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  1. * Note: Felix, Ingrid, Ashen Wolves recruitment conditions have changed since patch version 1.3. They are now recruited in their respective paralogue and/or in battle (Felix and Ingrid). Felix is also recruited by winning the Blessed Lance in Chapter 7. I have created a mod that removes the monastery and adjusted the game for it's removal. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/kTwCWKdhZb Download link for the patch (1.3.3): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1tW5Oefkn0lgfQ6r_OS15Z8dJgz-GhRkb?usp=sharing Figured out how to do Battle Preps in Hunting by Daybreak Fixed Anti Cheating Measures (Please report if it happens) Extended Crimson Flower to 22 Chapters Extend Language Support for modded content Added Magical Wyvern Class. Playable Rhea in Silver Snow with Playable Saint Class Growth rates and Class Masteries are in the class descriptions Dialogue for Blue Lions to Crimson Flower and Golden Deer to Crimson Flower Route spilt added. Fixed Ingrid and Dorothea Paralogue access. Removed extra stuff in Byleth Creation Event that might be related to crashes. All routes can potentially go into Crimson Flower based on a dialogue choice in chapter 8's post battle cutscene. Gilbert is recruitable in Crimson Flower if go from Blue Lions to Crimson Flower and defeat Gilbert with Annette in Chapter 12. Added War Master Hilda Class. Fixed early chapter recruitments and an issue in chapter 9. Have tested on emulator but there's nothing to indicate any issues on hardware. Download and place the entire romfs folder in a named folder in your mods directory (Yuzu example: /yuzu/load/[Three Houses's Game ID]/No Monastery Mod/romfs/ ). Gameplay Changes (see Changelog in the patch for more details) Azure Moon Chapters 19, 20, 21 and Verdant Wind/Silver Snow's Shambhala Map are now "Defeat All Enemy Commanders". Fallen units may appear as enemies in maps. House selection occurs at Byleth Creation. In- house units are automatically recruited and four in-house units are deployed in prologue instead of the 3 lords. Jeralt Mercenaries and 30 Hresvelg Blend are award at the completion of Prologue. Prologue is more streamlined. Automatic A+ rank professor level from the start. Increase number of adjutants to 4, battles to 5, and monthly church salary to 8,000. No exploration sessions. Each chapter has a single free day that can used to Battle, Seminar, or Rest. Exploration is disabled in all chapters. No weekly teaching. Since there's only one free day in the month, units will not gain weekly skill experience. The amount of skill experience need to go from E to S+ is reduced by 50%. Class skill rank bonuses are doubled to compensate for the lack of passive skill experience. Reduce support points requirement by half and removed all support deadlines. You can no longer miss a support by waiting too long. Supports that occur in part 2 are still locked until part 2. Units start in 3-4 intermediate classes from the start, based on their specific boons. Budding talents are obtained by skill rank (most of them are learned by C rank). Forging is unlocked from the start while the Battalion guild is unlocked at the start of Chapter 3. Starting from Chapter 2, forging materials are awarded in most chapter maps (similar to Cindered Shadows). Some paralogues awards rarer ores such as Wootz Steel and Mythril. Units can learn boon-related class masteries just by increasing their skill rank. For example, Caspar will learn Death Blow by increasing his Axe rank to B. Recruitment is mostly done in Chapter maps (see recruitment condition below). Units recruited in later chapters will come in an advanced/master class with the skill rank required. This allows recruits to come with some abilities due to the high skill rank. Ashen Wolves are recruited in Cindered Shadows Chapter 1 (replaces Sothis's paralogue). Increased the chance for a perfect tea time by having the free do-over automatically unlocked, and making all answers to the final comment valid. Tea Time is automatically unlocked from the start. Dancer is chosen by using a Dancer Seal that is dropped by Solon in Chapter 8. All forced deployment slots are changed to regular deployment slots in all chapter maps and most paralogues. Paralogues that retain the forced deployment slots are: Marianne's, Mercedes's/Caspar's, and Manuela's (because of inherent map design) and DLC (difficult to change at the moment). The only decision that actually has some impact is no longer missable. The decision is given to you regardless of support level or viewing a particular event. Gardening Stat boosters are available in the item shop. Anna's secret shop items are available at the start of Part 2. No aux battles are available. A small number of quest battles are available, including one that recruits two units. Beginner class are removed from certification. The respective abilities/combat arts are learned at D and C rank of the respective skill needed for the class. Noble/Commoner class mastery is changed to Aptitude (requires 200 class exp). HP+5 is obtained by Authority rank. Increased the exp curve in Maddening difficulty. Adjusted enemy levels to account for intermediate class access from the start. Hard has original maddening level scaling, and maddening enemies has 2-3 levels increase. Normal mode enemies have the recommend level +3/+4. Added more boons for units based on budding talents and goal requests. A route specific gameplay change in Chapter 5 for Blue Lions and the Enbarr Map. Ingrid/Dorothea paralogue has a secret reward for completing the map by rout. Videos/Images of Gameplay How to patch and use DLC files for Maddening Cindered Shadows and No Abyss.
  2. Hey I am having trouble trying to explain Fe3H to my friends who have 0 knowledge on video games. Please help. I know they are in to Harry Potter of you could try explaining/connecting it to that.
