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  1. Copied from FEU to broaden the opinions: Hey y'all! Hope you are doin' well! So recently, I just beat Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. It was truly an experience unlike any other. Though going into such a interesting game, I had a certain interest in one of it's many chapters. Meet **Chapter 2-E: Elincia's Gambit.** A widely popular chapter in the broad FE Community. Up there with Conquest Chapter 10, FE6 Chapter 11A. Even the Manster Arc if that counts! So, regarding such a chapter (Elincia's Gambit), what do you think about it? From a narrative perspective? A gameplay perspective? A design perspective? Whatever you've got! Alright, see ya! -MegaCowsamMan
  2. Radient Dawn is my favorite Fire Emblem game. Unfortunetly it has multiple issues, chief amoung them being that quite a large percentage of charecters are suboptimal or flat out near unusable, the worst offender being units like Fiona or Lyre. Well no more. With the Power of Thane's Paragon Editor, in Radient Dawn +, I think I managed to make everyone useable while still keeping it faithful enough to the original game, something a lot of upcoming Radient Dawn mods change completly gameplay wise to the point of it being unrecognisable as Radient Dawn. Key changes include: General growth and base buffs for both charecters and classes, especially mages Buffed Weapon triangle, 10->15% stronger magic across the board Thunder magic is now 1-3 range New weapons, including PRFs and magic weapons. Laguz changes, untransformed forme no longer as weak and can initiate combat No need for a clear file or transfers for additional content Shop and forge changes (can forge el tomes and wind edges) More interesting and difficult bosses Gamebannana page: https://gamebanana.com/mods/443519 0.96.1.zip
  3. New here. So, I’ve used your program to edit FE10 text using the Raw Text Editor. and it worked in-game as expected. But when I played through the game, I was met with an unexpected crash. To provide an example: There is a piece of text that says “drunkard”, which I replaced with “dumbhead”, in one of the base conversations in chapter 2-3. All was well until chapter 6 when right before the prep screen showed up, I was met with “unable to write address such-in-such” or “unable to read address such-in-such” on my Dolphin Emulator. I used the “Raw Text Editor” on the menu, and searched the “c_” files for the text I wished to edit. Then when I found it, I just highlighted the existing piece of text, and put in new text (with the same amount of characters) and saved. Then I took my newly edited .m files and replaced the original .m files in the un-compiled folder in: DATA==>files==>Mess==>desired .m file to edit. Then I re-compiled it and tested it. And as mentioned above. It edited the text, but crashes the game as well. I didn’t edit any of the code in the conversations by the way. Is there anything I did wrong? Please let me know! Thank you in advance!😀
  4. So it's been a while since I've played Radiant Dawn Hard mode and seeing the thread about the rate the units kind of gave me the urge to play it so anyone want to join me in these masochistic adventures? Rules: Note: I'm fully open to suggestions on these rules so feel free to make any if you have them, I've bolded the stuff I've changed. Drafting:1. This draft is for 6 players.2. Micaiah, Laura, Sothe, JIll, Rafiel, The Black Knight, Leanne, Geoffrey, Ike, Titania, Reyson and Lehran are free for all to use.3. The drafting order is NOT reversed for the last round of picks.4. Haar is banned from drafting.5. The game will be played on Hard Mode.Rules:1. Undrafted units may recruit characters, Rescue and Shove/Smite undrafted characters and NPCs, trade, Escape/Arrive, and transfer items/skills between teams.2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to meatshielding, building Supports, opening Doors and Chests, finding hidden items, and giving Blood Tide/Night Tide/White Pool bonuses. I'm thinking about changing it so undrafted units can find Items seeing as that's how it is in all the other games but I understand that RD has items in almost every level unlike other games where it's usually one map so see what people think.3. Allied and Other units may do as they please without penalty.4. Defend chapters count the last played Player Phase for turns if the timer is waited out.Penalties:1. Undrafted units have a 4 turn penalty, per unit per chapter (1-6 counts as 2 chapters, and 4-E counts as 5 chapters).Exceptions:1. One of Edward or Nolan is free for each of 1-P, 1-1, 1-2 and 1-3.2. Volug is free for 1-5.3. Elincia, Marcia and Nealuchi are free for 2-P4. Nephenee and Brom are free for 2-1.5. One undrafted, non-Lucia unit is free for 2-2.6. One undrafted, 7 move unit is free for 3-1.7. One undrafted, 6 move unit is free for 3-3. Explanations for Rule changes: 6 players because firstly 7 is hard to get and it results in 60 draftable units so everyone gets an extra scrub to help with Shoving or something. Free