic to the last man. If anything, we at the very least can slow down the imperials as they land. Buying time for our forces." Hachiman said with no emotion. "No! your units one of the precious few that are composed mainly of veterans! we can't lose them no matter what you say!" The major said clearly as he looked Hachiman right in the eyes. "The fact that they are veterans is better. Let the experienced men fight the enemy first, if they break through, they'll be weak. If they don't then it will be either a standstill or a loss for the enemy. Either way, our new recruits still need more training to be combat ready. They're mindset is still not that of a soldiers." Hachiman said calmly, keeping his poker face on as he watched the Major wince at the logic of his words. "If there are any new recruits left." Hachiman thought to himself as he looked at the Major with his eyes, Never moving, never blinking he unnerved the Major as he quickly replied. "B-but, we still have the fortress to fall back to!" The major said in a panicked tone, Trying to find a way to keep Hachiman's precious veterans alive from certain death. "Sir, if we fall back to the fortress then we would have already lost." Hachiman said bluntly, not caring anymore about subtlety or politeness. "Forgive my disrespect sir, but i'm going no matter what you say. I am an officer, the enemy knows of me. As such, I could not run even if i wanted to. I find it only acceptable that i introduce myself to them formally." Hachiman stated with an edge in his words. Trembling in frustration, The major simply nodded to Hachiman. He knew who really had the power here. Not one person in the new army did not know of Hachiman and his prowess on the battlefield. Hachiman, had fought and lead with competence in every battle that was fought while the Major here had not a single one under his belt. Hachiman also had many good points brought up. In this situation, each minute was equal to a bar of gold. The recruits were still to green, the enemy had to much numerical superiority over them and Hachiman would merely go to the closest position near the enemy no matter what he said. Sighing, the major gave the go ahead as he rested his forehead on his hands. columns of imperial troops marched to Hachiman's position. Not even needing to waste his breath, he let his veterans fire at will. Seeing the look of surprise of the faces of the imperial troops greatly humored Hachiman. Like any sensible soldier, they did not expect to be shot at with such accuracy at this distance. Quickly scrambling into line formation, the imperial troops let out a loose volley, only for it to hit ought but the dirt in front of the trench. Calmly reloading, the imperials then proceeded to march forward to Hachiman's position, All the while taking losses as they marched. Breathing calmly, Hachiman closed his eyes in preparation. Soon, he thought. It would be over. His friends, the war... it would be over soon he thought as he gripped his Katana. The year he had spent with the shogunate forces as a conscript were taxing on him to say the least. At first he tried to run, several times at that. But every single time he was caught, and as punishment was sent to the units that would engage the imperials first. And every time he would live, slaying the enemy and breaking down at night when no one else was around. Thinking back on it, Hachiman didn't know why he was promoted in the first place. After the battle of Edo, he was merely granted his Katana and Wakisashi, along with a small bag of money to buy things he would need as an officer. It was weird, he should be repulsed by every memory of him serving the shogunate but he oddly didn't hate it. The imperials marched on, getting closer. It was weird for him, to not hate the people who forced him to fight. He didn't stay with the shogunate out of loyalty mind you, he despised the word...No he stayed because they needed him, wanted him. They never lied to him, they spoke crudely but with a genuine determination to win the war for the Shogun. He also made friends, In all of his life where he felt like a nobody, A loner not in any pack. People actually befriended him, Looking past his appearance and enjoying his company. He made some friends, had relationships that felt genuine. His experiences didn't feel fake, forced or superficial for the most part. There was always gonna be fake people But well, once you start getting shot at you generally tend to stop caring about differences or about the appearance about the guy next to you. Now, as much as he doesn't despise the Shogunate and now, the Ezo Republic, He didn't like them much either...But, the for the first time in his Life... He felt alive. Stopping at 25 yards, the imperials let out a solid volley. Hitting some of Hachiman's men as they reloaded, they quickly and efficiently finished. Continuing on, they moved forward with professionalism and silence, The only ones speaking or making noise being the officers. He generally despised fighting, preferring books over the sword and talking over throwing punches. He hated the fact that he could now kill a man with no hesitation. He hated the fact that he stopped flinching whenever a gun fired near him. He hated the fact that he stopped caring, He hated it...and yet, He didn't despise it that much either. He merely accepted it as a sad fact of life. He accepted that these feelings, what made him change where necessary. He accepted the fact that doing the heroic or right thing could and would get you killed. He accepted that he would have to break the codes of Bushido...he accepted that he had become something that can only be redeemed in death. In acceptance he merely climbed up the Parapet, raised his Katana and charged at the enemy that were so close in front him, His men following suit as well. "FOR THE REPUBLIC!" Corrin sighed in frustration as she felt her tears bubbling up. After finding out that her father, King Garon intended her to stay in the castle for this year as well, She couldn't take it. She quietly sneaked out of the castle that night, finding solace and comfort in her favorite spot in the old forest. The instructors and everyone around her had already told her multiple times that it was unsafe to go outside. But she didn't care, she had been doing this for years behind their backs and she would keep doing so. It was a tranquil space, calm and quite with birds and deer frequenting it. A clear beautiful pond, surrounded by Trees as old as the dragons. With many animals gathering around it constantly, calmed and majestic in all their glory. At night the pond gave a very dazzling dark blue glow as well, this along with the blue glowing mushrooms that grew from the worn down logs along side the pond simply made her feel like her anxiety's were washed away every time she would visit. But not this time. She had been locked up in that castle for as long as she could remember. It was her 18th winter on this world and yet she was still trapped, like a bird in a cage. It was lonely where she was, in a land that was constantly cold and always barren. Day in and day out, it was receiving lessons from her tutors, No breaks and not even a single praise. They were also hard on her on as well, looking down upon her, treating her like an outsider and not bothering to repeat what they said twice. She was abysmal in training of the sword, terrible in arithmetic and of the scientific understanding. The only thing she could even do with out missing up so terribly was magic. And even then her spells were so weak that they merely annoyed those on the receiving end of her spells. She merely looked at the pond as she felt her heart tremble, would she be worth anything? could she do anything right? Would she ever get to see the world? Or would she forever be trapped in the northern fortress? Destined to rot away like a flower in a tundra? She quite looked forward to her siblings visiting whenever they had the time. It always improved her mood when she actually had people to talk to, to have fun with and forget about her harsh drab life. But when they left, she would soon quickly revert back into her ways. Living on in a world she found gray, with occasional drops of color visiting her and giving her joy. Gunther, Felicia and everyone that was even remotely kind to her were gone, in the capital due to some business. Perhaps due to this she had picked picked up the habit of smoking, secretly buying a pipe when a traveling Anna visited them to do trade. Sure, the stench of the tobacco leaves were nauseating, if not stinky. But she found the time passing by quickly when ever she indulged herself to the pipe, calming her down in a constant wave of rejection and failure. The instructors wouldn't notice anyway, they never noticed with their cruel and cold eyes. Taking a huff, she silently looked up to the night sky, Longing for the oh so distant stars glimmering next to the pale enchanting moon. However, a certain rustling nearby roused her from her stupor as she looked at the direction from whence the sound came from. Taking caution, she got herself into a basic fighting stance. Eyeing the area where the noise came from with nervous silence. She wasn't much of a fighter, She always thought the forest to be safe. But just in case, she had brought a rapier. Still a beginner in the ways of the sword, she had brought something that could keep her somewhat of a distance away from a foe if she ever got caught in a fight. Gulping nervously, Corrin had neglected to bring any Armour. Instead, opting to wear a comfortable tunic along with some warm hemp pants. She also noticed the animals leaving quickly, a sign that what ever was out there was bad news. Controlling her breathing, she couldn't help but to tremble at the thought of fighting. Soon enough, out of the bushes appeared seven men. Clad in Hoshidan armor, They merely grinned at the sight of her. "Got you." They said as they pulled out their swords. Corrin nervously eyed them for a few moments as she tried to calculate her chances. Three of the seven men sported myrmidon armor while the last four wore the armor of sword masters. Immediately knowing that she could not possibly fight off of these strange men that bore Hoshidan armor, she did the only thing she could do. Run. She ran with all her might in fear of her life. She didn't need nor want to know why these strangers pointed their swords at her and she didn't care to find out. "Running huh? very well! run! i love a good hunt!" The leader of the men said as they chased after her. Dirt kicked up as feet raced across the mossy soil, the gnarled and old path snaking and coiling along the way. The night was eerily quite, with even the insects keeping to themselves. Thinking quickly, Corrin subtly turned left behind a tree. Gritting her teeth, and intending to maim her opponent, she waited shortly see one of her pursuers turn to her direction and run to her. Corrin quickly thrust-ed her rapier, aiming for the mans arm. However, she didn't calculate or, in simpler terms read her opponent correctly as her thrust struck him in the throat. Letting the momentum carry her blade. With horror, she watched as her blade made a crimson flower of blood blossom from her pursuers throat as the man fell down quickly. Coughing up blood, gurgling with a look of shock as the color quickly drained from his face. Corrin could only freeze up at this. Petrified, shock, a whole wave of emotions took over her as she just stood still. Her body wouldn't listen to her and the only thing she could do was watched wide eyed as her pursuers quickly caught up to her. Surrounding her, The leader of the small band of men merely grinned as he started walking up to her. "I'll give it to ya, i didn't expect you to fell even one of us. But oh well, the less men the higher the bounty!" The man said as he threw back and laughed, the rest following suit. Their laughter reminiscent of vultures as they circled around her, growing ever closer. Stopping for a few moments, the leader merely eyed her as a small grin emerged on his face. All the while with Corrin not being able to move, fear overtaking her body at what she had just done and also for the fact that her pursuers looked at her with hungry eyes. Drawing ever closer with their blades drawn. "Now that i get another chance to look at ya, ya quite a looker, Especially with that nice arse and tits ya carrying there! Unluckily for you, the client never said that we couldn't have fun with ya before we off ya." The leader said as he appeared closer, his men following him as they gazed at her with perverted shifty eyes. Corrin could make no sound, make no movement and merely stood there. Her feet planted to the ground and her rapier stuck in the mans throat that she had shockingly killed, not knowing what to do as she could only look at them with big open eyes as the tears started to well up. The only thoughts that she could even conceive were 'Save me!' or 'Please anyone, help!' as the men came closer to her. Closing her eyes, she simply tried to cancel all of this out. Tried to imagine, pretend that this was merely a dream. It was the only thing that she could do as she her body wouldn't move. Her thoughts raced back and forth. Why were these men chasing her? did she really just kill him? At the very thought of that she wanted to puke. Were these men going to have their way with her? what did they mean by client? who wanted her killed? Finally, after a few moments, she felt her voice returning to her. "Ah..." She fought to retain her voice. "AAAAAHHHH!" She screamed. Finally able to muster her voice as she trembled. Just then the sound of a twig snapping could be heard. The bandits quickly turning around to see the origin of the noise so close to them. In front of them appeared a lone man, dressed in black, he also wielded a katana they noticed as he made his entrance. Not stopping even once, the lone man continued walking to them, making not a single sound say for his foot steps that were already shockingly light. Nodding at each other, a sword master walked up to the man, asking him to state his business. "Eh? who the hell are you? this bounty's ours mate-" The man barely finished as his head was cut clean off. The sword that dealt him the killing blow now speckled with his life's blood. Seeing this, the other men cautiously got into battle positions as they looked at him with unease. The way this new lone man swung his sword was not only fast but had this... determination behind it. The leader thought as he held his sword at the lone man. "Captain!" "I know!...i haven't seen some one swing a sword like that since the bloody battles to unite the clans under lord Sumeragi..." The leader said as he gritted his teeth. Seeing the sword stroke convinced him. His demeanor, the air that weighed around him... This man was determined to fight and would not even falter at the thought of dying! The lone mans eyes gave it all away, there would be no talking here. Turning to his cronies, he yelled at them to fight. "Come on boys there's five of you and one of him! finish this so we can get our pay!" The leader shouted as his men charged in reply. The first one, a myrmidon charged at him with his blade above his head. Intending to swing it downwards to crack his head open, he was quickly cut down as the lone man slashed his chest with honed speed. The second sword master charged at him from the left of the now dead myrmidon, trying to catch him of guard as he slashed at his neck and along his chest with his two blades. The lone man saw through that vain attempt as he stepped back, deftly gripping his katana with one hand as he made an over head slash, splitting the sword masters head in half. Three remaining pursuers attacked all at once, not allowing the lone man a position as to where he can move to to avoid the slashes. The lone man simply stared at them as he grabbed the myrmidon that attacked behind him, using a judo move as he grabbed the mans shoulder using him momentum to throw the man over him onto the ground, breaking the myrmidons shoulder in the process and snapping his neck. On his knees, the lone man dodged the other two strikes coming at him as he broke the myrmidons shoulder. Accidentally stabbing each other, the remaining myrmidon and sword master yelled out in a mixture surprise and pain. With no effort at all, the lone man swung his katana at the two men's legs, cutting their tendons and making them drop to their knees in pain. Standing up, he merely looked at the two men as the howled in pain before swiftly swinging his sword, decapitating both instantly in a drizzle of blood. Shaking his sword, he turned to the last remaining man who was now sweating profusely. In a panic, he did the one thing that no warrior would ever do. He hesitated. And that hesitation cost him dearly as the new man walked up to him and deftly stabbed through the weak spot of his Armour. Spitting blood, he lost strength as he dropped to the ground. Looking up to the sky in rage, he used his last breath to curse the man who sent him and his cronies to kill the girl. "Curse you... Anankos!" The man sputtered in rage as he breathed his last. His lifeless body now hitting the earth with a thud. Turning to look at Corrin, the lone man now studied her silently as he wiped the blood of of his sword with a cloth. Sheathing it, he merely stood there as he watched her with his cold eyes. Corrin, relieved that her attackers were now dead, but also scared of this new lone man could only cry as the tears begin to drop. sniffling and sobbing as the tears fell freely. All sorts of emotions hit her once