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  1. I'm working on making a FE4 hack with custom maps, and I cannot seem to find where/how to change the initial positions of Sigurd, Alec, Noaise, and the starting position of Arden (although he eventually shuffles his way to where I put him in the fe4map unit placer). Which tool would I go to change those and how? And I suppose, by extension, how would I do the same for the other spawns on later turns (Lex/Azelle, Quan/Ethlyn/Fin)
  2. Things I would add: Make the holy weapons more plot relevant A Berkut like character maybe a female noblewoman who's the cousin of Sigurd. Supports and Barracks More Classes Weapon types to existing classes A animal shifter of some kind Things I want to see: Make Lewyn x Erinys one of the canon pairings Fe5 did it so can this remake Azelle x Tailtiu maybe canon
  3. Hey so I am starting this series/discussion to ask and share opinions and ideas for this question. How would you balance Holy Blood In Fe4 Part 1 Growths If you notice with the holy blood growths you can see quite a few good ones like to name a few neir fjalar baldur noba forseti However some of the bloods boosts a kind of stupid/pointless stat being luck the biggest offender being ulir like 20% hp is good but almost every holy blood has that and the 30% luck oh naga thats terrible at least in future games luck gives you crit avoid but in fe4 crit chance is set and being crit is so rare this applies to blagi as well but you know at least it gives mag and res unlike ulir which is pure luck How would I balance ulir holy blood well considering that ulir is supposed to be on bow users i feel like the luck should go to skill and speed you know actually useful stats that archers tend to have high growths in yeah time to talk about another idea in the community which is Lowering holy blood growth bonuses the idea here is that the holy blood would give an overall lesser effect on a units potential In my opinion I think thats its good idea however it would also mean boosting the growths of minor blood units who rely on their growths to be good like Azel yah 10% growth in magic as a Mage yeah terrible so tell me what you think about holy blood growths should they be better should they be worse I would genuinely like to know
  4. Any advice for a sub run ? To prevent Pairings in Gen 1, what items to inherit Leif/Altena and Seliph, and how to improve the scrub squad that are Substitutes ?
  5. hi folks, I'm gonna teach you how to insert portraits into FE4 so here's a step by step guide, pay attention class 1. First thing you need is a portrait, and the size of Jugdral saga portraits are 48x64. For this tutorial I'll use a picture of my furry kitten OC, Lamia. EDIT: Consult this post later on in this topic about a palette fix required for portraits as a very important first step: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=43520#entry2683698 2. In order to format it correctly for insertion and to make the mouth movement accurate, this is what it needs to look like: It's much the same as GBA portrait insertion, although that's automated now Here's a guideline to where the mouth is replaced: Follow these above examples in order to prepare it for inserting. Once you have it correctly set up, save the portrait as a .BMP image type, as a later step requires it. 3. Download this makeshift ROM file (don't worry it's not an actual game, just a placeholder thing to help portrait setup): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sRawpsb7M0UJHDd7DjQ5Qs4MI9JTCpo1 The above ROM is set to be just the right size to fit your portrait. Grab your favorite SNES graphics editor (YY-CHR, Tile Layer Pro, etcetera) and check for the Import Bitmap feature, choosing your portrait. The editor should be set to SNES, 4BPP. Once it's in, make sure you actually DO have 16 colors, and that the FIRST color in the palette is the background (black in this image). Don't worry about correcting the colors in the editor, since you'll need to adjust the palette of it in the ROM itself. If all 16 colors are registered but the background is using the wrong color (this happens to me in TLP), save it as an SMC and use YY-CHR's color-swapper tool for a quick fix. If you have trouble getting all 16 colors in (like, one or two are missing) then convert the BMP to a 16-color format with something like a GIF editor/animator like GIF Movie Gear. It will save BMP files to the minimum amount of colors, while preserving said colors unlike MSPaint. Once you have it set up, save your portrait as an SMC file (SNES ROM). This will make it ready to compress. 4. Speaking of the compressor, this is what you need: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1oGKii9yT5Y3weA__l-dqPEZS-frGF3wp Contained within is a compressor for FE4 (and also FE3 but I don't have data on that) along with a readme. You don't need to have your portrait in the same folder as the program. If you have your SMC file of your portrait ready, all you have to do is drag your portrait's ROM onto the 'old' or 'new' FE4 compressor. I think the only difference really is that the newer one uses slightly less space, but I kept both of them in the zip in case of errors and whatnot. This will create a yourrom.BIN in the same folder as the file you dragged onto it. This BIN contains your compressed portrait data. 5. Refer to this data I stole from the FE4Binary collection: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yFCE-AASWIUxg0zlSO3mQhuRxFjWcZdM This contains all of the addresses of portrait data in the (headered) ROM. The numbers counting up are the reference, which is then used in the Portrait Pointer Editor in Nightmare. 