Jill and Titania, these units are clearly superior to any other choice I think and especially having Titania be a draftable unit would be way too good for whoever gets her, less so for Jill as she starts off weaker but still clearly a dominant unit. However I think that making Titania free permanently would lead to everyone having every Part three map basically just be Titania W+M1'd the enemy with Hand Axes while scrubs just milled about. Therefore the idea I thought of was to give her a quota of deployment slots and you can choose which maps to deploy her on, she has 13 maps before end game so I think 7 should be a good number. Jill has 8/11 maps depending on whether you recruit her over to the GM's so I'm thinking 7 maps for her would seem about right seeing as she has to actually get going first unlike Titania. Could possibly make Jill permanently free as well if everyone feels the DB need the help. Finally free Laura is just to make it so that the number of draftable units is divisible by 6 and she seemed like the most obvious choice as a free unit to me. Edward or Nolan free for 1-3 as well seems like a pretty obvious choice as that map is pretty notorious on Hard Mode I think so having them until you get to the Base seems fair. Units remaining: Teams: Zihark72: Ilyana, Mia, Aran, Naesala, Astrid, Lethe, Rhys, Volke, Stefan, Oliver. Shimmerfang: Nolan, Gatrie, Callil, Mist, Giffca, Makalov, Rolf, Bastian, Kurthnaga, Pelleas. DarthR0xas: Nephenee, Boyd, Zihark, Tibarn, Kieran, Tormod, Caineghis, Muarim, Gareth, Renning. Joe Cool: Elincia, Shinon, Nailah, Janaff, Ranulf, Leonardo, Meg, Danved, Ena, Fiona. Junkhead: Edward, Volug, Marcia, Heather, Ulki, Sigrun, Tauroneo, Skrimir, Vika, Nasir. Sturm: Oscar, Soren, Tanith, Brom, Nealuchi, Sanaki, Mordecai, Lucia, Kyza, Lyre.
  5. I'm on Chapter 1 (not prologue) and I'm using my save transfer from my second playthrough of Path of Radiance. Actually off topic, is that even useful? I have no POR characters in my army yet, how much stronger does it actually make them? Okay circle back. Right now I have Micaiah, Nolan, Edward and Leonardo. I want to use Micaiah obviously even if she isn't worth training but the others I will drop if they lack anything useful. I'm playing on Normal mode if it helps.
  6. [Prelude:] Since it's been a while I haven't updated the topic a lot. Important to note that the Discord has evolved significantly and now features info and access to not only FE10 RR, but also a lot of other mods such as PvP and information on the FE10 support for the twitch crowdcontrol extension! If you're interested in all that, join the discord! [Discord] https://discord.gg/THaauc8QJm [Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn - Reverse Recruitment] Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn has always been my favorite game from a gameplay perspective. And since I didn't really mind the faults/inconsistencies with the story, it is a game I keep coming back to. However, the balancing of the game is quite strange, and at some point I'll want to start a balancing patch. RD is not the most hacked game and since there's not as much in the form of resources compared to FE7 etc, I thought I'd start this by learning the hex editting one step at a time. So that's where this patch comes in. The premise of the Reverse Recruitment is rather simple, and also fun for the drafting community, since there probably hasn't been one of those yet. It's also a great way for me to learn the inner workings of RD one step at a time, since you have to apply the same basic action to pretty much every character; swapping them with another. However, script dialogue, base convo's that recruit people, talk conversations te get people to join and other events all pop up sooner or later and complicate the process of inserting a new character. It's always one thing at a time though, which gives me a great way of easing myself into the depths of the game's code. And thus we arrive at this topic, where I'll be posting updates sporadically since I have a job and busy life (and the weather is just too good to stay inside atm). I would really appreciate it if people would give me feedback on what can be done better, point out bugs and tell if characters need buffs or nerfs. I hope you all enjoy, and thank you for playing! [Patches] Patch 1.3 for the entirety of Part 3 is here! You can download the patch file here: Patches - Google Drive Just go into the folder labeled "Patches" and download the patch file, xdelta is very easy to use. *IMPORTANT: There are still some bugs here and there, which are being worked on. the game is altered up to 3-E, though you can continue playing beyond that. be sure to check the "Known issues" file to see what is known to be wrong and please do notify me in the appropriate discord channel of in this topic of any new issues. [How to patch] The patch is made through xdelta, and patches can be applied to ISO files with it's patche program, which can easily be found through a quick google search or in the drive. The