  3. The title is self explanatory. It's a FE3H discord server with the main purpose of sharing fan content. Here you can share OCs, Fanfiction, Headcanons, go nuts. We're a chill server, so all fan ideas are welcome. Harassing others over their ideas because you don't like them though is highly frowned upon, and will result in ban. We're decently small at the moment, with around 8 members. But the server is a really nice place to vibe, and discuss your ideas in! If you're interested, just shoot me a PM and I can spot you the link!
  4. Your fellow Chosen One needs his sword hand (you guys) to accomplish this task!! I never tried a PMU and it sounds like a lot of fun honestly!!! I thought I was done with Three Houses and was gonna take a break from it after my Maddening Iron Man I streamed on Youtube.... But now I wanna stream a PMU of Three Houses next!! I want to make it more interactive and get you guys more involved in one of my playthroughs.❤ Let's make it REALLY fun!! Rules: - Comment a unit you want me to use. And the end class or class path line you want them to be in. (Has to be a master class, advanced class, or DLC class that you want me to get them towards by the endgame) Feel free to meme. 😉 (ex: Ignatz=Mage>Warlock>Dark Knight) - If someone else says a unit you want to vote for as well, mention that comment in yours and let me know you vote for it as well to add to the vote for that character for me to use. That will count as your pick and will add to the chance of me using that character. - This will be an Maddening Iron Man on Crimson Flower (Hilda, Catherine, Alois, Cyril, Flayn, Seteth, Gilbert, & Dedue won't be available in this route. But Hubie will 😉) - You guys get to pick the class for Female Byleth and Edelgard. Meme away. (Include this in your comment) - Hapi & Jeritza have to be 2 of the picks. You guys are allowed to pick their classes tho 😏 (Include this in your comment) - New Game+ (obviously, so we can recruit the guys you want me to use haha) - You guys are allowed to handicap my units as much as possible, so if you want them to be in a class that's REALLY unviable for them. Go ahead. However, I am allowed to use any New Game+ or dlc feature to compromise. I will try not to, depending on the severity of the handicap. If it's not that difficult, then I won't use anything, but I will adjust accordingly if things get TOO difficult lol Don't want things to get too unfair - Until we get 12 characters, I will then start the PMU Iron Man and stream it on Youtube. (If they're are more than 12, whichever 12 gets the highest votes are the ones I pick) -If a unit dies during the playthrough pre timeskip, the units who had less votes than the selected 12 will be the backup units I pick. -If there is no more than 12 or the remaining choices die. You guys get to vote for who I get to replace them with when and if that time comes. (Will update this forum constantly so you guys can be made aware when to vote during the playthrough if this happens. So if you want to be notified for when that happens, follow this forum) - Before I reach timeskip I will recruit every single student I can and you guys can vote for the 3 backup units we use if a unit dies during timeskip when that time comes. (They will serve as an adjutant until a unit dies) - Iron Man begins after the Mock Battle (no one dies permanently until afterwards). The Battle of the Eagle and Lion however, will be counted as an Iron Man map tho. Shoutout to my good friend Dr. @Shaky Jones and another amazing FE content creator @Atano, for inspiring me to try this out. Seen them into these type of playthroughs and thought, hey, I have to try this out for the first time on stream!! XD Seems super fun!! Go support their respective PMUs as well!! Shaky Jones is doing Shadow Dragon on the forums and according to him, that's based, so go give DSFE some love!! Atano is also doing FE3H on youtube, so go show him some love as well!! They are great!! I look forward to your guys' submissions, you have NO idea!! I am so excited for this!! The FE3H hype continues on my channel I suppose.... This been your fellow Hapi birthday cake lover.... and I hope to have a lot of fun doing this PMU with you guys and meet lots of new friends along the way on here and the stream!! 🥰
  5. Hello everyone!! The PMU (Pick My Units) will begin soon!! The units have been officially picked by you guys and their respective classes!! Check out the Announcement video to see who has been CHOSEN (heh) and all the details on the run!! (I hope you enjoy the bits of satire in it xD I worked hard on it and had a lot of fun making this video 😄) I will update this thread constantly with the rules and my team again, and also when I start to stream it!! So make sure to follow this thread if you don't want to miss any updates to the run!! If you'd like, you can start picking more units for me just in case for my backup units, that way if anyone dies, we can quickly replace them if something goes wrong. Thank you and hope to see you all there!! We are starting today, stay tuned for the livestream!!
  6. Behold: https://www.deviantart.com/enlightened-titan/art/Cosmic-Stranger-Bernadetta-CM-By-CristalMomoStar-889901951
  7. So i used yuzu to dump the romf for fe3h and edited the files with a randomizer. i can still play the game on yuzu but the effects of the randomizing arent there. do i need to rebuild it? if so, is there a way to do this entirely from my pc instead of using layeredfs from my switch?
