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  1. Ever since Playable Avatar was a thing in NmotE and could also choose which class would you be in that game such as a Myrmidon, Cavalier or Mage in that FE game what do you choose to become it could be any other FE games regardless if there isn't an Avatar in some of the other FE game series. If I was, my choice would to become a Mercenary in New Mystery of the Emblem and be promoted as a Hero because I find Hero to be one of my favorite classes. The Rules: The class has to be from that FE game that you choose No being a lord, Final boss & other exclusive character classes(not even enemy exclusive monster classes) your allowed to choose being a Manakete or a Taguel Class can be an unpromoted or a promoted class from that FE game
  2. I've lurked around these parts for a long time, but never thought to share anything until now. It might be the biggest writing project I've ever taken on before, and it's in a pretty unconventional format... The Garreg Mach Bulletin is a weekly email newsletter in the style of something like Dracula Daily, if you're familiar with that. Every Monday, I've been sending out a bulletin on behalf of the Officers Academy, slowly reliving the events of Imperial Year 1180 from Three Houses to celebrate the game's five-year anniversary (get it?). It's all written as a completely serious college newsletter, with messages from staff members, announcements, weekly sections... and as the year progresses, I'll be adding sections like the advice box and student columns. What's more, emails also get sent out on every character's birthday, with a very special message from them! Sharing a project like this has proven difficult, because as somebody who's used to writing fanfiction, there isn't a great platform to share something like GMB. Even if you don't feel like signing up (although now would be a great time, given that the events of the game are just beginning and Byleth's about to take over the bulletin), I'd love to have some eyes checking out the pieces I've written for it already. https://garregmachbulletin.substack.com/ It would be great to hear some thoughts!
  3. I've always wondered this playing Genealogy of the Holy War, but what made having Major Blood so special than having Minor Blood? While I get only Major Blooded characters can wield the Divine Weapons of their respective bloodlines, it still never made sense to me storywise. Were they meant to be the next incarnation of the Crusaders to stand against Loptyr? or were they simply meant to signify who was important and who wasn't? I do like that three Houses kind of abolished this kind of weird mechanic as it doesn't matter if you have a Major or Minor Crest you can still wield your bloodline's Hero Relic or Sacred Weapon. But why didn't they just call them Crests then?
  4. Note: this is just my opinion. It is simply just my feelings and thoughts about this and my goal is simply to make fans of the game happy and encourage them to try something for fun!! That is all. This isn't meant to be taken so seriously and overanalyze the game design. I am well aware of the poor design choices of the game and am not defending those choices. I am simply giving a way to tackle the game and make it available to fans who have doubts of trying an iron man due to many urging against it, but for those who might really want to. So let's all have a pleasant discussion. Anything otherwise will be ignored, so don't bother, and keep your thoughts to yourself if you don't have anything nice to say. Just like you have your opinion, I have mine. Now let's begin!! After now completeing both a Hard & Maddening Iron Man, I just want to give my thoughts on here. A lot of people have said it isn't possible or isn't fun to do. And I want to just urge anyone who hasn't tried it and loves Three Houses to give it a shot. After playing this game I can confirm, it is very doable to do 1. A Hard Mode Iron Man on ANY route 2. A Maddening Iron Man on the Crimson Flower Route (bare minimum) If you allow yourself to use all the tools the game gives you, it is a very fun and an okay investment of your time to do if you are a fan of Three Houses and willing to try it. Prepare yourself though, it requires you to throw away everything you know about iron manning with other fire emblem games. It is a very different game after all. You have to be willing to put in a lot of work if you want to accomplish completing this (mostly Maddening. Hard is a lot more doable). For Maddening, you want to make sure you study the reinforcement spawns of every map before each map so you know what to expect. It's not as time consuming as you think. All it takes is a few minutes of one's time to look on the fire embelm wiki. It has all the reinforcements spawns laid out for you there. For the arguement of what happens when you lose a unit, you simply want to recruit any students by using renown to get them up to A support so you can replace them with your fallen unit. Be ready though, because after timeskip, you want to try to lose as few amount of units as possible. But do not worry. Right before the timeskip initiates, make sure to recruit every other student and ashen wolf you can, so that way if someone dies, you have someone to replace them. Now how is this possible? They might be too low leveled you say? You want to make sure you have Professir Rank A at all times (use renown in the very beginning of the game for this) then simply use your 3 adjutant spots to train up 3 backup units, as they will train up just enough every battle to be able to replace any fallen units. Make sure you obtain the experience gem, so that way if you need to train them for the next battle when you are grinding (which you should do atleast twice a month for maddening anyways) you can slap the exp gem on them and level them up very quickly. If you have a knowledge gem you can also quickly get them to learn Death blow or Fiendish blow respectively (if they are phys or magic units) and they will be all set to replace your previous units. This is a hardcore, balls to the wall iron man challenge, so you must be prepared. It will not hold your hand and give you units throughout the game like other ones, so you have to make use of as many of the things the games give you. If you have any questions from me, I have all the info provided to tackle this challenge if you want to try it out for yourself. Also, check out my recent playthrough of me doing a Maddening Mode Iron Man for Three Houses on the Crimson Flower Route. It was quite the amazing journey!! It has everything there to help you on your quest for Three Houses Iron Man: Hard mode: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtQEfrONYtZDePBPySFz_fWEDAvxkWVHt Maddening Mode (recommended for guide): https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtQEfrONYtZAncP2aQE64q_wluxpvYoIv Also here are some random recommendations I have for tackling your first Three Houses Iron Man: 1. Get the Thyrsus. Its very useful, especielly combined with magic range+ skills and 3 range spells. It gives you A LOT of coverage!! 2. Make Knowledge Gem a priority!! There are 2 you can get in the game, and they are very helpful for completing classes for skills as early as possible that can help you A LOT on your run!! One is in the "Tale of the Red Canyon" Paralogue (in the chest). And one on Chapter 11 (by collecting all the crest stones in that map). 3. Experience gem is helpful for training up backup units who are falling behind in levels, so if you want that quick replacement, use this!! Be sure to pick this one up in the Hanneman/Manuela Paralogue. (JUST BE VERY CAREFUL, use rescue or stride to get Manuela to safety, she is in a very scary spot) 4. Try to always have some units with the "Shove" or "Draw Back" combat art. You will be surprised how much this comes in handy in emergencies when you make a mistake. It can make the difference between your unit dying and surviving to live another day. 5. Use DLC (if possible). It's not mandatory, but the Ashen Wolves, and DLC classes are VERY useful (for Maddening Mode especially). Dark flier and Valkyrie have some amazing utility that will help a lot in mid game/end game. 6. Battalions are your friend. They boost stats, so make sure you give ones that give necessary boosts. Crit to critters. Hit rate for shaky hit rate units. Tankyness for your tank units. Avoid for your fast ones. And strength/magic you might want all the time for most of your units that are attacking constantly. Having Impregnable Wall, Blessing, Stride, Dance of the Goddess are super useful, so be sure to use them and keep them safe. Because if a unit falls while holding onto one of these battalions, you will lose them forever. So try to keep them on units you keep out of danger most of the time!! 7. ALWAYS take your time and play when you are in the right state of mind. It's not worth it if you are tired. You are likely to make mistakes and lose a lot of your hard-earned progress. So play when you are AWAKE and concentrating!! (Then again, that's what makes this iron man so hardcore and devastating if you lose. Making it more thrilling and rewarding for everything you accomplish. It's not for the faint of heart, so beware and prepare yourself if you fail!!) 8. Do not take too long of a break from your iron man and try not to play other fire emblem games during your run. It may confuse you coming back from it and adjusting to all the three houses-only mechanics again, it can easily cause mistakes, so be cautious of this!! 9. Don't be afarid to use what you need to!! Someone once told me Maddening Iron Man isn't forgiving, so shouldn't you. Use DLC items, classes, characters, renown. Don't resrict yourself. A lot of people like to put self-implemented restrcitions for other FE games, but for this game, I do not recommend it at all. You are justified for anything you use for this challenge, since this is a lot harder to iron man than other games. Also side note: I'm here to vouch that I didn't use renown for class skill levels. I trained those up naturally. So I recommend doing that too for a more natural challenge. It trains yourself to make every Instruct/Seminar session count. But that's only if you want to, it is a very hard challenge so only do what you feel is doable for YOU. 10. Professor Rank A is a must!! Atleast.... if you hate the monastery. The monastery is slow to get through sometimes and you are going to need it a lot. If you want to reduce time however, and do not want to gift all your students constantly to get all those motivations up, simply feed all your units with your plentiful amount of activity points that are available to you at the very start of the game if you simply use renown to make your Byleth get Professor Rank A. Feeding students is very necesarry and you're gonna want to always maximize the amount of times you instruct them at max motivation. Getting those skills as early as possible, especially in Maddening is very helpful. (Death blow, fiendish blow, darting blow, hit +20 etc.) 11. Rescue or Warp are very helpful. Try to have them on your team if you can. I personally didn't have rescue on my current maddening iron man run, but a flier with warp can help as a nice rescue alternative in emergency, since you are able to canto out of the danger zone in certain situations. 