00 is Sigurd, for example. The first address is the location of the compressed data. Sigurd's portrait is at A67B5. Now, open your portrait's BIN file in your hex editor of choice and copy all of the data. Find a portrait you want to replace (Sigurd in this guide), make sure you don't overwrite the next portrait, and replace one portrait's data with your own. Now, save the ROM, and open it up in your emulator to check if it loaded properly. 6. If you're successful, now's the time to change the palette. The second number in the portrait data list is the palette; Sigurd's is at CAA00. With this, all you have to do is figure out what is colored by what, and change it to the appropriate 256-color byte pair. Each single color uses 2 bytes. I personally use GBA Color Picker in order to match the colors as close as I can. To make a certain color in the palette more visible, I recommend setting one color to FF00, which turns it into a bright red, making it way easier to detect and find out what color it needs to be. Additionally, make sure that when adding your colors, the two bytes are switched around in the ROM. 7. After toiling around with that, along with all the testing and reloading, you should slowly see your portrait come to life within the game itself. 8. Eureka! Enjoy your inserted portrait.
  6. Hi, I need help with a pairing, I'm in chapter 4 and I just conquered Silesse, I saw that Sylvia x Claud and Eirinys x Lewyn conversation didn't trigger because Lewyn is paired with Sylvia, but I want Lewyn with Eirinys and Sylvia with Claud, I read that killing the wrong lover erases the love points but that's not true, in Lewyn's lover it's still written "Sylvia". Is there a way to fix the pairings since killing Sylvia doesn't work?
  7. Not only did She abandoned him when he was just a Newborn , leaving him under Shannan's Care (he was just a kid back then) , disobeying Sigurd's Words, when he didn't even know how to take care of himself at that age just because she was so thirsty about Sigurd's Jeigan conqueror of castles Dick and she couldn't wait anymore for him, ditching Seliph like shit and forgetting all about of him just because her lust for Sigurd, not only that - But She never tried to Seek after him when is heavily implied that at some point she Learned about his marriage with Sigurd even tho she never regained back her memories She DID know about having another Son but she never tried to seek after him, Leaving Seliph Dread Alone under Oifey and Shannan's care with 0 Inherited Money from her or even Good Stats, heck, he wasn't even a Pure Blood Naga. The only time than Deirdre acted like a mother to Seliph was in the After Life being a Ghost, but that probably was Seliph Daydreaming about his parents and how he avenged them after all and fulfilled Sigurd's Dreams Deirdre got what she deserved for being such a bad mother and this is the root of Sigurd's tragedy and eventually Demise.
  8. I've attempted a few runs of Genealogy, but I have always chicken out around chapter 2 because Noish and Alec start to fall off a bit, and since I am racing to protect Lachesis and fight bandits I feel like I feel like the slight jump in difficulty is a bit much for me. Should I promote my cavaliers as soon as possible. I usually promote around level 15 in the other games.
  9. Hello everyone! Ya boi Arden here. So I'm making an FE4-style hack on FEGBAeditor, and I made a bunch of holy weapon sprites for it, and I thought I'd share them all with you! Granted, I'm new at sprite art (like very new) and most of these sprites I made using an incompatible palette and had to drag them through the GBAeditor filter in order to use them in-game, but I hope you all enjoy! I would make a drop box and share them with everyone, but I think I'll wait to make a drop box for the full rom hack. The sprites use different design inspirations. Some are based on their original sprite art, some are based on their concept art, some even use tcg art, although I didn't really use Awakening designs, since I find most of them ugly. I didn't include a Mystletainn sprite cuz I'm still working on it. I don't know why, but I cannot for the life of me make a half-decent looking Mystletainn. Ares is hiding that crap. Pls halp. The List: Balmung uses concept/tcg art, All the magic tomes use in-game sprites, Gae Bolg/ Gungnir use concept art, Helswath uses concept art, Tyrfing is a mix between in-game sprite and concept art, Yewfelle uses in-game sprite, and Valkyrie uses the very specific in-game sprite you see on the holy blood character screen. Edit: Sorry the images are so smol, nothing I can do about that.