  8. I just want Anyone’s Opinion on it Since I’m New here :’)
  9. I’m at the post-end part of chapter 5, where you get introduced to fighting the Black beast monster at Chapter 5, and for the first part, I was able to chip down the first shield of the Black beast with my main core team (Cav Dimitri, Theif Female Byleth, Soldier Sylvain, Fighter Dedue and Mage Annette), with the various gambit uses, such as Disturbance, Assualt troop. However, what I find that I have trouble in this trouble is my units dodging the special monster attack (I believe it is called Thorns of Ruins?) that manages to hit Dimitri and F!Byleth the hardest, leaving them with less than half HP and since i only have one healer on my team and I try not to use too much of my physic uses (which is Mercedes and I could only recruit Marianne for this chapter mission, but she only has heal and not physic to heal my frontline team). How can I quickly get rid of the shields of the monsters that are intact, and to chip down the monster’s health when it is dazed before it recovers and the shields regenerates , without overusing my gambit uses or getting Dimitri and Sylvian killed (since they have the monster effectiveness combat arts along with Dedue) and using up all my Divine Pluses? Also, some of my units only have a certain amount of authority level, and there are some units that are in my BL house that haven’t managed to get the required authority level, so not all of my units have gambits that they can safely use in the post-end of chapter 5. Any advice or suggestions on which battalions are best effective against the Black Beast and which gambits should be linked? Please and Thank you. Also, sorry for the long, convoluted explanation. First time playing on hard classic of an FE game.
  10. As the title of this post suggests, I cleared the first chapter of the DLC side story and was able to go to Abyss in the main story timeline, and there was a list displaying exclusive and special weapons (such as Rapier, Levin Sword, etc.) in a place named the Altar shop I believe? Anyways, this might be a dumb question and all, but are you able to use these exclusive special weapons in early game or late game of the main storyline or are those weapons reserved for the side story only? Also, if by chance I am not able to get access to it instantly in the side story DLC, would I need to recruit Constance or Hapi (I forgot which characters you get from which chapter) in order to unlock the Abyss weapon and item shop? Please and Thank you.
  11. I managed to be cheese through almost all of the first battle map of CS, thanks to giving Killing Edges to the three main lords and giving steel shields to Cav Dimitri and Warrior Edelgard (personally not a fan of Armoured Knight imo, but that’s just me), to allow them to wreck all of the enemies, even the annoying gauntlet users. However, the one thing that I find absolutely annoying and hard to deal with, is Yuri’s Fetters of Dromi Relic, that allows him to halve any damage taken and gives him high avoid, and with the Lucky 7 skill that he has with the Trickster skill. My Dimitri and Byleth that have 80-90% hit rates against all enemies, then have lower hit rates against Yuri and almost get doubled, even in player or enemy phase. Help? I swear I have so much trouble on this, even on Normal, and I have tried using many gambits and strats with Ashe, Hilda and Edelgard, but even then, my bad luck lets Yuri damage my Dimitri and Byleth. Also I lost my Claude to one of the gauntlet users unfortunately, and I used up all of my Divine Pluses, rip.
  12. Expanding on my question’s title here, since I am attempting the first chapter of Cindered Shadows and before battle preparations, I am not a fan of Edelgard’s canon class, which is armoured knight, since it leaves her vulnerable, stat-wise and movement-wise. Looking at the change between reclassing Edelgard into a warrior, is it worth making her a warrior for better stats and balance and making Hilda into a different class, by first going through peg knight and then doing falcon knight for better stat spread, especially for her spd? Also is it better to sacrifice restore for Linhardt as a bishop or is restore a lifesaver in the first chapter of CS?
  13. I've been contributing to Three Houses's page on The Cutting Room Floor for quite a while, and the sheer amount of stuff I have documented in it about scrapped stuff is quite impressive honestly. Something which isn't discussed often however is what some of the stuff found there implies for the game's development, which is kind of the reason this thread was made. Full disclosure: The info I'll speak about has been found and corroborated with people like DeathChaos and the fedatamine.com team, who have hacked and datamined the game. The only thing I've done myself is reporting the unused content they've uncovered in places like TCRF and NIWA’s Fire Emblem wiki, and analyzed the internal number of the game’s voice clips based on a rip someone did of the game’s files some time ago. Also, while this post might be familiar to some as I already posted a previous version of it on reddit, some of the stuff here has been revised and new tidbits were added which might be of interest for some (perhaps?). Without futher ado, let's get to the nitty gritty: 1. Thales, the sword-wielding priest??? In the game’s files there’s an unused agarthan sword called Ridill, whose description flat out states it was meant to be Thales’s signature weapon before Quake Σ took it’s place. While it’s currently unknown if the weapon has a unique model (or if it works at all), it’s interesting to note the description calls Thales a priest, rather than a guru as his class’s description does. I checked the japanese script to see if the sword’s english description happened to be a mistranslation, and it turns out that is not the case! In japanese, the characters used are “祭司“, which can be literally translated as "priest" or "seer". By contrast, Thales’s Agastya class calls him a “導師”, which more or less means “a sage/mage/guru with high authority”, thus it can be translated in far more ways than simply "priest". So yeah, this bit is quite tame overall given it’s mostly about semantics. 