12. Right before timeskip, put every single convoy weapon in all of your units inventory (even the ones you recruited who aren't doing anything). All your inventory gets fully charged up on durability and is a very nice exploit when you're low on money or ore. 13. Make sure to get money, ore and meat when necesarry. Always do the highest level maps to get as much experience as possible when grinding in between main battles. Make sure you are at a good level to take them on though. If you need rare ore, do get it!! It's helpful for forging good weapons and repairing if needed. Money is good when you don't want to repair and simply want to buy weapons to replace them. 14. Reminder: For backup units, if you have the extra resources, make sure they are getting to their classes they need to, so that way when they are needed as a replacement unit, they are already halfway through getting the necesarry skills to keep up (like death blow and fiendish blow etc.) 15. Protect Byleth, your lord, and your waifu at all costs!! You lose the run when you lose Byleth, Edlegard, Dimitri or Claude. And we all know deep down we lose... when we lose our waifu in our iron man.... Jokes aside. Always pay attention to the Defeat Condition. If there is a unit on there that can cause a game over. PROTECT THEM AT ALL COSTS. While not mandatory, Alert stance+, Sword Avoid, Brawl Avoid, guard adjutants and the Blessing gambit on these units, help keep you at ease during the maps throughout the run!! Speaking of guard adjutants.... 16. Guard adjutants are very helpful. Your backup units aren't doing much. You may want to sometimes have them in brigand or mage during easy grind maps so they can get death blow or fiendish blow ASAP. But when you are doing main story maps, have them get to armor knight or brawler as soon as possible!! These provide you with guard adjutants and if you are at Professor Rank A, you can protect 3 of your precious units from a fatal hit once per battle!! That's very helpful!! So protect Byleth, protect Edelgard, protect your waifu (that's what I did xD) or any other unit that causes a Defeat Condition and you should be good to go!! 17. Do not take on paralogues if you feel it's too high of a risk. In fact do not do most of them!! It is not worth losing a unit over getting a simple item you wanted. You want to do the least amount of high-risk maps as possible during this run!! Unless you are VERY familiar with the paralogues and their reinforcements, do not do them, they are not necesary. It is entirely doable to complete the iron man without them. However. The knowledge gem and thyrsus paralogues are VERY worth the risk, trust me. Just be careful!! 18. New Game+ is very much recommended. It allows you to carry over gambits that you can't have in certain routes on a normal run, and you can use renown all you want to do literally everything I recommended you SHOULD do xD 19. Have fun. If you fail, do not worry. Chapter 2 is dumb, so don't worry about failing on it. I and many others have got crit several times just to officially start the run correctly 🤣 Don't let that discourage you!! This is probably the worst designed map in the game for an iron man specifically, so feel free to not count it as an iron man map if you don't want to and start at chapter 3!! Edit: 20: Chapter 5, make sure Gilbert dies and that he doesn't trigger any of the archers from above. Avoid these danger zones at all costs!! All the units randomly just start charging you if you get in the range of units at the top. So be VERY careful. 21. Also be weary of enemy skills like vantage, miracle, or wrath-type skills. Always check skills and battalions on enemies every so often!! There will be times where it may catch you off guard, so be weary!! 22: On Chapter 4, the Death Knight randonly moves and this triggers when the dark mage reinforcements stand next to him. Either defeat them before then, or be ready to defeat the Death Knight or the boss before he reaches you. Note: this is an Iron Man, so it is without divine pulses or retreating allowed since that kinda defeats the purpose of an iron man run. I thought this was obvious, which is why I didn't state it at first (since that is similar to not using Mila's Turnwheel during an iron man of Echoes). But I will mention it here just in case. Hope there is no confusion now 🙏 (End of edits) I will be making a video version of this topic, so look forward to it soon!! I will try to use video examples to showcase the different tips!! Thank you for reading and I love you all!! I hope this either convinced you to try an Three Houses iron man for yourself or at the very least intrigued you to read about what it took to complete an iron man on Three Houses for me personally!! God bless and keep gambitting my fellow iron manners!! (P.S Hapi best girl ❤️)
  5. We were SO close last time.... Let's do it.... My 2nd attempt at the Maddening Iron Man begins now:
  6. After a 2 month hiatus, we are finally back with our Fire Emblem: Three Houses Pick My Units Iron Man Run (on Maddening Mode) As a reminder, these were the units chosen for the PMU: Mortal Savant Hapi (by: Father Shrimpas) Warmaster Hanneman (by: Saint Rubenio) Swordmaster Raphael (by: Benice) Holy Knight Ingrid (by: Lonestar) Trickster Jeritza (by: Dayni) Wyvern Lord Annette (by: Sooks) Warrior Constance (by Dr. Shaky Jones) Valkyrie Lysithea (by: Ether) Sniper Mercedes (by: AnonymousSpeed) Paladin Hubert (by: Barren) Dismounted Falcon Knight Byleth (by: Ether) Dancer Edelgard (by: The ChoZen One) And the PMU Rules: - Maddening Mode - Iron Man (No divine pulses or resets, If Byleth or Edelgard dies, the run ends. No retreating. If a defeat condition is met, the run ends. Paralogues and all!!) -Units have to be in their respective chosen classes as soon as the classes to them are available and from the moment they are, they