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  1. Ever since Playable Avatar was a thing in NmotE and could also choose which class would you be in that game such as a Myrmidon, Cavalier or Mage in that FE game what do you choose to become it could be any other FE games regardless if there isn't an Avatar in some of the other FE game series. If I was, my choice would to become a Mercenary in New Mystery of the Emblem and be promoted as a Hero because I find Hero to be one of my favorite classes. The Rules: The class has to be from that FE game that you choose No being a lord, Final boss & other exclusive character classes(not even enemy exclusive monster classes) your allowed to choose being a Manakete or a Taguel Class can be an unpromoted or a promoted class from that FE game
  2. Shadow Dragon and The Blade of Light, Thracia 776... my two favorite games in the series. Despite their age gap, they're similar in some interesting ways, such as being the only two games where the Convoy/Storage is a physical building that can be visited during maps, and the only games out of the 10 I've played to have 25 mandatory story maps. (FE6 doesn't count) Having played some FE1 hacks with all new maps lately, it got me thinkin'- would it be possible to demake FE5 in FE1? I posted a hack on FEU in which I ported FE5 graphics to FE1, so I know it's possible from a visual standpoint, but what about deeper mechanics? Maybe Resistance could double as Magic, or actual trading could be implemented, I've no way to know for sure. https://feuniverse.us/t/fe1-visual-hacks/16924 I've attached renditions of the first three maps of the game (sorry 2x) I made in TileED to this post. I made these a while ago, and I want to see if others are interested in the idea.
  3. Why make a Fire Emblem hack in FEBuilderGBA when you can build it on the NES instead? Time For Tom is apparently the world's first complete Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragons and the Blade of Light hack! This is a 18-chapter new story featuring a great number of improvements to bring the oldest backwards FE game up-to-date. A full list of differences from the original can be found in the readme, but noteworthy improvements include: Weapon Triangle New weapons/items Hunters and Generals can promote Magical attacks use the Magic/Strength stat The protagonist always has access to the convoy; storing items is free Updated overworld sprites and portraits Units have Resistance and Resistance growth rates Stats now cap at 50, and damage caps at 99 The Akaneian archer Thomas, and his buddy Jake, find a forgotten Time Orb which they plan to use to prevent the War of Darkness and stop Hardin from receiving the Dark Orb. Unfortunately, they have no idea how to use it! So, they travel through some other games in the series on the way.. How will they right the wrongs of history? Play as some of the most popular characters in the Fire Emblem series, like Glade, Roger, Alba, Morzas, Samto, Claude, and more! Download link: https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/6827/ A guide for which units can recruit someone in each chapter is included with the zip. Let me know if you run into any issues!
  4. Sorry, I'm pretty new to the lore of the Archanean games. I heard that the Dolhr Army was pretty powerful in that they conquered most of the continent. I want to know what kind of military they have and what they look like outside of the games. Can you guys give me the idea of how powerful they are and what tactics they use?
  5. Hey there, I'm working on a project that requires i get lots of oddly specific video footage from things in FE1 that's near impossible or would be super complicated to do through gameplay, I need an easy way to get any item i want and give enemies specific weapons, Though any other hack or cheats would be helpful as well, Basically i need to be able to orchestrate any fight i need so if anyone knows a way i would greatly appreciate the help
  6. Hello people! I hope you can humor me and my obsession with hacking Shadow Light and the Dragon of Blade or whatever! I've decided to merge my three different "projects", pure translation, improvement/modding, and a randomizer into a single project I'm calling "Fire Emblem - War of Darkness". The goal here is to add improvements to Blade of Light to bring it up-to-speed with its remakes. I also thought I'd open it up to the public for ideas and testing. Currently the script is as bug-free as it's ever been. Here's a list of all the things I've added as "enhancements" so far: - Camus is recruitable by Astria - Mages use their Strength/Magic to attack - Stat window shows MAGIC for Mages instead of STRENGTH - Crossbows are short-range only weapons for Archers - Thunder/Tron tomes deal bonus damage to Dragon Knights - Nyna replaces Biraku in Chapter 5 - Generals can wield Swords, Lances, and Bows - Gradius, Parthia, and the Miracle Rapier are unbreakable - Mars starts