  10. Hey all, been a lurker for a very, very long time but I can't find what I need so I thought I'd finally make a post. Long story short, I would like help obtaining any documentation/mapping of the Project Naga patch. Short story long, I've played this series for years, and been hacking almost as long as I've been playing. However my hacking exploits have almost entirely been consolidated to the GBA games, and while you can do a lot more with them, FE4 has always been my favorite game and the newest translation patch makes it super easy to read menus/dialogue/other text. Since I cannot read Japanese, translation patches have been massive for getting me into older games, but at the same time they make me cautious to attempt hacking the games. Recently, I was researching FE4 hacks and found the tools left by Lamia and the Binary folks super helpful. In an attempt to make a FE4 hack that I can actually read, I was wondering if anyone had documentation on how PN handles text. For example, I can change hex values in the place where text would typically be according to the FE4 documentation I have, but it wouldn't change any in-game text (duh, it's been changed because of the patch). I don't claim to be good at hacking or even understand half of what's going on in code, but my patched ROM is about double the size of my original, and I think the PN data starts at 00600200 in my hex editor. Messing with these values (changing the next few lines to "00") left the game in a runnable state, only crashing after I press the start button on the main menu, which is where PN text would first show up (I assume the title screen is an image file and not text). This is essentially the extent of my knowledge in hex, so any help pointing me to where I need to go would be a huge help. My end goal would be the ability to edit the names of characters, items, skills and so on within a copy of FE4 that has the PN patch applied. Also, sorry if this is a common file that comes with every copy of Windows10 or something, but I couldn't find any documentation on the patch's forum post or dev blog, and since I don't want to bother people I figured it would be best to throw out this post first before I go around DMing folks who might know. Again, my knowledge with programming in general is fairly poor, so I apologize if this is something I should know how to do on my own. Any help is appreciated!
  11. Ced: Through modification, this video will show off events you usually wouldn't be able to see in normal gameplay. Fee: If you don't like hacking or spoilers, you have been warned! Ced: By the way, these events I'm talking about... Fee: They exist in the data, but they're impossible to trigger. Ced: Fee, why are you stealing my lines? Fee: Oh, sorry, bro. I couldn't help myself... But who cares about that! It's the same no matter who provides exposition... Ced: I hardly appear in the game as it is... Fee: Well then, let's get this started. ❤️ Ced: Fee, that was supposed to be my line too! Quan: Sigurd, I'm glad to see you're alive! Sigurd: Quan? What are you doing here...? Quan: I heard about your battle with Verdane, and just couldn’t sit still. Let me join your cause. Sigurd: Are you sure you can leave Leonster unattended? I heard Thracia had its sights on it. Quan: You heard right. That’s why I only took Finn with me. I’ve entrusted the rest of my Lance Ritter with father. Sigurd: I see... Sorry Quan, I didn’t mean to drag you into this. Quan: What are you talking about, Sigurd? This is our oath. Sigurd: Huh...? Quan: Remember? When we were kids? You, me, and Eldigan. We met in Belhalla’s military academy. Then, we got to know one another, talked about our dreams, and swore an oath to help one another out of any predicament we might find ourselves in. Sigurd: That’s right... I haven’t forgotten... Quan: If it's me and you, those Verdane Barbarians don't stand a chance. We'll make short work of them. Sigurd, don’t forget it. I swore an oath, and I will never let you throw down your life in this paltry war. ____________________________________________ Quan: Haha, and I guess it is a request from Ethlyn. I love her. I can't stand to be away from her. Sigurd: Fufu, I see, so that's the real reason. Ethlyn's a pretty lucky gal. You don't come across a man like you every day. Quan: Don't tease me, Sigurd. C'mon, let's get going. The real battle's only just begun. Midir: Lord Azelle... Azelle: Oh, Midir, it's been so long. Midir: I'm so sorry about what happened to Lady Edain. I was with her, and yet... Azelle: It's not your fault. You don't have to hang yourself up on it. Midir: But Lady Edain was so dear