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  1. Ever since Playable Avatar was a thing in NmotE and could also choose which class would you be in that game such as a Myrmidon, Cavalier or Mage in that FE game what do you choose to become it could be any other FE games regardless if there isn't an Avatar in some of the other FE game series. If I was, my choice would to become a Mercenary in New Mystery of the Emblem and be promoted as a Hero because I find Hero to be one of my favorite classes. The Rules: The class has to be from that FE game that you choose No being a lord, Final boss & other exclusive character classes(not even enemy exclusive monster classes) your allowed to choose being a Manakete or a Taguel Class can be an unpromoted or a promoted class from that FE game
  2. So, I keep hearing that the only way to "remove" a part of a model is to set textures to invisible. I've been using this guide: https://gamebanana.com/tuts/15140#H1_3 As well as this guide: https://www.tumblr.com/mathcat7/657978901385101312/textureedittutorial3 Everything seems to work out just fine, I can change colors and re-import without any problems. There is one tiny problem, however. I keep hearing that it's possible to "remove" parts of a model by giving it transparent textures. That's exactly what I've been trying to do. As far as I understanding, after taking the textures through Texture Remix, I need to set the background to black and then set everything I want to be invisible to black as well. The only problem is ... It doesn't work. Instead, the texture in game is displayed as black as well. Not invisible. Alternatively, I've also tried to edit directly the Alpha .TGA ... And no luck there either. All it does is make the black texture shiny. So, the question is, how exactly does one make a texture transparent in FE 14? Thankyou in advance. Attachments related: Pictures of what exactly happens when I try to "remove" the dark mage collar by making it transparent: EDIT: After being utterly confused for a couple hours. I unded up figuring out that it's the cl0d alpha which governs transparency for cl0n RGB. Problem solved. P.S.: I need a vacation.
  3. Fire Emblem If Fan Translation version 4.3 (released 04/2023) Hey everyone! It's been five long years since our last update. We're still here, and we're more determined than ever to deliver a finished translation. From now on, all patch releases and files can be found on our GitHub. This makes it easier for us to host patches, push updates more quickly, and track issues in a more organized manner. GitHub Repository: https://github.com/TeamIf/FireEmblemIf-FanTranslation Current Release: https://github.com/TeamIf/FireEmblemIf-FanTranslation/releases/latest Instructions and Other Tutorials: https://github.com/TeamIf/FireEmblemIf-FanTranslation/wiki The plan is to update the repository on a monthly basis while assembling ready-to-use patch releases once certain milestones have been reached. If you find any issues while playing with the patch, please let us know! We're using GitHub's issue tracker to keep track of typos and other potential problems. Issue Tracker: https://github.com/TeamIf/FireEmblemIf-FanTranslation/issues Current Progress (updated 2/7/2017) Credits: As always, we're on the lookout for new team members! If you'd like to lend a hand and either know Japanese or have a firm grasp of English grammar, we'd be happy to have you. For more information, just shoot me a PM.
  4. https://gamebanana.com/wips/62238 I’ve been working on this project for almost three years now, and I realized I’ve never actually posted it anywhere outside of discord servers and the mod site. I would love to hear what you all think of the work, and where it can ultimately be improved.
  5. Hey all, recently I've wanted to play Fates modded because I thought it would be fun. I've already installed Citra Nightly and the .cia file of fates and it works perfectly, however the mods (seemingly) don't work. I've done the load/mods/title ID correctly, and I did exactly what I did for Awakening when I modded that ages ago; I've extracted all the files, and they're in the romfs folder yet it still doesn't work. Any help would be appreciated, thanks all in advanced!
  6. There are lists for Quixotic and Hoshidan Unity but they're missing some skills. Based on the lists and the skill descriptions, it seems like Quixotic doesn't affect the bold skills, and Hoshidan Unity affects all of these skills: Aegis Aether Astra Brynhildr (can't obtain with Hoshidan Unity) Collector (can't obtain with Hoshidan Unity) Dragon Fang Dragon Ward Future Sight Good Fortune Goody Basket Ignis Lethality Luna Make a Killing (can't obtain with Hoshidan Unity) Miracle Miraculous Save (can't obtain with Hoshidan Unity) Opportunity Shot Pavise Profiteer Rend Heaven Salvage Blow Sol Toxic Brew Vengeance Witch's Brew Can anyone confirm if this list is complete and correct?