with a Vulnerary - Vulenaries are 3 uses instead of 5 - Some units have Resistance now (based on Monshou). - All units promote using Master Seals now - Knights promote to Generals - Hunters promote to Horsemen - Iron Lances have 6 Might instead of 5 - New Usability table - Added Steel Lance - Enemies use Steel Lances like in Monshou - Added Killer Lance - Added Killer Bow - Added Slim Lance - Added the Nothung (randomizer only) - Miracle Rapier is no longer Mars-exclusive - Added Intro - Added different song for some chapter intros Here's my planned additions: - Healers get EXP from healing - Map compression (better support for map changes) - Fake Maph tomes / redesign of Chapter 23 based on Shadow Dragon - Conversion of Commando class into Starlord (Mars can promote, just need to change animations) - Shaver tome (again, need to handle animation bug with Mages for this to work) - Randomized chests/village items I'm open to feedback from you guys on things to improve or whatever you may want modded in. The program I'm using to make these changes and randomize the game is not at a point where I could release it, unfortunately. Nevertheless, if you want more randomized seeds let me know. I threw in some randomized patches as an example with the "just-improvements" patch with randomly named seeds. I also tried to have the randomizer balance everything so you shouldn't get screwed over. There's still a very rare chance of getting a Thief with the Falchion or a Bishop with the Maph, though! 😄 If you happen to get any item in a randomized patch with a name like ???, don't use it. This can happen as since enemies have a rare chance to drop anything in the game. These ??? items may be turned into working things later. Test it out here: Latest Patch: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1C2K7SsLOMksapd6CR4Z0fRUmlBoRomsM/view?usp=sharing Latest Randomizer: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1F-cBeiVcHY4ZJAjJQ6m6MbQJRU2o_Qx7/view?usp=sharing
  7. Been a couple of years since I last uploaded to this site, so I wanted to share some recent work I've put out on my more active channels. The illustration of Gerik's mercenaries was made for the CHOP zine over on Twitter. If you want to see more like this, you can follow me over at Twitter as well. Thanks for your time!
  8. I took almost 1 year to finish this one, and I will tell y'all why: this run lasted just as much as pretty much anything in this game. The "old school" enviroment is godly, but the lack of 'polishment", that being, "the facility of doing shit", is a handicap to me. And with the nice exception of the final map, I hated all the songs, they are so annoying and well, noisy... My desire was to mute it and put some Gaiden ost on. And like, Gaiden is easily one of the best Fire Emblem ost wise and it's from NES too, so I won't just take the semi-headaches I had as "console limitations". That being said, I am very proud to announce I have finished Fire Emblem 1, and definitely have no regrets of having such experience which, at the end of the day, wasn't that bad. Score: 4/10. Since I'm a huge fan of listing, I will tell y'all my 5 favorite units (based on how much I LIKED them, and I'm not even really talking about utility): 1- Vyland. 2- Est. 3- Marth. 4- Merric. 5- Caeda. I also enjoyed Camus, Ogma, Jagen, Tiki and Jeorge a lot!
  9. This is a list of all FE1 characters' average stats by level. I made this for myself and thought others might find it useful with it being out on Switch now. The list assumes promotion at level 20. "CB" means class base, used for calculating promotion gains. Green numbers indicate a maxed stat. The luck stat is left blank at base level for recruitable units that start as enemies (Castor, Navarre, etc.) because their luck is randomized upon recruitment. I've included two versions, one with the stats rounded to the nearest whole number and one without rounding. FE01 Average Stats Rounded.pdf FE01 Average Stats.pdf
  10. Just wanted to get some opinions on these portraits I made for a ROM hack since I'm a beginner and I have, like, 80 more portraits to finish. They're all 100% custom (though I used other characters as reference while I was making them), and I tried to base them off of their designs from FE3.
  11. So as I was starting my FE11 run FE1 came around the corner and... Now I'm finding it hard to get back into FE11 without FE1 Flexing it's addictiveness. Anyway back to topic, I beat FE1 yesterday and I wanna play through it again, but I'm thinking about using Lena and Maria long term unlike my first time when Lena got benched after I got Wendell and I didn't use Maria at all. I already plan on giving my two bishop rings to Merric and Linde, but I can buy more at the secret shop in chapter 23 and I will only be using Lena and Maria primarily for their healing; so their promotions don't really matter but I just wanted to know if it's worth using them long term, and if so or if not, why?
