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Found 10 results

  1. So, since the Fire Emblem Cipher TCG has officially released as of today, a lot of us will be either looking for some cards to finish off our decks/collections, or maybe there are some cards that we don't need and want to sell/trade them away. Basically, I'd say post what you're looking for and what you have for trade/sale, and then communicate via PMs on shipping, payment, etc. We can have a "ranking", where each time you have a successful trade or sale with a person, you give them +1; that way others can see who are the reliable sellers/traders. This ranking will simply be kept updated on the first post of this thread, so I'll be managing it. Obviously, if you trade with a person, you'll have to be comfortable with giving each other your addresses (by private messages, of course). Other than that; happy trading! -------------------------------------------------------------------- RATINGS: (last updated: 13 December) +144 Sokloeum +103 totafan888 +75 Omegaweapon +62 yunjaelove +59 LucinaofYlisse +57 ChibiToastExplosion +54 Aquantis +54 oh.glory +53 Wobblinghood +50 Kirie +46 LunartailSteffi +43 Chuy +41 Sjon1904 +34 Marcuz +33 viewtifulkye +33 Foodies +28 Frayed Hero +23 Dv_US +22 Freyja +22 Together We Ride +22 Skedar +22 Ineednoname +22 wumples +21 AyvuirRed (Ayvuir) +20 Draxal +20 TheVinceKnight +17 Mallow +16 fruits_punchsamurai +14 Zenakku +14 DifferentFight +14 MaskedMarth +12 Fuujin +12 lokiedokie +13 Shizuun +13 insignia +11 DATbee +11 Ether (a.k.a. Satin. Dark Lord of Fabric) +11 Kyokko +10 Judorunner +9 itzjaytea +9 Amielleon +9 Rusty_winnebago +8 Tambu +8 Eyester +8 Vikeo +8 ell +8 Yaen +8 Trymer +8 Charmedx3 +8 Ching +7 Reikenan +7 ozman147 +7 Cipher Hunter +6 Astralunasol +6 slyfox152spaz +5 FaranRenais +5 FoliFF +5 mothmanex +5 Motts +5 Gonzak +4 negi25 +4 Wolt +4 Zukonima +4 LatiosG +4 ghlegend8 +4 nekogami92 +3 Microwaveit +3 Flipperflap +3 kenmasters7977 +3 DaisukeRei +3 Shinkai Shoujo +3 Hakkari +3 Naturesshadow +3 Mason +3 OriginalProf +3 PrinceofIris +3 laCruel +3 sangyuplee +3 ManNamedDan +3 fapplecider +3 341 +3 whase +3 Zero +2 Oyuson +2 hayate07 +2 Ruby +2 Gigz +2 Vay +2 Poledoo +2 L95 +2 Dapperlace +2 negi25 +2 DonDon +2 Barkly +2 eyester +2 Amethyst +2 Astray Zero +2 daiyj201 +2 s07195 +2 lightremnant +2 ShadowDrifter +2 BPM316 +2 EternalLuciel +2 ChippZ +2 Roflolxp52 +2 KKtelo +2 Oscarsome +2 redshirtontherock +2 SalShich10N +2 TheBlackKnightRules +2 Backer +1 DLNarshen +1 Mox +1 kurokzg +1 jibunrashiku +1 VincentASM +1 CaitlynMellark +1 daisyj201 +1 Coopa +1 audiotronica +1 Musisshin +1 Sanakitty +1 best_vi_earth +1 Gigz +1 demonspartanx20 +1 crono +1 iWonder +1 heyboyletsdestiny +1 Pokemutant +1 DLNarshen +1 KP Joey +1 Lenh +1 Lyroxxia +1 InfinitySoul +1 Leonarbow +1 Kamikam70 +1 luyairis +1 galajo +1 Cipher +1 puastar +1 Kwakado +1 Zoelius +1 Damosel +1 dude620 +1 phoenixmiko +1 SquareCube +1 Yorozya +1 LodestarRoy +1 Gulcasa766 +1 Dylan Corona +1 Alto +1 LeahFoxDen +1 Chromusuke +1 Templa23 +1 helloard3n +1 Kradeelav +1 ttna +1 Tuvillo +1 Azmco +1 TDD25 +1 Bellrose +1 Morinth +1 Bitprodigy +1 Vespinae -------------------------------------------------------
  2. Does anyone have or send me a link of SR or SR+ Variant of Ishtar: Maiden Dubbed the Goddess of Lightning single with a cheap price? I tried TCGRepublic, nin-nin game, shinyv storenvy, ebay, amazon, squeaks game world, and amiami, but none of them either sells them anymore or sells them at a ridiculous price. Please respond to this post if you either have the card or found a website that has the card with a cheap/decent price.