again. Fear, shame, guilt and confusion hit her all at once, making it even harder to comprehend what was going on as she sobbed. Hachiman hesitated as he did not know what to say. Opening his mouth but not knowing what to say, he merely grumbled and took out a cigarette, lighting it as he decided that the best course of action was to wait. Taking a drag, he sighed as he huffed out smoke. Women were never really his strong point, especially after the incident with her. Unpleasant memories flashing through his mind as he smoked. Quickly thinking of something else, he asked himself questions. Like where he was currently? or has Hakodate fallen? or where there any more imperials around? He didn't know. He fought for what he felt like were hours, swinging his blade in a stupor, only caring about slaying his enemies. He didn't think that he had fought for so long for it to turn into night but this had already happened before several times so he quickly shook of that notion. The last thing Hachiman remembered was him charging the imperials. Breaking through the first line after minutes of fighting, then breaking through next one...and the one after that. His memory was a little hazy but he could recall a loud sound that came only from cannon. Then next was the smoke, thick heavy and suffocating, he remembered fighting the imperials in the smoke as he only pressed forwards, not giving a thought nor care in the world about being wounded. Then next where the trees...did he accidentally advance a little to the west as he fought the imperials? No he was sure he advanced forwards to meet the imperials on the beach...So why? why did this place have trees instead of sand? Taking a drag, he quickly thought of something else, something that was in front of him, something that he could make sense of. Looking at the corpses, he inspected their bright red armors. It was puzzling. Satsuma and choshu had modernized troops with western uniforms...So could this be the clans that switched sides? Aizu's ashigaru sported black uniforms. Jozai and the other clans that he knew off didn't equip their troops this way...So maybe the nanbu? no...they got defeated by the imperials. The enemy had previously said that he hadn't seen Hachiman swing a blade like that since the bloody battle to unify the clans under their lord...what could he have meant? Questions raced through his mind as he stood there and smoked his cigarette, the smoke of the cigarette being the only thing in this situation that he knew for sure without a doubt. "What clan are these men from?" Hachiman muttered quietly in frustration as he racked up the names of various clans. No clan had soldiers with these uniforms and the Armour was only worn by officers and even then that was a rare sight, As Hachiman noted that the officers during his battle to defend the city wore western clothing. He needed to know, if one were to encounter an imperial then there were always imperials nearby. That was a given. The soldiers with headbands bore a chest plate seemed to have been made by some black lacquered wood, a stupid choice in this day and age. Hachiman thought as he examined them. After a few minutes he growled in frustration, using his hand to scratch the side of his head, his white gloves leaving a dull leather feeling on his skin. It was clear as day that these soldiers were strange. That this forest was strange. And the girl sobbing on the ground in front of him was strange. Giving up, the only thing that Hachiman thought was where his location was. To his knowledge the horns of retreat were yet to be sounded, therefore the republic has yet to fall. His duty was not over and the imperials would surely hunt him down even if he tried to make a break for it. Once more he inspected the trees, quickly coming to the realization that he was in a forest. Even more confused, he finally lost his patience. Irritated, he looked over to the girl that he had helped. With hair as white as snow, and eyes as red as fire, she had a stunningly beautiful face. Skin as pale and enchanting as the moon, Hachiman almost gasped in shock of her beauty. Key word, almost. He kept a poker face as he addressed her. "Oi." He addressed her sharply. "Eh?" She replied as she sobbed, the tears momentarily stopping as she looked at him with wide fearful eyes. "Tell me how i get to Hakodate." Hachiman said bluntly. Not as a question but with a demand. "Wh-what?" She managed to squeak out as she sniffled in confusion. "Hakodate woman. Tell me how to get to it. The imperials are still on this blasted rock and i have no time to spare." Hachiman stated as he glared at her in annoyance and irritation. 'Seriously? what were the locals thinking?" He thought. They should be holed up in their homes and shacks, making an effort not to be on the battlefield. Sniffling, she took a moments pause, wracking up her head of all the locations around her and on the continent in general. And Hakodate? she had never heard and or read about any place. The stranger in front of her looked rather intimating but she couldn't really lie either, being not only wrong but also she felt that the man in front of her could tell with ease whether or not she was lying. Trembling, she took a breath and tried her best through the tears and the recent events. "I, i don't know...i know not of this Hakodate you speak of!" She said in a low voice, her strength gone as her mind still raced with many thoughts and emotions. Hachiman reacted in a mix of outrage and shock, How could a local not know what Hakodate is? Could she have misheard him? no. She said Hakodate perfectly. Was she lying? she didn't look like she was as she trembled. So what was going on? What was happening? For once he did not know and he had a terrible feeling in his gut as he struggled to comprehend. "What?" He said in a more higher voice, one that oozed of anger and irritation as he glared at her. Corrin only broke down in fear in regards to this, the tears flowing down once again, like a dam breaking and the water quickly escaping. Hachiman quickly released his mistake as he looked at her uncomfortably. Pursing his lips, he quickly apologized as bent his knee to get level to her. He never was good at interacting at women. Spending a whole year at war didn't help him either. "...Crap...listen, i'm sorry alright? i am... in a huge hurry. So would you please tell me even if you don't know where it is, where you think it is?" Hachiman stammered awkwardly, as he looked away from her fearful gaze. His cigarette puffing smoke as it did the opposite of what he thought it did, which was calming him but in this instance he was very panicky. Especially if it came from him making a woman cry. Like a child, her tears subsided once he heard his apology. Hiccuping a little, she tried to recall anything remotely similar to the word Hakodate or something that seemed like it related to it. Thoughts popped into her mind as she remembered reading something about the barbarians in the north having similar words and sounds to Hakodate. Sniffling, she calmed herself down as she replied to the stranger in front of her. "I, i think its to the north of us..." She said, managing not to sniffle as she looked into his onyx black eyes. "North huh?" He said as he took a drag, standing up, he took a moment to contemplate in silence as looked at the stars. realizing quickly that he was about to leave, Corrin quickly called and reached out to him. Grabbing his his coat in the process. Turning his gaze to her, he quickly noticed her red desperate eyes, pleading and begging as she looked at him in fear and fright. Narrowing his eyes impatiently, he asked her;"What is it?" In irritation. "Please take me with you!" She said as she held onto him desperately, fearful and once more on the verge of breaking down, only caring for her safety at the moment. This desperate request surprised Hachiman as his eyed widened up. His mouth hung slightly agape as she had just caught him off guard, his cigarette falling in the process. This girl...looked so helpless. He thought as his heart wavered just a little. Quickly however, he steeled himself and looked at her with a determined resignation. "No." Hearing this, Corrin looked at him even more desperately, grasping his coat as she struggled to hold back her tears. Hachiman faltered at this, why was this girl so desperate to come with him? surely her family must be worried? "Your family must worry for you, go back to them." He said as he tried to get her out of his hair. Corrin stopped for a few moments, the memory of her cruel fathers order no re surging as she started to cry. Her father commanding her to stay in the fortress, the fact that she had nearly been deflowered and killed along with killing a man merely made her desire to escape from it all even more real. As such, to escape she spoke desperate lies, trying to bring up a facade, a whole new mask to wear as she gripped his coat tightly. "Please!, my family...my father, their...dead. I have no where else to go! please...just let me accompany you...please sir." She choked out silently. The thoughts of her father and her siblings beings crossed out as she killed them off in her mind. It was true, she considered herself lost with no where to go, she wanted an end to this terrible shell of a life that she had been living, desperate to escape, she would even kill of her own siblings in her mind if it meant that she wouldn't have to live like this anymore. In a way, she spoke the truth through her lies. Hachiman still remained steadfast to turn her away however as he gritted his teeth. "I will be fighting the enemy, the battlefield is no place for girl." He stated truthfully, glaring at her like a wolf, trying to scare her into leaving. "I do not mind!...please!...i just want to escape from this place...I was almost killed and i don't have any place to go to!...i'll, I'll do anything!" She said desperately, not running from his gaze as she stared at him with determination. "What?" Hachiman asked in shock. "Please! i will do anything! just please let me accompany you!" Hachiman remained silent as the girl in front of him sobbed. Her family was apparently dead and something must have happened for her to desperately plead to follow him like this. His thoughts conflicted with each other as he struggled to come to terms on whether he would bring her with him or not. He was going to fight the enemy, he had already resigned himself to fight to the death, so why? why was his heart screaming to take her with him? The core tenant of Bushido popped up in his mind. Compassion, But he had already broken that rule several times on the battlefield. And was it compassion to bring her to a battlefield? He was heading north to where she thought was Hakodate was, He was heading north to fight!...But then again she had also stated that she would do anything just to escape from his place. Saying that she did not mind. As Hachiman mulled over his choices, Corrin attempted one final desperate act. Shamelessly, she took his hand and held it to her bosom, making the man in front of her grope her breast. With tears and a fierce determination, she looked into his conflicted eyes. "Please! you may...you may also take my purity if you like, just please! ...please take me with you!" Hachiman gulped, the look on her face was painful to look at it. Quickly taking his hand off of her bosom, He sighed and came to a conclusion. His heart winning the argument his his mind was having. "Alright, fine. I'll take you with me. Just don't do anything like that again. If there's one thing i don't like, then it is a person who holds themselves no with self respect." He said as he looked away abashedly, his face a scarlet red as his mind had processed that he had just touched a lady's bosom. Corrin's face lit up at this, relief and happiness showing on her face clear as day. But soon however, she blushed as well, looking away in shame and embarrassment. A few moments passed before Hachiman coughed to bring attention to himself. Looking away from her in awkwardness, he started talking. "If you follow me, your going to do everything i say without question." Corrin eagerly nodded at this, her tears clearing up once again. "You will also be accompanying me until you find a place to settle down." Corrin still nodded, albeit a bit more cautiously at this. "I also value silence, so do not expect conversations save for when i ask you questions. Understood?" "Yes!" Corrin replied with energy as she smiled in relief. "Well...um.. lets go now." Hachiman stated cautiously. He never really did speak to women well. Turning around, Hachiman quickly walked, not knowing what else to do in this situation. With Corrin silently following him in the process, relieved that she could finally escape from her lot in life. There was no logic, there didn't need to be any logic, she felt as she followed him. She had a feeling and she saw a chance. And in pure desperation along with the many things that recently happened, she felt that this was the only choice she had left. And that's that. This is a one shot idea of mine. If i have ideas on how the story will go and if you guys like it then i'll continue it. Please leave a review in the original thread. I also consider myself new to the writing scene so please tell me if i fudged anything up. Since this was an Au in which Hachiman had fought in the boshin war, i tried to write him in a more believable way while keeping true to his nature. I also tried to write Corrin as a sheltered girl lonely and in sadness, desperate to escape while also a kind heart. Please feel free to leave a review, I am trying to get better as a writer in general. Cross posted on fanfiction.net
  5. Figured I ought to show this off for shits and giggles. This is an ongoing project of mine to write some custom support conversations for my favorite game in the series and then turn them into videos. Headcanons and hi-jinks ensue. This project is mostly just me giving myself something to do to flex my creative writing muscle while I do some brainstorming for bigger projects. I have ambitions to make my own FE-style game someday, so I might as well practice some character/dialogue writing in the meanwhile. Enjoy!
  6. Hello! I have been a part of the Serenes Forest for a few months, and I've mostly been inactive in all this time. Because of this, I decided that I would share something I have been doing and enjoying: Writing! Since Fire Emblem is a franchise I enjoy a lot, I decided to take a shot in the realm of fanfiction and see what comes from it. I've actually written a few (actually just 3, lol) complete FE stories, and I have quite a lot of ideas for many future ones. The thing is... All of them are centered around FE5: Thracia 776. "Why might that be something special or worthy of pointing out?" you might ask. Well, as far as I'm concerned FE5 is now the least-played game in the series (thanks to Echoes officially getting Gaiden out of meme obscurity), and that means that quite a lot of people aren't familiar with it's characters. Because of this, I feel like there really isn't an audience for them, as again the majority of people might not know of the characters or the stories told within the game. Thracia is just flat out my favorite FE game with all of it's shortcomings included, plus the cast of 56 characters and the fact that there are no Support Conversations whatsoever made me really excited to try and make its characters feel more alive and like actual character. Here I leave my second story overall, called "A Glimmer of Hope". It's meant to be a prologue of the game set shortly before they stumble upon Fiana. I would actually love any feedback I could get on this story, since it's sort of my introduction to how I write and it contains the 3 main characters of Thracia. I have actually published this story, and since the rules never said anything in regards to links, so if there's somehow a problem with sharing the story that way, I will still publish it below. There it is! I really hope that it is of people's liking and that I didn't screw up in any way (let it be the story, or the way I made this topic). I've honestly been in a block of sorts being afraid that no one will really read my work due to the good chunk of people who haven't played FE5, since I will be delving into absolutely all of it's characters, from the characters with the most potential (Shiva, Mareeta, Lara, Homer, Saias) to the downright unthinkable (Brighton, Troude, Salem, Hicks, Miranda, Ronan, Kane-Alva-and-Robert, etc). That, and seeing how supportive and varied the community is, I thought this could be my opportunity to throw myself out there. Again, I'm open to feedback of all sorts :) Thank you for reading and have a wonderful night! (Or day!)
  7. Hinoka survived the war and wrestles with guilt as much as her duties as Hoshido’s Queen. Every day is a battle despite the supposed ‘peace’ and when the chance to strike at Nohr’s heart arises, she gives into temptation. Will the cycle of suffering continue, or can it be broken? Bridging The Sky ✦ a Hinoka/Marx fanfic Game: Fire Emblem Fates (post-Conquest) Rating: Teen+ Character(s): Hinoka, Sakura, Marx (most cast mentioned) Tag(s): survivor’s guilt, PTSD, hurt/comfort, politics, seduction, enemies to lovers, bittersweet ending, worldbuilding, and whump chapter 1 ✦ “Swallowing Sundown” chapter 2 ✦ "Stars Burning Underwater" chapter 3 ✦ "Dreaming Mortals and Gods Alike" chapter 4 ✦ "Woman of a Thousand Summers Yep, I started another multi-chapter fic. I'm trying to keep it on the shorter end, but there's some canon plotholes I'm itching to fill.