  12. Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light is the first game in the Fire Emblem series, developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. It was first released on the Famicom (known internationally as the Nintendo Entertainment System) on April 20, 1990. It takes place on the continent of Archanea. Hello everyone. My name is Ricey and I am here to announce my new online reality game, or ORG, that I will be hosting in the next coming months. I am from another forum that plays these games religiously. They are several different games that span different formats and different genres. This is actually going to be my sixth game that I have hosted so far and the first from the Fire Emblem series. I am actually a huge fan of the Fire Emblem franchise, which is why I am here in the first place. I though that the best thing that I could do for this series is put all of my love and passion into a game. There is nothing more exciting than finding a cast who is dedicated and really put their souls into making the performances come to life. On top of that, a great host that puts so much effort into it too can really bring things to life. I thought that there would be nothing better than to ask some hardcore fans of the series to play in this. The community that I host regularly from has a few Fire Emblem fans sprinkled in, but nothing that would really bring a Fire Emblem ORG, especially one that is dedicated to FE1, to life. That's why I thought that it would be great to ask if anyone wanted to join here. If this game goes well, I plan to make a game for every single Fire Emblem game. Possibly barring possibly making the Tellius games into one big game since Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn have the same cast for the most part. I actually have never even played FE1, but I thought that it would be foolish to start a series and not start with the game that started it all. Though, don't get me wrong. I am not going to be doing Gaiden. I am going to go use Shadows of Valentia for my next game. Better graphics to work with. The avatars that I have made for this are rough enough looking. That's for sure. In the simpliest terms, an ORG is an online reality game. What that means is that it is an online game, usually hosted on another site, that is somewhat related to reality shows. The most common reality game that it is based on is Survivor. Which is when two teams face off each other. They have challenges and the team that loses the challenge has to vote someone out of the game. ORGs have evolved a lot in the last decade that I have been playing them. Most games now have formats that host themselves have made up, but they usually do have at least some similarities to the simpler formats like Survivor that I mentioned. These games are completely anonymous. You have no idea who is playing in these. In these games, you will be playing a character. In this game's case, you will be playing as someone from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light. In a sense, you are roleplaying as that character. It doesn't really matter if you are in-character or not. I have seen some people completely be out of character. Like imagine Bowser from the Mario series be played like a effeminate paranoid queen. It does not matter how you act. You can even act just like yourself if you wanted. You just have to make sure that you never tell anyone who you are outside of the game. Communication is based through the PM system. In most games, you can talk to everyone on the main forum like this forum right here, but then you can talk privately to people on your team through private messaging. Usually, there are rounds every night from between Sunday and Thursday with Friday and Saturday being days off. There will sometimes be days off on the weekdays, but that is up to the host. Most hosts are forgiving and will do a day off if a lot of the cast begs hard enough. Not all games are Sunday through Thursday though. That's just the most common. Some have rounds that are a few days a part. This game will not be one of those though. 🙂 We are all familiar with Fire Emblem games. We know how they work. There is a war going on. Good verses evil. Then we end up finding out that the evil people have a dragon or is a dragon or made the dragons mad. You know. We always have to defeat a dragon in the end. I don't know why I am mentioning dragons so much. Basically, the main premise of Fire Emblem, at least in the beginning, was about combat. That is why the format of this game is going to be all about defeating your enemies in battle. Gotta make sure that you don't have your HP go down to zero before your enemies. That's for sure. The format of this game is Arena format. I am sure that none of you know what that even is so I will explain it to make it a little bit easier. In the arena format, there will be two teams. These teams will be made at the start of the game by the players themselves. Every round, every single person in the game is going to do a challenge. This challenge will basically be your life or death. Challenges in these games are usually the same mainstays. Mazes, word searches, crossword puzzles, and a few other ones that basically are in every other game that have challenges. The person who finishes the challenge first on each team will be immune from the vote and can not be voted out. Then, each team will vote out a single person from their team. Then, the people that have been voted off each tribe will go against each other in the arena. The