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Found 25 results

  1. I basically just want to get to know you guys better.
  2. What is your favorite song from a video game and why do you like it? I have a lot of choices for my absolute favorite but I choose Fury Sparks because it has the best "this is it feeling" out of any song I've ever listened to, it matches with the opening camera movement in Tales of Vesperia, which I think is a perfect addition for the song, has an original perfect and powerful loop, and a perfect opening with the piano which really gives a sense of journey to the point in time that this plays like "you're finally here". Tales of Vesperia - Fury Sparks Triple Mix (Vesperia, PXZ2, and Orchestral) - YouTube
  3. Oreki san, watashi kininarimasu! I want to know which anime your favorite are since there is no topic like this, at least i found no topic like this. I have watched many Anime and have read many Manga and Doujinshi but i want to know what other like. another reason for this topic is for people who don't know anime very well and get a good impression on it, (like some of my Tomodachis at school, who were first like "isn't it this crazy japan shit with tentacle rape and Oppai?" and i introduced them to a good manga(beelzebub) and now they are otakus) you are allowed to say something like "boku no pico", "Mahou Shouio Ai" or "Kuroinu: Kedakaki Seijou wa Hakudaku ni Somaru" or Doujinshi like "Cult of the Lust God" but i would not recommend it since some people my be new in the world of anime and the majority will look at you in a negative way or pissed off -.-'' and your prestige will drastically sink. I'd appriciate if you make a top 3 or 5 or whatever and write the tags that are most fitting My list: Romance/Psychological>Horror/Splatter 1.School days (Romance, Slice of life) (best Anime in EXISTENCE imo) 2.Sakurasou no pet na kanajou (Romance, Slice of life)+Toradora(Romance, Slice of life) 3.Monogatari Series(Psychological, Romance)+Corpse Party(Horror, Splatter) 4.Shiki(Horror, Splatter)+Mirai Nikki(Splatter, Romance) 5.Akame ga kill(Splatter, Superpower)+Steins;Gate(Time-Travel, Romance)
  4. For me (of the ones I've played): Shadow Dragon/Mysteries of the Emblem: Navarre I guess? Genealogy: Dierdre or Beowolf Binding Blade: Sue, Karel (The whole redemption arc is very cool, they explored it in depth in Elibian Nights) Blazing Sword: Matthew, Erk, Nino, Lyn, Hector (The cast is one of my favorite parts of this game, also not to spoil anything but the relationship between Will, Rebecca & Dart is top notch) Sacred Stones: Colm, Joshua (He has a weird "Count of Monte Cristo" prince in hiding thing going) Ross, Lyon (OK he's not technically in the main cast but give me a break) Awakening: Olivia, Lon Qu, Henry, Owain, Inigo, Priam (I prefer the second gen characters in this game weirdly enough)
  5. As the title says, describe your favorite game in one sentence. What is it that makes the game great? Is it something that was novel? Or did the game's moral resonated with you? Or did you have fond memories of it? Here is what I'll start: Persona 4's story is a nice reconstruction of Japanese values in the protagonist's group, where honesty and respect for individuality is given just as much value as to the collective culture of the group.