  7. Hello some of you might remember about my genealogy of the holy war and fates story swap post but yea this time its about what if sigurd and anankos were in each other's role like for example what if sigurd was the antagonist of fe4 instead of Julius and what if anankos was not the antagonist of fates like say what if Sigurd was influenced by tyrfring or something or corrupted by manfroy and anankos would a father who died while corrin was a baby and imagine seliph having to fight his father what story would you say about this ? Comment below to say
  8. Ok so hear me out what if fire emblem genealogy of the holy war and fire emblem fates revelations had a story swap so imagine Sigurd and seliph and anankos and corrin having game swap thus anankos would be the protagonist of the first gen and Sigurd would have been the antagonist and Julia and azura image that swapped and not to forget mikoto and deirdre imagine how the story would be if swapped so in other like role swap with a different fire emblem game would it be amazing or no ? What would the game be called because of the swap what class for corrin ? Or seliph ? How would the relationship between fathers and their children be like ? How would deirdre be if she was in mikoto's position or Julia in azura's position in fact would seliph be adopted by a royal family like corrin being adopted by nohr family ? What story would you guys imagine in this position would it be a good fanfic story
  9. it's been 5+ since i've picked up birthright/conquest respectively and wanted to do a lunatic run (not doing the harder of the two, smh, i know) — but since it HAS been years i was looking to see what other people think! what units are worth investing / any tips you feel like giving? anything's appreciated 🙂
  10. I just started a new playthrough of Revelation with the Unofficial Gay Fates mod and a patch that allows same-sex pairings to still produce their child units. Bearing this in mind, what would the most optimal pairings be, now that all pairings are possible?
  11. So I recently completed a Conquest draft that we will be playing on Hard/Classic mode, and aiming for a low turn count, as usual. Typical drafting rules are applied, namely that undrafted units cannot engage in combat or with drafted units whatsoever, exceptions being everyone before chapter 7, and Camilla in chapter 10, with two additional units. Some extra rules are no DLC, and I will also be excluding all Castle features besides the stores, smithy, and mess hall. Additionally, Jakob cannot be a mounted class until after chapter 15, and Corrin cannot reclass into a mounted class. My units are as follows: Corrin (F) Jakob Azura Xander + Siegbert Kaze + Midori Gunter Shura Effie Peri Shigure As I have never done anything like this, is there anyone who could offer some tips and advice? Maybe discuss not only individual clears but also long term strategy and resource allotment along with pairings and the like? If not, maybe someone could lead me to someone else or give me another place to post this? Any help and/or discussion is much appreciated! Also I can go Male Corrin, but I realistically see no reason not to. Lmk if that isn’t the case. Thanks.
  12. Something I was playing around with lately was switching around character recruitment order using Paragon. To do this, I was using the 'Replacing' function under core data in the characters section. It's basically a drop down menu on the character you want to replace that let's you select a character to replace them with. It was working great, but has all of a sudden stopped working for me at all, and I can't seem to figure out why. Even starting a new project with clean files and everything, I can't get this function to work anymore. Every other change I make to the rom, such as changing a name, item, stat, etc, is working just fine. It's just this one function that doesn't seem to work anymore. Anyone have any insight on this? I'd love to get it working again. Is there some obvious step I'm missing here?
  13. So, I recently got my hands on the Invisible Kingdom/Revelation side manga released for Fates. I’ve been translating it with online translators so I can read it, as I cannot read or speak Japanese, but there’s a few lines of dialogue that either the AI cannot detect the characters used or the translation comes out borderline nonsensical. Can anyone help translate these? Just a quick note—for the first two, the lines I need translated are the ones in black with a white border, in a font that resembles messy/quick handwriting.