  8. Hello all I have decided to post a fan-fiction called The Shadow Tactician: To Challenge Fate and would welcome constructive feedback where possible please. (Obviously I have finally come up with a title ) References for Chapter 1: References for Chapter 2: References for Chapter 3: References for Chapter 4:
  9. Basically a thread where we fanfiction.net authors can discuss stuff. Share our own stories, writing experiences, interactions with other authors, all that. Let me start by listing down some of my favorite authors: COOKIECHEESEMAN is a nice, friendly guy and an excellent writer. He's funny and is kinda chill. If you review one of his stories, he's bound to send you a PM. He also pioneered the Roy x Idoun ship in his almost-finished romantic epic, A Glimmer of Hope. alexa005 is from my country, and although her grammar can be bad sometimes, she makes up for it by making her stories very funny. Case in point, this excerpt from a chapter in which Alm sneaks into Berkut's room in the middle of the night and places lice on his head: I hope you enjoyed that. Now, onto the next author! Keep in mind that the next two don't have/do anything FE-related. domgk115 has an excellent Percy Jackson fanfic series going strong to this day. I've managed to chat with him, and while he seems pretty polite, he tends to take a while when responding to messages/reviews. I guess the poor guy's just too busy with so much work to do. He inspired me while I was writing my main fanfic. ChangelingRin was my first friend on the site, and he/she (won't reveal their own gender) has a hilarious Zelda fic while also having a more serious Doctor Strange fic on the side. They take a while to respond to messages, but overall pretty chill for an American. GravityEmblem goes onto this site too under a different name. His writing style is pretty neat. That's all for now, so let me summon the other fanfiction.net authors on this site! Feel free to post anything related to fanfiction.net on this thread! (As a semi-rule, only fanfiction.net authors are allowed to post on this thread. How can I impose that?)
  10. Okay so I'm currently writing a fanfic about Lucina's original future. Now because it's kind of a prequal I can't have any of the future kids dying really save for maybe morgan so I need OCs and I'm having trouble coming up with ideas so yeah. If anyone could give some OC ideas would much appreciated.
  11. Okay so I’m writing a fanfic on the future kids and their life in the future and how they ended up traveling through time. I’m having trouble coming up with pairings for this fic. I mean I’m already using ChromxSumia because canon but I cannot decide on who I want male robin to be with. For obvious reasons whoever ends up being robin’s kid and Morgan’s sibling is very important to this story. Like I can’t decide between RobinxCordelia, RobinxLissa, or RobinxOlivia. I’m probably thinking too much in to this cause it’s just a fanfic but eh. Like I love all those pairings but I can only use one. As for other pairings feel free to make any suggestions you wish.
  12. So, I'm working on a flagship fanfic of mine, running since November 2017. I decided it would be nice to add quotes relating to the chapter titles in some chapters, but I want to use an excerpt from "Lost In Thoughts All Alone" for Chapter IV. (Well, it's technically the 6th chapter, but I number the chapters as if it was an FE game. There was a Prologue and something before the prologue.) I wrote it sandwiched between two line-things and it looked like this, complete with italics: "...within my ancient heart dwells madness and pride. Can no one hear my cry?" -Azura, Lost In Thoughts All Alone, Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation Now, I really like how the story is turning out, and I really want to quote another excerpt of the song in the penultimate chapter of the second story arc (While the second story arc is still just beginning, I plan to have the penultimate chapter be titled "Night Breaks Through") due to the thematic significance of certain termss in the context of the fic. So, is it okay to do this sort of thing, despite FF.net's rules of "NO LYRICS"? (Also, to any fanfiction.net users on this site, please don't report the story if I violated the rules by doing so. I will take down the segment if it does.)
  13. Welcome to Fates Fanfiction Central Previously much of the story discussion and fanfiction writing conversations were being held in Yari's Fixing Fates Story Issues (Spoilers) thread. Unfortunately it has grown too bloated for individual author's ideas to be easily seen by curious viewers (or for disorganized writers like myself who forget where they wrote down all their ideas). So I've created a new thread where everyone's ideas can be discussed and included in an easy to access OP. Feel free to message me if you'd like your ideas to be included in the OP. Each writer will have their own spoiler section for their ideas. As the thread titles suggests, the posts and ideas discussed here will concern MAJOR SPOILERS so venture in at your own risk. Now, without further ado, I offer you a survey. You can always add more information if the questions don't cover all the ideas you'd like recorded. FE Fates Fan Fiction Survey 1. What routes are you working on? Is it an amalgamation of all three? Is it an alternate universe style retelling? 2. What notable changes would you make to the plot? Are problematic elements (the curse, the magic throne, the crystal ball, operation tears, Nohr and Hoshido being too black and white, everything Aqua does) going to be addressed? Are there any themes to be communicated over each route? What is the overall direction and "point" of each route? 3. What notable changes would you make to the characters? What is Kamui all about (background, personality, abilities)? What is Aqua all about (personality, role in the plot)? What are the Hoshidan and Nohrian siblings all about (personalities, roles in the plot)? What is Garon, Mikoto, Lilith or any other important character all about? What is Hydra all about (role in the plot)? What changes will be made to minor characters 4. What notable changes would you make to the setting? What ideas do you have for world building? What kind of history does this continent have? What is the balance of natural and supernaturual elements? Are the Faceless and invisible enemies in your story? 5. Do any characters die? 6. Do you introduce any new characters? 7. Are any characters going to be cut? If your ideas are posted elsewhere on the internet, you may also include links to those sources. Different authors and their ideas. [spoiler=NekoKnight] FE Fates Fan Fiction Survey 1. What routes are you working on? Is it an amalgamation of all three? Is it an alternate universe style retelling? Working on Nohr but will consider doing Hoshido as well. There will be no 3rd route. 2. What notable changes would you make to the plot? Are problematic elements (the curse, the magic throne, the crystal ball, operation tears, Nohr and Hoshido being too black and white, everything Aqua does) going to be addressed? All of these plot elements have been discarded and work is being done to make Nohr/Hoshido less black and white. Are there any themes to be communicated over each route? As each route is defined by the choice Kamui makes, there will be a different theme, based on the faction you choose. Nohr is about duty over justice. Hoshido is about doing the moral thing over what you want to do. What is the overall direction and "point" of each route? Nohr will transition into the invasion more quickly, the conquest of Hoshido completed earlier and the latter 1/3 of the story being devoted to the rebellion against Garon. I haven't given Hoshido has much thought, but I imagine it would be a combination of defending themselves from the invasion, solving internal issues and defeating Garon. 3. What notable changes would you make to the characters? What is Kamui all about (background, personality, abilities)? -Kamui is idealistic but not as naive (he was only locked up for the first 6 years after his abduction). Is passionate about defending the weak and prefers non-lethal solutions to problems. In spite of a Nohrian upbringing, he believes in the inherit goodness of people. Kamui was kidnapped and ransomed to force a trade agreement with Hoshido but they refused. Kamui's dragon powers are a result of recieving certain genes. What is Aqua all about (personality, role in the plot)? -Aqua is the daughter of the Water Tribe chieftain in western Nohr (that giant lake area). She is never taken to Hoshido and replaces Rinka and Suzukaze as the prisoners you fight in the second chapter, after Marx puts down her tribe's rebellion. She has a friendly, if not occasionally snarky, personality. Her magical singing is a special skill taught in her clan. What are the Hoshidan and Nohrian siblings all about (personalities, roles in the plot)? -Ryoma is a stubborn upholder of traditions and doesn't believe in the social mobility common in Nohr. He holds a grudge against Nohr for killing his father and taking Kamui. He's aloof in person but passionate in battle. -Hinoka is a more experienced battle commander and warrior, something she dedicated herself to since Kamui's kidnapping. She is bold and reckless, but a paragon of Hoshidan warrior culture, alongside Ryoma. -Similar to the canon characterization, Takumi suffers from serious middle-child syndrome and works the hardest to prove himself. He hates Kamui most of all for consuming his older sibling's attention and for betraying Hoshido. -Sakura is mature for her age but is concerned about her ability to contribute to the family. She is serene and determined, the most like her mother out of the five siblings. -Marx is strictly concerned with chivalry and upholding one's duties. Though he is dedicated to justice and protecting the common people, he's stubbornly loyal to Garon. He is the 3rd eldest and last surviving child (his two older brothers died in the last Hoshido/Nohr conflict) of the king and queen. -Camilla has PTSD from her participation in the Waifu Wars but hides it behind a motherly facade. She has attachment anxiety and clings onto Kamui with the belief that his status as a foreigner will make him safe from Nohr's deadly court politics. She's both a talented warrior and political strategist making her one of Garon's favorite children. -Leon is a prodigal mage and able battle commander. He is an only child and had the happiest childhood amongst his siblings. His ruthlessness is inline with Nohrian values but often puts him at ends with the more idealistic Kamui. -Elise is also an only child and was born at the end of the Waifu Wars. She's neglected by her mother (who is busy enjoying an extravagant lifestyle as one of Garon's mistresses.) She often feels lonely and unneeded but tries to maintain a cheerful personality to support her siblings who she feels have worse problems than she does. What is Garon, Mikoto, Lilith or any other important character all about? -Garon is a strict and brutal leader who isn't shy about using underhanded tactics to further the interests of his kingdom. He has a hatred of Hoshidans, and while he isn't unnecessarily cruel to Kamui, he is emotionally distant to them. His existence is to show what Marx would become if not for Kamui's influence. There is no Gooron. -Mikoto has the same personality and role as her canon portrayal. -Lilith has been cut. What is Hydra all about (role in the plot)? -Hydra has been cut. What changes will be made to minor characters? [spoiler=Characters] [spoiler=Shared] Joker: Kamui's snarky but reliable butler. He's the youngest child of a minor noble family so he didn't have many opportunities to advance until he came into Kamui's household. He apprenticed under Gunter who taught him how to be a proper vassal. Silas: Kamui's childhood friend and a yet to be ordained knight under the service of Lord Ackerman (new character). He has the best rapport with Kamui and is thought by many to have feelings for them, although Kamui hasn't noticed. Aqua: The daughter of the water tribe's chieftain in Nohr. After her tribe's failed rebellion, she is kept as a political hostage and left in Kamui's household. She has mystical singing powers and a calm and caring personality that makes her fast friends with Sakura and Elise. Mozume: A farm girl orphaned after her village (which resides in eastern Nohr, an area with a notable population of Hoshidans) was razed by bandits. She's quite shy because of her accent but has a surprisingly bold personality if you get to know her. Ashura: An ex-ninja from the now non-existent Kouga country, he has lived a rough life of banditry and mercenary work since. He's cynical and slow to trust but has incredible insight to the underworld of Hoshido and Nohr. Suzukaze: A ninja of Hoshido but doesn't serve a particular lord. He is the twin brother of Saizo and caretaker for Midoriko. His polite and approachable demeanor makes him popular in the army. He is not fond of violence and prefers to use his talents for collecting information. He'll side with Kamui in Nohr when Kamui announces their plans to defeat Garon. Midoriko: A war orphan from the last Hoshido/Nohr war. She makes and sells medicine to make ends meet but she was looked after by both Suzukaze and Saizo. Her cute mannerisms and hardworking nature made her something of an idol in the army. She is recruited by Suzukaze after he pledges himself to Kamui and the defeat of Garon. Crimson: A Wyvern Knight and the daughter of the late king of Chevalier. She is determined to restore her country's honor after a certain incident. She's a skilled and powerful warrior but has a passion for decorating things. She will ally with Ryoma in Hoshido to make up for the wrongdoings of her father. She will ally with Kamui in Nohr after they help liberate Chevalier from a Nohrian assault. Shigure: Another member of the Water Tribe. Well meaning but brash, he tried to impress Aqua with his leadership abilities and convinced her father to rebel against Nohr. When his plan backfired, he deeply regretted his foolhardiness and pledged to rescue Aqua, independent of his village. By the time he meets the party he has almost given up hope and is planning a dangerous attack on the capital. [spoiler=Nohr] Gunter: A seasoned knight who acted as the master of arms for Garon's children. He is stern but kind, acting as a surrogate father to Kamui. He meets his unfortunate end at the Infinite Chasm after a routine scouting mission goes awry. Elfie: A noble-born knight and guardian of Princess Elise. She is extremely devoted to training and Elise's protection that many find her unsociable. Her single-minded determination and overwhelming strength has earned her a number of fans, however. She has the appetite of a bear but always burns off any weight she gains. Harold: A low-born man with a deep passion for justice. Before he came into the service of Princess Elise, he wandered around Nohr protecting the weak from harm, asking for little in return. He has remarkably bad luck and is never far from danger, but somehow he has always survived his encounters. He's the unknowing father of Lutz. Ophelia: A mercenary mage and former lover to Soleil. An eccentric girl obsessed with fancy names and spellcraft, she stands in contrast to her more grounded partner, Zero. She believes she was chosen for a grand purpose in life but is still searching for what that may be. She's hired by Leon to assist Kamui in the subjugation of the Ice Tribe. Zero: An orphan who grew up in the slums of Nohr's capital, he made a living as a thief, street ear and child prostitute. He has little conception of personal space and his lewd comments often put people on edge. He has a sadism streak and has been known to deliberately cripple targets, rather than outright kill them. Currently he is a mercenary hired by Prince Leon and works alongside Ophelia. Flora: A maid in service to Kamui's household and unknown to them, the daughter of the Ice Tribe's chieftain. She has a playful personality but occasionally has bouts of depression. While affectionate towards Kamui and Joker, she places her own family first and takes part in her family's rebellion. She dreams of eventually starting a family one day and returning to her village. Flannel: The chieftain of the werewolves at Garou Peak and the fiance of Velour. He seeks Kamui's aid when dark magic starts making his people go feral. While the Garou are generally reclusive, he has a fondness for making trips to the city and is a snappy dresser. He loves picking up knickknacks, a passion shared by his fiance. Luna: The daughter of a noble family and a vassal to Princess Camilla. Her mother was an extremely talented fighter herself leading to Luna acquiring an inferiority complex. She's highly competitive and is often irked by Belka's indifferent attitude to her challenges. Luna has a passion for shopping and works hard to pay for her hobby. Belka: An emotionally distant, former child assassin now serving as a vassal to Princess Camilla. She kills freely and barely reacts to the death of comrades, which has led some to describe her as as cold blooded as the wyvern she rides. She is seemingly incapable of feeling affection but is secretly lonely and laments not knowing how to communicate with others. [spoiler=Character Ages] Joker: 20 Silas: 16 Aqua: 17 Mozume: 15 Ashura: 35 Suzukaze: 18 Midoriko: 12 Crimson: 23 Shigure: 20 Gunter: 62 Elfie: 20 Harold: 29 Ophelia: 16 Zero: 21 Flora: 19 Flannel: 25 Luna: 18 Belka: 17 Nyx: 125 (although she stopped aging at 13) Charlotte: 20 Benoit: 27 Lazwald: 21 Pieri: 20 Seigbert: 20 Velour: 23 Lutz: 14 Soeleil: 17 Ignis: 28 4. What notable changes would you make to the setting? What ideas do you have for world building? What kind of history does this continent have? What is the balance of natural and supernatural elements? -The main plot is mostly a political struggle (no world ending dragons) although the fantasy tropes prevalent in Fire Emblem are still there. There are lingering influences of the dragons from the past (the physical state of the continent, the royal's dragon blood, and dragon spirits that occasionally possess people. Are the Faceless and invisible enemies in your story? -Faceless are removed and replaced with bandit attacks, or possessed enemies. There are no invisible enemies. 