  6. I haven't seen a thread quite like this, so I decided to make one! Is there a unit in your barracks who just gets the job done? A unit who has a mechanic you just find fun to use, or someone who was a little off-beat, but you built to be extraordinary? However you pick your favorite, share it here! Who is your favorite unit (not character; so, like I love PoR Ike, but as a unit in Heroes, he's not the most fun for me to use. That goes to someone else) in your barracks? Remember, try to be positive on this thread. :) If someone loves using a unit you hate, better to not say anything than to make them feel like it's not safe to share the unit they love using. I'll start us off! The favorite unit in my barracks is my M!Kana! I haven't quite finished him yet, but he's still a very strong help to me! I almost have enough grails to get him from +8 to +9, and I think I have 4 dragonflower buffs on him. (He just got +1 Def from said dragonflowers.) I'm primarily an EP fighter, so Kana's high Def and Res are really helpful! I look forward to when I can replace his base C skill with Ward Dragons 3, too. When I need to tank something, I send out Kana, who also has Renewal 3, making him tough to defeat, and helpful when his teammates need assistance. (I gave him Ardent Sacrifice.) He's so perfect for how I play, and solving common problems I face, especially when buffed by Ninian (who has her native dragon-buffing C skill, and a seal that adds to atk for allies even 2 spaces away), Garon (his support partner), and M!Fell Robin (who has Ward Dragons), his regular teammates. And on top of all that, he's adorable! I love both his art and his voice work. What a cutie. :) I hope more cute, little boys get added to the game so that there's not such a huge gap between the number of little girls to little boys. Sure, little girls can be cute, but little boys can be, too! And Kana is such a helpful little boy. I'm glad I took the time to invest in him. :)
  7. What music track from any fire emblem game is your favorite, and why is it Conquest
  8. So a while back I was thinking about the plot of fates and how little sense it makes and the character I think make it suck, I was wondering if there is a character in Fire Emblem that you just despise, not in terms of usefulness as a unit, but their personality. Maybe a character's actions just really rubbed you the wrong way and ever since you have looked upon them with disgust, or maybe there's a character whose actions in the plot either don't make sense or worse, contradict what they’re supposed to be like ( Looking at you Xander ) or you just plain don't like them for no reason at all. Feel free to share your thoughts below
  9. I've seen a lot of people talking about units they want in the game but not necessarily how they'd like to see them built. So I figured I'd make a thread about how you would build them! I didnt see a thread like this already made but if there was please let me know? So I'll start. Queen's Guard: Lucia Naturally she'd be a red infantry sword, with lower HP and defense than Mia. Where she'd shine is her above average speed and resistance, making her a rather rare sword mage killer as she'd be capable of avoiding being doubled and her high res means mages would have a hard time one-rounding her. Her generally lackluster attack from in her base game is offset by a high magic stat, so those would be balanced to give her a decent attack stat in Heroes. I'm not really sure what weapon to give her, but she may start out with a Wo Dao+ or something similar, mostly because I'm not sure if she should get a personal weapon. Her special would be Astra Skill A: Death Blow or Spd/Res Bond Skill B: Desperation or Dull Ranged Skill C: Queen's Guard - if a flier ally within two spaces is attacked, grants ally Atk, Spd, Def, and Res +3 Bear in mind that this is just for fun and so they don't have to be perfect. I just thought it would be enjoyable to see everyone's ideas :)
  10. I still haven't played a lot of FE games (especially the older ones) and Heroes does a great job introducing me to new characters. Some of them even make me want to play their respective games and know more about their story. As for me: Lucina seems like a genuinly nice lord, great design and her story with Chrom etc. seems interesting. (I will probably buy Awakening after playing through Shadows). Jeorge for that matter is also good, but I don't use him. And I absolutly love Michalis and Zephiel, making the latter my first promoted 5*. I know they are baddies, but they both fascinate me and I can't wait to kick their *** in the future. And they both look rather glorious. Do you have some favorites of the ones you've never played before? And what makes them appeal to you? Artstyle/Quotes?
  11. Hello! I'm currently working on a hack of FE6 that's still is VERY early in development. I have a story outlined and some characters already implemented. I plan on having the cast be a mixture of fan favorites and fan hated characters. (It would fit it in with the story, but I don't want to release that quite yet). It would be really great if this poll I created could be filled out so I can start fleshing out my story and implement these characters. (You can take it as many times as you want to) Also, the characters must be playable, ( battle sprites, ect). Villains can be used. Thanks!~~ Poll is here! UPDATE Characters Already (or now) Confirmed Roy Eliwood Hector Lyn Erika Ephraim Lute Lugh Lilina Nino Kishuna Lucius Wendy Florina *And some surprise guests*
  12. So Since I was thinking about this, what are you guys favorite hair colors for the kids of Fates? Mine are Selkie with azura's light blue hair color, :3 Velouria with Camilla's hair color, and Caeldori with Felica's hair color.
  13. Earlier I was thinking about it and... What is your favorite character for each classline? I have a couple characters chosen, and wanted to see other's opinions. Lord - Eliwood (FE7) Knight - Effie (FE14) Mage - Nino (FE7) Dark Mage/Shaman - Odin (FE14) Cavalier - Franz (FE8) Archer - Rebecca (FE7) Anyone else have some?
  14. Who is your favorite character is Fates? Mine is Felicia.
  15. Is their anyone in fates you didn't think you would like as much as you now do? Mine were Niles, Shura, and Charlotte. I like all of their personalities and they are all pretty good with a few levels. What about you guys?
