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Found 8 results

  1. What do you think is the reason for this scene? (besides the fact that Kamui's a damn Pokémon for all we know)
  2. Hoshido as the wealthy, peaceful country and Nohr serving as the poor, war-hungry country reminded me of the Thracian peninsula of Jugdral, with Kamui serving as Altenna and Garon and Marx portraying Trabant and Arione respectively. Has anyone else noticed this parallel, and do you think they'll pull off the two countries' relationship as effectively?
  3. Don't know if anyone posted this before, but here it is: With credit to fellow SF user, Kao. And just to clarify: Fire Emblem: If is NOT mimicking the Pokemon franchise.
  4. I'm writing this mainly cos of a fiasco on Gamefaqs. Let's start. Lots of Fire Emblem fans are scared. When they see all the face rubbing and S Supports, they are scared that Fire Emblem will becone a Waifu Sim. They feel that gameplay is ignored in favor of pandering and that kind of garbage. But that's not the case. IS know that this is a strategy sim, and that their 'pandering' is a fun lil add on. Want proof? Let's take a look at If. In favor of gameplay: 1. New weapon triangle made just for the no durability system 2. You can set the AI of your streetpass team. 3. Pair Up has been neatened into Attack and Guard stance. Enemies can also use pair up too. 4. Personal skills give you reasons to use one unit over another, promoting diversity in your team and strategy too. 5. Reclassing mechanics have been changed, and so have crit mechanics. Pandering: 1. FE Amie 2. Hot Springs 3. My Castle 4. Maids/Butlers as a class If the lists are missing something, tell me and I'll add it. They have been pandering to gameplay and otakus equally. Each thing has been given thought and consideration and one side is NOT favored over the other. I guess since they have been showing the pandering more, people only see that and forget the work they have done on gameplay. They've worked on BOTH people! Thank you for reading; I sure hope you a) rest easy over the future of FE and b) have at least taken something from this... NOTE ITS OK IF YOU DONT LIKE PANDERING OR GAMEPLAY IM NOT TRYING TO FORCE YOU TO LIKE IT
  5. In the last update, the official website showed more informations about Fire Emblem if characters. i will post some translations i made .. it may have some mistakes but here i go. http://www.nintendo.co.jp/3ds/bfwj/character/index.html Mikoto (cv: Ohara Sayaka) Hoshido Empress. Peace Loving Queen Hero's real Mother The next to the throne, after the accidental death of her husband Sumeragi. The mysterious woman was indeed the Queen, and her name is Mikoto. Apparently her husband named Sumeragi suffered an "accidental death".
  6. So with the revelation that there'll be two copies of the game, with only one path available in each, do you think this is the extent of the so-called 'choices' the game was meant to be built around? Unfortunately, I do. I mean, if you buy a physical copy, you don't even GET an in-game choice of who to side with, which was kind of hyped up to be the big choice. Disappointing, but I could be proven wrong. So what are your thoughts? Could there be more choices, or has Nintendo just embellished the fact that the only choice you get is which edition to buy?
  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shin_Kibayashi I know its Wikipedia but it lists his various Manga's he seems to dable in dramas and political intrigue, which flows with FE well imo. I'd need to read some of his stuff but I'm quite confident (especially since they outright stated this guy like LOOK ITS SHIN). Our story will be a bit more solid then Awakening
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