player who did the best in the challenge will survive and the person who did the challenge slowest will be eliminated from the game. The person who survived the duel will then be able to pick if they would like to go back to their original tribe or mutiny to the other tribe. This will be the only format in this game. If this game goes well and a lot of people are interested in it, then I would love to add different formats to future games in this series, but I really do want to have people in this format actually try these ORGs. I would hate for people to get overwhelmed because I added too much in this game. I know that even this might be a little too much to new players, but I promise that it won't be that bad! I know that I literally JUST in the last paragraph mentioned that this would be a simple game, but there is going to be one small twist in this game. The twist of this game is going to be the standard money twist that has become somewhat of a staple of the ORG community that I am from. I know that none of you know what that is either so I will explain it a little bit. I haven't explained everything to the other forum either, but I will basically give a small rundown just to make it easier. Anna's shop is going to be opening up in my game. In this shop, you can buy a few items and weapons that can help you along your travels through this game. The things that you could buy are advantages in the challenge that will cut down on your time. Say that a steel sword takes ten seconds off your challenge time. That means that whenever you play that, you will have ten second taken off the challenge that you did for that round. You could also buy a shield. This would block a vote against you whenever you play the vote. That is basically a small rundown. There will be a lot of different items in this game. The whole shop will be shown from the start of the game and won't be shown until then. How do you get the items though? You will have to spend your hard earned money, duh! How do you get money? You get money through a few different ways. This will also be explained more once the game starts, but I will tell you a few of the easier ways. You get money for surviving each round. You get money for each vote cast against you. You get money for surviving the arena. The arena loser will give their money to someone of their choosing. You can also do a few different tasks throughout the day that will be explained as well. Money is important and could change the tides of the game in your favor! Here comes the fun part. This is probably the part that would entice you guys the most? I don't really know, if I am being honest. I don't even know if anyone is going to read this thread or care about this in the slightest. All I can do is post this thread and bump it periodically to hope that people can get involved with it that way. I made all of these avatars myself. Honestly, someone else usually does them for me and they look a LOT better, but... I decided that I would be a big boy and make my own. They look rough, but I am planning on updating them throughout the game. These won't be their final look. This game was made in 1990 and the sources from the game are ROUGH. Honestly, I am going to probably continue through this game and update it. We will start in FE1 and then probably move into F11 so we can have some updated sources, but for now... these are the sources that we have to work with. God... don't we LOVE how ugly Abel used to be? He has such a glow-up in Heroes compared to that bucktooth. Above are the eighteen people that I initially selected to be in this game. This was based on who actually had sources from Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, but some of these like Navarre and Lena are actually from FE3.... so I already failed at keeping all of the sources from the same game. That means that if you would like to play as someone like Jeorge or Ogma that have FE3 sources, but didn't have FE1 sources then let me know and I will gladly add them to the cast. I am very accommodating because I need a cast. There are so many random females like Nyna in the cast because the community that I play in love to play as females so that is why I padded the cast with them. In hopes that some people would join that way. CAEDA AND MERRIC ARE ALREADY TAKEN. To sign up for this game: PM me a few people that you would like to play as. This is just in case that two people sign up as the same person. Got to be fair and all of that. Like I mentioned in the last paragraph, if you would like to play as someone that I did not post then you can. Just let me know and I will see if they have a good enough source to use. The only rule is that they HAVE to be from FE1 or FE3. That means no Mystery of the Emblem only characters. The only reason for that is that they would not mix well with the rest of the game in terms of style. Those dark DS sources against the bright and silly NES ones... iconic. PLEASE DO NOT ASK TO PLAY IN THIS THREAD. Like I mentioned before, if you read the massive wall of text that this already is, this is an ANONYMOUS game. Do not tell anyone that you signed up. Do not say that you are signing up in this thread. I mean, sure. You can talk about this and I would LOVE to explain more about these in the thread if you have questions. You can also ask question in PM too. I know that these are foreign as can be to some people so I would love to break it down as much as I can for people. I am not the best at explaining so if something didn't make sense in this