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  1. Similar to the Fates, Echoes & Heroes sections "I just want to know one thing" I figured i'd make a thread all about answering peoples questions on the various Warriors titles, or things about FE Warriors when it finally hits. Although I could maybe answer some stuff with the gameplay we've seen so far. @Soledai @Folt and others can probably fill gaps where I might not be able to. The Warriors franchise is vast and has done many many crossover titles. We have. Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi, Warriors Of Troy, Arslan: The Warriors of Legend, Pirate Warriors, Hyrule Warriors, Berserk and the Band of the Hawk etc. If you were curious on what has been done in the past.
  2. Hello everyone! I made a chart of every playable character (DLC 1 included) and their level 99 stats, skills, etc. I will update this list at some point once I get all of my characters up to the new level cap of 110. I hope this helps out. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HwJSA5nCsw1PByvHl7YO4z1amUBKVi5pBynwJjGwSRE/edit?usp=sharing If there are any errors, point them out so I can correct them. 12/27/17 Edit: Updated the chart with every character's level 110 stats. I also corrected the staff availability to certain characters and Tiki's HP at level 99. 2/17/18 Edit: Added Lv.99 & Lv.110 stat data for the characters added in DLC 2 (Navarre, Minerva, Linde). Also reordered the tables to be in alphabetical order and changed several terms. Added Lv.130 stats for every character (Shoutout to Taikira_Naerani over on GameFAQs https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/204209-fire-emblem-warriors/76328262).
  3. I would really like to replay lyn's history map completely. I thought I had seen an option to reset history maps, but now that i'm looking for it, it's nowhere to be found. :( please help me. I honestly thought there was an option to start history maps over. I know you can replay levels, but i want to completely reset the map.
  4. No better quality images yet but RPGamer confirmed the date and also we have new costumes, 3 history maps based around Azura, Niles and Oboro, along with more stuff I wish we could read right now.
  5. @Lord Raven and @MrStardustRicon will be streaming the game alongside me Our various Twitch Channels are thus https://www.twitch.tv/lraven17 https://www.twitch.tv/mrstardustricon https://www.twitch.tv/serenes_jedi I'd advise using multitwitch for this one considering all of us will be in a call with each other. http://www.multitwitch.tv/ I will be using Rowan as my MC in this run as I used Lianna in the original Japanese Stream. We are also going to be using certain characters after they show up Raven is pretty much using all 3 SD characters, Stardust is going to use Robin and Lissa for sure, and I will likely stick with a couple of Fates characters + one from Awakening or something This will be at around 5:00 PM PST tomorrow if all goes right, I hope to see you all there, I'm also not sure how long this stream will be, I will also be using the 60FPS 720p option this time. It is SUPER smooth.
  6. I'm getting the Japanese Treasure Box of the game as some of you already know, and i've been testing my stream setups for the past few weeks now. https://www.twitch.tv/serenes_jedi/videos/all - I usually stream Platformers, and whatever I feel like at the time. While my pre-order is going to ship really quickly i'm still unsure of the exact day i'll be getting it, there are some things I need to note. My internet isn't the super best, so it might drop frames every now and again and stick that way until it stabilizes again. I don't know Japanese, so I will be mostly learning menus and playing the game to the best of my ability with pure menu prowess. If @shadowofchaos or @Kirokan is around they may be able to provide some assistance. (Anyone else with Japanese knowhow is welcome to help as well of course, they were just the first two that popped into my head). I will be going slower through the dialog however so people can use the Twitch Clip feature so they can translate scenes or send them to people who have proper talent to translate them. I will likely show off each character I get at least once, but find a squad to stick to after awhile (expect a fair bit of Chrom, Ryoma and Marth probably not all at once but still), provided there isn't too much character selection forcing. It is likely I will be joined on co-com with some friends from the SF Smash discord such as @Lord Raven @Batter the Beast etc like my usual streams. They will also likely be modding the chat, unless I find others like @Elieson and @eclipse free on that day. I will be streaming the game a bit until I complete at least the story mode in the Japanese version, however I'll likely wait for the English version to stream the game again + History Mode stuff. Poll is gonna be up on which MC to start with, however be aware whichever one we play as in the Japanese version, I will be playing as the opposite in the English version. I will take some small requests from my Warriors Discord probably as well, as thanks to their involvement. As well as requests from @VincentASM @Kirie and @Elieson for being the awesome fellow editors that they are! Be it like "using Sakura a bit" for Vincent or something. Any suggestions from the rest of you would be really nice! I want this to be as fun as can be, and I will set an actual date and time when I have the game in my hands.