only thing you'll need besides the patch file is a RFEP file, which is the European Radiant Dawn ISO. I cannot provide it here [Discord] If you want to discuss the game on other platforms, a Discord link can be clicked here: https://discord.gg/EyPv9py The Discord also has channels for suggestions, bug reports etc so please do come on over! [Excel character swap sheet] You can find the link with the character excel sheet below, you can also find some notes about the excel sheet below, which go into the thought process of making the sheet. https://drive.google.com/file/d/18dYBbU1PJIsWkgLBgw23kt9oQxH52wTM/view?usp=sharing *Small Note, the game has had some minor tweaks compared to the Excel sheet. So not everything is 100% accurate. [Notes] 1] Ok, so there are some things that had to happen to make this a workable Reverse Recruitment. Mostly because there are three herons in this game and if you at some point get two in the same army, the game turns into a one-turn curbstomp. To work around this you'll notice that sometimes units that join at the same time are in a different order than the "recruitment page" on the main site. For example, Nasir and Gareth join at the same time, so you could swap Leonardo with Gareth and Edward with Nasir or vice versa. 2] The Black Knight is not a unit that is allied for the entire game, so he also does not partake in the list and is regarded as a free unit as long as he is part of your army. He is however sporting a new set of armor. 3] When you remove the herons and the Black Knight from the list, you are left with 69 playable characters. So unit number 35 does not switch places since that unit is smack dab in the middle. The units who is exactly in the middle is, in this case, Ike! Having Ike stay as the main character makes it a lot easier since this does not require me to alter seizing ability and things like godslaying skills. 4] Regarding the herons, they swap with each other. Leanne takes Rafiel's Place. Rafiel takes Reyson's place and Reyson takes Leanne's place. Good luck with new positioning and vigor strategies! 5] The Light mage and Light Sage classes now promote into Chancellor, since Micaiah arrives in Tier 3. They all keep the chancellor model and as seen in the excel sheet Lehran has altered growths and promotion gains. The same goes for Sanaki. Sanaki starts as a Thundersage, almost ready to promote. She turns into her regular Empress class. 5] The worst unit in the game swaps with the best one, Lyre swaps with Haar. Which is rather amusing. Fiona swaps with Tibarn, both have saviour which is nice. There are some fun things to find out. 6] Elincia arrives later, so she has altered growths and bases, since she does not have a Tier two model and all falcoknights are already in use so I can't immediately throw her model over them. [FAQ] Q: "How exactly do I play this?" A: You'll need a working emulator (dolphin is recommended), a fresh FE10 (EU) ISO, and a program used to patch the file (to the ISO) I have provided. xDelta works fine. Patch the ISO file using that program.* Q: "What are you trying to accomplish with this hack?" A: Mostly this Hack is a challenge to myself. I have thought about impproving Radiant dawn for years and now I'm finally taking the steps to learn how to do that. Besides this, a Reverse Recruitment hack would be a nice new way to play the game for casual gamers, but also for drafters. This is possible with most Fire Emlem games at the moment, but not with the GC/Wii games. Q: "The game offers almost the exact same items as before, why do I get a Brave Sword when i need laguz items?!" A: Adjusting items to suit your new units is something that has been added. Currently units get some items that will benefit them directly, like laguz stones, but also some more indirect advantages. Expect the Cards to be valuable in the early stages of the game when you need to be able to attack without taking a counterattack. I welcome any and all feedback regarding items. I do not want to bombard the player with laguz stones, so things like shine barriers and pure waters are items i would like to play around with. Q: "What difficulty should I play?" A: Normal mode. Q: "Why are the cutscenes so weird?" A: The game wants to load the normal characters, but can't so a lot of weird movements happen and it's like ghosts are talking. It has no gameplay impact and cannot be changed. Q: "Any general tips?" A: You will be getting only a few Olivi Grasses and Stones in the beginning of the game at the moment, but you will also be getting two blood tides, night tide and white tide, so positioning is key! Q: "I will be getting Royals in part one, this game will be a cakewalk!" A: I would not count on it, most laguz are balanced in such a way that while they may be strong and have high Hp, their defenses are lowered quite a bit. This also means growths are adjusted, which means BEXP might be more useful for them now, instead of just giving HP, Skill and Luck. High level early laguz hardly gain exp however, so be sure to not overly rely on them.