have to be used for every chapter battle (can only be changed temporarily during auxiliary battles when training to get skills) - Iron Man Officially Starts at Chapter 2 (Chapter 1 will not count to save time) - No Chalice of Beginnings, Start game stat boosters. - Ashen Wolves, Anna, & Jeritza are allowed - New Game+ - Using NG+ Renown to raise Skill level is not allowed. Only for supports (to recruit students) and to get Professor Rank A. - Abyss Renown items are allowed depending how difficult the run gets. As well as the Yellow Aux battles as well as carry over gambits from a previous new game file (including Ashes and Dust) But I will refrain from using anything I feel is not necessary. I will use these most likely though. - DLC classes are allowed. - I am allowed to look at map/enemy data on stream to check ambush reinforcement placements & triggers. - The battle of the eagle and lion will be treated as an iron man map. If someone dies, I can't use them again. - If a Unit dies, already start preparing your votes for the backup units I will use (Give a unit and a class you want them to be in). So far we have Warrior Ignatz and Armor Knight Manuela. Streaming Part 4 now!!:
  7. Your fellow Chosen One needs his sword hand (you guys) to accomplish this task!! I never tried a PMU and it sounds like a lot of fun honestly!!! I thought I was done with Three Houses and was gonna take a break from it after my Maddening Iron Man I streamed on Youtube.... But now I wanna stream a PMU of Three Houses next!! I want to make it more interactive and get you guys more involved in one of my playthroughs.❤ Let's make it REALLY fun!! Rules: - Comment a unit you want me to use. And the end class or class path line you want them to be in. (Has to be a master class, advanced class, or DLC class that you want me to get them towards by the endgame) Feel free to meme. 😉 (ex: Ignatz=Mage>Warlock>Dark Knight) - If someone else says a unit you want to vote for as well, mention that comment in yours and let me know you vote for it as well to add to the vote for that character for me to use. That will count as your pick and will add to the chance of me using that character. - This will be an Maddening Iron Man on Crimson Flower (Hilda, Catherine, Alois, Cyril, Flayn, Seteth, Gilbert, & Dedue won't be available in this route. But Hubie will 😉) - You guys get to pick the class for Female Byleth and Edelgard. Meme away. (Include this in your comment) - Hapi & Jeritza have to be 2 of the picks. You guys are allowed to pick their classes tho 😏 (Include this in your comment) - New Game+ (obviously, so we can recruit the guys you want me to use haha) - You guys are allowed to handicap my units as much as possible, so if you want them to be in a class that's REALLY unviable for them. Go ahead. However, I am allowed to use any New Game+ or dlc feature to compromise. I will try not to, depending on the severity of the handicap. If it's not that difficult, then I won't use anything, but I will adjust accordingly if things get TOO difficult lol Don't want things to get too unfair - Until we get 12 characters, I will then start the PMU Iron Man and stream it on Youtube. (If they're are more than 12, whichever 12 gets the highest votes are the ones I pick) -If a unit dies during the playthrough pre timeskip, the units who had less votes than the selected 12 will be the backup units I pick. -If there is no more than 12 or the remaining choices die. You guys get to vote for who I get to replace them with when and if that time comes. (Will update this forum constantly so you guys can be made aware when to vote during the playthrough if this happens. So if you want to be notified for when that happens, follow this forum) - Before I reach timeskip I will recruit every single student I can and you guys can vote for the 3 backup units we use if a unit dies during timeskip when that time comes. (They will serve as an adjutant until a unit dies) - Iron Man begins after the Mock Battle (no one dies permanently until afterwards). The Battle of the Eagle and Lion however, will be counted as an Iron Man map tho. Shoutout to my good friend Dr. @Shaky Jones and another amazing FE content creator @Atano, for inspiring me to try this out. Seen them into these type of playthroughs and thought, hey, I have to try this out for the first time on stream!! XD Seems super fun!! Go support their respective PMUs as well!! Shaky Jones is doing Shadow Dragon on the forums and according to him, that's based, so go give DSFE some love!! Atano is also doing FE3H on youtube, so go show him some love as well!! They are great!! I look forward to your guys' submissions, you have NO idea!! I am so excited for this!! The FE3H hype continues on my channel I suppose.... This been your fellow Hapi birthday cake lover.... and I hope to have a lot of fun doing this PMU with you guys and meet lots of new friends along the way on here and the stream!! 🥰
  8. Hello everyone!! The PMU (Pick My Units) will begin soon!! The units have been officially picked by you guys and their respective classes!! Check out the Announcement video to see who has been CHOSEN (heh) and all the details on the run!! (I hope you enjoy the bits of satire in it xD I worked hard on it and had a lot of fun making this video 😄) I will update this thread constantly with the rules and my team again, and also when I start to stream it!! So make sure to follow this thread if you don't want to miss any updates to the run!! If you'd like, you can start picking more units for me just in case for my backup units, that way if anyone dies, we can quickly replace them if something goes wrong. Thank you and hope to see you all there!! We are starting today, stay tuned for the livestream!!