to you, and I... Azelle: She was important to you too, wasn't she? Midir: What!? Azelle: I know it's hard, for both of us... But Midir, for now, we need to work together to get her back. Midir: As you wish, Lord Azelle. Alec: Lady Ethlyn, please, let's stop fighting. Once we enter Verdane, the fighting will only get worse. Ethlyn: Oh, Alec, it's been so long. Thank you for worrying about me. I'll be just fine. I mean, I used to be such a tomboy even your father was concerned about me. Alec: But... Ethlyn: I've been good friends with Edain since I was a child. I worry for her just as you worry for me. If she's going through hard times, I must rush to her side as fast as I can. Alec: ...You really take after Lord Sigurd. Especially how you never back down on your word. Fine, we'll do our best to protect you. But please don't do anything too unreasonable. Ethlyn: Thank you. I'll be careful, Alec. Naoise: We'll be fighting in Verdane from here on. Be on your guard, Alec. Alec: Hey now, don't be so stiff. I mean, look at you. You're always way too serious in everything you do. Naoise: A knight should always serve his lord, resolved for death at every passing moment. Alec: Oh, enough of that! Look here, Lord Sigurd doesn't want us to die for his cause. You know that as well as I do. If you seriously want to be loyal to him, you have to survive no matter what. Naoise: ...I didn't need you to tell me that! Quit worrying about me, or else you'll be the one dropping dead, Alec. Jamke: Why! Why did it have to be like this Edain!? Edain: Oh no. Jamke!? I'm so sorry! Jamke: No, no Edain! Don't get any closer to me! Alec: It's finally time, Naoise. Naoise: Yeah. Alec: You've done a lot for me, you know that? Naoise: That goes both ways... Alec: It was fun. Naoise: It was... Alec: You take care, okay? Naoise: You too. Leif: Hmm... That woman over there... She's a Thracian Dracoknight! But, her eyes look so sad... Arvis: Seliph... Julia is in your hands... please... forg... (TL note: He doesn't get to finish saying 'forgive me.') Finn: Lene, were you waiting for me? Lene: Fufu, of course I was. ❤️ Welcome back, dear... Lene: Oh, Finn. Were you waiting for me to come back? You sure know how to make a girl happy. Finn: Yeah, I worry about you when you're away... please stay with me. Hannibal: Patty, you were waiting for this old man? Patty: Yep, course I was! Glad to see you sweetums! ❤️ Patty: Hi honey, I'm home! Wait. Hannibal? You were waiting for me? Well whaddaya know! Hannibal: Please, don't push yourself too hard. I don't want to lose you. Coirpre: Hey, I'm back Altena. Were you waiting for me? Altena: Yes, I grow anxious when you're not around... Altena: Coirpre!? You were seriously waiting for me? Coirpre: Yeah, glad to see you too Altena. All things aside, I'm glad you're safe. Ced: So, how was it? Fee: There weren't many of them, but I'm pretty sure I've never seen them before. Ced: Why was Naoise and Alec's conversation removed, I wonder. Fee: Right, right, Naoise barely has any conversations anyway. But I was pretty surprised that Hannibal and Altena had lovers' dialogue. They're not supposed to be able to form those relationships... Ced: Precisely. Fee: By the way, bro. Ced: Hm? What's wrong, Fee? Fee: We used hacks to force supports with Hannibal, but aren't you curious to see if they effect the ending? Ced: That definitely bugs me. Fee: Let me be blunt. There are no endings where Altena, Finn, or Hannibal return home with their lovers. Their ending will always be the same—saying they returned to Thracia. It makes no mention of their lover. Ced: I see. That's a shame. Fee: Well, even for the characters that do have romance options, when the female character is the one succeeding a country or dukedom, the male character's ending make no mention of lovers either. I think we should have been expecting Hannibal's and Finn's bios to follow suit. Just like Julia, Altena is set to return to her motherland regardless of who she does or doesn't end up with. Ced: I see. But Fee, there's something else that's bothering me. Fee: What's up? Ced: Do the endings of the people you pair them up with change at all? Fee: In this experiment, we paired Altena with Coirpre, and as we've said with male characters, his ending was unchanged. Ced: I guess that makes sense. Fee: However, not for Patty and Lene. Ced: What? Fee: You should probably take a look at them yourself. Ced: R-right. Then play the— Fee: Clip. ❤️ Ced: (She did it again.) Seliph: Patty? Are you crying? Patty: Yeah, I'm crying. *Sob* *Sob* Seliph: You liked Hannibal that much? Patty: I did. I really loved him, Lord Seliph. What