5. Do any characters die? Many characters do (particularly recruitable characters from the opposite route). Some allied characters may die as well. 6. Do you introduce any new characters? A few Nohrian characters are introduced. Lord Fulmore, the Warden of the South. Lord Ackerman, the Warden of the East. Chieftain Aquarion, Aqua's father. Also mentioned is Crimson's father, the king of Chevalier. If I write Hoshido, they are also get an assortment of lords. 7. Are any characters going to be cut? Cut Characters: Odin, Eponine, Foleo, Sophie, Kanna, Deere, Tsukuyomi, Mitama, Grey, Felicia and Izana (no longer recruit-able) [spoiler=Alazen] [spoiler=Some Key Differences] Kamui's Parentage: Kamui is not Hydra's birth child. He is the 2nd child of Mikoto and Sumeragi. -Warrant: The reveal that Kamui isn't Sumeragi's birth child is blatantly an excuse to let Kamui marry from both sets of siblings. 2nd Gen: There is no 2nd Gen. Nor is there a Secluded Realm. -Warrant: Fates' 2nd Gen manages to be even less significant than Awakening's. It's embarrassingly obvious that Fates' 2nd Gen was shoehorned due to the presence of a 2nd Gen in Awakening. The Secluded Realm serves as an excuse for the children to all be of fighting age without including a timeskip or time travel. Awakening Returnees: ​None beyond cameos that are treated as such. -Warrant: The Invisible Kingdom has failed to address the presence of the Awakening characters in a way that doesn't drag down the setting. Character Consolidation: Ryoma and Hinoka have been merged into one elder Hoshidan sibling, Elise and Sakura into one possible younger Nohr sibling. Felicia and Flora are one servant from the Ice Tribe. -Warrant: Of all their problems, the royal sisters suffer from a lack of significance for how close they supposedly are to Kamui. In particular, Hinoka's crowning moments include seeing through a disguise and Kamui pretending to slay her. Flora is noticeably more significant with a certainly more rounded characterization than Felicia. Examples of Cross-path Changes -Aqua has been removed from Fates entirely. Elements linked to her such as the prophecy have been removed or reworked. -No returning Awakening characters beyond cameos that aren't acknowledged as actually there. -There is no 2nd Gen. There is no Secluded Realm. Any 2nd Gen characters that can be salvaged will be recruitable conventionally. Examples of Hoshido Changes -The heavenly children are Firstborn Daughter Hinoka, Kamui, and Takumi. Ryoma and Hinoka have been merged into the eldest heavenly child. Sakura has been cut out to trim down on siblings. -One opposing leader in Hoshido is a daimyo whose territory was forced to surrender to Sumeragi. He or she has both the resentment and resources to oppose Sumeragi's children. -Rinka's ethnicity has a history of conflict with other Easterners. Examples of Nohr Changes -One of the Nohr sisters is axed. -Fake Garon is gone. An alternative is for Hydra's faction to make contact with Garon and send assistance. The Maids and Joker -Flora and Felicia are now one character. Her backstory is that she's the daughter of the ruler of a land conquered by Nohr. She was taken as a hostage to Nohr, putting her in the position to meet Kamui and be in his inner circle. She's an ally if Kamui stays with Nohr, an enemy if she leaves it. -Joker is the son of a Nohrian noble who had the clout to have him study in the castle. He meets Kamui and the two hit it off. A dependable schemer, he follows Kamui in all routes. Suzukaze and Saizou -The shinobi brothers are the sons of a Fuuma jizamurai. Fuuma was invaded and conquered by Sumeragi's army with the brothers' father killed in the war. The two brothers were taken to Hoshido as hostages. -Suzukaze knows what happened to his homeland and father, planting the seeds for leaving Hoshido 1. What routes are you working on? Is it an amalgamation of all three? Is it an alternate universe style retelling? At least 2 Paths (Hoshido, The New Order). 2. What notable changes would you make to the plot? Are problematic elements (the curse, the magic throne, the crystal ball, operation tears, Nohr and Hoshido being too black and white, everything Aqua does) going to be addressed?No curse, magic throne is out, got rid of the crystal, don't even think about Operation Tears, Nohr might be ''evil'' but Hoshido surely isn't ''good'', Aqua has been axed entirely. Are there any themes to be communicated over each route?A. How far will you go for your dream? To get what you're owed? B. How should the world be ruled? What is the overall direction and "point" of each route?Hoshido-Kamui leaves Nohr to claim his birthright. He works within Hoshido to get the trust of his peers, fighting both inner and outer threats. Nohr-Kamui works for validation from Marx and Garon. He's not out for Hoshidan blood, so he'd be down with the power blocs coming to an agreement. Touma-Kamui ends up in Touma after an accident near the chasm. Kamui has to spend some time in Touma, being informed by Lilith of Hydra, Touma, their rising army, and what they stand for. After indoctrination and being told about his origins, Kamui agrees to fight for Hydra against all who oppose them. 3. What notable changes would you make to the characters? What is Kamui all about (background, personality, abilities)?Kamui is the 2nd child of Mikoto and Sumeragi. Born with the bloodlines of two dragon lines, Kamui has features marking his divine lineage. Sumeragi could tell his son was set for greatness, and so doted on him when he could. Taking Kamui with him on a trip to Chevalier, Sumeragi is slain in an ambush. Seeing the small child brought before him, Garon immediately had him taken. Ending up in the capital, it was arranged for Kamui to live within Garon's household but not as if he was one of Garon's actual children. Kamui would be kept within reach of Garon and his children, yet at a distance. She would be at least occasionally given access to tutors and trainers that even a wealthy Nohrian would want, yet be told to sit a separate table from Garon and his children. Rumors spread that Kamui was a bastard child of Garon, which worked for the Nohr King since a predecessor of his married a Eastern spouse. Kamui internalizes Nohr ideals and conduct. Nohr is a society with a focus on status, bloodlines, inheritance, what have you. He also grows a respect and perhaps jealousy for Marx. He looks for validation from Garon yet resents him. He hits it off with Joker and Flora, gets along with Leon and Nohr Sister well enough, and has actually made a name for himself among the castle's staff for going around and actually aiding in their tasks (and nicely, admittedly after some practice). You can trust him to get his hands dirty and look after his troops. Having bloodlines of two dragons has its perks. He was born with a more potent form of Dragon's Vein that unfortunately also is a heavy drain on her once it reaches a certain point, along with the greater athletic skill seen in other royals. The Touma route has able to Kamui transform into a dragon using a dragonstone embedded sword forged in Touma after some time being indoctrinated and magiced on. What is Aqua all about (personality, role in the plot)?Aqua has been cut. Elements of her have been given to to other characters like Flora. What is Garon, Mikoto, Lilith or any other important character all about?Garon is out to bring glory to his house. Lilith is Hydra's agent who intervenes around the world. Mikoto is the current heavenly sovereign of Hoshido who has worked to strengthen or secure Hoshido. What is Hydra all about (role in the plot)?Hydra is the ruler of Touma who commands a rising force. Having become a gestalt of souls, Hydra directs his troops around the world to sow discord until he can forge a new nation. 4. What notable changes would you make to the setting? What ideas do you have for world building? The succession to Sumeragi's conquests is now iffy thanks to having 3 dragon blooded children. Traditionally, the succession process would have whichever child shows they were marked as heavenly take the throne unless the none of the children show such, in which case the solutions have shifted. Hinoka is the firstborn child with Mikoto's blood pact inheritance, Takumi has Sumeragi's and Kamui has both. You should keep in mind that Hoshido isn't really a country in modern way. Sumeragi conquered around the East and married into the heavenly family, one could say that Takumi would be the heir to the conquered territories instead of Hinoka. And with his blood, maybe Kamui could press a claim to all of it. What kind of history does this continent have?One of blood, skulduggery, scheming. What is the balance of natural and supernaturual elements?Hydra's empire is a growing threat, but there is no Fake Garon. Are the Faceless and invisible enemies in your story?Hydra links to the dead, pulling their souls or whatever to the gestalt. He can direct bodies and has a sort of wide vision. However, while his empire grows the tide gets bigger and bigger. Unless something is done, Hydra will be swept away. He's looking for a vessel to merge with to form a new dragon god. 6. Do you introduce any new characters? At least a few figures to flesh out the world. 7. Are any characters going to be cut? Aqua, Sakura, at least one Nohr sister, and Shenmei are examples. [spoiler=warchiefwilliams] 1. What routes are you working on? Is it an amalgamation of all three? Is it an alternate universe style retelling? · Depending on how much time I am able to find to write with my schedule, I will work on the Invisible Kingdom route but with heavy alterations to many of the plots more… “questionable” elements and characters. Later, if I feel up to it, and I am not lynched for the idea, I might try an alternate universe IK route with a new faction. 2. What notable changes would you make to the plot? · I want to make the plot more about the characters themselves and how they drive events forward through their actions as opposed to poorly implemented concepts dictating the characters actions, even if they must act OOC. I will also be reworking questionable plot decisions like: · Are problematic elements (the curse, the magic throne, the crystal ball, operation tears, Nohr and Hoshido being too black and white, everything Aqua does) going to be addressed? Where to begin? I will obviously be trying to flesh out the world, Nohr and Hoshido far more than was in the game, which will (hopefully) make each one seem less “black and white”. As for most of the magical plot contrivances holes elements, the curse will be removed, as I personally feel that if someone were to run around saying that there an invasion from a realm hidden from reality was imminent, then they would be locked up in the nearest insane asylum or praised as some new cult leader. There doesn’t need to be a death cruse here. Because Garon will just be possessed and not a familiar, the Throne itself is little more than a glorified throne in a big castle meant to show the power of the King of Hoshido.· Are there any themes to be communicated over each route? Pretty much the themes that were originally stressed in the advertising for this game. Because I am pushing the “decision” chapter back a ways (I thought chapter 6 was too early for that and, after seeing it, I feel vindicated in that belief) this will give time for Kamui to be exposed to both ideologies and make a better choice rather than simply picking one family over the other.· What is the overall direction and "point" of each route? In my view, the point of the IK route is to combine the strengths of both nations and cultures together to fight an external entity that threatens to destroy everything that both sides hold dear. It should be a story of coming together, overcoming differences and saving the world. It should also stress that there is no such thing as a fairy tale ending and that victory comes with a cost (a “beating around the bush” way for saying that characters WILL die).3. What notable changes would you make to the characters? · A lot of the characters will be either more fleshed out or have tweaks made to their background and personality to help make them less of walking tropes and more, well, well-developed. Some, mainly child characters, will be outright cut, due to character saturation and to them not being very interesting (in my view). · What is Kamui all about (background, personality, abilities)? Kamui remains the child of Mikoto and Anankos. As such he retains many of his abilities that are found in the game, i.e his dragon form. This detail, however, will not be simply glossed over by the story and will play a significant role during both the initial invasion of Hoshido, splitting off from both nations and during the revelations about the world. Kamui was kidnapped when he was only three years old, and other than some hazy images that he only glimpses in nightmares, believes that he is a child of Garon and one of the many dead concubines, similar to his Nohrian siblings. Due to coddling by his adopted family, retainers and (when he returns to Hoshido) his actual family, Kamui is a narcissist at the start of the story, believing that he is the perfect sibling. His extreme naivety will help cement this belief. As the story develops, Kamui’s narcissistic streak will break as he discovers the true cost of his beliefs and will slowly become a more jaded, cynical individual, especially as his decisions gets people close to him killed. I am placing Kamui’s age at a young 19.· What is Aqua all about (personality, role in the plot)? Aqua remains the child of Shenmei and the former King of Touma (who I have yet to make a name for). Unlike Kamui, Aqua remembers what happened in both the Sundering of Touma, an event that lead to her banishment to the real world and the deaths of her parents, as well as her own kidnapping from Castle Krakenburg and the deaths caused by that. In addition, her status as an outsider of the Hoshidoan caste system makes her, at least in the eyes of the public, little better than a criminal. Any attempt that she makes to try to explain the threat that Anankos poses to the real world are typically laughed off as the ravings of a mad princess and even the two people who show her some affection, Sakura and Hinoka, do not believe her. These factors combined make her an incredibly isolated and jaded individual, as well as an alcoholic, needing a fair amount of sake (while in Hoshido) and wine (while in Nohr) to get through the day. It is only after Kamui returns to Hoshido that she begins to see some hope for the future. Aqua is only a few months older than Kamui, though she is still 19 years old.