  14. First of all, this is a custom built DLC by myself, meaning, THIS IS ONLY USABLE WITH CFW! It should also be noted that this DLC is for the western (USA) versions of FE Fates. DO NOT USE FBI TO INSTALL! USE BIGBLUEMENU INSTEAD. To uninstall the old version, an extdata wipe is needed, go to 3DS System Settings > Extra Data, and delete your FE Fates extra data, if you want to keep your saves, you'll need extra steps involving JK's Save manager. To keep your saves located in extra data, in JK's Save Manager, chose to dump the extra data for Fire Emblem Fates, inside the extdata dump, you will have a bunch of files starting with "g_", these are the asset files that need to be deleted, delete those from the extdata dump, delete your extra data from System Settings, then with JK's Save Manager inject your extdata back in after having deleted all of the "g_" files EXCEPT g_contents.bin V3 Notes: - Reconstructed Awakening Characters so that they no longer conflict with the Before Awakening DLC (NOTE: For some reason, Before Awakening still breaks, if you enter Before Awakening a 3rd time, your game will crash, the best way would be to save and reset every 2 visits, this is the best I can do to fix it from the character's side, the other fix has to be done from Before Awakening itself) - Fixed the reclass glitch on Awakening Characters! You can now reclass them without any weird costume Glitches, however, they WILL keep their unique outfit regardless of class, and Chrom will keep his sword attack animations and idle pose. - Frederick is no longer a Unique Great Knight, he is now a normal Great Knight, if you reinstall and already had Frederick on your save, please Reclass your Frederick into a normal Great Knight if he is still in his Unique Lance only GK class, or else he'll have no horse. - HOPEFULLY, as of V3, no further updates should require an extdata wipe to reinstall (V3 itself does however require one.) IT IS STRONGLY SUGGESTED THAT NONE OF THESE UNITS BE USED IN MULTIPLAYER, ANY BUGS/CRASH/BANS ARE YOUR FAULT. V4 Notes: Added a Generic Witch named Arfoire! Human Lilith has been added (LILITH MAY RANDOMLY CRASH YOUR GAME FOR NO REASON, I AM NOT RESPONSABLE FOR ANY UNSAVED PROGRESS LOST, USE AT OWN RISK) - Fixed crashing bug for Sumeragi and Mikoto in revelation (this sadly requires an extdata backup/wipe. V5 Notes: - Fixed Red side crash on certain units (this sadly requires an extdata backup/wipe if updating from previous version, again, soz) - Added Cipher characters + Amiibos -The loading times when initially loading the extdata when first starting the game have been massively improved and shortened. V6 Notes: - Small Update, Added Arete! - she's a scaling character, she will scale proportional to your story progress. - She's also a Jakob/Felicia, a prepromote who can level up to 40 while having an internal level of -1 so she gains exp as fast as an unpromoted unit. The DLC has now been reduced to only 1 entry, the Awakening character assets now gives you Chrom/Lissa/Frederick and a generic Witch, Garon/Sumeragi/Mikoto/Human Lilith, Cipher Marth/Lucina/Minerva, and also all 4 amiibo units, they all now come equipped with a weapon! DOWNLOAD LINKS: V6 Links: English - https://www.dropbox.com/s/qvjsb2p481azhel/EnglishV6.7z?dl=1 Undub - https://www.dropbox.com/s/a43sn46r9o3tdno/UndubV6.7z?dl=1 fe14unit files (includes Chrom/Lissa/Frederick/Mikoto/Sumeragi/Garon/Lilith, THESE WILL NOT WORK IF THE DLC IS NOT INSTALLED) https://www.dropbox.com/s/dhnxur3m6umhzld/fe14unit.7z?dl=1 Assorted screenshots:
  15. Hi, I've been wanting to do a draft race for a while now and because the draft section isn't particularly active right now, I thought I'd just set it up myself. Because I'm new to draft racing I thought I would do birthright, generally considered to be an easy game (+ I have the itch to play through it again). Most of the rules I'm putting down here I've just taken from people who have organised their own draft races for fates before. Drafting This is a 4-player draft Corrin, Azura and the first servant (Jakob for Female Corrin, Felicia for Male Corrin) are free for every player We will be playing on Hard/Classic Child units are drafted with their respective fathers (Kaze + Midori, Ryoma + Shiro etc.), with the exception of Kana, Shigure and Dwyer which are drafted separately from their parents. Units available for the prologue and chapters 1-6 are free and then cannot be used beyond chapter 7 unless drafted Rules The winner is the player with the lowest number of total turns by the end of the race. Undrafted units may: pair up with and trade with other undrafted units. They may not: Pair