2. Cleobulus, the missing(?) agarthan. In the character data, between the generic TWSITD members found in Silver Snow/Verdant Wind’s Shambhala chapter lies an unused minor character boss who goes by the name of Cleobulus. The presence of this scrapped character is intriguing for 2 main reasons: a) Sans Kronya and Odesse, most of the important agarthan members are named after the Seven Sages of Greece, and in the base game there just so happens that there’s seemingly no seventh member to be seen... b) There is also an important agarthan member whose true identity is never revealed in the game: Cornelia, the court mage of Faerghus. While the character data displays the unused agarthan as a male (normally debunking whatever theory one could make about this), I also noticed one of the generic named slitherers (Bias) happens to be internally set a male Holy Knight when in-game they're a Gremory (which is female-locked). So I went and asked DeathChaos some time ago what was up with that, and here's the response I got: 3. Quests would have unlocked everything, even scrapped features. There is an insane amount of unused quests, and a bunch of them were meant for features which are either already available by default, were changed in the game or are simply scrapped. Want to tutor a student? You had to do a quest first. Exchange travelers? Hear the game’s soundtrack in Manuela’s office? Allow your students to do Certification Exams? Repair weapons? You know the drill, and this also applies for scrapped features like riding horses, trading items + getting books through it, unlocking new personal info about your students, etc. 4. Some characters have doppelgänger problems. Besides the already existing variations some characters have for story purposes like !Child Edelgard & Dimitri, there's also a few duplicates of some characters running around which most players have likely already spotted without realizing it: a) The Gilbert that aids you in Chapter 5 is a completely different character from the one you get in Azure Moon. This incidentally explains why he so happens to lack his personal ability during that map. d) The Flame Emperor seen in Chapter 6 is different to the one the game uses for story scenes and Chapter 11 in BL/GD. She seems to exist only so her name can be seen as ??? in the game's dialogue during battle. By contrast, the in-game event engine manually changes the name of the other Emperor to ??? during story scenes. c) Chapter 12 for some odd reason uses a completely different Edelgard compared to the one that's playable. While I'm not exactly sure why that's the case, I did notice that the stats she boasts in that mission are barely any higher compared to the previous chapter... d) Lastly, both the masked and playable Jeritza added via DLC are internally considered their own separate entity. The former has barely any data to speak of and doesn't even have a personal skill, though interestingly, he does bear a Minor Crest of Lamine similar to his playable self. 5. Many story scenarios and set pieces were likely planned in advance, way before their triggers were even implemented. The internal order of story events and the voice clips surrounding them are fascinating to analyze, as it might shred light on the how some stuff was implemented into the game plus the time it was implemented into development. For example: Ever wondered why the Blue Lions and Golden Deer routes get a scene prior to the Holy Tomb event with the Flame Emperor reveal which the Black Eagles don't have? Well, internally, Edelgard's coronation is located right next to those events, which suggests her scene is meant to serve as a counterpart of sorts. Caspar and Linhardt's lines as enemies on the event prior to the Fort Merceus mission from Verdant Wind actually originate from the Silver Snow route, as not only that version of the event comes first internally, the voice clips used are also located in the area where their Church route story clips are located. This also happens to double as leftovers of a scrapped feature Silver Snow had at one point where the Black Eagles who fell in Part 1 of Classic Mode showed up in Part 2 as enemies later (the devs didn't do a good job at scrubbing it, truth be told). Dedue’s return in Azure Moon was planned way before his paralogue was made, and that includes Felix & Annette’s scrapped defection as their clips are located in the area of their Blue Lion story clips lie. Lorenz’s scrapped defection on Verdant Wind has his battle clips against Claude in both the Azure Moon and Verdant Wind’s version of Chapter 16, while the monastery exploration clips where the Hilda, Raphael and Marianne acknowledge his demise exist only for Verdant Wind. Of course, this also begs the question: what scenarios were added late in development then? The short answer is: everything related to paralogues, including the Death Knight/Jeritza’s unlockable death scene in Azure Moon, as the location of its voice clips suggests it was added right after their paralogue was finished (AKA way after Azure Moon was finished). This incidentally also corroborates what a previous developer interview said about Mercedes: 6. Gronder Field 2? In my Silver Snow? It’s more likely than you think. Anyone who has played the Silver Snow route knows that its story conveniently skips the Gronder Field 2 battle and the whole month in which happens because of reasons. In spite of this, there is actual circumstantial evidence pointing the devs briefly considered giving said route their own version of that chapter: a) One of the two unused maps in the game is set to load Gronder Field 2 as the battleground, is internally called as a Chapter 17 of some undefined route, and only contains enemy and deployment placeholders only for the Black Eagles slot, while the other 2 slots for Azure Moon and Verdant Wind are empty (in case anyone wonders, both Silver Snow and Crimson Flower share the same slot internally when loading a specific map, meaning it’s entirely possible though hacking to load any map from SS into CF and make it work with mostly no issues). b) A specific map having data for only one route is a quirk which only exist for route-exclusive missions like the ones from Crimson Flower and Azure Moon, while everything else which is shared between 2 or more routes (like most of part 1 & 2 + the chapters shared between the Church and Claude’s routes) have data filled in their 2/3 slots respectively. c) In the monastery exploration script, there is one empty slot between the Silver Snow and Azure Moon routes. Had a proper Chapter 17 been added into into SS, the only data which would’ve needed to be repointed to preserve a consistent internal order would’ve been only the stuff concerning Silver Snow’s exploration. d) There is an awkward difficulty spike between Silver Snow’s Chapter 16 and 17 where the enemy’s levels go up by 4 instead of 2. This issue doesn’t exist in Azure Moon and Verdant Wind as the Gronder Field 2 battle makes sure the transition between each chapter is slightly more smooth stat-wise. e) 10 Placeholder event slots exist between the story and paralogue stuff, so adding more story scenes to Silver Snow without messing up anything afterwards would've been possible (there are also 16 more placeholders between the paralogues and Cindered Shadows, but I don't know if those existed prior to the release of the DLC). 