· What are the Hoshidan and Nohrian siblings all about (personalities, roles in the plot)? I copied some of this from my post in the Headcanons thread. Camilla dotes on all her younger siblings as a way to attempt to cope with her role during the Concubine Wars. She especially dotes on Kamui due to his status as an outsider to the cutthroat nature of Nohrian politics and sees him as someone who won't ever try to stab her in the back. She does have a bit of a drinking problem, needing at least one bottle of wine to get through the day. Her role in the plot is to both be a mother figure to the younger members of her family, but also to be the one who monitors the political situation in both Nohr and Hoshido, as her specialty, besides splitting skulls with her axe, is political intrigue. Camilla is 23 years old. Marx is painfully aware that the Concubine Wars were effectively triggered by his mother, Queen Ekatrina and harbors a deep sense of survivor’s guilt, knowing that the vast majority of his extended family died because of his mother's actions. He doesn't show it though, bottling up his emotions and revealing almost nothing about how he really feels, even to his own family. Marx places a high value on loyalty to his country and especially loyalty to his father. However, as Garon begins to make decisions that endanger Nohr, Marx will begin to find himself questioning his loyalties. Unlike his younger sister, Marx chose to specialize in martial training, both as a warrior and as a strategist, relying on Camilla to help him navigate the political minefield that is Nohrian society and foreign policy. Marx is 24 years old. Leon is the most stable mentally of his siblings, if only because he knows constructive ways to deal with his emotions as opposed to lashing out during training (Marx) or drinking (Camilla). Leon prides himself in effectively merging his two older siblings’ specialties of military and political strategy, though his physical abilities are nowhere near as refined. Leon sees himself as the most pragmatic voice in the family, and is adaptable enough to know when to change his priorities to reflect the situation at hand. As such, he often finds himself advising all of his siblings (especially Kamui) on what is the probable best course of action. Leon is 18 years old. Elise sometimes wishes her family wasn't so defensive of her, but she is aware that she is the linchpin holding the Plantagenets (Nohrian royal surname) together, so she keeps up the facade of being a happy, innocent child. Deep down, she is aware of her family's past and wishes that she could comfort her siblings more than by just being the happy little sister. As previously stated, Elise feels like her role is to be a pinnacle of stability in a turbulent world. She is 16 years old. Ryoma is a strong believer in Hoshidoan superiority, but has a change of heart during the war, especially after during the abortive Chevalier Campaign and sees just how the rest of the world operates, realizing that several of Hoshido's societal and military traditions could condemn his kingdom to the ashes of history unless they change. Ryoma spends a lot of his time meditating on the samurai code and training to be as good of a king, if not a better one, than his father. Ryoma is 24 years old. Hinoka spends the vast majority of her time in training, both martial and statecraft, to the point where she only really has a close relationship with Ryoma. As such, her relationship with her younger siblings is not as strong as it seems. Hinoka, thanks to her early training under ImagawaYuugiri, has developed a rather brash and direct approach to most events, which has led to several near foreign affairs disasters. Hinoka is 20 years old. Takumi suffers from an extreme case of middle-child syndrome. In addition, the vast majority of importnat events in his life, including his birth, were overshadowed by Nohrian aggression that demanded his family's attention, leaving him with a negative view of Nohr and its people. Takmui has been struggling for the past few years to find something to excel at that his older siblings do not, though he has yet to find one. These feelings of inadequacy are only enhanced after Kamui’s return to Hoshido, which helps to drive him to Anankos’s control (at least at first). He continues to rely on old trinkets from when he was a child to calm himself though his retainers do what they can to help. He is 19 years old. Sakura wants to believe that everyone in the world is good and kind. A view that her family and retainers encourage to help keep her innocence alive for as long as possible, though the assassination of Midkoto breaks that mold. Sakura, however, quickly adapted to the new reality. She doesn’t like causing suffering, but her training in the healing arts means that the sight of blood and bodies does not scare her. Sakura is one of the few individuals in Hoshido who was not immediately suspicious of Aqua and instead tried to form some kind of relationship with her. Sakura is 17 years old. · What is Garon, Mikoto, Lilith or any other important characters all about? Here we go, I will refine more of these ideas laterGaron never becomes Gooron. Rather than be killed by IK forces and replaced, Anankos instead possesses him. This change manifests in his desire to severely weaken Hoshido or destroy, one of the major powers on the continent that could threaten his return. In order to maintain his cover, Anankos tries to imitate Garon’s prior behaviors and habits, though as time goes on, he loses patience and begins to force Garon to act more and more out of character (implied by supports between the Nohrian siblings who state that the current Garon isn’t the same one they knew as father. By the time it is discovered that Garon is under the control of Anankos, it is too late to save him, though he is able to die as himself as opposed to being Anankos’s slave. Garon is 55 at the start of the story Mikoto is not Shenmei’s sister, rather she was her close confidant and friend who was also part of the Anankos cult (one of the many Dark Dragon cults in Nohr that worship the Dark Dragons as the liberators of mankind). This was before the two of them fled to the Invisible Kingdom after the then Tactician Ektrina usurped Shenmei’s position as Queen of Nohr. After the Sundering, Mikoto fled from the Invisible Kingdom and was found by King Sumeragi, who took her in and eventually married her. After Sumeragi’s assassination, using magic she learned in the Invisible Kingdom, erects a barrier to dull aggression towards her home, though this does have the side effect of suppressing all dissent within Hoshido towards the government, stifling any opposition to her and the royal family. She still dies as a result of the assassination attempt in the Fire Plaza and is turned into one of Anankos’s agents. Mikoto is 34 at the start of the story. Lilith is a dragonkin (manakete) from the Invisible Kingdom originally. She is the child of two Astral Dragons within that hidden realm. Lillith fled from the Invisible Kingdom during the Sundering and, in an attempt to stave off degradation, chose to spend most of her time in her dragon form. Near-feral and injured after a few years, she encountered a young Kamui, Cyrus and Sophie (see other characters) who healed her wounds. Newly restored, she followed Kamui back to the Northern Citadel and was able to work there as a stable hand. When Kamui fell into the Invisible Chasm, she saved him and continued to accompany him on his travels (there is no My Castle here). She will later die trying to protect Kamui. Lilith appears to 17 though she is around 1457 years old. Iago is the son of a major noble family within Nohr’s capitol of Karakenburg. Despite being quite devious and snakelike, his talents as a strategist and his ability to find solutions to even the impossible. Like finding out that it was Queen Ektrina who struck the final blow of Concubine Wars by blowing up the tower containing the remaining concubines and their families, who were negociating an end to the war with Queen Ikona of Hoshido moderating (she died in the blast, which triggered the 4th Hoshido-Nohr War). Iago is loyal to his master to a fault, and has no problem throwing others under the bus if it means that his master is pleased with him. Ganz is a reformed mass murderer from the Underground District in Krakenburg. Originally, a soldier in Nohr’s Imperial Army, he earned a reputation as a ruthless man, driven to obtain victory at any cost. It was after he massacred almost everyone in an auxiliary unit that angered him was Ganz finally discharged and thrown in prison. Possessed Garon, wanting to sow as much chaos as possible, chose to free Ganz and place him in a commanding position within the Imperial Army, which Ganz took to with gusto, as he was now in a position to do as he pleased with the endorsement of the king. Ganz harbors a deep resentment towards all non-Nohrians, and believes that the entire world should belong to Nohr and he will kill anyone who thinks otherwise. · What is Hydra all about (role in the plot)? I will be calling him by his Japanese name, Anankos. Anankos is one of the few remaining Dark Astral Dragons left after the Great War in the far past, which split the continent. For the longest time, the Astral Dragons ruled the world under their hierarchy, governing the world in what they saw as the perfect order. Anankos is effectively their version of Satan, an individual who thought things should be run differently (ideally under him) and rebelled against the order, corrupting the original creation magic used to create the world into dark magic. At the war’s end, the few remaining dragons, including Anankos, fled to the Invisible Realm, leaving humanity, which had been the thralls of the dragons, free. Many cults in Nohr worship Anankos as the savior of mankind, while Hoshido’s religion despises him as the one who disrupted the order of the Astral Dragons. In reality, Anankos sought power for himself over the Astral Dragons and control of all creation. His lasting mark ensured the eventual extinction of the dragonkin, as the corruption of magic into dark magic triggered the degradation of the minds of all dragons who it touched. The minds of dragons could be preserved through the use of dragon stones, but only if they limited their time as dragons. Anankos’s degredation was even more severe as he was the original creator of dark magic. His attempts to stop it only delayed the inevitable. Eventually he had a relationship with one of his worshipers (Mikoto) in order to form a new vessel for himself. After Mikoto found out, she fled from the Invisible Kingdom as Anankos conquered it from the few remaining Astral Dragons. Upon securing his victory, and growing desperate, Anankos was able to trick three warriors from another realm to enter the world of fates (the Awakening trio) on the condition that he would restore their world, which he did. Though, they were unable to fully interpret his orders, causing them to be lead astray and conniving Anankos that humans could no longer be trusted with free will. Anankos still seeks to control all of creation, and will do whatever it takes. His interest in Kamui stems from the fact that he is the escaped vessel, thus being required to reverse Anankos’s degredation. · What changes will be made to minor characters Minor characters, like the named bosses, will have more of a role in their respective battles. There will likely be a few temporary OCs meant to fill roles required by the plot, such as army commanders and peasants.4. What notable changes would you make to the setting? · What ideas do you have for world building? I will post an in-depth outline of the countries of Fates within the next little bit, expect to see a description of each country, how its society operates, and how it fits in with the greater Nohr-Hoshido-IK conflict.· What kind of history does this continent have? This continent (which I will be calling Ivron, a name I got from a continent name generator) has had a long history of conflict. Whether it is the Great War of legend, the Wars of Nohrian Expansion, the Unification of Hoshido, or the multiple Nohrian-Hoshido wars, conflict is simply the way of the land. The creation of the Infinite Chasm during the Great War led to the cultural drift between the lands in the west and the east. The land to the far west is uninhabitable due to the same conflict.· What is the balance of natural and supernaturual elements? While supernatural elements (the Astral Dragons, Dark and Creation Magic, the creation of the garou and fox spirits) played a huge role in shaping the world, by this point in time, their overall role is no longer as prominent as it was. The secret arts of Creation Magic have long been both lost and out of reach of mankind and mankind can only harness the tiniest fraction of Dark Magic’s potential without being corrupted by it. The supernatural elements are there, but they do not play a major role in the story, at least in the beginning. Religion plays a large role in shaping Hoshido’s society, while Nohr’s religion played a large role in the past, worship of the Dark Dragons is less common now. The Shapeshifters (Garou and Fox Spirits) have longer lives than humans. The life expectancy for everyone isHuman: up to 90 years with proper care Garou: up to 180 years Fox Spirits: up to 250 years Manaketes/Dragonkin: functionally immortal. Can still die to natural causes · Are the Faceless and invisible enemies in your story? Yes, though with a few changes to how they function. Faceless are the result of decades of research by Dark Mages trying to create thralls to serve them. While physically potent, Faceless have little intelligence beyond survival instincts and whatever sense of purpose their creator gives them. While this makes them ideal tools of war, they are little more than that, tools. In addition, they cannot be directly controlled, and it was not uncommon for faceless to turn on their creators and their allies due to simple bloodlust. Invisible Kingdom forces are comprised of both the human forms of Astral and Dark Dragons (dragons who sided with Anankos) that serve Anankos in addition to a mixture of human forces who reside in the Invisible Kingdom. These humans are the descendants of those who chose to continue to serve the Astral Dragons rather than choose independence. 