  3. Looking to buy or for websites that I can purchase the Cordelia and Severa Summer Party Playmat released back in september. Anything will help. They are two of my favorite characters and that is the most perfect playmat. Much thanks for any help ;3
  4. Hello everyone! I was thinking about different ways to store cipher cards in a way that is both space efficient and nice. I'm not entirely a fan of using card pages, as the foils always bend and I like to be able to organize my cards by color/classes and so I appreciate the freedom of re-organization. Right now I have been butting them in ultra-pro sleeves with toploaders in a shoebox style box. I have been putting the card in the sleeves "upside down", and placing them in the toploaders. The sleeves are color coordinated with the cards (see attached image). I was wondering if this was appropriate? My top priority is keeping these cards nice so that 30 years down the road I still have a really nice card to enjoy. I didn't know if anyone had experienced any card damage if they stored cards like this, or if there were better alternatives (should I just be using normal penny sleeves?). If I don't have to upside down the sleeve, the ultra pro dot wouldn't be at the top of the image, for example, but would that open me to moisture damage? Will that up dot leave a mark, will the card ink stick to the sleeve? Some of the many questions and advice I'd like to hear from those with card storing experience. For the upcoming set 5 cards I am using 35pt magnetic one-touch for a few cards (such as Roy SR). I'm also really open to hearing how everyone else stores their cards, because I might learn a thing or two and pick up some new ideas! Thanks :)
  5. I feel a topic like this is needed. Feel free to ask any questions you have regarding the rules (or rulings) of FE Cipher here and people will answer them. We just ask you to read this before asking any questions: http://serenesforest.net/wiki/index.php/Comprehensive_Rules_of_FE_Cipher If you feel your question has still not been answered, then go ahead and ask it here.
  6. Today the Cipher homepage updated with a talk column featuring the two characters original to Cipher that you might have already seen from the Series 2 teasers. It will provide news on events and also give deck building tips. Also, cute icons! The script is quite simple, so I thought I would take a shot at it with my mediocre Japanese as practice hehe Chapter 1 | Nice to meet you! We're Emma and Shade Originally posted in Japanese here I thought this was really cute, so I'll attempt translations for future chapters, unless the complexity is way above my knowledge of Japanese (which isn't much)
  7. Hello! I was curious about a rule within the card game. Is it possible to play both female and male Corrin/Kamui? Or do I always need to pick one or the other?
  8. So can somebody explain to me the usefulness of his first skill? I mean I get that it's there so that he can deal twice as much damage even when he class changed (due to the second skill), but it wouldn't it have been easier to just not have the first skill and have the second one simply break 2 orbs as long as he was class changed? Am I missing something? Am I misunderstanding something? Are there any special cards that take advantage of this? I'm just very confused... Here's a link, and thanks in advance! http://www.serenesforest.net/wiki/index.php/Owain_(Cipher)
  9. I hope this doesn't come out as whiny, because it is more out of concern, but where is the Cipher news? I go to the sites and there isn't anything, which leads me to think that there really isn't anything to report on. If so, then Nintendo or IS or whoever needs to do something because interest is dying down from what I can tell. The last 24 hours, this sub forum say no new posts and the few days before that, it was just trading. People who play TCGs know what I mean here. Stuff like YGO and the Bushi games have a constant stream of news. In Buddyfight, we know of specific cards in a set that comes out after Cipher Series 2, along with specific cars in the set after that one. And yes, I am talking Japanese release dates. I'm not saying "show us all of Series 2", but rather "show us something from Series 2, over rehashing cards we already know". You know what I mean? Also, I would just bloody hate the idea of having to deal with mass translation and card page creating when the set releases. I'd hate to feel like we have our pants down again. Or maybe that was just me.
  10. http://fireemblemcipher.blogspot.com/2015/07/news-nintendo-to-host-womens-club-for.html So, it seems that Nintendo is starting to do "Women's Clubs" for this game, as they apparently have in the past for the Pokemon TCG. It seems to be for adult women only (20 or older) and seems to be something that might be occurring regularly. I think we all agree that this is cool and all that, especially if they serve alcohol like I think they might, seeing as all who can attend must be drinking age. Now, anyone can discuss whatever involving this, but what I wanna talk about is why is this necessary? I can certainly attest to the fact that places to play TCGs aren't the most inclusive places (it gets to the point where I expect at least one person to substitute the word "gay" when they mean "bad" when I go to my local card shop and yes, that is very much a pet peeve and rather offensive, even when unintentional), but is it so bad that this is needed? I'd like to hear you guys' thoughts on this. Is there something specific to Japan that makes this needed there? Also, Toiya, if you're reading this (and you likely will lol), then thank you for including that statement about the lack of confirmation about whether trans or genderfluid individuals are welcome there. It's good to see that people know that people at least care about such things. I really hope Nintendo chooses to include them. I really doubt many who would go to these places wouldn't be able to at least empathize with them wanting a place to play games while being themselves without being harassed.
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