  7. Right now on Fire Emblem Heroes we just had a mini tempest focused on Blazing Sword. Lyn was the bonus unit alongside her bros and ninian. Who were also available for the banner. Voting Gauntlet had Lyn as one of the participants. And finally she had her alt CYL costume alongside Ike, Roy and Lucina. Weather you like heroes or not, most of the casual audience is playing the game and Lyn getting this ridiculous amount of attention recently really helped her. Come that second to last day of the mini tempest... Lyn gets confirmed on warriors. If you're playing fire emblem heroes you might know that on the 23rd we start the BIG Tempest of Path of Radiance, with more characters from tellius and Ike taking the spotlight once more. On the 23rd... theres a Character reveal on TGS. With Marth's seiyuu himself present. Add the- live action commercial of Ike vs the Black Knight. And its a recipe for massive Ike hype. IF it really is build up for him. It has come to my understanding that after the Lyn situation, Heroes is really marketing Fire Emblem pretty well for the mainstream audience. Thoughts?
  8. This is surprising. Didn't they use the Nintendo Dream for the popularity choices? Ogma was the 3rd ranked character from Shadow Dragon, and Navarre was no where near the top. Navarre was seen ranking higher on the CYL Heroes thing though but that was too recent... did that affect his chances so close to release? Is that even possible? Or was it the Mirage Sessions bump? I mean I believed Ogma offered more than Navarre on the field due to the possiblity of axes but... doesn't matter much at this point.
  9. So as you know https://serenesforest.net/2017/08/28/warriors-special-edition-bundle-na/ The special edition has 25 cards, whether or not this is accurate to the base cast is up for high debate. Hyrule Warriors had a slew of villians who weren't playable until an update, and then it had its huge amounts of DLC, which is the method I think FE:W will emulate. Currently our cast stands at 17 characters, if this theory correlates, then we have 8 unknown characters, 2 of which are likely Male Corrin & Azura, if we go by the method FemRobin and Cordelia were revealed. If we go by the trends, Shadow Dragon will likely reveal another set of 4, with the final 2 being a mystery (of the emblem). Which will likely not follow our current trend with FemRobin & Cordy, unless they decide to pull Kris for whatever reason, (which isn't particularly likely since they specified Shadow Dragon, not Mystery or New Mystery). A small but (hopeful) group is thinking the final 2 slots may be occupied by Smash veterans Ike & Roy, if they aren't they will likely be the first batches of DLC. What do you think?
  10. Hey guys! I decided to tally up the times that Archanean characters have appeared in games outside of the main four games (And have appeared in all of the main four games) to see who was most likely to appear in Warriors! Characters listed in the poll are done so by the number of times they've appeared. I also didn't count Cipher or the original TCG as appearances, because the only ones on this list are that don't appear in both are Dolph and Macellan. (I really hope I have the poll set up right, this is my first time making a topic. My thoughts are in italics at the end!) Tiki: Appears in Heroes three times, in Awakening twice, (once as a main character and once as an einherjar,) as a main NPC in Tokyo Mirage Sessions, as a trophy in Sm4sh and has an amiibo coming out with the game. (IMO she's pretty much guaranteed to be in.) Whitewing Sisters: All three appear in Heroes, Gaiden/Echoes, BS Akaneia Saga, and as DLC in Awakening. All three also have a figure in series 1 of the FE trading figure SR series. In addition, Palla appears as a boss in Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Catria appears as a free einherjar in Awakening as well. (Sorry, Est. I can't really see them adding them, due to Cordilea, Sumia, and Hinoka being so much more well known before Echoes, when they were still planning the cast. Unless there's a triangle attack feature, then we'll probably get all three and no others.) Navarre: Appears in Heroes as a Grand Hero Battle, Tokyo Mirage Sessions as a playable character, BS Akaneia Saga as a playable character, Awakening as an Einherjar, and in Brawl as a sticker with an... oddly spelled name. He also has a figure in series 1 FE trading figure SR series, is the focus of the second episode of the anime and a main