thread, let me know. Right. I forgot about this. Probably important to discuss, right? This game is actually not until a few months from now. We like to talk about things months in advance because it can be a hassle casting these. Plus, honestly, these can take a bit of your time if you want them to so it is good to know exactly when this is going to start just so you have some time to prepare for everything. This game is scheduled to start sometime in early November. I do not have a set date scheduled yet for this. I am probably going to announce that in late September. If I had to guess, this would start probably November 6th? I don't know for sure. It will either be November 6th or November 13th. Just having settled on the exact idea. This game is going to last around two weeks. The rounds are probably going to be around 9-10PM EST time. You can do the arena challenge anytime during the day. The only requirement is that you have to do the challenge before the round begins. If you can't make it to the round, you can always do the challenge whenever you have time and you can vote someone out of the game earlier in the day too. It is not required to be here during the round. Basically all you need to do is the challenge and vote every round. It is as simple as that. The live results each round will probably last about thirty minutes each round. You will have a fifteen minute period to vote, the votes will be revealed, and then the duel results will be posted. It won't take long at all. I think that I explained everything as best as I could? I might have missed something though. PM me here or ask in the thread if you have any questions. I really hope that I get some sort of response for this because I really do think that this could be a lot of fun for people here. Imaging bringing your favorite Fire Emblem character to life. 😮
  13. So, I've been playing through FE1 lately (made it up to Chapter 20 as of this writing), and, while I know it logically couldn't have been intended to have any particular relationship with future games as of its creation, I've actually found the game to be retroactively quite different and refreshing in a number of ways. Tomes serving as Pokémon-style "fixed-damage attacks" (a la Sonic Boom or Dragon Rage) is actually a pretty interesting role for them! The combination of the lower stat cap of 20 across the board (save for HP, which caps at 52) actually does a pretty good job of keeping units from becoming so overpowered as to become invincible. As well, promotion bonuses work in the manner most fans probably associated with Shadows of Valentia; raising stats up to the promoted class's base stats if they're lower rather than giving fixed bonuses. This actually works really well with the lower stat caps to create a dynamic around promotion where it's very much about who's most direly in need of the boost, and less about holding off for as long as possible with everyone. I suppose I wouldn't really classify... really any of this as better so much as just different, but I certainly do find it an interesting change of pace from how the setup from how I personally am inclined to play the installments with Thracia 776-style promotion mechanics. It's also sort of interesting to me that, due to the way Weapon Level works, Julian, Rickard, and Xane actually need the singular Arms Scroll in the game to use anything above Iron, Steel, and Devil Swords. It lends that Arms Scroll a special sort of value, and that unique relationship between it and the three aforementioned units is something to which no parallel really exists in other installments, to my knowledge. I do feel like they could've stood to go a little higher with certain Weapon Level requirements, though, considering the highest requirement in the game (Gradivus) is a whole six points below the cap. It's just been really fun! It's been really cool seeing all the little touches even modern Fire Emblem games don't really retain; Ballisticians have unique combat animations for each of their five weapons, for example, or bow-using classes having separate animations for standard bows and crossbows (with every class but Sniper also having "big crossbow" sprites)... Then Marth has at least three different attacking animations just dedicated to different weapons, plus at least two unique critical hit animations. I've actually found myself rather disappointed that neither of the two remakes of FE1 are really quite true to it, whether because of cuts or because of massive overhauls to the mechanics to bring it more in line with later installments. The games does rather want for quality-of-life features, as NES games tend to, but I think that there's a lot more value in a lot of FE1's now-idiosyncratic design and presentation elements than it gets credit for! I'd be curious to hear others' thoughts on the game, since I don't really know hardly anything about the general consensus on it besides the completely uninteresting, if perhaps understandable, "it's a NES game that aged poorly so play one of its remakes instead" takes.
  14. To celebrate Fire Emblem's 30th anniversary, my friends and I decided to retranslate the lyrics from the original Fire Emblem opera that was created for the commercials for FE1 back in 1990. We did our best to make these new lyrics fit the timing of the originals, so that they could be sung like the original song. We also took the time to create a music video to go alongside the song, featuring scenes from every main series game to go alongside the lyrics. We hope you enjoy!
