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Found 11 results

  1. The hit gacha game for the Fate series is finally out in English, thought I'd make a topic for discussion and such for it. Fate/Grand Order U.S Site Facebook Page Twitter Let's all have a fun time and share friend codes and discuss the game. May your rolls be free of black keys and may we all get good rolls. Discussion for all versions can take place here.
  2. In three houses Byleth is a stillborn with the crestone of SoC.We all know that But if Byleth died Such as when Kostas stab them in heart destroying said Crestone/Sothis. Would the story or world still exist? I mean Byleth HAS to work for the church and if they don’t then. The last few New entries did such as Fates. The plot revolves around Corrin and Byleth/Sothis. If your world can’t continue without them than this tier of writing is worse than fanfiction tier.Espicialy since all the world building becomes obsolete in a fell swoop. If they could say no or die without derailling the story then it would be Natural but I’m doubtful about that. But what do you people think? I’m more worried for the story because you don’t want the tension or purpose of the story gone just by removing Corrin/Byleth
  3. Role Play based on Fate / Stay Night, with all new masters and servants. Setting: Set in 2020, a 6th Holy Grail War is about to begin. Set in a parallel universe where Angra Mainyuu was never defeated, and the Grail is still corrupted. Gilgamesh is missing, whereabouts unknown. All other combatants in the 5th Holy Grail War have perished. Set in Fuyuki, Tokyo. Einzberns, Matous and Tohsakas have all died out. EDIT: ALL Masters have done reconnaissance prior to the War officially starting, and know about all the other Masters APART from Jumper's Master, who none of us know about. This is to counteract Jumper having E in all stats at base, and thematically Jumper is an anomaly. Intel gathered is reflected in individual Master sign-up forms. Master Creation Template: **Character Name:** **Author Account:** **Race (Human or Vampire):** **Sex:** **Age:** **Faction:** (Holy Church, Mage's Association, Rogue) **Appearance:** **Personality:** **Magecraft(s), if applicable:** (use: http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_Magic_Spells) **Intro Post:** *soon...* Servant Creation Guide: https://i.yuki.la/tg/1417492453926.pdf Only one of each class type is allowed (including Jumper). It's first come first serve, and I will be taking the Assassin class for myself, leaving seven other slots. For both Base Stats and Noble Phantasms, Discounts halve the cost: 50 goes to 25 etc. (flat one time Discount for Base Stats, /per rank for NP). As the point was risen, I should address: Since each Master usually has unique command seal designs, feel free to design one for your character and present it as an image, or describe it. You don't have to if you don't want to :) Here is my master creation as an example: Character Name: Mark Gatling Character Account: monfernova Author Account: monfernova Race (Human or Vampire): Human Sex: Male Age: 23 Faction: Hired by Mage's Association (Freelancer) Appearance: http://i.imgur.com/pVfZaTb.png Personality: Playful and lightly sarcastic, with little to no regard for rules and regulations. Somewhat mysterious as not always honest, a bit of a trickster and a bit of a flirt. However, moderately trained for combat. Chaotic Neutral Type 1: The Hedonist http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ChaoticNeutral Magecraft(s), if applicable: Shared Perception Memory Manipulation Intro Post: An English man sired by a third-rate magic family. He chose not to pursue mage-craft unlike his elder sister, and was shunned by his family. Took a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts, and came out with First Honours. At the age of 21, Mark decided to take some time out before entering any form of employment, but curiously found himself at the doors of the Clock Tower. Despite not having much experience in Magecraft, he was taken in as a freelancer, mostly to explore the world and uncover relics. Mark was given combat training whenever he returned from missions, but this was mostly anti-mage and anti-human, as his mana circuits were questionably lacking. Started taking jobs which required conflict and killing (against Rival Associations during excavation), but the pay was pretty good. Grew proficient with knife and sword H2H, and decent marksmanship with a pistol and a sniper rifle. Learnt from a leader at the Association to enhance/strengthen his circuits, enough so that he could use some form of magic. Shared Perception among colleagues (and later his Servant), and a fairly shaky understanding of Memory Manipulation (certainly not enough to rely on). One day, while on a mission,Command Seals appeared on his hand... (The character shot was created with: http://www.rinmarugames.com/playgame.php?game_link=mega-anime-avatar-creator)Try it out if you like :) General consensus for input received, and to make it more realistic: Option 1: Reveal nothing about Servant other than class, everything else has to be figured out, if something is figured out/activated, then the Master reveals that knowledge. No God Modding, standard RP Rules apply. RP both Master AND Servant. However, you are not limited to just those characters.Essentially, you are allowed to introduce "non-Grail War participating" characters to roleplay. As an example: Since my character is working with the Mage's Association, that will be reflected in my posts; I may be in contact with member's of the college regarding the War, and they will be given dialogue to flesh out both my character and general worldbuilding. However, they cannot be directly involved in the war whatsoever, nor come into contact with Masters other than the one they are allied with. They are not game changers, merely plot/narrative devices to flesh out your character. So no Maiya's or Irisveil's. Think more along the lines of Waver's "grandparents" from Zero and Issei Ryuudou from Stay Night. Or heck, even Risei Kotomine to some extent (though he broke his own rules). MASTER SIGN-UP ONLY! DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE REVEAL DETAILS ABOUT YOUR SERVANT. EVERYONE HAS TO WORK THAT STUFF OUT IN THE DURATION OF THE GRAIL WAR. Looking forward to a bloody Grail War!!!! :D