character in the manga- he's the only character with two backstory chapters! Oh, and it was his voice actor that announced Echoes & Heroes in the Japanese January Direct, not Marth's. That's why Lon'qu, Navarre, Niles, and Saber were highlighted- he voices all four. (He's my favorite FE character & I really hope he makes it in. I'd like to point out the chances of him being a Ryoma clone are slim, due to Ryoma having a ranged sword and Navarre being depicted as a duel-wielder in almost all of his appearances, at least in the artwork. That said, I think either Navarre or Ogma will make it in, but not both.) Caeda: Appears in Tokyo Mirage Sessions as a playable character, in Brawl as a sticker, in Awakening as an einherjar, in Heroes as both a pegasus knight and a limited time bride, and has both a quality Nentendroid figure and a Quality™ trading figure in SR series 1. (She's one of the more well known characters in Archanea- either her, Hinoka or Sumia/Cordelia will most likely make it in, but I can't see the development team adding more than one of them.) Camus/Zeke/Sirius: Appears in Gaiden/Echoes, Heroes as a Grand Hero Battle, Awakening as an einherjar, and is one of the two main characters of BS Akaneia Saga. (He's appeared in a lot of things, but I don't think it's too likely he'll make it in due to Xander. They wield different weapon types, but having them both would make for redundant characterization.) Ogma: Appears in Heroes, Awakening as an einherjar, and Tokyo Mirage Sessions as a boss. He also has trading figure in SR series 2, was a prominent character in both episodes of the anime (defeating the lead bandit in episode 1 and fighting Navarre in episode 2,) and was a major character in the manga (where he shares both a backstory chapter and the title of general with Navarre. And no, Draug does not get that title. Just those two.) (Again, I think either he or Navarre will make it in, but not both- not that I'm happy about that, I love their interactions both in the things mentioned above and the bonus chapter of New Mystery where they have their only in-game talk in the series, but we have a lot of sword wielders in the game already. The only way I could see them both being in is if he gets an axe- He doesn't have a signature weapon and Fred & Lissa only get one upon promotion as well, so it is possible, but if they have any plans to add Ike as a DLC character, Ogma will probably not have any chance of making it in.) Minerva: She appears in Heroes, BS Akaneia Saga, in Awakening as an einherjar (and as the namesake of Cherche's wyvern, of course), and has a trading figure in series 1. She also appears in the manga in pretty much the same role as the game. (Of the three wyvern riders likely to get in, it's probably going to be Camilla but I'd honestly prefer Minerva. Not because of Camilla's outfit or personality or anything. Just. Hauteclere FTW.) Draug: Appears in Heroes, Tokyo Mirage Sessions as a playable character, and has a trading figure in series 2. He also appears in the manga and both episodes of the anime but has a very minor role in both. (Let's be honest, he only made it into #FE because of Kellam's failings as a character, not on his own merit. He has minimal personalty in anything he's in, and the only notably good thing he's done is replace Jagen when I killed him off in the prologue of Shadow Dragon because of his terrible growths compared to Frey. Any knights we get will probably be from Fates.) Cain/Abel: They both appear in Heroes and SR series 1, and while they are also both in Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Cain is a playable character while Abel is a boss. They also both have a notable role in the manga, where Abel has a serious plotline and Cain, like, Really Hates Puns. They're also in the anime, and Cain is voiced by the same actor as Link in Ocarina of Time, and has exactly one battle cry in episode 2 where that is really, really obvious. (Well, we'll probably get a pair of red/green knights, and IMO these two are much more likely than Stahl and Sully. Considering Xander, I'd say Kaze and Saizo are even more likely than these two if not for the fact that they have the same weapon. Maybe we'll get Abel and Saizo? I personally want Cain and Abel but with their Cipher joke weapons of a keyboard and guitar, but that's almost certainly not going to happen. But wouldn't it be great?) Gordin: Appears in Heroes, #FE as a boss, and shares a trading figure with Merric in series 