  15. (Crossposted from FEU.) At First, There Are Dark Dragon, Falchion Sword, And… Fire Emblem. This is a port of Fire Emblem 1 into SRPG Studio. The current version covers the first six chapters of the original game. The instructions are very simple. Extract the file and run the game. I initially made it procrastinating from creating a chapter for a competition on FEU, which probably wasn’t a very good idea. Here’s a feature list: FE1 tileset completely ported into SRPG Studio complete with animations All FE1 map sprites ported for all classes Relevant portraits upscaled to meed SRPG Studio requirements Original FE1 music included Original FE1 font used (courtesy of JtheDuelist) FE3 weapon icons used Names consistent with Quirino translation patch And some screenshots: Preemptive question answering: Will you finish this? - Maybe, maybe not. 25 chapters is a significant undertaking. Why don’t you use official names? - I don’t like some of the choices the localisers made for character names, so all names are the Japanese ones for consistency. Why don’t you have a fancy name for this? - I’m terrible with names. I’ll just use the original name for now. And most importantly, the download: Dropbox Enjoy. EDIT: Updated to FEE3 release.
  16. Hello there, I recently started getting into hacking FE1 just out for curiosity. I just wondered how Pointers in there work exactly since I couldn't find a single one. I looked up in the internet and found this way for NES Pointers: Take the offset, subtract 10, delete the first number so you get a 2 bytes number. Flip the bytes and look for them in you game. As I mentioned I couldn't find a single one. Not for the menus, not for the text so I feel, like I need a bit help on this.
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3-uZfHf2y4 Nintendo is bringing the original Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light to NSO for its March update although only for its Japanese Famicom app. Note: You can freely download the app if you have an account set to Japan and you can use whichever account that has the online subscription to play it.
  18. "What if everyone did use ballistae instead?" So here's a quickly-made (as in the span of a night and an afternoon) hack of FE1 where all units except for Marth, Draug, Ogma, Barst, Hardin, Jeorge, Astram, fliers, magic users, dragons, generals, bosses, and playable thieves are now ballisticians. The catch? All playable units not recruited from enemies have retained their stats from the vanilla game. Shops and stats of certain characters and items have been altered to revolve around the ballista-infested game. Primary changes include: Let me know if there's anything I missed. Have fun! Here's the link, patch it to a clean untranslated FE1 rom: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9uqlfgybkgyfc9i/Ballistafest.ips?dl=0
  19. Fire Emblem: Ankokuryuu to Hikari no Ken translation project Hakoda Maki Map 13 onwards As this manga has been licensed, this translation project was founded on and intended for educational purposes only. We fully support the official translation (assuming there will be one at some point). Manga synopsis Before the release of Shadow Dragon, the manga was released in accordance to FE1. This follows the story of Marth and his quest of reclaiming his homeland, although most may know Marth from the Super Smash Bros. series. This manga does not strictly follow the events of the original FE1 game or its remake, but it provides a good insight into the characters and how they behave towards one another during the time of a great war. Familiar faces are seen, although please note not all characters of Shadow Dragon are in the manga. Overall, the series vary on dark and humorous notes. The story follows the general path of the game, however there are turns that are unique to the artist and not present in Shadow Dragon. This series also has an accompanying CD Drama that spans 4 volumes. Downloads and more information about it can be found HERE. Where we stand In terms of translation, Volumes 1, 2 and part of 3 have been translated by a third party HERE as well as raws of the other volumes. There are 12 volumes altogether, with 5 maps to each one. Some may have more to include 'gaiden' chapters, which are basically in-depth flashbacks. This project aims to translate from Map 13 (Volume 3) onwards following the radio silence on the first team's end. As of May, the translation project has two teams involved to speed up the translation process and integrate fully with CalculusWhiz's independent project (...no pun intended). Their translations can be viewed online HERE, but volumes 3-6 have been translated from Chinese, not the original Japanese. As this is a translation of a translation, there are several aspects that fall short, such as the original puns. We appreciate any and all support for the project. Just give us a shout to let us know you're out there and that all this work is making someone in the world happy. Trust me, it's a lot quicker to read than to be behind the scenes. Please also take the time to visit CalculusWhiz's Facebook group for updates, stalker reasons, comments or to support him/us with a like. This is also the first point of release. We also had our website HERE, but we are now no longer able to upload to it. For third party users, this is also a good place to leave comments without having a SF account or disclosing your identity using FB. We hope you continue to follow our progress and thank you for taking the time to read through all this. We will try to update frequently and keep you posted as and when a new map is available. As always, thank you for your patience, hope you enjoy reading and please spread the word! Important announcements May 2012 - The project has branched into two teams. The original team will continue from Volume 3 and CalculusWhiz and I will continue from Volume 7. 