  9. Iron Man Rules: - No resets, & no retreating. If a Defeat Condition is met, Run ends. Paralogues and all!! - No Divine Pulse AT ALL. This is a TRUE Iron Man run!! - Only 5 backup units allowed to replace potential deaths. Adjutants are allowed and are excluded from the 5. As long as they are not deployed on the battlefield as anything other than an adjutant after the death count exceeds 5. (This only takes effect after the timeskip) - No Chalice of Beginnings, Start game stat boosters. - Ashen Wolves, Anna, & Jeritza are allowed - New Game+ - Using NG+ Renown to raise Skill level is not allowed. Only for supports (to recruit students) and to get Professor Rank A. - No Abyss Renown items allowed. I must forge my Bolt Axe and Killer Knuckles if I want them lol. - DLC classes are allowed. - Endgame team can't have more than 2 units in the same class. (No full wyvern team, full dark flier team allowed, etc.) - I am allowed to look at map/enemy data on stream to check ambush reinforcement placements & triggers. - The battle of the eagle and lion will be treated as an iron man map. If someone dies, I can't use them again. I am beyoned excited to try this!! This is my first Iron Man on Maddening. And my second Iron Man run overall on the channel. This will be on the Crimson Flower Route and I will have japanese voices on just to change it up since I heard the game so many times on English, haha. This is going to be one of the craziest experiences on my channel so I appreciate all the support!! This is will be one of the only few fully commentated Maddening Iron Mans on Youtube. So I am excited to accomplish this challenge with you all!! I will be streaming this from today onward. And will update this forum with my team every so often to show you guys my progress!! We are LIVE right now with Part 1!!: https://youtu.be/biuLMiFpoNQ
  10. During my Iron man run that I am streaming, we made a funny tier list where we we ranked the reactions of the characters of Three Houses to a certain story death. This is based on their condolences and their overall voice acting performance when you speak to them in the monastery during that month. It was a hilarious time doing this on stream!! Some surprising rankings. Comment your thoughts and if you have any questions on my reasoning for certain placements!! It will be fun to discuss LOL xD This was the stream where we ranked them and the timestamp is 7:24:30: https://youtu.be/ONSPLInqjCU
  11. So I was just doing a casual playthrough and fooling around with a couple of units (including my precious best girl, Hapi, as always lol). I decided to try some silly builds on some of my units. So I see the budding talemt for Hapi is.... axes? So I decide, you know what? Let me give her some strength growth since hers is actually pretty decent for a mage. Put her in brigand>mage>wyvern>wyvern lord and this is how she turned out!! Now imagine if I picked up Darting blow, Death blow or even Axe crit +10. Her crit with a killer axe would have been in the 70's when strapped with a Critcal ring!! She can hit in both Physical and magic, due to her natural magic and resistance growth being so good. She only needs to sit in mage until she masters it for fiendish blow and it will be enough to keep her main stats up and let the growths from the axe classes bring her other stats to a whopping 30+ on almost every stat. That way she can crit with killer axe and use magic range damage with bolt axe, while her strength and speed compensate the weapon weight pretty well honestly!! She knows. She's buff as heck. What of it? It's canon after all 😏
  12. As I get closer to starting my first Maddening Iron Man. I been debating whether to do New Game or New Game+. Originally I was gonna do it without NG+ for more challenge and intense moments. But then I found some aspects of both kinda having pros and cons. So I want to ask YOU guys. Which one would you watch. Or does it not matter much and both would be pretty much equally entertaining, being it's a tough challenge either way? Let me know!! 😁 New Game Maddening Iron Man - Pros: -Harder to Recruit units -Harder to raise Motivation because lower Profeesor Level early on, meaning less activity points to spent on feeding units. (Meaning more challenge) Cons - On Crimson Flower especially, will be harder to master Master classes because we would have lower professor level early on, meaning less aux battles for grinding class exp. -Lower professor level causing us to feed our army less also means we can't complete skill levels faster and we can't train up to 7 units during tutoring. New Game+ - Pros: - We can have the team we want from the beginning. Prioritizing the fun team we planned to have. - Overall more flexibiity for our team to get them to their planned classes. Meaning our main focus on the iron man challenge would be just to try to play as perfect as we can in the run to get as many of our units to survive. Cons: - Still extremely challenging. BUT, will be less challenging then New Game. Me personally don't mind either way. I will have fun with both (granted, NG+ will honestly be more fun cuz I can have the units I planned to have for the run to take on the iron man challenge). But at the same time, I want to make it entertaining for anyone watching. So if you guys want a New Game Maddening Iron Man run instead, so it adds even more intensity than it already has, let me know and I will definitely do it!! 😁👍
  13. First question. So if you buy a battalion, then use it and level it up in battle. Then dismiss it. Does it stay leveled up? Or does it revert back to level one at the shop. When you buy it again, does it revert back to the level you had it at or does it start at level one again? Second question: If you leveled up a battalion and dismissed it, does it carry over to a new game+ file. Or do you have to keep it for it to carry over?