  4. Chapter 20 can go die in a ditch somewhere in FE hell
  5. ACT 01: The Meeting of the Minds Shinto, Fuyuki City Mark sipped his coffee, and looked out of the window at the bustling crowds of people on the panoramic walkways that formed the crossroads of shops and restaurants in Fuyuki. Black, one sugar, no cream. He smiled to himself, and then cleared his throat, before standing up and addressing everyone inside the cafe. "Hey everyone! Pay absolutely no attention to me. I was never here. You also can't hear anything I say, and won't disturb me for the duration of my visit here. Oh, and forget about the weird saiyan things you saw the other night too." Mark stated assertively. The crowd of customers and servers looked at Mark, nonplussed, and then continued on with their daily affairs. While Mark's memory manipulation would have done little to nothing to an experienced magus, these civilians were easy to influence. Great, no disturbances, and you've wiped a section of the incident damage, albeit not much. Mark removed his phone from his pocket, and waited for the call. Shortly after, the phone buzzed, and Mark picked it up. "Are you ready Mark?" asked the familiar voice, to which Mark responded "I'm patching in, with your permission." All of a sudden, Mark blacked out, and then his view showed a fancy metal lift door, with an outer wall sliding up besides it. The lift was going down. Mark had shared perception with his benefactor; he was seeing what the old man was seeing. The lift eventually came to a halting grind, and the doors opened. Down a small hallway was an enclosed glass cubical, with no entrances apart from a small circular hole near the top, with a height of 20 meters from the base. In the middle, sitting on the floor was an emotionless looking old man, pale as can be, wearing rags which were hidden by a large white beard and long slender silver hair. Even in rags, the man looked regal. This was Jubstacheit von Einzbern, the eight head of the Einzbern family. He had been with the family since the Second Grail War, but now he simply sat in this castle of glass, head hanging low in his personal prison. While it is true that publicly the three founding families of the War had been wiped out, a Magus expedition to the Einzbern castle in Germany found a secret room deep underground. Housed in it was a collapsed Jubstacheit. Technically this "thing" was artificial intelligence, research had shown, being fundamentally linked to the nature of the castle and homunculus within. The old man tried to ask questions in interrogation regarding the nature of the the Fifth Grail War, but the relic of a man stayed silent, unresponsive. "This is boring...let me guess, there's some evil braniac mastermind who directly controls it? That would be so cliche...but still awesome" Mark thought to himself, and almost in reaction, Acht (named for being the 8th generation model of his kind) snapped his neck up, with cold dilated eyes, staring at the old man/Mark. The old man froze in place, and Mark felt a deep chill within him. This was a first. "ThE hOmunCulus LiVes. ThE swEet, iNnoCenT sOul, mY cReaTIon, the UltImAte cReaTIon. AwAitIng tHe nEw WaR, hIdDen aWay iN ThE eVeRpreSeNt CiTY." And then the man was silent. Mark was shocked enough to lose concentration. He briefly blacked out, and then returned to himself in the cafe. He looked around, and no one had bothered him or acted like he was even there, as planned. Immediately Mark received a call, which he picked immediately. "A homunculus? That's what I gathered from that short outburst. Mark. If this is the case, you have information that other Master's do not. HOLD. ONTO. IT. We have to find the vessel. It gives us an immediately important advantage for the long term." Mark was the one to end the call, and he looked unusually serious and in the zone. "Time to REALLY get to work. Assassin. Take rooftop views and scout. Let's get on with the pleasantries, and then we'll get to looking" There was no response, but Mark had a gut feeling Assassin would obey this time. Before leaving the cafe (without paying because he could get away with that), Mark once again checked his phone, and he viewed the interesting email for what seemed like the umpteenth time. "Hi Mark, We managed to scrub the relic of corruption, finally. I think we have a good idea of who this could belong to but...it's just unexpected. What you described as Assassin's appearance really doesn't match with or make any sense to my hypothesis. I've attached a picture; I think with some minor research you can figure out who it is. Don't want comms getting comprimised and all that. It's been too long man...you should come see the team again. I think they could use it. Be well, Rutger Archaeological Excavation Manager Clock Tower Mark inquistively clicked the image file, and he saw an envelope with a certain item inside. The envelope had a name and surname on it, and through some quick research, Mark did indeed find the identity of his Servant. Mark thought long and hard, and then sighed. "Bloody hell...I don't think I can wrap my head around this kind of man. The mad enhancement...it actually kinda makes sense, to an extent. But really, getting a man so divisively debated as to whether he was in the right or not...I'm just lucky he looks nothing like himself currently. Although maybe there is a reason for that..." Mark realised there was work to be done instead of pondering, and left the dim lighting of the cafe for the bright sunny streets outside.