  7. Just like in Path of Radiance, I felt like I was reading an actual manga when I played Radiant Dawn, so I felt really comfortable doing so. I find it being a simple but mighty well built story, with a complete world building, relatable conflicts and an absolutely stunning journey. And that was not me praising Radiant Dawn as a Fire Emblem game, but a normal story instead, which is a big compliment since I usually don't think Fire emblem has good stories. But the characters themselves are no good. The fact that Radiant Dawn's cast is composed by over 50 units doesn't help, but my biggest issue with this game is the lack of normal support conversations. Apart for whose came from the previous game (mind you, a game that has support conversations) and a couple of exceptions here and there, I don't think Radiant Dawn has good characters overall, which is an unfortunate disappointment since I genuinely think the story is good. All I miss is support conversation! Well, the story was somewhat chaotic, but good. The characters can be sumed in one-line, but those important for the plot such as Sothe, Soren and Pelleas are great. The game really punished my poor laptop for being too heavy for it, but was worth every second! Score: 7.5/10. Since I'm a huge fan of listing, I will tell y'all my 5 favorite units (based on how much I LIKED them, and I'm not talking about utility): 1- Soren. 2- Sothe. 3- Pelleas (we don`t recruit him but still, what a character...). 4- Naesala. 5- Micaiah.
  8. Project Daybreak: Welcome to Project Daybreak, an ambitious undertaking that aims to provide a new, challenging, expansive and most of all interesting new take on Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn. Daybreak will feature changes to gameplay, story and core game mechanics. Gameplay will feature more clarity, give fair changes to all units and feature unique roles for characters that share the same class. All of this to deepen gameplay and provide a different experience from Vanilla Radiant Dawn. Story alterations will be made to remove loopholes and inconsistencies from the game, not alter the story in massive ways. The game will, in the far future, feature a revamped fully functional support system akin to that of Path of Radiance. All this to give players a fresh take on Radiant Dawn, increase replayability and offer an engaging game that feel like Fire Emblem, but is still vastly different from the original Wii title. Patches: Currently there is an alpha release. This patch is playable up to 1-7 and features quite a few changes to units, enemies, skills, shops and other basic game elements, though the core mechanics are unchanged. The patch is released to increase player feedback, have more playtesting possible than me just playing through the game over and over. I wish to incorporate feedback from as many people as I can. When playing, please realise that even these first few chapters are far from finished and that many ideas and suggestions might already be planned, but not yet included. Pre-alpha patch 1.00, among other utilities and mods, can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1BIVVhXL-v8p-orRJt8BRU-NWvMBkooJu?usp=sharing How to install: In the link above you will be able to find the program xdelta, which is able to apply the patch file to a clean PAL ISO (iso not provided, search it yourself). Open xdelta and follow the instructions. Apply the patch to your clean rom and you should be good to go. What is also included is a save file with clear data on it. If you do not own a clear data save file you can use that one to be able to recruit Pelleas and Lehran on your playthrough when possible. Instructions for applying these save data files are found on google, or in the Gritnea Tower discord. (See below) Discord: https://discord.gg/N2fvzzSGZu This discord link leads to my Discord server where you can find most updates regarding Daybreak. You may also find acces and info to my other Radiant Dawn projects. These include Reverse Recruitment, 0% growths and negative growths. These mods can also be combined. The discord the primary place to follow updates, talk about the game, give feedback and report bugs. The discord is named after Chapter 28 of PoR, Gritnea Tower. Where laguz were warped beyond recognition. Although the name is based on a negative way of warping subjects, please do keep a nice and positive attitude in this discord! Screenshots: Game changes: Info and screenshots coming soon! F.A.Q.: Q: "How exactly do I play this?" A: You'll need a working emulator (dolphin is recommended), a clean FE10 (EU) ISO, and a program used to patch the file (to the ISO) I have provided. xDelta works fine. Patch the ISO file using that program. See above for more info, or join the Discord to ask for help. Q: "How long have you been working on this??" A: I have had