1. (His most notable accomplishment in being the butt of a joke in the prologue of SD and missing a lot in the anime. I can't see him getting in when Takumi is still around.) Jagen: Appears in Heroes, #FE as a boss, and as a trading figure in series 2. He's in the beginning of the manga, but he disappears round the time Navarre shows up and he and Ogma take over the role Jagen had in the game. Jagen does show up once in the last volume, where it's revealed that he's been bedridden but is somehow still following Marth around. (Not the growths! Anything but the growths!) Linde/Merric: Both appear in Heroes, in Awakening, as an einherjar and as a trading figure- Merric in the same figure as Gordin in series 1 and Linde gets her own figure in series 2. They both have a fairly large role on the manga that's pretty much just expanding on their chapters in-game. Edit: Linde also appeared as a boss in Tokyo Mirage Sessions! (Again, I can see one of them easily making it in, but not both.) Nyna: Appears in BS Akaneia Saga as a main character and Awakening as an einherjar. Her role in the manga is about the same as the game, and she gets a mention in Echoes as well. (She's the female character I want most tbh. I know she's an unlikely pick, but I just... she's one of my favorite FE characters. And hey, we don't have a Sage or Bishop yet! There's still a chance!) Hardin: Appears in BS Akaneia Saga and Awakening as a einherjar. He isn't terribly nice to Marth in the manga. (If we get him, it'll probably be as a boss. An Emperor wold be cool to play as, but as a paladin, I'll pass.) Macellan/Dolph: Yes, seriously, these two have appeared in BS Akaneia Saga and in Tokyo Mirage Session as bosses. They count, I guess. (Shrug emoji) Gharnef/Medeus: Both appear in #FE as villains, Medeus appears in BS Fire Emblem as a villain, they're in the anime as villains, the manga as villains, and Gharnef is in Awakening as... a recruitable einherjar! (If they're in Warriors, they're the villains.)
  11. So this just dropped She seems to be wielding the Luna Lance in this trailer.
  12. I now have a bit of experience running discord servers, and I was wondering if anyone would be potentially interested in a Warriors one down the line? (not entirely sure when I'd be making it it vastly depends on interest). I'm kind of nervous though of running a potentially big server because i've only really been in ones with close friends on sf haha, but I felt i'd pitch this. It would be focused on FE Warriors, but would also have several channels of discussion on other Warriors games, HW, DW, SW etc. Along with the typical music, anime, general gaming, etc channels. Could also probably help me with FE Warriors content when we get the actual game since I do plan on doing a series of videos.
  13. I've gotten a few messages about who I'd choose if I had entirely free reign, so here we go. Although I will impose one restriction on myself, I will only use the same games as the devs So lets imagine we have all the characters already revealed. Rowan, Lianna, Marth, Xander, Ryoma, Chrom, Lucina, Lissa, Frederick, Robin & Tiki (basically soft confirmed). That and we know the Fates royals are probably going to mostly be involved, so I'll avoid mentioning them as they are probably going to be there. They are safe choices pretty much and a few I'd personally pick in the first place. I will give myself 30 extra slots for character choices besides the choices already put in the game, this is so I can put 10 of each, (yes I'm aware they said it wouldn't be balanced nor will there be this many characters I don't think, but this is my roster not theirs) Shadow Dragon: Jeorge (Bow), Wolf (Mounted Bow), Camus (Mounted Lance), Minerva (Flying Axe), Jeigan (Mounted Lance), Ogma (Sword) Linde (Magic), Caeda (Flying Lance), Hardin (Mounted or Foot Lancer), Doga (Foot Lance). Awakening: Say'ri (Sword), Miriel (Magic), Sully (Mounted Lance), Nah (Dragon), Vaike (Axe), Maribelle (Mounted Magic), Virion (bow), Cherche (Flying Axe), Cordelia (Flying Lance focused Dark Flier skills), Lon'qu (Sword) Fates: Kaze (Hidden), Kagero (Hidden), Orochi (Scrolls), Arthur (Axes), Oboro (Foot Lancer), Effie (Foot Lancer), Midori (Bow), Keaton (Wolf), Nyx (Dark Magic), Subaki (Flying Lance)
  14. Lucina, Lissa, Frederick and Robin's pages are now up with some voice samples. Theres also some more merch? available on this second link, google translate isn't the best. Also click this spoiler for the images.