  6. Hi, This is the creator of this RP, to any lovely spectators: 1) Are you enjoying this RP 2) Are you rooting for a particular character/who is your favorite character 3) Would you watch a ufotable adaptation of this :p 4) Wanna place bets on who a certain servant who hasn't been revealed yet is etc. 5) Who do you think will win the War? Just so you guys know this RP is very much meta, we as role players only know as much as our characters, to keep it as authentic as possible Ah well, signing off! :)
  7. I'm just wondering what Boon/Bane/Talent combo I should use when playing conquest. Thanks in advance!
  8. Not sure if this is the right place to post this (VNs are games, right?), but nearly a full year after starting this, I've finally finished all of the routes to complete my first visual novel ever! Unlimited Blade Works was pretty cool, but I was kind of disappointed in the Heaven's Feel routes... Anyone else have thoughts on this?
  9. Hello, I'm back with my playthrough, but this time I'm doing a nuzlocke of a hack pokemon as you may see from the title, this is inspired from Sacred Gold Nuzlocke. I'll be adopting similar rules as that one. However I am allowed to catch Legendaries to truly finish the game. HOWEVER, the rule still apply in that aspect that if pokemon faints during then, they are dead. In which case I'd have to go back and pick up new pokemon from PC boxes if there are any. I have copied pasted the rules from that thread here. [spoiler=Rules] - Any Pokémon that faints is considered dead, and must be boxxed permenantly - The player may only catch the first Pokémon encountered in each area, and none else. If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances. - Must nickname every Pokémon. - A black out/white out is considered to be "game over", even if there are Pokémon left in the PC. - Species/Dupes Clause: Adjusting the first encounter rule to prevent the player from having to catch multiple of the same Pokémon, for the sake of variety. Generally this means that the trainer can keep fighting Pokémon in the area until one is encountered that has not been caught yet, which then immediately counts as the first encounter. - If the player runs into a Shiny Pokémon, the player may still catch it, regardless of whether or not itis the first encounter in the area. -Legendary captures allowed, however, pokemon fainted during then must be boxxed. - Due to the supposed difficulty of the hack. All gift Pokemon will be accepted. This rule may change if people disagree with it. [spoiler=It begins] Soul Silver -> Storm Silver Interesting my ass. The joke continues. Arulle as in A Ruler. The girl who ruled them all. THE UNDYING EMPRESS OF POKEMON AND RULED WITH POKEMON FIST. Thanks Dray! THE SHEER LAG IN THIS GAME. THIS CAN'T BE REAL CAN IT EVEN LAG THIS BADLY? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO MOVE MANAGED TO CLIMB DOWN AND THIS BITCH TAKES FOREVER WALKING TOWARD ME. THAT'S NOT SHOES. First encounterment already? BAH can't fish this area? Fuck you old man, I just came inside. That's how I sounds while playing this. I just want that hair color. Arulle must have red hair no matter what. Expects me, decides to do things on computer. COOL STORY BRO Who the fuck has a race name for their last name? DEAL. Hmmm oh the decision. But my pick is obvious with my Arulle. THE KING TO RULE THEM ALL WITH HIS IRON FIST. AND YOU SHALL BE NAMED REAVER. Aw dammit, trainer encounterment, go away Gary. Oh thanks fam. What. WHAT? WHY DIDN'T HE GET A NEW ABILITY LIKE OTHER TWO STARTERS? UGH. GG DRAY, YOU SUCKS. Bitch it's not cute. It's bold. Meaning it's hella pervert. Even now it's trying to flip my skirt. Get used to it ecchidle ...Go on? Seeing as the other guy got a plate, I figured I'd get it early. GG WP TRICKED. Oh you whore. Dammit. But hey, lv 6 now. Thank fuck for the tree being cut out of the route. Okay can I go through? I don't care about the sea... oh ecchidle want to swim. Rod catch. It really really really want to swim huh. Healing, cuz I aint a scrub. GO AWAY Pot. He stopped me because I refused to go inside his house. wtf? Might as well. I'm prepared! ... Are You Fucking Kidding Me? More tomorrow. I'm caught up in another game.
  10. Discuss everything that was ever Lyrical Nanoha here! Favorite episodes, characters, etc.~!
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