the idea since 2016 and have had an excel sheet with all kinds of changes since that time. I started learning FE10 hacking by trying to make a Reverse Recruitment hack. this is now functionally completed. Since Reverse is pretty much done, I felt confident enough to start this way larger and more ambitious project. But the groundworks have ben in place for around 5 years. Q: "What are you trying to accomplish with this hack?" A: Radiant dawn is an amazing game, but is has some serious flaws. Supports are stripped down, unit availability is weird, plot loopholes, magic is rather bad. Etc etc. This hack aims to change the base game and alter it so that it becomes a new playing experience. In the end, it would also be a tool to flesh out the world of Tellius by giving characters more support conversations and thus creating more backstory and a better connection with units. It's a passion project for my favourite Fire Emblem game. Q: "What difficulty should I play?" A: Normal mode, now called DayBrk. Q: "Any general tips?" A: Throw what you know about RD out the window. Pre-established notions won't translate well to this new game. Try to judge it for what it is trying to be, not what it came from. Q: What about the difficulty? A: The game will be harder. Not every unit will be able to become a dodge tank, though some may be able to lean into that form of survivability. Expect to have to make trade offs. Hp is higher, but defense is lower. too high defense/resistance just meant the enemy would start doing 0 damage to your units. A unit with 10 Hp but 40 Def/Res has less interesting gameplay than a unit with 50 Hp but 15 Def/Res. Manage your inventory, look at unit strengths, factor in weapon weight and use lower might weapons if you need the hit rate. Don't expect Hand axe go BRRR anymore. 1-2 range is changed to no longer be the best form of combat all the time. Q: What difficulty do you recommend? A: Normal mode. Easy and Hard have zero support as of now. Q: What about unit X? A: Every unit will be buffed/nerfed/changed. You'll have to see for yourself, see what kind of weapons suit certain characters and think about things like weapon triangle and biorhythm. Q: What do you mean by "more fair"? A: As an example, certain units will now have skills that show if they are aggressive if you enter their range or not. This provides gameplay clarity and less reliance on trial and error. Those are not the fun parts of fire emblem. Ambush spawns very rarely offer an engaging gameplay factor. The game is trying to give you all the info and tools to be able to succeed, but not hold your hand. Not every unit will be able to have these skills, but if a mini boss is surrounded by a platoon, expect them to behave the same. Q: How can I make sure my feedback is taken into consideration? A: You can engage more by joining the discord! It's the primary place for updates and taking in feedback. I will read these topics, but that is the hotspot for this project and any others.
  9. Hello question and I have downloaded Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn iso on Dolphin but when I start RFEE01 with geckos codes and Ar codes activated the codes do not work even though I have activated it in the settings.
  10. I was in a particular mood about an hour ago, one that made me really wanna do a draft of of these games. As such, I played around with the generic rules for both of these games to make a transfer draft ruleset. Looking for 4 other people to join in. Drafting: • This draft is for 5 players • Draft stretches across both FE9 and FE10 • This draft will be done on Hard Mode for both games • Ike, Titania, Micaiah, the Herons, the Black Knight, and Lehran are free for all to use • Any of the three laguz options are free for FE9 Endgame • Sothe, Geoffrey, Jill, and Lucia are free for FE10. If these units are drafted for FE9, you may choose one FE10 exclusive unit to draft additionally. • Haar is banned for FE10 • Haar and Largo are draftable for FE9 and allows for the same rule as the units in the above rule. • The draft will go for 12 rounds • Drafting will begin with FE9 characters, then move on to FE10 characters. The only exception are the special cases listed above • Drafting will follow a "1-2-3-4-5-5-4-3-2-1-1..." order Rules: • Undrafted units may recruit characters, Rescue and Shove/Smite undrafted characters and NPCs, trade, Escape/Arrive, find hidden items, and transfer items/skills between teams. • Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to meatshielding, building Supports, opening Doors and Chests, and giving Blood Tide/Night Tide/White Pool bonuses. • Partner and Other units may do as they please without penalty. • Defend chapters count the last played Player Phase for turns if the timer is waited out. • FE9 Chapter 27, Part 2 is not counted for final