7. "Wait, one of the two unused maps? What’s the other one about?" The second unused map has the same enemy and deployment data as the first one, with the difference it loads Fort Merceus as a battle location and it internally calls itself as a Chapter 18 of a non-defined route. Unfortunately, there’s very little evidence suggesting plans for that one. If I had to make a guess though, I dare say the Fort Merceus infiltrations for Silver Snow and Verdant Wind were planned to be far more distinct at first before both maps where combined into one spot. This is 100% conjecture from my part though, so there’s a good chance I might be wrong. 8. "What about Crimson Flower? Could have Gronder 2 or Fort Merceus been planned for that route?" Location wise, the battle script of the Crimson Flower's maps (Chapter 12-17) is all gathered together after Verdant Wind and before the paralogues. Meanwhile, CF's exploration script comes after Part 1 but before Silver Snow, Azure Moon and Verdant Wind's, so overall I find very unlikely those unused maps could have been planned for Edelgard's route. 9. Crimson Flower was likely saved for last (before the paralogues) and thus rushed, NOT unfinished. Before getting into this, I think it's important to clarify the distinction between the words rushed and unfinished, as they have different implications in spite of being used interchangeably by many. Rushed means some action/object was made hastily and under a low interval of time. Unfinished meanwhile, more or less indicates some action, product or something was never finished or given any conclusion of sorts. With that out of the way, let's talk about the 2 points which suggests Crimson Flower fits the former description rather than the latter. a) Scrapped class sprites of Rhea and Dimitri sporting their unique appearances in CF is the only thing left unused for that route on launch, and Jeritza as a whole was more or less left as a huge blank both story and data wise before the post launch updates happened. By contrast, the other 3 routes have quite the amount of unused story, battle dialogue and scrapped defection situations. b) While most story events are internally listed in chronological order for Silver Snow, Azure Moon and Verdant Wind (sort of, it kinda jumps at the middle of each one before wrapping them up later), Crimson Flower instead has its own not only listed after all three, but also has its very last event listed in the data be the scene in which Rhea attacks Byleth and kickstarts the time skip. I think it goes without saying what this implies given how the route's well known at this point for lacking animated cutscenes besides the ending. Before wrapping up, here are some honorable mentions I didn't consider huge enough to deserve their own spotlight: Scrapped dialogue & voiceclips suggest Silver Snow's Endgame was even harder at one point, as they point out the player would have needed to seize 3 separate reinforcement spots rather than just 1 to stop the White Beasts from spawning. The enemy Death Knight class is capable of teaching a playable unit the Heartseeker skill once mastered. This is the only case where an enemy only class can do so, as not even the Flame Emperor class (which is a palette/model swap of Edelgard's Armored Lord class) can do it. Speaking of Death Knight, after the Wave 3 update, data was added in CF's Chapter 12's exploration to make Jeritza/Emile appear in it to say hi and confirm he's the Death Knight earlier, which was dummied out. Regarding the unused maps mentioned earlier, those happen to be the only ones which deliberately call for Female Byleth in the deployment slots (by comparison, the game runs a code to swap Male Byleth for the Female one if it checks she was chosen at the start of the game in the other maps). Given that some cutscene stuff suggest !FByteth was added later in development, there's a huge chance the devs used those maps to test her out. So…yeah. If I had to describe this game's development with a few words, I dare say Intelligent Systems and Koei Tecmo tried to bite far, far more than they could chew with this one. I mean, it's well known the game was delayed twice so... (Also there's still far more unused stuff I didn't cover here. The iceberg goes deep folks!)
  14. Everyone else has one. Flayn deserves it too! 💚 I'm hoping to put together a collaborative celebration of the Flayn x Byleth pairing that would include fanart and other works. As mentioned, this would be in the form of either a week-long hashtag or a fanzine. My biggest issue with this though is that I'm neither an artist nor am I very Twitter-savvy, and while I've seen many Byleth-ship hashtags and zines, I don't have much knowledge of what goes into forming, promoting and creating content for them. I'm here to ask for advice on the process and also possibly recruit any artists willing to promote and produce Flaynleth content. This is something I strongly want to make happen, and any form of help with this task would be appreciated! Also, sorry in advance if this isn't the right forum to post this to. Feel free to move it to wherever appropriate.
  15. i’m looking for someone (especially @Anacybele) to rpg some sylvain stuff/sperg about sylvain crap. i have a lot to spare and i hope to find some fellow sylvain enthusiasts to have fun with the joys of sylvain. thanks!!! ike edit: i have no idea what to do with this thread but member feedback is the wrong place for it so i'm putting it here i guess
  16. So this took a hot minute. I took the statement by the creators to do some calculations about area and distances (drew a circle approximately the same area as the map, calculated the diameter based on the stated area of 2/3rds the size of Europe, and then transferred that diameter into distance across the continent) and came up with a roughly to-scale map of Fodlan for distance and travel calculations. Who doesn't like to do math for fun? The actual calculations led to a scale of 1in. = 500km rather than 300km, but that would mean a 30 day journey from Garreg Mach to Fort Merceus. So I made it 40% smaller. It's a wonder we're able to get anywhere at all. Based on the fact that thru-hikers typically travel 10 mi (16km) a day, each small box (1/10in) is equal to approximately 2 days of travel on foot or 1 day of travel on walking horseback. (I also fiddled with the rivers to make them geographically probable.) I'm also including a version with the approximate locations of different settlements and landmarks. I will update as I add more details and refine the project.