4. Do any characters die? · Yes. As I continue to create the plot, I will decide who will die. If you have a few ideas after reading all of this, please feel free to make recommendations. This is the list as it is now: · Mikoto will be killed during the assassination attempt in the Fire Plaza, just like she does in game. She will later be reconstituted as one of Anankos’s agents along with Sumeragi and a few others, similar to the Deadlords. · Garon will die two thirds of the way in after the cast becomes aware that he is possessed. He will be able to die free of Anankos’s influence though, so he won’t come back. · Ganz will be killed by Kamui after Kamui, who has begun uniting the two forces, finds him executing a group of Hoshido prisoners, including Hinoka and her retainers, though Kamui will be able to save them. · Some of the retainers will fall at some point, though I do not know when yet. · I am debating killing off some of the royals if it helps to serve the plot. 5. Do you introduce any new characters? · Other than temporary characters meant to flesh out the militaries of both Nohr and Hoshido, as well as commoners of the land, I will not be making new characters. This game already has a large cast, no need to add more fuel to the fire. 6. Are any characters going to be cut? · Most of the 2nd generation characters will be cut. This is due to their shoe-horned nature. The few that I believe are redeemable as tweaked characters are listed here: · Sophie: Cyrus’s younger sister who, along with her brother, were friends with Kamui. She, at the start, harbors an Oboro sized crush on Kamui. Both Sophie and Cyrus join Kamui early on, before he even gets to the Invisible Chasm for the first time. Sophie is 16 years old. · Eponnie: A young thief who was adopted by Zero after she attempted to rob a caravan that Prince Leon was a part of. Seeing her potential, Zero was able to stop Leon from killing her and, upon finding out that she was an orphan trying to survive on the outskirts of Krakenburg, adopted the young girl. She acts as Zero’s apprentice and as his informer on the events occupying Nohr’s lower classes in Krakenburg. Eponnie is 18 years old. · Ophelia: A young dark mage, her skills at magic attracted the attention of Odin, who was seeking to pass along the secrets of the “spell hand”. Her urge to learn about the secrets of dark magic caused her to take Odin’s teachings a bit too seriously, and she believes that she is “the chosen one”. Ophelia is 17 years old. · Lutz: Arthur’s son. After his mother’s passing during the 4th Nohr-Hoshido War (the one prior to the game) Lutz chose to take up the axe so that no other child would bear witness to their parent’s death. It was during this time that he met Michel, and trained him. Lutz and his father share a relationship similar to what Garcia and Ross from the Sacred Stones shared. Lutz is 15 years old. · Deere: Joker’s younger brother. Determined to follow his brother’s example, Deere began training to be a butler. His brother, while he does not approve of this, still tries to tutor him, though Joker’s love is tough love. Deere is 20 years old. · Matoi is a young noble of the Samurai Caste who, due to her talents, was trained personally by both Imagawa Yuugiri and Yamoto Hinoka in the art of aerial warfare. She seeks to be (what she sees) the best Pegasus Warrior. Despite her seemingly perfect nature, she is very modest and humble and nurses a few insecurities, especially regarding her appearance. Matoi is 19 years old. · Both Kinu and Velour left their villages seeking adventure and fortune despite the warnings of their Chiefs, Nishiki and Flannel respectively. They encountered each other near the Infinite Chasm, and have been traveling together for two years, exploring the world and finding treasures. Both Kinu and Velour are 20 years old, still very young for their respective species. · Kisargari and Shinonome are two of the few remaining members of the Yamoto Branch Family, which was mostly wiped out during the Chevalier Incident, where Sumeragi met his end. The role of the Branch Family is to be the last line of defense for the Royal Family and their retainers, and this is a role that both Kisargari and Shinonome take very seriously. Kisargari is 17 years old while Shinonome is 22 years old. · Midoriko: a young traveling member of Hoshido’s merchant class. She was orphaned during the 4th Nohr-Hoshido War and raised by the Hattori ninja clan, though particularly by Hattori Saizou and Hattori Kaze. She left home early on, having both aged quickly and extensively studied economics, and is determined to be the wealthiest merchant in the world. She sees the Secret Shop chain, run by Anna, as a major challenge to her goals. Midoriko is 14 years old. 7. For fun, here are the character ages as well as their last names · Marx Plantagenet: 24 years old · Camilla: 23 years old · Leon: 18 years old · Elise: 15 years old · Ryoma Yamoto: 24 years old · Hinoka: 20 years old · Takmui: 19 years old · Sakura: 16 years old · Kamui: 19 years old · Aqua: 19 years old · Felecia Arendelle: 19 years old · Flora Arendelle: 19 years old · Joker Girard: 21 years old · Cyrus Bedivere: 18 years old · Sophie Bedivere: 16 years old · Hattori Kaze: 26 years old · Gunther Guesculin: 55 years old · Tsu-Sho Mozume: 16 years old · Kouga Asyura: 41 years old · Izumo Izana: 35 years old · Hattori Saizou: 28 years old · Chiyome Kagerou: 24 years old · Asama: 40 years old · Chosokabe Setsuna: 20 years old · Fujiwara Hinata: 18 years old · Goto Oboro: 18 years old · Tiari Hana: 17 years old · Ashikaga Tsubaki: 19 years old · Inaba Fuuga: 40 years old · Inaba Tsukuyomi: 13 years old · Nishiki: 95 years old · Moagami Orochi: 26 years old · Rinkah: 17 years old · Mori Yurikama: 39 years old · Imagawa Yuugiri: 38 years old · Crimson Pyrmont: 18 years old · Lazwald/Inigo Montoya: 22 years old · Pieri Ravenkroft: 18 years old · Arthur Pendragon: 27 years old · Effie Tarth: 17 years old · Zero: 24 years old · Odin/Owain Lowell: 21 years old · Nyx Tartarus: 255 years old (I like to think that her curse outright stops her aging, making her very old) · Luna/Severa Lear: 22 years old · Belka: 18 years old · Benoit Nielson: 23 years old · Charlotte Goldberg: 18 years old · Flannel Bigby: 80 years old · Yamoto Midkoto: 34 years old · Garon Plantagenet: 55 years old · Iago: 35 years old · Ganz: 28 years old · Lilith: 17 years old (human appearance) · Deere Girad: 20 years old · Kinu: 20 years old · Velour: 20 years old · Ophelia Hathaway: 17 years old · Hattori Midoriko: 14 years old · Yamoto Kisagari: 18 years old · Yamoto Shinonome: 22 years old · Shimazu Matoi: 19 years old · Eponnie: 18 years old · Lutz Pendragon: 15 years old [spoiler=Azz] FE Fates Fan Fiction Survey 1. What routes are you working on? Is it an amalgamation of all three? Is it an alternate universe style retelling? The route I am working on is a combination of all 3. Pretty much the focus is at first, ending the war, reforming Nohr and then Touma stuff. Basically a 3rd path but better (I hope) 2. What notable changes would you make to the plot? Well, everything is pretty much being re-written story wise. It starts kind of like Revelations with more Hoshido characters joining at first, then slowly characters from Nohr join and the remainder from Hoshido join. 3. What notable changes would you make to the characters? Well for main characters, they have pretty much the same personality bases but have been expanded upon to not be so Kamui-centric. Character roles have been changed, people have set relationships, the four Touma bosses (Shenmei, Sumeragi, Mikoto and Garon), have all been re-written. Kamui and Aqua had massive over hauls as well as Hydra. The FEA trio have been re-written to not be FEA characters. All the kids have been re-written to have roles in the story. 4. What notable changes would you make to the setting? The setting for the most part is the same with a few exceptions. I still have to finalize things. 5. Do any characters die? Yes, characters do die. 6. Do you introduce any new characters? Pretty much all the capturable bosses, specifically Draj and Nacht, have been given some form of role outside of time chamber shenanigans. 7. Are any characters going to be cut? Not really unless you count the FEA trio being completely re-written. [spoiler=Damosel] If you're interested in reading my FE14 AU series A Marriage Of States. I also have an update and feedback thread on this site for the series. 1. What routes are you working on? NONE, I'm going Alternate Universe! Is it an amalgamation of all three? Pretty much everything EXCEPT Touma stuff. Is it an alternate universe style retelling? YES! Biggest differences- no ambush, no Kamui. 2. What notable changes would you make to the plot? I've made a bunch of changes because there's no Touma characters. So it's all Nohr/Hoshido drama, with arranged marriages for an alliance thrown in. Mainly- it's looking at the trouble you can have outside the battlefield. Are problematic elements (the curse, the magic throne, the crystal ball, operation tears, Nohr and Hoshido being too black and white, everything Aqua does) going to be addressed? Likely won't be any magic items from Touma showing up (so Hoshido's throne is just a fancy throne). I'm definitely trying to grey up both Hoshido and Nohr without making them unrecognisable- LOTS of worldbuilding. Are there any themes to be communicated over each route? Since I'm not stick to a route N/A What is the overall direction and "point" of each route? Character driven world exploration with a side of plot. 3. What notable changes would you make to the characters? Sumeragi isn't dead, neither is Ektrina. Garon is not a goo-monster and actually brokered a peace treaty. Because there's no Kamui I've shuffled a lot of characters whose backstory was associated with him. Gunter, Joker, and Cyrus all work for Marx instead (and have known him for years). I've also changed Flora and Felicia's circumstance in Nohr, they're no longer servants but "fostered" and Krackenstein castle (hostages essentially). The FE13 expies have been replaced with Nyx serving Leo, Charolette serving Camilla, and Gunter+Joker+Cyrus serving Marx. What is Kamui all about (background, personality, abilities)? Absenteeism. What is Aqua all about (personality, role in the plot)? Not-appearing-in-this-fic What are the Hoshidan and Nohrian siblings all about (personalities, roles in the plot)? Pretty similar to their game selves. Ryouma meditative and serious, Marx reserved and stubborn, Camilla doting and ruthless, Hinoka caring and bold, Takumi insightful and hotheaded, Leo clever and ooportunistic, Sakura shy and nuturing, Elise cheerful and excitable. Main difference is that Nohr and Hoshido have been at peace for twelve years and the oldest daughters/sons got hitched- so different reactions in line with different circmstances. What is Garon, Mikoto, Lilith or any other important character all about? Garons about being an ACTUAL father and king, though he still has his terrible person moments. Same can be said for Sumeragi. No Touma characters. Iago's a pain in the neck but not a psyco, Ganz is a criminal not given a military position. What is Hydra all about (role in the plot)? Nope. Nooooooooooooooooope. What changes will be made to minor characters? Well I've already given Lala (the songstress from Muse) as speaking bit. And the Boldts mentioned in the Saizou/Belka supports will fairly present. Daniela, Draj, Senou and other faced units will all be getting a heavy injection of personality when they make their appearances (and it WON'T be in hyperbolic time chambers) 4. What notable changes would you make to the setting? No monsters, no Hydra, no Touma, no Kamui. Impacts a bunch of stuff. What ideas do you have for world building? A lot. I was the first to suggest Hoshido have an inflexiable cast system that cause them issues. Wrote up a historical blurb on why drak mages in Nohr would dress like strippers. More stuff than I care to sum-up. What kind of history does this continent have? A tirbulent one. Once it was ruled by a single empire, but a terrible earthquake ripped it's capital assunder and two large kingdoms eventually rose from it's ashes. To the west, one founded by a warlord and those loyal to her subjegated the surrounding territories until they were able to work together for a sustainable society. To the east, a priest was raised up to commune with the gods for all of the land and eventually founded the line of kings. (and plenty more but, this is a brief sum-up) In more recent history Garon emancipated Chevalier from being a tributary and there worked out an alliance with Sumeragi. What is the balance of natural and supernaturual elements? Well there's still plenty of magic and worship of the gods. Closer to Jugdral than Ylisse though- as in most of the drama is started by people. Are the Faceless and invisible enemies in your story? Nuh-uh. 5. Do any characters die? Yes. It'd be a spoiler to say who. 6. Do you introduce any new characters? Kinda. I've give all the Nohr sib's mothers faces and names, as well as doing so for mentioned families like the Boldts. Mostly it's fleshing in NPCs rather than wholesale OCs. 7. Are any characters going to be cut? All of Touma, and FE13 expies. See second post for more authors (Party Moth, Ebony, wvype, Taka-kun, Loki Laufeyson, Sunwoo). See third post for more authors (Mox, Phillius). See fourth post for more authors (Nintendoentersoft, Metal Flash, Skywolfe, Yari, dtmahanen101, MCProductions, RedRob, Dangerus, Sire, SaiSymbolic, Abvora). See fifth post for more authors (Blade_of_Light, NightStar) *New* Support Conversations (NekoKnight, Pretty_Handsome, [email protected], wvype, Thane).
  14. Hey all, I've been working on this fan fiction for a while, and by for a while I mean that I started it a long time ago and then life got busy so I stopped and because I stopped, I lost motivation. So now we're here. Hope to get back into writing and hoping some of you beautiful people can poke me hard enough to make me keep writing. Basically the premise of the story is an alternate universe take on the world (but moreso the characters) of Awakening. I feel like the absurd elements of Awakening's cast would fit really well into a cheesy high school dromedy. So that's what I did (read: tried to do) I've gotten a couple chapters and a half done and would love some feedback. I also post it on Fanfiction.net when it goes up so if you prefer to follow it there, that works as well. Side note: Yes, I know Virion is out of character. He'll get better but his being a tool is a tool for me to form his clique. FE High Chapter 1.docx
  15. So it goes like this: We post a link to a fanfic we like, along with its categories, rating and genre/s, and main pairing (if applicable). Let me start: Fanfic: A Glimmer of Hope Category: Fire Emblem (Binding Blade) Rating: T Genre: Romance Main Pairing:Roy/Idoun Crossovers are fine. Explicit sexual content and yadda yadda yadda are not. Only content from fanfiction.net and archiveofourown.org are allowed.
  16. Prologue - Village of Hope, Maori Polynia The sound of bells chiming echo throughout a small village, as a young man, age 15, woke up to the first gleaming light of the morning sun. He laid on his oak wood bed, still covered up with a sewed blanket. “Another day, and another eight hours of work. Things have never seemed to change for me… But, what was that dream?” He pondered, removing the blanket covering his body. After brushing his smooth, medium black hair that gracefully swayed down to his shoulders, He dressed himself in khaki colored pants, a navy blue-colored short sleeved tunic in which resembled a turtleneck, brown gloves and boots as he picked up a wooden basket and a sickle that had a named carved onto the handle. That name was Aleister. The young man put the sickle inside the basket as he exited his home and went out to the fields of grains, vegetables and other plants. Making his way to the field, he was encountered by a blonde haired, brown eyed, coat wearing man. “You’re up early, Aleister.” The coated figure greeted to the young man, who hadn’t showed emotions. “I can say the same for you… Robin.” Aleister replied within a stern, although calm voice. “I get up early so I can make sure that the fields are attended to, so that the other farmers have an easier job during the day.” Robin conceded to him, turning away. “Now… I am cognizant that you would help me with today’s tending to the crops. As if you had much of a choice.” He continued. Aleister sighed and nodded his head in agreement. “Yes, yes, I know. I am aware that our village leaders gave you a bit of authority, but you shouldn’t go and flaunt it to others. Just because they are gods, it doesn’t make you one of the higher ups of the village. I swear, you are-” Aleister had showed a bit of aggravation before calming down, rolling his eyes and getting his sickle out of the basket. “Nevermind, I’ll help. Just don’t force me around.” The two would begin working, and as a few hours had passed, more and more farmers had come out of their houses to work in the fields. Robin, sweating from all the work they had to do, walked to a shady spot, where Aleister had been sitting. “It has been hotter than the last few weeks. It never gets to this kind of weather!” Robin pointed out, seeing the sunlight and heat exhaust and brutalize the farmers who had been working in the fields. The 15 year old, who was beat red from working in the sun for hours on end, had just recognized it as well. “Yeah… I’ve noticed some of the crops have been starting to wilt from it too.” Aleister gave feedback to Robin’s comment, wiping his hand with a small handkerchief that he kept inside of his neck sleeve. The two had sat there for a few moments, alone and quiet, until a girl with pink hair with two ponytails and red eyes had come to them, sitting down. “Is the heat giving you a beat down as well, young Mae?” Robin questioned her. Mae, on the verge of having a heat stroke, nodded yes to his concern towards her. “I… I need some water or at least a breeze of cold air…!” She panted, sweat rolling down her face. “I do believe there is some we can get from inside my house. I do tend to keep iceboxes of water when in extremely warm temperatures like what we’re experiencing now.” The teen rose to his feet and went to the place he called home, bringing out cases of water, handing bottles, jars and cups of them to people who had experienced an extreme thirst during the hot weather. He returned to his seat as he gave some water to Mae and Robin. “I think we should keep in doors tomorrow.” The teen suggested. “Yes, but who will be there to make sure all the crops don’t shrivel and die? We have to keep working. Besides, the heat’s bound to go away.” Robin told them.