turncounts. • Transfer bonuses are allowed and expected Exceptions: • Reyson and Janaff/Ulki may be used to obtain the Knight Ring if undrafted. They may not perform any other disallowed actions without penalty. • One of Edward or Nolan is free for each of 1-P, 1-1 and 1-2. • Volug is free for 1-5. • Elincia, Marcia and Nealuchi are free for 2-P • Nephenee and Brom are free for 2-1. • One undrafted unit is free for 2-2. • One undrafted, 7 move unit is free for 3-1. • One undrafted, 6 move unit is free for 3-3 Draftable Units: 60/60 Oscar Boyd Rhys Gatrie Shinon Soren Mia Ilyana Mist Rolf Marcia Lethe Mordecai Volke Kieran Brom Nephenee Zihark Sothe* Jill* Astrid Makalov Stefan Tormod Muarim Devdan Tanith Janaff Ulki Calill Tauroneo Haar* Ranulf Bastian Lucia* Geoffrey* Largo* Elincia Ena Nasir FE10 Edward Leonardo Nolan Laura Aran Meg Volug Fiona Vika Nailah Nealuchi Heather Kyza Lyre Sigrun Skrimir Naesala Sanaki Tibarn Pelleas Stefan Oliver Bastian Caineghis Giffca Kurthnaga Renning Gareth Teams: Bjarne - Oscar RedMageRBM - Crimsonvolt - Burgerkong - Shimmerfang - Free Units: FE9 - Ike, Titania, Reyson FE10 - Micaiah, Sothe, Jill, Lucia, Geoffrey, Ike, Titania, the Herons, the Black Knight, Lehran
  11. @ the title sorry I don't make the rules ANYWAY I don't even know if I'm doing this right by posting here cuz I haven't seen a lot of art around but may as well anyway. Been working on this on and off over 3 days but I mean by that I mean I was painting it for like 2 hours and then edited minor details after because I have issues revisiting art I'm not doing immediately for some reason?? It's also drawn all on one layer! so that's fun! Anyone with eyes can see I'm a filthy apologist so here's my art. It's actually whatever is under his robes I honestly didn't even know either until I saw some concept art so yeah I guess. I never got around to polishing the hands and mug but lets overlook that pls dont kill me if im posting in the wrong place
  12. I will give my personal opinion about all units of part 1 with my ranking. After I have ranked them all, I put them together in a list. Since writing text walls requires some time, I will give a review for three characters per post. Note: This applies to hard mode. Micaiah Edward Leonardo Nolan Laura Sothe Ilyana Aran Meg Volug Jill Zihark Tauroneo Fiona Tormod Muarim Vika Nailah Rafiel Black Knight Ranking list Edit: In progress
  13. Greetings Serenes, I'm a long time FE player but only recently have started experimenting with modifying and hacking. I've read a lot of what many talented hackers have posted around the web and on this site and its pretty amazing what they have all done. Thanks to these hackers I've found it very easy how to modify what skills characters have, however one aspect of the game I can't seem to find codes for or otherwise how I would go about editing the actually activation rates/requirements for skills. For example, I would like to change the Vantage skill to operate either like it did in Path of Radiance, or how it acts in other games (always under 50% HP). Any help in trying to achieve this would be immensely helpful.
  14. I've been writing on and off for a while, but between a relatively recent replay of Echoes and a less-recent replaying of GotHW, I came up with a Crossover story centered around Sigurd surviving Belhalla in a modern AU where he finds himself barred from contacting anyone he ever knew. While I'll try to update it here first from here on, here's the first chapter of Little Chalphy (link leads to AO3, so warning if your Job/School forbids access to it). Any feedback is welcome here. While I've been translating documentation and whatnot for a long time, it was only up until a few years ago that I gained enough confidence to start writing fiction in English, so any daft bits you find that sound odd/goofy/out of place to you, do not hesitate to let me know. Good day to you all and thanks in advance.
  15. Which mainline Fire Emblem game do you feel hard the hardest soldiers and why?
  16. Greetings, dear citizens of SF. Today you will witness the setting in motion of a plan long in the making... Hattusili I and @Natalie play Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn ironman! Here are the rules. The starting player is decided by dice roll. After each battle, play switches from one player to the other. No restarting. On game-overs, play switches to the other player, who continues from the last save. There is no in-game punishment for a game-over. At the end of this let's play, the person with the most game-overs will buy the other dinner (in case of a tie, we split the bill). No swearing on this fucking thread, you little shits. We'll be playing Path of Radiance on normal, and Radiant Dawn on easy. The dice roll has happened, and it has chosen Natalie to begin. Alea iacta est.