should I do? Seliph: I... don't have an answer. But you know, Patty, you've got to live strong. Life has its share of sorrows, but you can't lose to them. Patty: Yeah... I'll try. There's just one thing I want to ask you. Could you lend me your chest for a bit? For now, I need somewhere to cry my eyes out. Seliph: Patty... Seliph: You're going to Velthomer, aren't you Lene. Please take care. Lene: Yeah. But if I ever get lonely, could I drop by Belhalla to play? Seliph: Of course you can, anytime you want. Lene: I've been feeling pretty down ever since Finn died. (The red text at the top says, "Hold up, he ain't dead!!") Seliph: I get how you feel. But we need to move forward. Velthomer depends on us. We both have to do our best. Lene: Yeah, leave it to me. Ced: Fee... remind me. When did Finn die? Fee: He's perfectly healthy. Finn: Did you need me for something? Ced: F-Finn!? No, it's nothing. Finn: I see... pardon me then. Ced: That one got me. Fee: Yes, where did he come from? Now, getting this back on track, it looks like even if Finn or Hannibal have a lover, those lovers will be mourning them in the ending. That's kinda sad... Ced: Patty's can be taken a few ways. They danced around the subject. But Lene's, on the other hand... Fee: He's dead. End of story. Ced: Well, we got it through hacking, after all. Let's just be happy the game didn't bug out on us. Fee: Yep! You're right! Took the words straight out of my mouth! Ced: T-then, it's about time to say goodbye. Fee: Thank you for sticking with us for so long! Ced: Thank you, and good— Fee: Good bye!
  12. I've been playing the patch but Tyakov (the 6th fighter in the chapter 2 arena) has a sheild sword and keeps breaking the game.
  13. Salutations! A while ago I found the amazing translations, made by Leif of Leonster Translations, of the Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War Suzuki Novelization, and began making these little fan-made audio dramas by myself. These audio dramas are voiced entirely by me, and while I am an amateur (though it is my goal to improve and become a proper voice actor one day), I intend to keep making more of these videos. Reading this novelization made me super interested in Jugdral lore, and I am truly thankful to Leif of Leonster Translations for their work. I hope you may find enjoyment in these audio dramas, and hopefully, it too could get more people interested in Genealogy of the Holy War. I intend to update this topic every time I make a new audio drama related to the Genealogy of the Holy War Novelization, so be on the lookout for future parts, though I make no promises as to when! If, instead, you would like to read the translation of the novelization yourself, here's the link for Leif of Leonster Translations: https://four-loose-screws.tumblr.com/post/158382266965/fire-emblem-novel-translations
  14. 1 year later note: YUNE does FE4 randomizing better these days. Don't go using this one. Over Christmas, i decided I wanted to make a proper FE4 randomizer as opposed to the crappy one I had made and posted to Reddit last summer. Now I have completed a playthrough of it to find and fix all the bugs I could find, and then fixed some more bugs with the help of some people on Reddit, I thought people over here would like it as well. So here we have it: Jespoke's FE4 Randomizer 2.1! And here is a link to the source code: https://github.com/jespoketheepic/JespokesFE4randomizer Randomize options: Classes Promotions Base Stats Growth Rates Skills Holy Blood Holy Blood Growth Bonuses Holy Weapon Bonuses Weapons: Might, Hit, Weight Other things: Various weapons are shuffled around and edited to match the randomized classes. Sword skills can be used and inherited by anyone, and holy weapons can be sold and bought. There is an option to nerf your own units' growth rates, in case you want to go ham on the OP options. There is an option to slightly rebalance weapons A few small things are edited to stop anything from breaking. If you run into anything weird, please tell me so I can try to fix it. The randomizer is made to work with both headered and unheadered roms, with or without the Project Naga translation patch. I want to thank the people in Lamia's FE4 stuff for finding/compiling a lot of the locations in the rom to edit to get everything to work, as well as the FE Binary people who made the Sword Skills patch. Please leave any feedback, suggestions, and fun results you may have ~ Updates: Update 2.1.2: Fixed an issue that came up when using high difficulty settings without randomizing growths. Added 2 new options for Holy Blood allocation: 33% Major 66% Minor, and 4 