  17. I remembered I had these sketches lying around and decided I'd redraw them, who knows maybe someone would get a kick out of them so why not post them! Please forgive me for any formatting errors as it is my first time posting here. Now I'll go on and explain my thought process behind designing these two! I'll start with Cethleann, since we haven't really seen a "light dragon" throughout the series I based her main appearance off of some divine dragons we see in other games as well as The Wind Caller and The Immaculate one (due to them being related), as for the whole idea of her teeth being flat was mostly due to the whole "Flayn likes fish" thing, plus it makes her look less menacing compared to most dragons which personally fits for me. As for Cichol, he takes most of his inspiration from the earth dragons from the earlier games which explains his lack of wings and tough looking scales. I still wanted to keep the whole design motif of the Immaculate one in his design because it just felt right to me. The first two sketches were from March of this year but the revamped sketches can be seen in this image here which was drawn today!
  18. My Battle Predictor has finally reached a state that is workable enough to share. Hopefully this is near completion. This is a massive, user-friendly calculator that mimics what the in-game battle prediction does. The user inputs base stats, chooses equipment and ability selections from drop down menus, then selects a map to see the battle predictions against all enemies on that map given the chosen setup. Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bBlgPxchHTory0WiKJuvsc5w-ybUEXlmPBs864hgWXI/edit?usp=sharing Screenshot of example result below. Everything in this view is automatically generated except for the selections of the attack Range and Map. Setup and stats input are done higher up in the sheet: I hope you enjoy using this to aid, with practical examples, discussions on various builds or to simply experiment with builds and see what kinds of outcomes can be expected. Please make a copy of the sheet to use it yourself. There are also tabs listing all the game's equipment, weapons, spells, and battalions in a Filtered View. These can be used as a convenient reference if you just want to look something up. Using the filters/sorting functions to change the display will not affect the calculations. Features: A message for anyone who might like to help improve this calculator: Some ideas for future versions that may (or might never) be added: If you have any ideas, suggestions, thoughts, or feedback please do let me know. If you find this useful, that would be a nice thing for me to hear as well 🙂. Finally, I honestly don't know if anyone is even looking for something like this or if I end up being the only one who uses it lol, but regardless I wanted to thank everyone on this forum for being good sports and an excellent source of knowledge. Personally, I'm quite satisfied with even just the journey of creating this, figuring out every little piece of the puzzle bit by bit to make everything work. Special mentions go to @LoneRecon400 and @Whisky who aided in more direct ways towards this calculator but many ideas that went into this came from various discussions with many people here. So, Thank you.
  19. So, long story short, I was bored and I figured I'd try my hand at making one of these, because I always end up conflicted over which Budding Talents are actually worth getting and which should be prioritised early on. Some basic rules, first off: I'll be ranking each character on their own, because, while some share the same skill from their budding talent, I think some characters make more use of it than others, so I'll separate those. The criteria for ranking each budding talent will be both the usefulness of the ability received from unlocking it and how useful that skill will be to their overall class progression. Note that this is the terminology I will use: skill as the actual weapon skill turned into a boon, and ability/art for the passive or combat art it unlocks. I'll be assuming Maddening, No NG+ for this list, though I may mention lower difficulties at points. Standard disclaimer that this is my opinion- I'm not the most informed person on the subject, so please feel free to let me know where I may go wrong. That said, let's get started: Almost Always Useful: Usually Useful Sometimes Useful Rarely Useful So there we go. That's my tier list of all the Budding Talents in the game. I think. God I hope I got them all. Anyway, let me know any disagreements you have- I may edit the tier list as discussion progresses.