  17. (I would like to remind everyone that this is still a Work In Progress, and that I am finishing up this story on a Google Docs. So stay tuned and I hope you like the story) Premonition - Clash of Unities CLASH! CLANG! BANG! The sound of metals crashing and colliding against each other echo throughout the dimly lit room, as a group of people are fighting off these strange creatures made of pure darkness. There seemed to be hundreds of them coming at once, challenging the group of heroes that would dare come into their lair and destroy their creator. The numbers of whatever these dark creatures were was nearly insurmountable, but one by one, they had began falling like dominoes lined up to one another. After these numbers had dropped in rapid motion, their leader had dared to show himself from the other side of the room. He wore a strange cloak and dark clothing, a hood covering his head, and looked to the group“I wouldn’t have expected nothing less from the likes of you.” The figure spoke, approaching the group of 18 warriors. The strength all had showed in the room was just as insurmountable as the number of the shady creatures he summoned to fight them. “This world shall perish, alongside the rest of you. Everything begins with nothing, and it ends with nothing. This world will return to the deep darkness from whence it came!” The figure had wielded a dark sword and tome in hand as he prepared to attack, alongside the other figures who stood against the summoner. And as they were about to charge... DING! DING! (Prologue here:)
  18. Hello! I was teasing this already, and it's here now! Because I love the support system in fire emblem heroes so much, I decided to make supports and other fanfiction for this game. Today, I would like to begin with a support between Kiran and my husbando, Gordin. Enjoy! Feel free to suggest stuff as well! Your feedback is welcome in this topic: Kiran and Gordin - C Support Gordin: Hyaah! Hah! Kiran: I see you are training today, Gordin. Very good job! Gordin: He he, you think? Kiran: Well, yes. We need everyone to be ready for combat at all times. You never know it with these Emblians around... Gordin: Yeah... But! Why don't you fight? With your Breidawhattes? Kiran: It's called Breidablik, Gordin. I... don't really know how to use it. But it's supposed to be a bow. Commander Anna told me this. Gordin: A bow? Hey, why don't you train with me sometime then? Maybe we could somehow make it work like a weapon? That would be pretty cool, wouldn't it? Kiran: Well yes, it would, but I don't kno-- Gordin: It's settled then! Let's try training a bit tomorrow! I'm beat! *Gordin Leaves* Kiran: Well now. He left? How am I possibly using this as a weapon? I only use this to summon more allies... Kiran and Gordin - B Support Gordin: Come on Kiran! Let's try it again! Kiran: Again? We already tried it 10 times! Gordin: Well, with enough training, surely it must work somehow right? It's the same while using the bow. Kiran: It is? But a bow is made to be a weapon, this isn;t... Gordin: Well, my teacher, Jeorge, taught me that you can do everything with enough training. Jeorge is an amazing bowman. So I am sure this will work! Kiran: ......I see. I think we should try again then. Who knows, maybe it will really work, won't it? Gordin: Haha, this reminds me of the training sessions I had with my brother when I was little. Kiran: You have a brother? Gordin: Yes, he uses a bow, just like me. He is also a pretty great shot with a bow. Kiran: I see. I sure would like to meet him sometime. Kiran and Gordin - A Support Gordin: Hey, Kiran? Kiran: Yes? Want to train again today? Gordin: I don't think it'll do much good, actually... Kiran: What's this? Gordin: When we talked last time... about my little brother... and how you'd like to meet him sometime... got me thinking. What is the true purpose of the Breidablik? Kiran: Gordin... Gordin: I realized not everything has the same purpose. I am sure Jeorge would say the same thing. The purpose of the Breidablik.. and you, is to get us new allies that will help us in this war. I also realized how dangerous it could be in the wrong hands... Kiran: Gordin... I'm glad you realize that. You are not as child-like as you look. You are an adult. Gordin: He he. I promise you Kiran, I shall protect you and your precious bow! Kiran and Gordin - S Support Kiran: Good day Gordin! How are you today? Gordin: I-I'm g-good as ever! Kiran: There is no way i'm believing you if you stutter like that. What's wrong? Gordin: W-well.... Here! A gift for you! Kiran: Flowers? Gordin... What are you.... Gordin: Kiran..... I love you. There I said it! Kiran: Gordin... Wow. That came out of nowhere, didn't it? Gordin: I see.... Sorry to bother you... Kiran: Wait! Gordin, there is something I want to let you know. I.... like you as well. Gordin: R-really? Kiran: Honestly, for quite a while. I really liked our training sessions, just to be together with you, Gordin. Gordin: T-t-then, you want to get... you know, together? Kiran: Yes, Gordin. Let's stay with eachother, and protect eachother! Gordin: I won't let them harm you! Gordin: I will protect you no matter what, and we will stay together. I... love you very much...
  19. So a little over a month ago, I started a series called Fire Emblem Heroes: Warriors From Across The Realm. Basically, it's about Fire Emblem Heroes and it stars all of the characters I have so far. I would appreciate any constructive feedback. Thank you for your time. Here's the link to the story collection:
  20. Hey everyone! I've been working on this for a few days now. This is my first Fire Emblem Fanfiction, or whatever you want to label it as. So, my story is about what happens after Fire Emblem Echoes, specifically the character endings. I felt like Luthier's ending left a little too much to the imagination, but hey, imagination is awesome. So when I saw Luthier's ending, I immediately wanted to write something about it that explains what actually happens to him. WARNING: This will obviously include spoilers about Fire Emblem Echoes. Read at your own risk. I always appreciate feedback, but please don't point out every little tiny mistake or argue about things that you might not think makes sense. Please understand that I'm not perfect and I'll make mistakes, and that this is my story, and I can write whatever I want in it. I'll eventually leave a link due to the lack of space here, but for now, you can find the first 3 Chapters of my first Fire Emblem Fanfiction here (Title Pending)
  21. Would've posted this in Jokes & Memes about Fates, but that topic may be considered old now and we could use another Fan Works topic. So, feel free to post and share your fan art, fan fiction, or other fan works relating to Fates here. This includes jokes and memes like in the previous topic. * * * * * As for me, I wanted to share some custom support conversations and scenes made by a certain individual on Youtube. For the most part, Fate's story has been criticized ever since the JPN release. Some fans have decided to make their own fanfics or versions of Fate's storyline while others expand upon the Fate's universe. This particular creator uses Fates assets and edits together a video that mimics dialogue conversations. So, we can have custom supports, custom scenes, and even custom epilogues. The channel did become inactive for a while, but it seems the creator is back to a schedule of sorts releasing a new video every two weeks or so. I highly recommend checking it out if you enjoy the characters of Fates and wanted a better more story than what we got initially.
  22. AUTHOR’S NOTES Hello everyone! It has been a while since this has had a proper update. I know that this rewrite of the first chapter is probably not what you were after, however I realized that in order to carry on I had to change how this was going a little. As well as with a little distance from writing I came back to realize I had some glaring mistakes that I needed to change before I got started any further. I apologize for that. This new base should however fix some of the errors I found. Also, a shout-out to my beta TheFreelancerSeal for pre-reading my works and leaving constructive criticism as without this I couldn’t grow and produce better writing for you to read so thanks! Without further ado onwards! Gunter had no idea what would happen with this new position he had been placed into but the last thing he’d ever expect was what was to come. He met Iago at the entrance of the northernmost fortress in Nohr. The foyer of the fortress as smaller then what was typical for its size. The room was lit by a single lantern by the door. The knight used the lantern’s flame to light his own. As he inspected his new surroundings it became more and more clear that the fortress had come to be neglected, as there was a layer of dust that carpeted the furniture and dirt hid in the corners. “We were happy to know we could count on you to run this cess-pit for us” the advisor explained “You have nothing to keep you from doing your duty” the sorcerer explained. The expression on his face was sinister. He knew he had struck a chord with the older man by reminding him all too soon of the village’s demise. Taking a breath, he calmed himself before responding with a curt nod, he didn’t trust himself with more than that. The tour continued onward to the kitchen. It was to, was small, not fit for any more than three people to work comfortably. An empty room was connected to the kitchen via a short hall. It struck the knight as odd; everything about the place was odd as if an error was made in the initial blueprints. The pair worked their way up a set of stairs and down a hallway. “This will be your office.” The mage’s voice snapped Gunter to attention. He peeked inside the office room. This was the only room as of yet that properly suited its’ purpose. There was a row of two chairs along the wall that the door was on. They were the audience to the desk that dominated everything around it, as if in command. Behind the desk stood a wall shelf filled with old books that likely contained documents. Off to the side sat a wood burning stove to provide heat in the depth of the winters Nohr was known for. “I know you will probably see your room next however, what I have in store for you next is why you are here” Iago gloated. He truly was intolerable, the way he almost bragged. What was so important that the king had moved him to such an isolated area? The duo came to the turret of the building and began to climb up the spiral stair case. Curiosity ate at the knight the closer they came to their destination. Finally the goal was in sight, the highest room of the tower. The magician stopped before the door to open it. It was unlike the other doors that they had passed by. The iron door was heavy, a small slit allowed for one to see in. A wave of anxiety rolled over the paladin. The door opened and produced a squeal from disuse. From what he caught from his peripherals it was a warning to the inhabitant, whoever it was should stay out of sight. “Come out, little rat!” the mage yelled. A small form trembled beneath an old bed frame. The sorcerer strode over to the bundle and ripped the blanket from the top of the bundle. The small figure was revealed to be a tiny girl with a mass of matted hair. Iago grinned maliciously down at the little girl and delivered a swift kick to her stomach. She wailed and writhed in pain. The paladin’s eyes widened in horror, this was a small child. “I told you, come when you are called, wretch!” bellowed the advisor in fury. Gunter was appalled by the lack of regard that sadist had, while this was nothing new for him this was certainly an all time low. The general placed himself between the child and the monster in attempt to prevent any more harm to come to her. “Please explain this new position I’ll be taking.” The older man inquired. “There is little to explain, you babysit this wretch and ensure she kept in this fortress at all time no excuses, no exceptions. Do I make myself clear?!”The demon sneered. The retainer shook his head, although there was still much he didn’t fully understand. All would make itself clear in time, it had to. He couldn’t stand seeing a child like that, his parental instincts screamed to protect this girl. If anyone knew the how the king dealt with deviants it was him. A nod seemed to be enough to make the mage head for the door. “Ah yes,” the mage turned to face the servant “here in case the reject forgets her place” Iago handed Gunter a whip. The knight could only nod and swallow down the ever-growing hate that grew. The final stop was the sleep quarters as promised. As master of the house, the attendant was given the largest room in the fort. The bed within its walls was the most comfort he’d be given the entire month. Sleep failed to find him that night as his mind mulled over the day’s events. The girl, who was she? Why was she treated the same as a prisoner? It was clear the questions wouldn’t be answered. The next day the king’s dog left for Krakenberg, which was a relief for the paladin. Not only was he gone from his side but he had no more chances to harm the little girl. He was all that she had now. Gunter vowed to protect this child and to love her as if she was his own. Nohrian life was harsh under King Garon’s rule but if she must be isolated, then maybe this would be a chance to change.