Minors. Update 2.1.3: Closed the loop created by 2.1.2 Update 2.1.4: Fixed the 2.1.2 problem (hopefully completely this time) The option to have Holy Blood not give growths is now actually considered a valid input. Added some stuff to make issues that get the randomizer stuck easier to pinpoint. Update 2.1.5: Fixed Pursuit rates not being as advertised. Added option to give you a guaranteed Troubadour if you want. Update 2.1.6: Kids and their substitutes now have the same classes, which means substitutes will no longer join with weapons they can't use. The guaranteed healer option now also gives you a guaranteed cleric in the second generation. Fixed the Seliph Holy Blood randomizing function doing exactly the opposite of what it was intended to, which could freeze the randomizer. Update 2.1.7: Tine, Lene, and Nanna now match with their own substitutes, instead of those of each other. That also fixes another problem introduced by the switcheroo, that caused saves to not load and the boss of the prologue to act weird.
  15. I loaded an old save I had at the endgame and my plan was to get a lot of people killed and see if the dialogue is different. After killing some of my units and Killing Julius Seliph's sprite bugged out. I seized anyways because I just thought it was a graphical error. However after I seize the screen goes black and it stays that way. Is this because certain ending variations aren't translated or something else? I tried a couple more combinations with deaths and I keep getting a black screen. I don't think its my rom since I beat the game before with the same file. On said file I saw the ending on it when no one died. I don't know if this could be the problem but I did the Seliph x Julia glitch to get an early pairing on the file in question and in this latest attempt I killed berserk Julia to see the ending for her death. If anyone has anyway to help or knows the answer I would appreciate it. I just want to see some alternate endings. Thanks for your time. Translation used : https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/63676-fe4-translation-patch-open-beta-v7/
  16. First of all, I'm sorry if this isn't the best place to post this. I'm new to the forums, (I've lurked for a long time but never posted anything) so if I should put this somewhere else just let me know and I'll move it. Thanks. So I decided I wanted to try modifying FE4 in nightmare, and there are several things I want to do. However, I'm not sure how to do them, or even if I can at all. I'm going to try and think of as many questions as possible so that I don't have to update every time something new occurs to me. First of all, I want to make all of the Holy Weapons, with the exception of Gungnir and Loptyr, usable by the player. However, I want to do it in a somewhat realistic way. As in, I don't want a character to just randomly have the Helswath or Valflame in their inventory right off the bat for no reason. That's where the tricky part comes in. Messing with Holy Blood and inheritance is easy, but the game doesn't even give you the Holy Weapons that no one in your party should be able to use, for obvious reasons. So, this question has 3 parts. First, can I make it so that the minibosses will drop their holy weapons? For example, Langbalt with the Helswath in chapter 5? I went into his character data and tried to make it his dropable item, but it doesn't seem to be an option. If I'm able to do this, can I make it sellable, just in case the wrong character kills him? And if I'm not able to do these things, is it possible to put it in the proper character's inventory after the boss is dead? If someone could direct me to a way to do any of these things, I'd be very grateful. And that's all I can think of for right now. If I run across any other issues, I'll update. Thanks in advance. EDIT: I should probably mention that if I have to use a program other than Nightmare, I'm willing to do that. Keep that in mind.
  17. I'm looking for at least a couple, I love genealogy and have been looking for these for a bit now, I can't seem to find any on ebay or any other equivalent I've seen.
  18. I've been eyeing the Genealogy of the Holy War Exceed a Generation figurines for several years but now that I want to buy some they totally disappeared from the market. I felt this would be the best place to ask about where to potentially find them and possibly locate some sellers. It makes sense that they only got rarer and more expensive over time but I have trouble coming up with the justification to pay more than $15 per figure at best. Hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction!