  14. Let's do this!! Am I crazy? Maybe. But I am determined!! 🙂 Livestream link: https://youtu.be/Bi0yEmBIqRE
  15. So I can't stop thinking about the Maddening Iron Man I am about to do on Crimson Flower. I'm so excited for it for some reason and I been preparing notes and stuff to take this as seriously as possible to get it done successfully on stream!! If you guys have any tips or suggestions to help make the Iron Man more doable let me know!! (This will be streamed after I finish my Maddening Blue Lions NG+ 3 DP Run). This will be my very first maddening iron man for Three Houses so I am beyond excited and nervous. I practiced Maddening for GD & BL routes, so hopefully the knowledge from those playthroughs help!! The rules are going to be: - No resets, & no retreating. If a green unit dies in a paralogue that causes a defeat condition and gameover (Rodrigue, Rhea, etc.) Run can still continue, but paralogue must be ended right there and I unable to retry it again. Any units lost prior to the defeat can't be used again. If it is one of my units and their death is apart of the defeat condition, if they die, then the run ends. - No Divine Pulse AT ALL. This is a TRUE Iron Man run so I don't want to use these like I did in my current BL Maddening run. - No DLC items (Chalice of Beginnings, Start game stat boosters, etc.) However, Vajra- Mushti & Fetters of Dromi are allowed to use for Yuri & Balthus. - Ashen Wolves, Anna, & Jeritza are allowed - No New Game+. However I will be playing on NG+ for the Edelgard hairstyle but I won't be using any of the renown. So it will be played as if it WAS a non-NG+ file. Renown statues will not be touched if they carry over some of the perks from a previous run. (I will check and try to select a file that doesn't have the statues maxed) - No Abyss Renown items. - DLC classes are allowed. - Endgame classes for team can't have more than 2 units in the same class. (No full wyvern team, full dark flier team allowed, etc.) - I am allowed to look at map/enemy data on stream to check ambush reinforcement placements & triggers. - Iron Man officially begins after the mock battle, as it's easy to get RNG screwed in that battle and lose a unit/game over. So anyone who dies stays alive. And if I game over, since nothing is really affected since the only map prior to that is the tutorial map, we are allowed to retry the map if something goes wrong (to save time from unecessarily playing the long tutorial and starting monastery section again and again) To compensate for this, the battle of the eagle and lion will be treated as an iron man map. If someone dies, I can't use them again. If there are any fun rules you want to suggest (may or may not be added) or things I am forgetting to make the Iron Man run as fair as possible, let me know!! 😄 But yeah any tips or suggestions to help me complete the run, give me your wisdom!! 😁 This is my planned team:
  16. Hello everyone. So I been practicing for my true divine pulseless iron man on Maddening difficulty. (You may have seen me streaming recently the Blue Lions Route on Maddening with a 3 divine pulse rule xD) My question for you guys is, (as I prepare to take on the ULTIMATE challenge and iron man Three Houses on MADDENING) is this.... Are Ashen Wolves allowed? That's it. I feel they aren't particularly broken like say, Fates DLC (witch, dark flier, dread fighter, lodestar, great lord, vanguard, grandmaster class, etc.) and they definitely don't make the game feel any easier on a difficulty as unforgiving as TH Maddening. But I want you guys to decide for me if I am allowed to use them. I want this Iron Man to be the most LEGIT iron man possible. Where no one can make an excuse like "oh this was tainted cuz HER DER DLC!! You used that one DLC auxillary map once, HER DER TAINTED RUN!!" Lol. So to make sure it's as legit as possible, I am doing it on a non NG+ file, No dlc items or dlc aux battles allowed. No DLC classes. And of course, no divine pulses allowed. Now here's the question, can I use Ashen Wolves or not? 2nd question can I use them in their DLC canon class or not? Depending on the communties' answer, I will add it to the rules for this iron man. Thank you for reading this!! Have a great day!! And look forward to the iron man when I stream it later this month. 😁 (For now I will continue streaming my Blue Man Group Maddening Run as practice)