  20. Or rather I should say OHKO Frozen Lance, I just happen to be looking at Lorenz right now during my GD Madenning run. I think Lorenz is the most obvious character to use this build on but other characters who can learn Frozen Lance are Marianne, Hubert, Ingrid, and Flayn. I'll get into discussing each of them at the end. I noticed during my current run that Frozen Lance is actually a pretty strong skill with high damage output. Especially when you pair it with one of the Effective spears like Horse Slayer, Spear of Assal, or Blessed Lance. Most commonly though, it will probably be used with a Silver Lance+ making it essentially a 17 mt spell (14 mt from the spear +3 might from the combat art itself). So I started considering building my Lorenz around just spamming this skill and to my pleasant surprise, it looks like he can eventually OHKO most physical and some magic class enemies with the right set up. I don't want to get too ahead of myself here and make any definitive claims though. As of now this is just hypothetical (hopefully sound at least), and I'm hoping others will chime in with their thoughts/experiences to either agree or disagree with this idea. Especially if you've already tried something like this before, I'd like to hear about your experience. Damage Calculation For the analysis I looked up the enemy stats from the final chapter (last 2 battles) using my previous BL saved states that I still have. I got examples of end game stats for Lorenz from those listed in the Builds Examples post. Here are the following stats and setup I used for the calculation: Stats Dex: 28 Mag: 32 Abilities Mag +2 Fiendish Blow (+6 magic damage when attacking) Lancefaire (+5 mt with lances) Distinguished House (+2 Mt if battalion equipped, personal ability) Setup Magic Staff (+3 Mag Attack) Gloucester Knights (+6 Mag Attack) Ferdinand Adjutant (special support with +3 mt) The damage formula is: (Weapon Mt. x Effectiveness) + (CA Mt.) + RoundDown(0.3 x Dex) + [Total Mag Attack] + [Bonuses] - (Target Rsl.) Here the (0.3 x Dex) comes from the way Frozen Lance works. CA Mt. = 3. It's just the mt of the combat art. [Total Mag Attack] includes: Mag stat (32), Mag +2, Fiendish Blow (+6), Magic Staff (+3), and Mag Attack from battalion (+6). [Bonuses] include: Lancefaire (+5), Distinguished House (+2), Ferdinand special support (+3) I tested this formula in one of my current battles to be sure I have it right and it looks to be exact. The one thing I'm not 100% certain about is whether Lancefaire would apply to Frozen Lance. I'm unable to test that at the moment but I think it does. Hopefully I haven't done anything embarrassingly dumb/wrong with these calculations, but here are the results from some example enemies in the BL Maddening final chapter (from both battles): Unless they were on horseback, I didn't bother looking at magic class enemies, including mortal savant. Their resistance is so high that there's no point, but in the case of horses there are effective lances that can overcome that. Admittedly, that means a lot of enemies are left out since the BL end game is full of magic class enemies. Is the GD endgame similar in this way? Without spoilers pls. From the enemies I did include here, it's pretty clear that with this setup, and I think typical end game stats, Lorenz can OHKO many of them and quite a variety. Admittedly for some, just barely or even exactly, making it somewhat sensitive to his final stats in those cases (see hp and damage columns). Thoughts: The most important stat is obviously Mag, while Dex also factors into the damage of Frozen Lance. So the recommended path for this build is probably: Monk* > Mage* > Warlock / Dark Bishop > Paladin / Dark Knight. (REVISED PARAGRAPH) - Being in Paladin might be a requirement to OHKO some of these enemies since it gives you Lancefaire. However, going Dark Knight results in only an instant net loss of 3 damage since it provides +2 mag modifier. That said, in the long run, Dark Knight's boost to mag growth should result in higher damage in the long run after gaining some levels. One can later switch to a Paladin for Lancefaire after benefiting from the Mag growth. The damage output in some cases just barely gets him the OHKO (see hp and damage columns). However if you can get his Lance skill to S+, which is possible with some dedication, you can choose to either go double Lancefaire or, ideally stay in Dark Knight with both Lancefaire and Black Tomefaire to combine with his decent list of spells. It's always possible to squeeze out a little more damage from adjacency bonuses too from Hilda's PA (+3), Byleth's Sacred Power (+3), and any lord's Charm (+3). Getting 2 of those could make up for Lancefaire. In fact, Dark Knight automatically adds 2 Mag as a class modifier, so you only really need 1 of those adjacency bonuses to make up for Lancefaire to get the same amount of damage as a Dark Knight. The nice thing about this build is that it can OHKO many physical units using ordinary weapons that only require smithing stones to forge/repair (silver lance+ and horse slayer). But for magic class cavalry and monsters you need Mythril for Spear of Assal and Blessed Lance which one might want to consider carefully before spending -4 endurance per hit. Looking at Frozen Lance build candidates: EDIT: A very important consideration when attempting this type of build is: How long does one need to spend in magic classes (to aid mag growth) before switching to a riding or flying class? The answer depends somewhat on the character and rng, but i'll offer a rule of thumb. If going as a riding final class, you'll be able to keep a significant Mag boost from battalions (I'm assuming +6 to +8). So you want your base Mag stat to reach a minimum of 28 by the end game to get at least some OHKO's on more vulnerable enemies. Ideally you want to get over 30. This is also assuming +3 mt from a special support, which if you don't have, then add +3 Mag to your base minimum. If however you're going for a flying class, I don't think there are any flying battalions offering Mag Attack boosts, in which case you want a minimum of 34 for your base Mag stat to even maintain at least some OHKO's in the end game. So you should judge based on your run whether the character should spend more time in a magic class or if they're doing okay. Stat boosters can obviously help. One thing you can do, though it can be inconvenient, is if the character is close to a level up before a battle, switch to the magic class for that battle to boost mag growth chances, then switch back to a riding/flying class afterwards. That said, anyone going along a traditional magic class path for example Monk > Mage > Warlock > Dark Knight, shouldn't really have to worry about this. Finally, looking at other characters who might use this build. Bear in mind the paths I'm suggesting are not to be taken as said character's ideal path, simply the path I recommend if you want to focus on optimizing Frozen Lance