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Found 3 results

  1. Silque is becoming one of my favourite characters in the game, and I was thinking about reclassing her with a fork so I could use her more in direct combat. What classes would you guys recommend? I have the DLC classes if that helps with things. I am mostly debating between Mage and Pegasus Knight, myself.
  2. Eya, I recently bought Fire Emblem Echoes and founf it to be very hard around chapter 4, especially the Alm route (4 units died on me, namingly Python, Clive, Mathilda and later Kliff) and I just wanted to know if that's something normal or me being an idiot.
  3. So here Are the famitsu Pages,some new images are also present. hope i didnt get ninja'd. edit:now actually readable,Credit to famigeki(Tumblr) From what i can make out robin is holding a carrot in that one screenshot-so that one chunk of text maybe dedicated to the "Food"option we have seen in the First trailer.
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