up with drafted units, be placed in range of an enemy, provide auras, healing or supporting drafted units, provide duel strikes/hit bonuses by standing next to drafted units. NPC units can do whatever they like. All paralogues will not count towards the final turn count up until 20 turns have passed. Paralogue 1 (Mozu's paralogue) must be completed immediately after Chapter 7. Challenge battles, invasion battles and random skirmishes are banned DLC and spotpass content is banned. Corrin is only allowed to reclass into a non-mounted class, but can pass on classes freely to spouses and children (e.g. Wyvern talent corrin would be allowed to pass on the talent to Kana and Corrin's spouse for them to reclass into but Corrin themselves would be not allowed to heart seal into Malig/Wyvern Lord, Dark Mage talent Corrin is allowed to reclass to sorcerer but not dark knight) The first servant is not allowed to reclass to a mounted unit until the second servant is recruited in Chapter 15. My Castle The Armoury, Staff Store, Character Statues, Arena, Lilith's Temple, Ore spots, Hot Spring and Puppets are the only buildings allowed to be constructed and upgraded You may not trigger any conversations in My Castle (These can cause random stat boosts and give you random items) Penalties Using an undrafted unit described above as not allowed results in a 10-turn penalty per instance, unless the chapter is reset. If a stat boost is gained from a random conversation in My Castle that unit is not allowed to be used in the next chapter until the boost is over. If an item from these conversations then the item must simply be discarded with no further penalties. These rules are not entirely set in stone. If you have a suggestion for a change then let me know and I'll consider it. And that should be everything. I'm not entirely convinced that there is enough interest for this race so I haven't made a discord server for this just yet. If you are interested let me know in the replies and I'll make the necessary preparations.
  16. I’m currently writing the script to a video on a Fire Emblem Fates iceberg chart that I made, and one of the surface-layer entries is about the #BlameTakumi meme. I’ve been trying to find the original source of it, but I’m drawing some blanks. Most sources I checked refer to some Twitch stream where the chat came up with it, but I can’t find the name of the streamer anywhere. Can anyone help?
  17. hello! made an account just for this lmao i'm playing on an emulator and i'm trying to add multiple avatar units to one save file but i'm having trouble figuring it out. i've speedrun the game three times (not very good times pls don't ask what they are) just to add three barely-touched corrins to the logbook and i'm wondering if there's a faster way i wanna play through the game with my brothers with each of us using our own avatar units, i thought it would be fun but having to abuse ryoma and speedrun to the endgame is time consuming : (
  18. How does one do it? I am trying to import Morgan from FE13 as a playable character in FE14. I have never done any model edits in FE before, I can only create custom supports and portraits. Also, can I import the files from FE13 to FE14? Thanks in advance.
  19. I just got done with Conquest Lunatic (which was a rollercoaster to say the least), during which I found out the wonders of Corrin!Ophelia, sol ninjas and skill stacking in general. Shoutout to zoran on youtube for that. Now I’m planning for a second play through of Conquest Lunatic and I wanted some opinions on a build I had in mind for Forrest which was inspired how amazing my Ophelia was. I realize Forrest probably won’t be able to compare to the holiness that is Ophelia but i’m honestly just doing this for fun. Firstly I planned for his mother to be +Magic -Strength Corrin. According to this fates calculator I use, his individual growth rates will be as such: 50hp/25str/57.5mag/27.5skl/42.5spd/35lck/27.5def/42.5res It seems he’ll struggle quite a bit with hitting the right side of a barn, but hopefully those luck growths from Troubadour and Strategist will help that. As for inheritance I wanted to have Leo pass down vantage from A+ with Odin, and I’m open to suggestions for Corrin. As for skills, so far I wanted Elbow Room from A+ with Siegbert, , Quick Riposte from S with Soleil, Malefic Aura, and maybe heartseeker with inheritance from Corrin for the last two. Along with his personal Fierce Counter I believe this setup will make him an absolute monster against male enemies during ep. I’d like some thoughts on what I could do to improve it though, or if you even believe this setup will work.