  16. I saw something like this in reddit so I thought maybe I can ask here to and see what you guy's favorite little details in this game were. It can be anything from any route but if it's spoiler-ish just mark it as one. I like the fact that if you give the Laslow, Odin or Severa an accessory from Lucina like the Butterfly Mask, they respond differently. I thought it was a nice touch actually. I also read that you can actually see Leo's cape being worn inside out if you look close enough. I actually thought they might did it but I fail to see it at first so maybe I can stare at it again when I start a new file. So, what about you guys?
  17. In an attempt to talk about something other than the news surrounding the exclusion of several particular features, I would like to hear what your favorite support conversations are in FE: Fates. On a similar note, if you don't have any favored ones (or if you do), I'd like to know which pairings you wish were available. My favorite support conversation would have to be that of Niles (Zero) x Arthur (Harold). Straight from the C-rank, I felt that it expressed a good bit of character depth from them both. Zero was portrayed in a different, more vulnerable light than the sadistic rogue and Harold showed a sense of shrewdness and perceptiveness one would not except in light of his character stereotype of unlucky, justice-seeking warrior. The bond they cultivated over the course of their support, I felt, was one of the stronger ones out of the various supports available. What I mean, if this were styled after one of the earlier FE support systems, I feel that Zero and Harold would have a character ending together. Going further (and this may be the fan girl in me speaking), I would even say that I would not be mad if Zero and Harold were able to achieve S-rank. In fact, I would probably prefer it over Mamui x Zero. I felt the progress from their A-rank was developed enough to be pushed into S-rank. Well, as developed as one can get in Fire Emblem: Fates (and technically Awakening). But, that's just my opinion. For those wishing to read a translation of the support, here you go: http://pastebin.com/LSVUYdZS
  18. What is yours? Mine has and always will be Torchic, not only because Blaziken looks the coolest and has the best moveset, but also because (as far as I know), Torchic is the only one capable of completing a Solo No Random Battles (except to recruit a flier/diver + Zigzagoon) challenge.
  19. My favorite soundtrack is New Mystery's, with my favorite tracks being Liberation, One Who Carves a new History and Endless Battle
  20. Blades. Majestic and precise killing machines. Gaming is just one of the mediums that they are portrayed but it just so happens they are oh so common. Whether it is a certain magical sword or a demonic blade they captivate our imaginations and make us wish we had one. What are your favorite blades in gaming? Don't play games? Any movie or comic book swords you like? My personal favorites in this order: #1 True Master Sword (Skyward Sword): You literally go through so much crap to get it 3 silent realms (shudders), 3 tricky dungeons, 3 brutal bosses (hero mode) and the way its presented is just glorious with Link finally becoming the hero he was meant to be with that iconic master sword tune. The blade is also gorgeous and kills enemies in the game with great ease. #2 Ragnell (Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn): Being able to use the same blade that killed your father to kill his murderer. Badass. Blade has a solid gold look to it and shoots shockwaves. Oh its also massive but Ike uses it with one arm. O_O #3 Falchion (Awakening): I particularly like this version because of the distinctive tear shaped hole in the middle its exalted look also makes it a true beauty.