  17. This thread is a concept. I will introduce each character of this game and explain how to use them properly in normal and hard mode. The difficulty spike is quite big for some units which change their usefulness and role. This is not going to be a rating thread although of course one character is more usable than the other one, but this thread shall serve for new people to this game and people who like certain characters, but could not figure out and exploit the best possible of them. Some characters who are more arguable like Edward or Fiona will get more explanation than the OP units like Tibarn and Caineghis who have a simple as clear role and purpose. The order of the unit's presentation will be in the chronological order of appearance time, so I will start with Micaiah and end with Lehran.
  18. Since I will have my fifth year of membership in this forum on 19/03/01, I came up with the idea to do a little special by letting you vote a LP of a game / mode I have not done before. However since I am unable to do videos with my tablet I must take Screenshots with my phone. Hopefully it will work out. The voting will last till 28th February, so I can start on 1st March.
  19. Sorry if it's the wrong board to ask it, but could someone tell me the process/the needed programmes to edit a unit's joining level/base stats? I'm a complete layman when it comes to hacking so I would love some detailed explanations, thanks in advance!
  20. Hello, I'm doing a run of Path of Radiance at the moment and was planning to do Radiant Dawn after that. Since I know you can data transfer your stats I wanted to ask you if it'll make the game too easy to do so.. Considering I'll be playing on the highest difficulty level. I planned to have a really good Sothe on Path of Radiance, but if it makes Radiant Dawn too easy I think I'll just skip that, since Sothe stats transfer totally. Has anyone played hard mode FE10 with a uber Sothe ? Does it remove the challenge ? :/
  21. I've been looking into trying a 0% growths run of Radiant Dawn but I had a few questions for the community. 1: I understand generally how to burn rns and whatnot in FE10, what I'm not sure on is how one actually determines the numbers to begin with. I know there's software for a lot of the older games that reads off upcoming rns and allows players to burn through until they get something favorable. Is there anything like this for FE10 or is it just trial and error, loading a save if you don't get the outcome you want? 2: Setting 0% growths involve modding the game file. I'd rather not spend several hours sifting through my files and the internet to do this so if anyone can tell me where exactly in the game files this is done (or if there are any existing 0% growths roms out there) I'd greatly appreciate it!
  22. For me, one of the stranger idea introduced in Radiant Dawn was arcane cards. I felt there were poorly implemented in the game due to few non magical characters in the game having a high enough magic stat to use it properly. In addition to the 1-2 range, and low which made it difficult to use. If it were going to be in up coming Fire Emblem game, it can benefit hybrid classes the most. Perhaps it can have different properties such as debuffing, or lower movement?
  23. I don't know where I got it from, but I thought to read somewhere that Ashera only attacks units who attacked her auras. In my latest run she decided to attack Gareth although he never attacked her auras. Does granting support count as attack as well, or is my theory just as random as wrong?
  24. I've done sth. like this before, but only on normal mode. This time I'll do it the hard way, means hard mode. It will be a new experience for me since I Never ever have done such a challenge like this in hard mode. My self set rules: in endgame each weapon type has to be represented with the worst rated character from this tierlist Sothe, Micaiah, Ike, Herons, BK are free to use at anytime in part 1 everyone may be used before Ilyana joins (means till 1-2) one Laguz may be used in 1-8 anyone may be used in 2-P - 2-2 and in 2-E before the CK's join one other unit besides Astrid may be used in 2-3 and maybe 3-9 (not sure yet) in part 3 everyone may be used before Heather and Ilyana join healers / arch sages may use staves at any time but not fight undrafted units may do anything except for fighting with a weapon; Laguz may not even counterattack untransformed bexp. may be used for the drafted units at any time I won't care for turncount at all, even if might take > 1000 turns.
  25. So i started modifying FE10 - Radiant Dawn a few days ago. All i can do is change already existed skill of classes and characters to another skills, every time i try to add more skills ( adding more byte to FE10data.cms) the game crash. Is there any rules for adding more byte to game data that i may try ? I also want to learn how to add more enemy to chapter.
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