  20. Owain is my favorite Fire Emblem character alongside Ike. He is a very well written character for someone who is considered comic relief. His character revolves around him putting on a facade of an eccentric hero (chosen hero by fate and the sort). He does this to mask the trauma and anguish he feels of losing his parents and to put on a brave face for his comrades and make them feel better. It's cool to see a game go into the psychological aspect of a character while also making it their trait that makes them stand out. Owain can be hilairous and silly but he can also be romantic and sensitive too. He has hope that they truly can change the future of the time that has not been affected by Grima yet. It would be amazing to see an anime about Owain in particular. He is just so interesting and gives off the same vibe Steins Gate's Okabe Rintarou (Hyouin Kyouma) does, being over top and eccentric but also dramatic and deep as a character. The supports I particularly like are his Severa/Selena, Inigo/Laslow, Morgan, Lucina, Ophelia, Leo supports. I ship him with Severa in particular because I find it hilairous and sweet how someone like Owain, with his chuunibyou tendencies can win over a tsundere like Severa's heart. (Also because their dynamic is practically Okabe and Makise from Steins Gate in a way lol). I like the awakening trio's dynamic, they are immature and clearly dealing with their trauma rough in awakening, but you see them grow and develop in fates and change for the better. (Owain still has his quirks, even moreso tbh, but that's beside the point). I love that its revealed that Severa named her weapon after Owain since the beginning because he was always special to her. I love the fact that in Odin's S support, he mans up like a true man and tells the woman he loves how he feels (a lot of men can learn from him). His bromance with Inigo is hilarious. I love how Inigo is such a bully to Owain but then they eventually become best friends by Fates. You clearly see their bond in Fates and how long they have been friends. This all leads to their dlc paralogue in Fates (which I'm so happy they did and I would have wished it became its own side story game at one point or even anime OVA because they have such a wonderful dynamic.) Now I understand that the story of the dlc is dragged down by Fates writing. But if we are talking about just the interactions alone shared by these 3, it's surprisngly believable and well written. I enjoyed the paralogue so much in fact, that it made me want this dream of having an OVA of these 3 guys to become a reality. It just surprised me to have me fall in love with these characters (especially Owain) that were just side characters in their respective games. It's great. I married Lissa to my Avatar, so Owain is my son. Which means I got to see the wonderful sibling support with Owain and Morgan which is very well done as well. They feel like true siblings and I like seeing Owain in a big brother role, it shows he takes responsibilty for his family (as they are the only survivors of their own) and that he truly cares for his sister and will protect her at any cost. Lastly is his wonderful support with his very own daughter, Ophelia. His daughter is literally the splitting image of his mother in looks and splitting image of him in personality. It's so entertaining to see these two together and play in this eccentric fantasy they created. In Ophelia's case, though less reason being of a trauma, but moreso as just being chuunibyou in general (probably due to Odin's influence). She wants to become a "Chosen One" like her father, as that is the title their family strives for some reason. By the A support, a rare side of wisdom is shown from Odin. He tells Ophelia that all that stuff about chosen ones is nonsense. To Ophelia's surprise, she is disheartened by the news. But, Odin reveals it does not matter because she carries the blood of his mother, one of a legendary hero, and a father who died saving his life. He goes on and tells Ophelia, that she can be proud of who her ancestors were but that she isn't chosen for the same role, such as he. His message basically states its okay to be a side character but sometimes, the side ensemble is what makes the main heroes shine brigther. "A strong side ensemble ensures that the star shines brightest of all". I found this line particuarly touching and deep. And I won't lie, even teared up by the end of the support. It doesn't matter if you are paritcualrly special or talented. What matters is that you can help someone that IS, and your wisdom and help can aid someone that can do something great for the world. And knowing you were apart of their journey and growth makes it all the reason worth in doing your part. Because you were the one to help them shine brightest of all. You were their Chosen Ones. Thank you for reading my thread. It got a little philosphical there at the end but I guess I just like to take something special and meaningful out of the things I consume from video games. I believe that's a good trait to have though. Let me know your guys' thoughts on Owain and why he is OUR Chosen One ❤
  21. I decided to s-rank my MU with Laslow just cause I wanted to get a boost in Lck and skill most of all in Kana and Soleil since I’ve chosen Lck as my bane and str as my boon. I also recently gotten Soleil from her paralogue and reclassed her to Nohrian Princess but herein lies my dilemma unfortunately: Idk if Nohrian or Hosidan noble is worth saving my great lord seal for Selena!Caelodori, since my main reasons for reclassing Soleil into one of these 2 avatar based special classes is 1.) mainly to get Dragon Fang since she didn’t get in inherited from my MU unfortuantely and 2.) I also wanted to see if it would increase her bulk overall unlike hero or bow knight. Are there any advantages of reclassing Soleil into Nohrian noble and any disadvantages or does she want to be in the Hoshidan noble class for better bulk overall? I’m so torn cause I don’t want her to go the canon Great lord route (saving that for Selena!Caeldori). Thoughts or advice please?