  23. I figured I'd share the Fire Emblem Fanfic that I've been working on, Fire Emblem Truly Awake. It's a self insert story that I've been working on for a couple of years now, and just posted chapter 27 earlier today. Feel free to give me criticism, though I'd prefer constrictive criticism. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10055108/1/Fire-Emblem-Truly-Awake
  24. Thyme was enjoying one of the few, rare, peaceful moments of her life that she had now a days. Being the Warrior of Light she was often being whisked away to get involved in some major conflict. Be it helping to resolve the war between the Elezen and dragons, aiding a girl who claimed to be from a world called 'Vana'diel', expunging demons and vampires from haunted houses, ensuring the moogle mail was properly delivered, or whatever else, her life had become a huge bustle of late. Which was why now, sitting beside a small pond she had made herself in the back of her home in the Lavender Beds with her chocobo companion, Floofy Birdy, at her side was a very relaxing moment. She had met Floofy several years ago now and he had become the closest thing she had to a reliable companion in battle. Sure, she had allies, friends, but they had only recently started assisting her directly when the going got tough. So as she reached up to pet Floofy's feathers and stroke his beak she gave a happy sigh as her feet dabbled in the pond. "You know Floofy, when was the last time we really got some time off?" she asked him before stroking his beak. "I mean, really some time off? A few weeks ago it was telling stories to orphans and that should have been our time off." "Wark!" She smiled a bit as he quickly brought his beak up to peck her through her red hair in an affectionate manner. "Hey! Not too hard, remember? I'm only half your size!" she said with a giggle before getting up and heading back to her home, her soak in the pond lacking something... important. Her home was a 'modest' one in that it was just a basic home layout without excess size, but she had gone to town in regards to filling it up. Just inside the door was a nice and heavy table with lace tablecloths and beautiful silverware and portraits lining the wall, all of which had been made by her or gifts. A counter behind which a stove rested? Handmade. A series of wind-chimes and emblems from the various armies? Gifts for her deeds. As she walked down the hall she caught a glimpse of two portraits, one of a white-haired Elezen woman dressed in blue, Ysayle. She stopped for a moment looking at it. The woman was a heroine, like herself, though considered a heretic. Chosen by the mother crystal Hydaelyn to hold her echo Ysayle had become capable of transforming into the powerful primal of ice, Shiva. They had first met as enemies with Thyme seeking to root out heretics worshiping dragons and slay primals and Ysayle leading a group of heretics and being able to become one; but things had changed. In her heart Ysayle had wished for peace between dragons and all races and that had been the source of her power ultimately, at least in Thyme's eyes, and thusly, once the war finally reached a point where peace could be achieved, both women had quickly put aside their differences and had even become companions; one of the few Thyme felt truly trust-worthy. The second was a young hyur girl, much like herself, except with brown hair instead of red, freckles, and the look of a small farm girl dressed in the linen robes of a novice healer. Quickly Thyme moved her hand away from the portrait as she moved on deeper into the home. Passing by she moved on deeper into the home until she reached a small oven. Changing her clothes and attire into that of a chef's she slowly started to work, making herself a bowl of ice cream. Once done she started to head back out to the pond when a knock on the door came. "Who is it?" she asked as she put the bowel down and headed towards the door. No response. Then another knock. "If you're here about the Triple Triad tournament I told you I withdrew due to lack of time." she said as she reached the door. She grabbed the latch and pulled it open just in time to feel something hard, long, and cold slide into her stomach as the door opened. --- Thyme was enjoying one of the few, rare, peaceful moments of her life that she had now a days. Being the Warrior of Light she was often being whisked away to get involved in some major conflict. Be it helping to resolve the war between the Elezen and dragons, aiding a girl who claimed to be from a world called 'Vana'diel', expunging demons and vampires from haunted houses, ensuring the moogle mail was properly delivered, or whatever else, her life had become a huge bustle of late. Which was why now, sitting beside a small pond she had made herself in the back of her home in the Lavender Beds with her chocobo companion, Floofy Birdy, at her side was a very relaxing moment. She had met Floofy several years ago now and he had become the closest thing she had to a reliable companion in battle. Sure, she had allies, friends, but they had only recently started assisting her directly when the going got tough. So as she reached up to pet Floofy's feathers and stroke his beak she gave a happy sigh as her feet dabbled in the pond. "You know Floofy, when was the last time we really got some time off?" she asked him before stroking his beak. "I mean, really some time off? A few weeks ago it was telling stories to orphans and that should have been our time off." "Wark!" She smiled a bit as he quickly brought his beak up to peck her through her red hair in an affectionate manner. "Hey! Not too hard, remember? I'm only half your size!" she said with a giggle before getting up and heading back to her home, her soak in the pond lacking something... important. Her home was a 'modest' one in that it was just a basic home layout without excess size, but she had gone to town in regards to filling it up. Just inside the door was a nice and heavy table with lace tablecloths and beautiful silverware and portraits lining the wall, all of which had been made by her or gifts. A counter behind which a stove rested? Handmade. A series of wind-chimes and emblems from the various armies? Gifts for her deeds. As she walked down the hall she caught a glimpse of two portraits, one of a white-haired Elezen woman dressed in blue, Ysayle. She stopped for a moment looking at it. The woman was a heroine, like herself, though considered a heretic. Chosen by the mother crystal Hydaelyn to hold her echo Ysayle had become... ... Something was wrong. She had just had these thoughts. Quickly she darted forwards to the kitchen noting that it was empty, exactly as it should be. Floofy was outside, just as he should be, and everything seemed normal, but something was wrong. She could feel it ever so faintly. There had been no knock, there wouldn't be for several more minutes, there SHOULDN'T be one, but she wasn't going to risk it. If she was wrong, no harm no foul. If she was right... Carefully she approached the door before reached forwards to touch the knob, almost as if it were covered in slime, before she quickly flung it open! Standing just outside was a young hyur girl, dressed in the linens of a novice conjurer, with long brown hair and freckles on her face. "You're early." remarked the girl as she looked up at her with a broad, huge, unnatural smile on her face. "All the better though. Hello Warrior of Light. Now is the time to DIE!" cried out the girl as magical water formed up around her hands before blasting it forwards sending Thyme flying back down her hallway, knocking aside a multitude of things. Quickly Thyme sprung up to her feet as she jumped away, getting some distance, before she started to focus on the primal ether. "Edda? What the hell are you doing here? I saw you fall off the edge into the... Damnit! Why are the bards always right?" she cursed as fire formed up around her hands. Edda raised up a staff as huge pieces of earth came to her side and shot down the hall, once, twice, thrice, as Thyme answered in kind with blasts of flame, once, twice, and thrice! Wind shot down the way, launched from Edda, but Thyme knew it well to be no natural wind but the slicing blades of an Aero spell. Green wind burst forth surrounding her as her arms came up to protect herself, feeling the lacerating cuts all over her body; but she wasn't some frail being. "Cure!" she called out as she felt the regenerative energy flow through her body, knitting together the cuts as the restorative energy of the land answered her call. Quickly she held out her arms to her side. "OL BOLAPE A NOCO DE HYDAELYN" Fire and ice in kind formed up around her hands, coursing over them as flames started to lick up her arms and ice freeze over her wrists. "EN DOOAIN BOLAPE PAGE OD VICTORY" Sparks of thunder joined the twins of flame and frost, darting too and fro over her body as golden circles formed around her wrists and above her head. "Yesss... Come Servant of Hydaelyn! Show me what you have! Let it be wondrous!" called out Edda as she spread her own arms wide and the smile growing beyond what any mortal could attain. "OLAPIRETA PI BOLAPE TURBS MAY PI SHINE THROUGH OL!" Thyme's eyes shot wide open as she raised both her hands up high into the air. "ASTRAL FIRE!" she cried out at the top of her lungs as a mighty plume of flame, as if reaped from the stars themselves, bellowed down the hallway towards Edda! --- Thyme gasped for air. She could feel the knife in her belly and see the blood on the ground, her blood, slowly pooling. "Come now Warrior of Light, are you so frail as to be defeated in one blow?" came a female voice. Thyme didn't need to look up to know who it was. "Edda. No... Whatever the hell you are... GET AWAY FROM ME!" she cried out as she reached into a small satchel at her side, searching for a small gem into which her power as a black mage was stored, yet her fingers could not find it. No matter. She grabbed the next best thing. "Class change: Summoner!" she cried out as the smock and chef's knife seemed to melt into liquid light as the gem in her fingers glowed a brilliant white light. It hovered before her as light suddenly burst forth from Thyme's own body and seemed to lace up around her, forming into the garb and weapon of a summoner. "A summoner now?" asked Edda. "You wish to dash this girls dreams?" --- "Hey! Miss!" Thyme looked over towards the entrance to the local inn, still nursing a bad wound or two from clearing the dungeon. A young girl dressed in the linens of a novice conjurer came rushing forwards, waving her hands. Thyme remembered her as the healer of the unlucky group she had seen right outside of the dungeon. Things... had not gone well. She had been lacking in skill, their party having to fall back on potions, and their warrior... Thyme had not seen the full scene but the group had been short one member and this girl had been hunched over, carrying something the same size as a human head, and had been bawling her eyes out when Thyme had arrived. "Hey! I... I've heard of what you did back there in the dungeon. How... How... you managed to beat those things. I just wanted to let you know, I messed up big time in there. It cost me something dear to me that I can never reclaim. But after hearing what you did, I've decided. I'm going back to the basics, working and training harder to become a better conjurer. Who knows? If I get good enough I can heal you one day!" "Ummm... Okay? What's your name girl?" "Edda." --- "I don't care what you think fiend! I know full-well what you are!" hissed Thyme as she cast a cure spell on herself before reaching out with her mind. The primal forces of the world were dangerous. Even to those, like Ysalye, who knew their touch it was far too easy to be swept up in their flow, but it was possible to tap into their power in only small amounts. She knew which power she needed. She knew its name. Garuda. The mistress of wind. She called upon it, forming it up into a small being beside her, an effigy. "What am I then?" said Edda as she raised her hand up. "Voidsent. A monster that inhabits the bodies of others, twisting and warping them to its whim. Your kind tried to take my master. You shall now feel my wrath! Garuda, get some contagion's on her. Time for some poison!" commanded Thyme as she focused on conjuring up the sickening, destructive, miasma's to sap away at the voidsent's strength. "Fire!" called out Edda as a blast of flame shot forth from her staff, slamming hard into Thyme's body. "What the hell?" cried out Thyme as the flames struck her, but she quickly patted them off. She had felt fire plenty of times before, but the sudden follow-up of both ice and thunder impacting her sent her flying back into a wall. Conjurer's couldn't tap into that kind of magic! "Now you're really ****ing me off!" cried out Thyme as she jumped upright, her mind reaching well past the 'normal' safe limits as she watched her effigy attack Edda, only for the latter to laugh it off. Thyme wanted more power. She wanted this thing to be DEAD! She tapped into that might that had sundered the land itself. She felt the primal energy flowing through her, might beyond what was safe, as she raised her hands up to point to Edda. "Flare!" --- Thyme collapsed on the ground, clad in nothing but her undergarb, as Edda stood at the opposite end of the hallway, two gems in her hand. Thyme remembered having just cast Astral Fire, but also having just cast Mega-Flare, and she could even see the tiny effigy of Garuda hovering off on the side, casting furiously away but to seemingly no effect. "How did you... That's not possible." "Black Mage, Summoner, which shall you offer to me next? Scholar? Paladin? Monk? Wail on this body all you want all that you'll do to me..." Edda's face suddenly changed and shifted, becoming pale, almost deathly, and far more human in appearence before letting out a painful wail. A wail Thyme knew well as being set on fire and blasted with the primal forces. Then, suddenly, she hushed up. "Is hurt her more." Okay. Time to think. This thing had taken two gems from her. It seemed that calling upon power was what it desired, but that wasn't the problem. She could call on force all she wanted and could even bring down the most powerful thing possible, but then things would instantly change. It was almost certainly an illusion, one meant to keep her off balance, but what was going on? Soul Gems couldn't just be taken. Only certain people could even touch them and they were often attuned to one person. Yet why hadn't this thing killed her when it had the chance back at the start? In between the illusions? A cheap shot, yes, but it would get the whole satchel. Unless... Wait. Garuda was still here and attacking Edda? That wasn't possible. It should have vanished the moment she lost the gem. Thyme knew exactly what she needed. Her hand darted into her pouch to grab a smooth white gem in the shape of an egg as she transformed again. She didn't say anything, there was no need to do something so extravagant as that, as the soft white robes with a triangle red trim and a smooth white staff with a marbled head formed up. Light flowed into the staff as she calmly raised it overhead, sending it flying upwards. "Holy." --- Brilliant light flared forwards as Edda stumbled backwards, a twisted and warped, demonic, form coming forth from her backside, stumbling backwards, clutching its eyes in pain, as the pure light wounded it. Both had been illusions. She wasn't sure when, she suspected when she had first opened the door, but the voidsent had tried to manipulate her mind. "You foul girl! I'll strip the flesh from your bone!" hissed out the voidsent as it raised its hands up, sending fire and ice her way. Thyme stood still, not trying to dodge, as she raised the staff up and life flowed through her body, pulsating through her, renewing her. "You're just a white mage! A WHITE MAGE! Pitiful! Weak! I hold both of your most powerful gems now! You can't stand against me!" it screamed out before trying to call up upon the power of the primals in the form of shadowy flame. The ground turned a sickly black underfoot. Like lightning Thyme sprinted away as she made a small circle with her staff and earth formed up around her before shooting forwards to impact into the voidsent. "I am the White Mage. I don't use this gem much because it's not my style but..." The voidsent shot a spear of ice towards Thyme. Quickly Thyme focused on her body, hardening it, petrifying pieces of it, turning them to stone before she grabbed the spear out of midair and flung it aside, sending it clattering to the ground. A move like that was draining, but the voidsent didn't need to know that. "My spells are mostly healing. My power is mostly in tune with nature. Yet, in this form, I have stood up to Nidhogg himself. And won. With nothing more than pebbles, hot air, and my own tears as weapons. No flames, no primal power, just healing. And won. There will be only one outcome." Thyme quickly spun around as light pulsated from her staff, keeping it low to the ground, as a powerful wave of energy shot forth causing the ground to burst into flowering life while scourging the unclean from this world. --- Thyme rushed down to the final area of the deepcroft. The wedding invite had been as bad as she had feared. A wedding between a girl and a dead man, with only three invites sent out? Two to Edda's former companions and the third to herself, and in such a foul and twisted place? The outcome was blatant. She knew what lay ahead, but she didn't come in her Black Mage form or her Summoner form or any other. Instead... "Edda. Please. Stop this." said Thyme. She hadn't seen the girl since that day so long ago, but the girl was clearly different. Warped. She suspected that she had not studied to become a conjurer and, instead, been seized by the void. So she had come as a White Mage, the pinnacle of the conjurer, hoping to break through to her. The girl turned to her, her body clearly moving in an unnatural manner. "What you're dealing with, bringing back the dead, it can't be done. Not really. Whatever it offered you, look! You're husband isn't some natural being but a giant! His head is almost as big as you are! It doesn't care about you. It just wants to use you to accomplish its ends in this world! Please, Edda, listen..." --- "Please, Edda, listen." said Thyme, extending her hand towards the girl and voidsent. "Hear my voice, I am Thyme. I am the Warrior of Light. The woman who inspired you to keep going." "Thyme?" said Edda quickly before, suddenly, a massive blast of flame, came forth from her hands. Edda rose up, her hands spread wide, as it tried to focus. "OL BOLAPE A NOCO DE HYDAELYN! KYAAAAAAA!!!" it screeched outas the fire and ice tried for form up only to suddenly shatter and be burst apart. "You are no servant of Hydaelyn. Her will is not yours." said Thyme as she calmly walked forwards towards the screaming girl. "Those words... they weren't words of magic?" hissed the voidsent. "No matter! Garuda! Heed my call and come to me!" it cried out as it raised its hands up high... and nothing happened at all. "She will not come. It was I who bested her and not you. Not that it matters. The primal forces of this world are beyond those whom come from the void." said Thyme as she placed her hand on Edda's shoulder. A long, sharp, cold pain filled Thyme's belly as Edda pulled the knife and stabbed it into Thyme's gut, but it did not seem to matter as healing energy filled the air, knitting together the wound and healing her faster than it could call form damage. "If only you had paid attention to Edda and her abilities as a conjurer, you would have know that, facing a White Mage at the pinnacle of her power... You were ****ed." The forces of nature flowed through her body as spell after spell came forth from Thyme in rapid succession. The winds headed her call and tore into the voidsent as the earth pummeled it and the waters of the world sought to drown it out. Holy light pulsated forwards again and, no matter how many times it tried to cast a spell to hurt Thyme, a quick heal was all she needed. A few moments later Edda slumped down as the voidsent dispursed. Thyme could finally feel the girl in her non-possessed form, and knew the truth. There was no pulse. "I... I'm so sorry." said Edda, her body surviving only off the ambient healing magic. "I tried to become better and it promised me it would do that. If I just let it help, I could become strong, like you. I'm so sorry Thyme. I... didn't even know... what I was doing. I was such a fool." Thyme said nothing. She didn't know what to say. She wasn't some sage of wisdom or reassurance. "If... Maybe... we're not all... capable of... being heroes." muttered out Edda as the life started to flicker from her eyes. "I bet you... didn't... even... remember me." With that the ambient healing magic was spent and Edda's body slumped to the ground, lifeless. "I did."
  25. Hello everyone! So you might remember the Christmas fanfics I posted a while back. I wanted to post this one with them, but unfortunately could not due to it being part of a contest. Thankfully, the judging is over, which means I can now post this fanfic here! It's a Christmas fanfiction, but I hope you all enjoy! Also, this fan fiction marks the end of the Christmas fan fictions (until next time, that is)! https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12315639/1/Parade
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