specifically: Like I mentioned before, Mag is the most important stat here and of the candidates, Flayn and Hubert have the highest mag growth at 55. Flayn also gets 2 possible special supports in Byleth and Seteth. Not the best adjutant, but comes already in a flying class and can add follow-up attack damage so not too bad either. If you build her along Monk* > Mage* > Warlock / Pegasus Knight > Falcon Knight, then she'd have Lancefaire too and could potentially reach higher damage than anyone else with Frozen Lance. Dark Flier allows her to use magic but has neither Lancefaire nor a Mag stat modifier so depending on how high her natural Mag stat gets, might hinder her ability to OHKO with this. Dark Knight is another option but her weakness in riding makes it undesirable for her. The biggest concern with her and most of these characters is how fragile they are. Frozen Lance is a melee attack and even Canto might not allow her to always fly back to safety after attacking. Hubert has a special support with Edelgard only. That's a little harder to guarantee the extra +3 mt than using an adjutant, but not too big of a deal. He too should be able to reach high damage with Frozen Lance and might surpass Lorenz's damage even without Lancefaire. Hubert is only neutral in Riding but that doesn't make Dark Knight too difficult to achieve. Just go Monk* > Mage* > Warlock / Cavalry > Paladin* > Dark Knight. His natural mag growth is good enough to spend less time in magic classes and more in cavalry/paladin to boost his riding while relying on frozen lance during that time. He too is a fragile character however. With his high mag growth and relatively easy access to riding, he might be the best character to pull this off with. Marianne has a mag growth of 50 which is also very high. and can likely deal more damage than Lorenz with Frozen Lance, the major caution being just how fragile she is. Recommended path for her is the Dark Knight route (or even Holy Knight): Monk* > Mage* > Warlock / Bishop / Cavalry / Paladin > Dark Knight / Holy Knight. Dark Knight has an extra point in Mag modifier over Holy. The advantage here being that she still has access to her spells, as well as access to Mag boosting battalions. She may want to use Paladin for Lancefaire if her damage is a bit shy of the OHKO threshold. Alternatively, she can be built similar to Flayn: Monk* > Mage* > Warlock / Pegasus Knight > Falcon Knight. The major downside is that flying battalions don't offer a Mag boost, and depending on how her growth is going this might prevent her from achieving the OHKO threshold. While Marianne is also very fragile, she has decent enough speed to double as a decent evade tank if she goes the flying route. Alert Stance will likely be delayed, but she'll get it eventually. Ingrid - (REVISED) - has a very low mag growth stat of only 35. As a result I doubt she will be able to get many OHKO's with Frozen Lance even if she does follow a magical path unless she gets mag blessed or you give her many boosters. Combined with the fact that flying battalions don't offer a Mag attack boost, she probably won't be doing anything useful with Frozen Lance in a flying class. Her low mag stat makes it super important to fully optimize her build and even then, I'm not entirely sure how well she'll do against anyone other than cavalry using an effective lance. So her suggested path for anyone who really wants to try it is: Monk* > Mage* > Warlock > Dark Knight. She has some decent Black Magic spells in Thoron and Fimbulvetr, both boosting Crit. So if you focus on maximizing her Dex she can follow a crit build and potentially deal some decent damage (maybe even use Killer Lance+ for Frozen Lance and land some crits there and use a Crit Ring instead of the Magic Staff). The added Dex also contributes a little to Frozen Lance damage. Ingrid also gets 2 special supports in Felix and Sylvain for a possible +6 mt although that's not easy to pull off. Never thought of Ingrid in this way before, could be an interesting option for her if someone wanted to try something different, but probably RIP if she doesn't land her crit against certain enemies lol. Finally, back to Lorenz, the reason I say he might be the most obvious option to use this build for is simply because it lies along what is arguably already his best class progression path. He's not great at too many things. Also, his special support is with Ferdinand who can easily be built into an armored class making Lorenz a serviceable tank on top which is very useful when you're getting up close and personal. While his Def growth is higher than most of the other candidates, at 30%, it isn't exactly good. His Str is the highest of the bunch though, a decent 40%, which might allow to him avoid getting doubled a little better but I doubt it'll make a difference on Maddening. His HP growth on the other hand is one of the highest in the game at 55%, while the others in this group have abysmal HP. So again, while most of the others can potentially deal more damage, he will have higher survivability. And since his damage allows him to OHKO most of the same enemies, dealing even more damage is useless, while survivability remains valuable. Well, I hope this offers an interesting idea to others. I haven't seen a lot of discussion of this ability myself. Has anyone already tried this kind of build before, and if so what was your experience like with it? Anyone know for sure if Lancefaire applies to Frozen Lance damage, or is able to confirm? I will be doing this build for Lorenz in my current NG Maddening run of VW so I guess I'll be able to give a more concrete account later on about how good or bad it turned out. Also, if anyone noticed anything I've overlooked or did wrong with my calculations please do let me know. (Hopefully nothing so bad to make everything I said meaningless lol, that would be terrible after all this.)
  21. what are the best classes from the abyss? and who should I give them to? Note: right now I'm training my ferdinand as a trickster (just for a goof) but who is really good for these classes? my female byleth is def going to be a war monk
  22. I get that balthus has many bounties on his head, and thus hides in the abyss, but why is he counted as a student? He is 26, I’m very confused about it.
  23. i did the GD route but i wasnt sure which one to choose next. i know which order u go doesnt rlly matter but i just wanna know which ones best to pick. i also heard there's a church/rhea route n if i should bother going for that one? i was gonna choose edelgard bc her route is the shortest apparently n then finally finish w dimitri ... anyways any thoughts would be appreciated ! ^^
  24. I am pretty sure we are either getting a fe6 remake due to the fact the team has shown interest in remaking it. Whatever game comes out next tho I want some connection to three houses s i am a big fan for connecting the game's lorewise.
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