  15. From the interview of the Staff on FE Warriors we got some tidbits on character choices and potential sequel stuff. http://nintendoeverything.com/fire-emblem-warriors-devs-on-how-the-game-came-to-be-choosing-characters-games-original-characters-more This seems to indicate if the game is successful and we get a sequel we'll see even more games & characters from those games show up. It might also allow some more creative freedom as it seems like Ninty & IS are being pretty strong army about this whole thing. So as your Warriors editor, I implore you if you have even the slightest interest in this game, (and have the money of course). Show your support, not only because is it looking like a fun mash up of the Warriors & FE style, but for more of these, and more and more characters so we get the ridiculous roster sizes that FE would surely benefit from. I love Warriors and Fire Emblem, and i've been waiting for this stuff for well basically since I first became an FE fan. This game is looking great, and if we can potentially have more of them, that would be wonderful for everyone who enjoys these types of games. And heres the quote on the strong arm stuff, the original formatting got messed up.
  16. In the new Nintendo everything we have a bit of information that hasn't been fully translated yet but this stood out to me
  17. Ok folks, i'm gonna do this finally, since you seem to like my opinions on this stuff I figured it'd be fair to post what I think might happen. I will eventually do like a "bigger roster" or "dream roster" if you guys want, but I'll be sticking with a "safe choices" roster right now. If you don't like my suggestions, just remember I could be wrong, but its also not who I fully want in the game, so just remember that, i'm trying to go with the safest answers possible for this first one. The Current Known Roster Marth, Ryoma, Xander, Corrin, Lianna, Rowan, Darios (unless he's an NPC), Chrom, Frederick, Robin, Lissa, Lucina, Tiki (Potentially). Thats 13 My safe guesses to the rest of the roster would be as follows. Assuming a Roster of 25 ala @The DanMan Camilla, Takumi, Leo, Kaze/Jakob, Azura, Tharja,Cordelia, Minerva, Gordin/Jeorge, Caeda, Camus, Hardin While I hope the roster is bigger than 25 I feel this is a very likely set of characters regardless of the size of the roster. Add multiple weapon movesets, into the mix and the imbalance of weapons would be less of an issue. I'll expand with later predictions in the future.
  18. So seeing as she got leaked to be potentially in the game, how would you all like to see her fight?
  19. Thanks to @DaloDask who pointed this tweet out to me.
  20. So this was the only thing that caught my interest in this new footage, but this line seems to indicate we'll have a fairly big roster. However I'll only believe it when I actually see it, 30 is still my guess for the time being. What do the rest of you think?
  21. Was inspired to do this after seeing people ask for certain weapon type users in increments of ten, i'll do it all the way. Hyrule Warriors had multiple movesets for a number of its characters using different weapons and Dynasty Warriors 7 & 8 had a switch on the fly weapon system just for general reference. We'll go by class. I'll include prepromotes in their respective lines, if I somehow missed anyone let me know Lord - for the purposes of this I'll put Corrin under this Weapons - Sword, or Sword/Dragonstone (Nohr Prince/Princess) Marth - FE1/3/11/12 Chrom (Promotes to Great Lord which also has Lance access), Lucina (Promotes to great lord same as Chrom), - FE13 Corrin & Kana (Promotes to Hoshidan or Nohrian Noble, the former granting Staves, the latter granting Tomes) - FE14 Tactician Weapons - Sword/Tomes Robin, Morgan - FE13 Cavalier Weapons - Swords/Lances, Promote to Paladins or Great Knights depending on the game & class choice, Great Knights gain, the ability to also use Axes Cain, Abel, Jeigan, Matthis, Roshe, Vyland, Hardin (He