1 October 2012 - Maps 13-16 and 31-34 have been enhanced and reuploaded. Please download the relevant files for a more fulfilling experience of Fire Emblem reading. November 7 2012 - Maps will no longer be uploaded singly for download. Instead, files will be uploaded to my SkyDrive, which enables online viewing as well as file downloads. Volume downloads are still available. August 2013 - For no apparent reason, the ddsol site no longer wants us to upload maps onto there. Please note that future maps will be hosted onto SkyDrives, the download links for full volumes and various manga sites such as Animea and MangaFox. 22 May 2014 - Volumes 3,4,5,7,8,9,10 and 11 have been reuploaded for insane consistency and reformatting purposes. Edits include but are not limited to those listed here. Maps 1-12 and CW's maps 29-30.2 will also become available on the SkyDrive for overall easy access of the manga. 11 April 2015 - After over 3 years on this project, final chapter is released. Downloads Maps 1-12 can be downloaded on the Serenes Forest manga page. These are also uploaded on SkyDrive but we do not take credit for them. This was done by the original team some years back. Hakoda notes Volumes 1 and 2 All files from map 13 onwards are available on SkyDrive for online reading and/or download. 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  20. Now that I am all done with Thracia I decided to start with FE 1. I have finished the first chapter and would like to ask a few questions about the game mechanics: 1. How does doubling work in this game? Do I just need to have more speed than the enemy? 2. Can I somehow view weapon stats inside the game? Or do I have to google those? D: 3. Is it worthwhile to try and level-up stave users? Since they can only level-up by being attacked this seems like an extreme, and dangerous, chore. Also I don't know much about the viability of the units so I am going to go with whoever I like best, so far focusing my efforts on Marth and Sheeda. Other than that it is funny that after playing games from SNES era it is much easier to jump back to NES games than it was originally. One of the reasons I decided to start with FE4 before was that the NES games felt way too old/clunky, so I guess it was too big of a jump all at once. Right now the game doesn't feel nearly as bad as it did at the beginning and I think I can enjoy it a lot. :D
  21. So I am trying to restart my Youtube stuff after a long time of going silent. I didn't exactly know where to put this since it isnt a Let's Play or a Stream. This is more of a review in the style of ClementJ642's Final Fantasy Retrospective, a more scripted video. This is also my first time doing something like this with a script and editing, so I am open to getting criticism. I know there are some minor sound issues but had no idea how to fix them. So anyway, please give your thoughts on this and if I need to put it in another section of the forum please tell me.
  22. Has anyone ever attempted to hack in the cut chapters and characters into Book 1? I know data for the cut characters (I.E. Wrys, Darros, Roger, Jake, Beck and Gotoh) are in the games data and they even have stats but no portraits. I know next to nothing about SNES hacking but would it be possible to restore them?
  23. Seriously, does anyone actually like FE1? Noone really talks about the darn thing and I'd thought I'd bring it up and ask what people honestly think of it, and if anyone actually enjoys playing the game. Personally, I love the thing for whatever reason. I think its mostly because of all it's corkyness. I'm also not really bothered by the controls.
  24. We all know that in FE4, all the maps more or less come together to form the whole of Jugdral. I was wondering, could the same be done with the Archanean maps? An example of this I can think of are chapters 7 and 8 of FE3B2, since the two take place in the same area, just further north in the latter chapter. Has anyone ever tried piecing the maps together to get a rough outline of a full in game Archanean map?
  25. What if the fire emblem heroes were to fall and all their adventures were given to random people? The fire emblem has been corrupted by the presence of the fell dragons, now a lone group of adventurers must travel to the different worlds and pick up where the fallen heroes started. (roleplay is welcome to everyone, would prefer it if we roleplayed on discord. Canon and ocs are allowed
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