  17. I've made this post on a few of the bad units: Lorenz and ashe. It was coming sooner or later, but today, I am here to argue how manuela is completely usable and even as far as being one of your better units on maddening. Note this is assumed to be VW maddening and Manuela was recruited ch8. We are also assuming her final level is 43. For reference, her growths: HP:50% Str: 35% Mag:35% Dex: 40% Spe:60% Lck:35% Def: 30% Res:25% Cha:50% To start with, I have decided on a solid class path with little cost and large reward: Priest(Starting class)-Mercenary-Pegasus knight- Sword master- Assassin. Note that she gains no levels in priest and only one in mercenary and Pegasus knight. Depending on what you value more with this build, dex or str, she can stay in assassin or sword master for longer. Her average stats (rounded up) assuming she stays in assassin longer are as follows: Hp: 53 Str: 26 Mag: 23 Dex: 30 Spe: 44 lck: 22 Def: 19 Res: 15 Cha: 30 This build requires little investment, since she starts with a D in flying, a boon in swords, and only requires a D+ Bow for assassin exam and D+ for Pegasus exam. Her skills in this build are up to you, but I like this set personally: Sword prowess 5, darting blow, vantage, sword critical, and a skill of your choice (with her flying boon that could be alert stance. You could still pick pretty much anything though) If you are in need of a support based unit, Manuela can provide decent utility through warp, though she would need to go bishop and sacrifice swordfaire or any major form of attack. You could grind her reason as well, with her getting bolting at A. Of course, this would be very difficult to attain and may need solo training, meaning she might lose out on faith utility and sword prowess for just a few chapters of having the ability to use bolting. Her shaky magic growth would also decrease the usefulness of bolting, though she could still provide linked attacks and gambit boosts. Overall, manuela can attain a state of major use/utility with little investment, becoming a solid swap in for any conventional assassin, such as petra. However, her shaky str growth may require you to attack on resistance, meaning she may need to use levin swords or blutgang (10 damage penalty) for solid damage on the tough enemies such as war master, great knight, fortress knight. If a mixed assassin manuela doesn't suite you, she can still fill a role of decent utility through warp. Of course, linhardt and lysithea do use the spell better.
  18. Catherine and shamir count as jaegans for the purpose of this discussion. Also, Imma go with frederick for the sole reason being lunatic+ and Lunatic are impossible without him.
  19. I remembered I had these sketches lying around and decided I'd redraw them, who knows maybe someone would get a kick out of them so why not post them! Please forgive me for any formatting errors as it is my first time posting here. Now I'll go on and explain my thought process behind designing these two! I'll start with Cethleann, since we haven't really seen a "light dragon" throughout the series I based her main appearance off of some divine dragons we see in other games as well as The Wind Caller and The Immaculate one (due to them being related), as for the whole idea of her teeth being flat was mostly due to the whole "Flayn likes fish" thing, plus it makes her look less menacing compared to most dragons which personally fits for me. As for Cichol, he takes most of his inspiration from the earth dragons from the earlier games which explains his lack of wings and tough looking scales. I still wanted to keep the whole design motif of the Immaculate one in his design because it just felt right to me. The first two sketches were from March of this year but the revamped sketches can be seen in this image here which was drawn today!
  20. Ashe is an odd one honestly. His growths speak assassin, but his strength is below par, meaning he would have a hard time killing. This is why I think that ashe is good as a warrior/war master/wyvern lord. His extremely high dexterity also means he is probably one of (if not, the best) user of the vantage wrath combo. His low def means he will get below 50% easy and his stupid high dexterity plus wrath will equal 100% crit rates with killer weapons. Despite his boon in bow, I think that he should ignore archer classes (screw bow knight, sniper is meh, and assassin is also meh due to prior reasoning) and focus more on his boon in axes and budding talent in lance. Here are a few sample class paths that i think are good on ashe: fighter - armour knight - brigand (optional) - Warrior - War master (optional due to neutrality towards brawling). This class path fixes his major str and def problems whilst also focusing on his arguably best asset: axes. fighter - brigand - archer - wyvern rider - wyvern lord. Pretty standard class path for any unit, but the hit +20 skill makes sure he can hit easy enough. fighter - brigand - archer - sniper - bow knight. I dislike bow knight greatly, but ashe is admittedly a good fit for for it. Brigand could be replaced for armour knight if in need of def instead of extra strength. fighter - mercenary - brigand - warrior - war master (optional for said reasons) if you get completely rng screwed, he can just slip into a support role (personal is locktouch) as a dancer, using deadeye for pot-shots and opening chests on maps whilst also being able to dance for other units. Overall, I think ashe is an extremely underrated unit who could do with a bit more spotlight due to his well above average kit. As I said in title, feel free to argue.