  21. I was wondering what characters everyone liked from the different Fire Emblem games. This is something I've been thinking about for a while, and I think I've finally come to a conclusion about my favourite character from each game. I'm also going to count remakes as the same as the original, for simplicities sake (unless they're FE11/12 exclusive, such as Horace or Frey). FE1/11: Merric. Merric is the character that really sold me on mages, but it wasn't just because of his stats. The head canon I created for him with Elice also helped. His magic wasn't very high compared to other games, but the res stat for this game's enemy units was also incredibly low. FE2: "Zeke." I'm not saying he's Camus with amnesia or anything, but he's totally Camus with amnesia. He's Camus. Nuff said. FE3/12: Nabarl. Nabarl is the character that got me into loving the swordmaster characters. His stats also didn't hurt x) He was so mysterious, and I ended up creating so much head canon for him. (Looking at you, Feena) FE4: Gen 1, so totally Lewyn/Levin. He is my favourite character of all time in Fire Emblem for his wit alone, but his incredible stats don't hurt either. Gen 2: Aless/Ares. He was my second gen game-breaker, along with Ced. Aless/Ares made me realize why we hardly ever get playable characters like Camus: it would be way too easy in any other game if their stats and growths lived up to their lore. FE5: Mareeta. Mareeta overcomes some of the worst things, including a cursed sword that eventually becomes her personal weapon of world domination. FE6: Karel, because of his character development from the following game. That, and he's the only character guaranteed to get a perfect level up, to my knowledge. FE6 didn't really have a lot of great characters for me, personally. FE7: Hector! Hector is tied with Ephraim for my favourite lord, and Hector was such a change for me on the average lord. I don't always agree with Hector's rash decisions, but the way he, Lyn, and Eliwood contrasted was really cool to see. FE8: This one was one of the harder ones to pick, because there wasn't a single character that I disliked. Unfortunately, I have to make a call on it. Joshua's personality was awesome, Gilliam was a hard-hitting tank, Franz was a mobile tank, Ross had absurd strength, and Ewan grew into a beast from great growths. However, Ephraim capitalized on all of this to some degree, which is why I'm going to choose him, even though I have so many other favourites. FE9: Soren. All hail the rightful King of Daein! Soren is pretty much a carbon copy of my best friend, and he's a wind mage to boot (See a pattern?). Soren has been one of my best units on each of my FE9 playthroughs, so I can't imagine the game without that moody mage. FE10: Radiant Dawn didn't have very much character development, unless they were some of the main cast of the previous game or this one. All of the other units get about two lines of dialogue (No real support). However, I'm going to choose Prince Pelleas. Pelleas sacrifices everything for his people on the first RD playthrough. Even though he wasn't royal blood, he showed the resolve of a true ruler. FE13: Awakening had a lot of characters that I really liked, but some stood out above them all. My favourite from gen 1 is Tharja with Henry and Lon'qu tied for second. Tharja was a beastly unit with an awesome personality, and Noire is incredible when Lon'qu is her dad. My gen 2 pick is Severa. Even though Gerome is Batman and Noire is hilarious, Severa was a beast on my playthrough. I paired Cordelia with Gregor, so her stats were awesome, but I also liked how her drive came from a passion to get out of her parent's shadow. I could totally empathize with the feeling of not living up to a parent, so Severa became one of the characters that I could relate to. You guys don't have to give an explanation (it took me a LONG time to type all of that), but I think that it really helped me solidify my choices. It actually made me change my mind a couple times once I started typing, too.
  22. I didn't see another thread like this after a quick search, but if there already is one or this doesn't belong in this section, forgive me. I've been thinking about making a thread like this for a while since I love watching well made AMVs (Anime Music Videos) and sharing them with people. So if there are any awesome AMVs you have seen (or even made) and want to share with others, please contribute (you can also list who made it and if it won any awards if you want)! Just be aware that most AMVs are spoilerish in nature, so you have been warned. This AMV is my favorite of my all time favorite anime Steins;Gate! It also won some awards as well. Awards Big Contest 2012: 3rd Overall Best Editing Best Technical Editing - Metrocon 2012 Best Technical - Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012 Best Drama - Connecticon 2012 Best Drama - SMASH 2012
  23. What are your favorite and least favorite maps in the fire emblem series? My favorite is Crazed Beast, the chapter 25 of Hector Mode [spoiler=Crazed Beast] I really like its objective, seizing the three thrones with any unit. It feels innovative, and having three different groups of enemies, with 3 bosses, each being the promoted version of the class in each group of enemy is an interesting concept. Then there's the map itself. The southwest with the river and the forests and the lake in the middle make you play it in a different way, requiring flyers, either to rescue drop other units or to fight the enemies themselves. My least favorite is Geoffrey's charge, in the part 2 of Radiant Dawn. I don't like the idea of having a bunch of weak enemies blocking the way while having to reach the other side of the map. Not having to kill the enemies to get xp makes it boring, IMO, and the then there are important droppable items in the middle of the myriad of enemies that you have to worry about.