  22. I have gone through millions of calling cards from my certain My castle peeps but none of them sadly have the one skill that I desperately need for Shigure, later on in the Conquest chapters when I am planning to use him with F!Kana, against bow flyers and snipers in general. I’ve also scouted through the various forums on here to try and see if any of the My castle address have any Bowbreaker skills for Shigure but to no luck. If anyone that still plays Fates nowadays has a Shigure with a Bowbreaker, I will forever be in your debt and in exchange you can get the best kind of defensive and offensive type of skills from my 2 different Fates My Castles. Also a Nina with any counter based skill or offensive based skill is also fine (same with Shigure, if Bowbreaker isn’t available, I can always settle for Aegis as a second option). Please and Thank you. Edit: Also I’m in NA and I forgot there is region-locking in this game, so any NA castles that have Shigure with Bowbreaker is what I need. First Castle information: Chosen Path: Nohr Avatar Name: Liam Castle Name: Imperial Gate Castle address: 12978-39237-09749-52177 Units on deck: MU: Grisly Wound, Letahlity, Draconic Hex, Nohrian Trust Azura: Pavise, Aptitude, Rend heaven (also have aegis and Astra if needed) Niles: Luna, Swordbreaker, Bowfaire, Lucky 7 Elise: Live to Serve, Amaterasu, Renewal, Aptitude (also have rally strength) Odin: Lifetaker, Rend heaven, Aptitude, Astra, Death Blow Camilia: Death Blow, Sol, Bowbreaker, Dragon fang, Vantage Selena: Counter, Dragon Fang, Astra, Rend heaven, Death Blow Kaze: Luna, Lethality, Astra, Lethaility Effie: Lancefiare, Armoured Blow, Wary Fighter Second castle Information: Chosen path: Valla Avatar name: Nacrina Castle name: Abyss Depths Castle address: Same as first castle Units on deck: MU: Lethality, Astra, Draconic hex, Nohrian Trust, Azura: Pavise, Aptitude, Vantage Jakob: Luna Subaki: Bowbreaker, Death Blow, Lifetaker, Rend heaven Takumi: Aptitude, Quixotic, Astra, Rend heaven, Death Blow Sakura; Counter, Renewal, Aptitude, Miracle, Rally lck Hana: Luna, Aptitude, Sol Kaze: Aptitude, Luna, Lethality Units I have that are available upon request: Hayato: Pavise, Aegis, Tomefaire, Rally magic Hinata: Warding Blow, Renewal, Lancebreaker
  23. So I’m about to start my first play through of Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright and I need some help pairing M!Corrin. I’ve narrowed it down to Azura, Sakura or Rhajat but I don’t know who to pick. Who is going to give good stats and classes to Kana? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  24. Here are some Nightmare modules for Fire Emblem Fates I've just made: https://github.com/RainThunder/fefates-tools For those who wonder what Nightmare is, it is a software that let you hex edit every file via modules. With Nightmare, even those who don't have any knowledge in data structure and hex editing can still edit the game's files and make some cool stuff. Instruction and documentation and be found in the README file and wiki of the repository.
  25. Sadly no pictures because quality reasons Well, I've encountered a total of 3 hackers on online matches. These were the hacks they did: 1.) Changing everyone's Mov to 20. I don't even think it is possible to get over 11, let alone 20! The thing that really made me surrender was the warp skill that EVERYONE had. It basically made it so they could move wherever they wanted in a short amount of time. They also had replicate but that's different. 2.) Takumi with Point Blank. I don't know if it is DLC in Japan but I know it is impossible to get in America at the moment. 3.) All Stats at 70 without pairing or skills. Most of the skills that their units had were the skills that can be activated or aren't active at the start of the game. These type of units are basically invisible. It is possible to get a hit or two on them but that is mainly it. Post some of the hackers you have encountered and/or the ones to look out for. Thankfully there is no punishment in online battles but it is very annoying to see someone just hack there way through battles. Here's some pictures of Fates Hackers that I found on the internet. Thank you!
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