  21. So, after 3 complete runs of crimson flower, I've been quite disappointed in Edelgard and the emperor class. I noticed that edelgard has a budding talent in reason and a higher magic growth than dorothea, so I decided to give it a try. I must say that it went amazing. Edelgard is different to all other mages in the fact that she uses black magic and dark magic (fire, bolganone, luna, hades), meaning that she would be a great fit for the valkyrie class, which increases on her already impressive bulk and also buffs her magic to 50% (it might be 55%). It also increases both black and dark magic range by one, adding to her versatility. Combined with any staff (I prefer the cadaecus staff for its health regen and +1 range), Edelgard can become a 4 range monster who hits ridiculously hard and can also be on the frontlines. Due to her boon in axes, she can also use bolt axes, being one of only two mages who can actually use them (the other being annette). Abilities I find useful: fiendish blow, armoured blow*, uncanny blow (helps with luna and hades hit rate),reason prowess 5, axe prowess 4/5, You can use any ability on her but these are the ones i find useful *despite the misconception, you can actually master armour knight without leveling her once. Just unequip 2 range weapons (equip axe) and put her on a 40 avoid tile with a knowledge gem (optional). It would be good to keep a healer at hand.
  22. On July 17th of this year, I started my first time Maddening Mode run of Golden Deer with no new game + and with a twist..... NO DIVINE PULSE!! What a journey it has been. I always been quite casual when it came to playing Fire Emblem. but I have learned a lot on this journey. The struggles, to the restarts, to the hard as heck paralogues, to our blessed Ignatz!! All of it was quite the experience and has made me an even better Fire Emblem player. Join me today as I take on the final map of Golden Deer in the FINALE of my Maddening Mode run!! My hardest experience and greatest challenge with Fire Emblem thus far!! Ending it with a grand finale to remember.... Let's do this!! Live right now!!
  23. I been streaming a Three Houses Maddening Mode playthrough (no new game+) but with a twist. I restricted myself from using any divine pulses and it has made the game incredibly harder on top of Maddening being already super difficult. Its my first time playing Maddening too. (Yes im crazy, I know) Everything is going surprisingly well so far and I am currently a few chapters in at the timeskip so far!! Here is how my team is lookimg so far. Byleth (Enlightened One) Claude (Wyvern Lord) Hilda (Preist [about to promote to War Cleric soon]) Lorenz (Warlock [about to promote to Dark Knight]) Lysithea (Dark Flier) Ignatz (Sniper [about to promote to Bow Knight]) Raphael (War Master) Leonie (Bow Knight) Marianne (Holy Knight) Anna (Theif [about to promote to Trickster) Yuri (Trickster) Hapi (Dancer) I gave all of the girls (save Marianne because she is super slow) Darting blow so they can double more reliably by making them all Peg Knights. I also made every physical unit a Brigand for Death Blow. And then all my magic units get Fiendish Blow. So I have a Death Blow, Fiendish Blow, Darting Blow combo on everyone respectively and its awesome!! I made Hapi a dancer because she is the waifu heh heh. And she came out incredibly powerful!! Amazing gambit, amazing damage output, amazing avoid and a solid resistance tank!! And she doubles and crits often!! If you want to check out my run. I been streaming it on Youtube. There is 17 episodes episodes out currently at the time of posting this!! Come check it out if you are interested!! It was quite amazing so far!!
  24. Which mainline Fire Emblem game do you feel hard the hardest soldiers and why?
  25. I made a thread similar to this back when Echoes: Shadows of Valentia was freshly released in the west, so I figure I'd do the same here. So the game has now officially hit street date in the far east (I think as of 5 hours ago or so). Obviously a lot of people still have yet to acquire the game, but I feel between the genuine Aussies who pre-purchased the game, those who live in Japan that purchased the game, those who may have "tricked" the eshop servers into believing they're Aussies/in Japan so that they'd get the game early, and those who got the game early through other means, there are enough people who have the game now to warrant this. Plus, the game will be out in the west in, like, 10 hours, so it'll preempt the flood of people talking about the game. So those who have the game and played it... What are your thoughts on it? What do you like/dislike about the game? What do you think of the supports, the gameplay, or any of the new features? Where are you at as of your posting? If you have any spoilery thoughts, post them in spoiler tags, as this isn't meant to be a predominantly spoiler discussion. If you can, avoid spoiling too much. When answering how far you are in the game, just list a simple chapter or the date that you're currently on. If it's post time-skip, just say that's where you're at; I would like to avoid people talking too much about that, as again this is meant to be a first impressions topic, and I feel if you list a chapter there you could inadvertently reveal the longevity of the game, which I'd count as a spoiler. Oh, and while I'm at it, feel free to say which house you went with, what difficulty you're playing on, what you named your professor, etc. Just as long as you keep the things outside of spoiler tags spoiler-free and it has to do with Three Houses, it should generally be okay here. I don't have the game yet, but I'm curious what those who do have it think. I'll probably post my thoughts tomorrow.
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