  24. I'm not sure why I decided to create this topic, but I did, and now it's here, so deal with it. I guess I've just been playing a lot of Pokemon recently, and I even watched some episodes of the anime, and it got me to thinking; what were my favorite Pokemon anyways? So, thirty minutes minutes spent analyzing the over 700 Pokemon (but not really because I don't care about Unknown) later, and I came up with a list. But CLEARLY my list is flawed and filled with serious Gen. 1 bias because I'm OLD, so I'm curious to see what your favorite Pokemon are! There are no wrong answers except Unknown. Oh yeah, here's my list. It's full of serious Gen. 1 bias. 10) Chansey This picture says it all, who can't like Chansey (I will ignore all yes')? Chansey was ridiculously hard to get in the original Safari Zone, so when I found out you could get one in Unknown Dungeon, I was ecstatic...Of course, I never used it, but that's beside the point! Then Chansey became super bro in the newer generations thanks to Eviolite, which is just swell. 9) Garchomp Admittedly, I'm not really into the newer generations as much (mostly...because of lack of effort, I'm hoping to get X &/or Y &/or Z though!), but sometimes a new design can even catch an old fart like me by surprise. I mean, it's a freaking land shark, that's like the best thing ever. Also Garchomp was so good that it was considered UBER, which is bro, although I'm not sure if that's changed recently or not. Either way, land shark. Bad ass. 8) Eevee Eevee is wonderful. He's like the "X" of Pokemon, with infinite potential that becomes more and more apparent as the generations go by. Plus, he's Gary's starter Pokemon in Yellow version. Sorry, let me rephrase that again. MOTHERFUCKING GARY OAK's starter Pokemon in Yellow. That's like, all of the bonus points right there. Not to mention most of the time when you get Eevee (except in HG/SS where they fucked it up), he's usually a fairly high leveled bro who can exceed even your starter, provided the right initial investment is there. And he can fill all of the gaps in your party lineup, no matter what it is! 7) Latios Latios has like, the best typing ever. Psychic types are awesome. Dragon types are awesome. Latios is awesome. Also didn't hurt that he was the bro member of my team when I was playing Pokemon Online. His design is also pretty neat, and as I do like Blue over Red, a reason why he's here on this list instead of Latias...not to mention the whole Pokemon Online thing and being a higher tier. Clearly there is no place in my cruel heart for second place! 6. Charizard Do I really need to say anything? This guy was the reason I bought Pokemon Red in the first place. Just seeing his profile plastered over the box art was enough to get my 8 year old self begging my parents to buy a Game Boy Color for this game. Not to mention he was one of the few Pokemon Ash fully evolved in the anime, and fairly early one at that! Charizard's so rad. 5. Mewtwo Back when I first played Pokemon, it took me like forever to get to the Elite 4. Constant resets, running around for hours to get an Abra, getting lost in every dungeon for at least 5 hours or more (including Mount Moon), and even a few complete do-overs when I realized I wanted a different starter! But yeah, the whole Pokemon Red endgame is really well done, and I felt like I had accomplished something by the time I finished it (mainly, wiping my victory in that smug jerk, Gary Oak's face). So I was totally surprised that there was an endgame, because games didn't usually do that! And Mewtwo was at the end of it! And he was freaking ridiculous! IT WAS SO AWESOME GUYS ALSO HE WAS COOL IN THE ANIME MOVIE WHICH WAS ALL PRETENTIOUS BUT I LIKED IT ANYWAYS SO THERE FUCK YOU 4) Articuno Articuno is. There's just something about it that's so graceful and majestic and also more importantly he starts out with Ice Beam, which is the coolest move in Pokemon...I was so mad that it barely features in Gen 2 or the Gen 1 remakes. SO MAD. 3) Pichu Bet you weren't expecting a Gen 2 Pokemon this late in the list! And Pichu at that, rather than Pikachu! To tell you the truth, I'm not even sure why I like Pichu so much. I can give you like 50 reasons for Pikachu, but like, 0 for Pichu. I'm not sure I've ever got one in the games! Maybe it's just because he was so adorable in SMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH, or because he's like Pikachu but MORE KAWAII. I dunno, man. 2. Dragonair Dragonair really nails that whole mystic thing that dragon type pokemon (used to) have going for them. Earlier in the game, you see Ekans rather frequently. You know, the Pokemon whose name is SNAKE backwards GUESS WHAT ARBOK IS KOBRA BACKWARDS AND MUK IS KUM BACKWARDS SO CLEVAR. But then you see Dragonair, who resembles a snake (it even has the little rattle at the end!), but isn't...it's something more. Which is why I like it so much. 1) Mew Best Pokemon ever. I'll write a detailed reason later, running out of time! Remember to post your favorites, I'm looking forward to them! Unless they're Unknown! I'm dreading those!
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