can count here or General), Midia, Camus, Arran, Luke, Rody, Cecil, Frey, Belf, Leiden. - FE1/3/11/12 Fredrick, Sully, Stahl, Walhart (Conqueror) - FE13 Xander, Siegbert, Peri, Silas, Sophie - FE14 Archer/Hunter Weapons - Bow, promotion grants Swords via Bow Knight if that path is chosen or is a Hunter, we are not counting Mercs in this set. Gordin (Freeman), Ryan, Tomas, Jeorge, Norne, Castor, Warren, Wolf, Sedgar, Robert, Beck - FE1/3/11/12 Virion, Noire - FE13 Takumi, Kiragi, Setsuna, Midori, Yukimura (Apothecary) - FE14 Knights/Thwomps Weapons - Lances, but on promotion can wield Bows (In fe11/12) or Axes (FE13/14) Draug, Roger, Lorenz Mc Made of Explodium, Dark Hardin, Sheema, Horace, Dolph, Macellan - FE1/3/11/12 Kellam, Kjelle - FE13 Effie, Benny, Ignatius - FE14 Cleric/Priest/Troubador - General stave users, who promote to various classes granting them a variety of weapons. Troubadors have horses Wrys, Lena, Malliesia, Yumina, Boah, Maria, Nyna, Elice, Frost - FE1/3/11/12 Lissa, Maribelle, Brady, Libra - FE13 Felicia, Jakob, Izana, Azama, Sakura, Elise, Flora, Mitama, Dwyer, Forrest - FE14 Fliers Pegasus Knights In FE1/3/11/12 promoted to Wyverns, in every other game Falcon Knights, or Dark Fliers. Allowing a variety of weaponry, Wyverns tend to focus axes these days as well, while Pegasus focus Lances typically. Weapons: Pegasus Lances, Wyverns Axes, gain more on promotion. Caeda, Catria, Palla, Est, Minerva, Michalis - FE1/3/11/12 Sumia, Cordelia, Cherche, Cynthia, Gerome, Aversa - FE13 Hinoka, Camilla, Subaki, Shigure, Caeldori, Reina, Scarlet, Beruka, Percy - FE14 Axe Fighters - Including the Pirate Line here Weapons: Axes sometimes Bows on promotion. Barst, Cord, Bord, Jake, Darros, Dice, Ymir - FE1/3/11/12 Vaike, Basilio - FE13 Arthur, Charlotte, Rinkah - FE14 Mercenaries Weapons: Swords, but gain axes upon their heroic promotions, or in some cases can become Bow Knights. Ogma, Astram, Samson, Caesar Salad - FE1/3/11/12 Gregor, Flavia, Severa, Inigo, Priam - FE13 Soleil, Selena, Laslow - FE14 Myrmidons Weapons: Swordlandia Navarre, Raddical Dude, Athena, Malice, Samto - FE1/3/11/12 Lon'qu, Say'ri, Yen'fay, Owain - FE13 Ryoma, Hana, Hinata, Pickle Boy - FE14 Thieves - They typically use swords unless its in Fates where Ninja's and Outlaws were made Weapons: Swords (Thieves), Hidden Weapons (Ninja), Bows (Outlaws) Julian, Rickard - FE1/3/11/12 Gaius, Anna, Gangrel (Tricksters who can use Swords & Staves) - FE13 Kaze, Saizo, Kagero, Asugi (Ninja), Niles, Nina, Shura, Anna (Outlaw) - FE14 Mages Weapon: Magic Merric, Wendel, Linde, Yubello, Ellerean, Etzel, Katarina – FE1/3/11/12 Miriel, Ricken, Laurent, Tharja, Henry, Emmeryn – FE13 Orochi, Odin, Nyx, Rhajat, Leo, Hayato, Ophelia – FE14 Beasts & Manaketes Weapon: Transformation Stones Bantu, Tiki, Nagi – FE1/3/11/12 Nowi, Nah, Tiki, Panne, Yarne – FE13 Kaden, Keaton, Velouria, Selkie – FE14 Shapeshifter Xane – FE1/3/11/12 Nonarmored-Foot Lancers Weapon: Lances Donnel – FE13 Oboro, Shiro, Mozu – FE14 Dancers Feena - FE3/12 Olivia - FE13 Azura - FE14
  22. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/fire-emblem-warriors-nintendo-switch/5721736.p?skuId=5721736 Best Buy just opened this up. Get it while its hot.
  23. So in the Sourcegaming discord I was linked a "leak" thread on 4chan about a possible direct, and I figured while it looks super fake, the segment on Warriors caught my eye How would you feel about this?
  24. I'm thinking the Amiibo functionality of FE Warriors will be really similar to that of Hyrule Warriors, but I honestly hope i'm mistaken and that they'll give us more, I also have a feeling that all the FE amiibo via Smash, along with Alm & Celica's will be used. Although this kind of goes into a small theory of mine that the 8 that have amiibo will be playable, however that remains to be seen as we barely know anything. What kind of functionality would you all like to see?
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