  19. * UPDATE 8/3/2014 * Last version I have: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vvl2vue65syyx85/fe4.ips Source TGZ: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6vhuw0xs137yn86/fe4-gharnef-improved-patch.tgz * UPDATE 5/19/2014 * Holy crap it's been a while... I haven't checked this in ages. I also know the location of the patch below is inaccessible, I don't own that webspace any more. I'm going to see what I still have left from this project (I built it in a special Virtual Machine with all kinds of hackery) and I'll find somewhere to dump it all on the web. * PATCH UPDATED 5/31/2013 1:54 PM EST * * Official changelist started! * Improved FE4 Translation Patch Using Twilkitri's work as a basis, I've started undertaking the task of further improving the Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War English Translation patch. But Gharnef, why? The current patch is awesome! There are many things now officially translated by NoA in the Fire Emblem mythology which weren't when the existing patch was created. There are also a few other things the community thinks could be improved upon judging by the conversations we've had so far so we can address those too. It's cool if you don't like my patch and don't want to use it - we can still be friends! Cool! So what changes have you already made, and what's planned? Can I try it out? Sure! Here's a link to the latest work. This is ALPHA, I haven't seen any issues in playtesting so far but if you do, please PLEASE let me know - provide screenshots, save states, etc. Just use a CLEAN Japanese ROM and Snes9x, save your current .ips file off somewhere safe and drop this file in the same directory as your ROM. Then, reload the game (not reset, that's not enough!) and enjoy. DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vvl2vue65syyx85/fe4.ips Source TGZ: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6vhuw0xs137yn86/fe4-gharnef-improved-patch.tgz
  20. Alright so just as the title suggests, Any pairing can be chosen. Have fun! Edit: Lex/Tailtiu has been chose, those two are out of the decision. Alec/Sylvia have been chosen Lachesis/Finn 😳 Fury (ew) / Noish Dew/Briggid Arden/Ayra Adean/ Azel All Gen1 pairings have been chosen, sadly Lewyn doesn't get to pass down his magnificent genes but this is the rules. Thank you all for commenting and giving your suggestions! If you wanted to You can add Gen2 pairings just for fun in the comments, thats up to you.
  21. So I was playing echos and noticed the forging system in the game I am pretty sure this was not in Fe 2 So if a Fe 4 remake ever came out I think a Forging system of some kind would be pretty cool it probably would not function like it did in echos and more like forging in Fe 9 or 10 where you could change the stats on a weapon individually like hit rate, MT and so on. The weapons in FE4 already feel pretty unique even ones like the silver sword you get in the prologue its not just a silver sword its Sigurd's Silver sword. Idk how limited the system would have to be as to not take away the value of the sheer power of holy weapons ( unless they can be forged to ). I just think I would be a cool little edition to give weapons the extra bit of flair. oh and you should be able to change the name of non holy weapons, and the forged weapons would cost more in the pawn shop. idk if this has been posted before I looked for a bit and couldn't find anything like it so I hope I am not breaking any rules
  22. 1. the critical skill gives 15+skill% percent chance to preform a critical 2. noish has adept instead of accost 3. arden has a new skill (leave suggestions) 4. armors and mages have +1 move 5. fire tomes have 6 extra might and deal effective damage against armors and mounted units (so it makes since that alvis beat sigurd) 6. nihil negates all skills and effective attacks (thank god pavis in not has annoying) 7. non sword or infantry units can use luna. solar and astra 8. reclasing costs a lot of gold 9. thunder tomes have -5 weight and give the critical skill 10.axes have there weight reduced by 7 11 lances have -5 weight 12. heros have b axes and get weight -3 13. master knight have a light and a dark 14. nihil and vantage rings 15. sigurd has aether 16. tiltyu joins at 10th level and has better bases 17. non boss enemies have personal skills 18.more bonus scenes depending on your rank 19. olwen because Reinhardt is to popular 20. hard mode because fe 4 is easy 21. jamke has bow range +4 22. midir has bowrange +1 23. brigid has bow range + 6 24. princes can use lances 25. aidean has bow range +3 and miracle 26. the sons inherit there fathers hair color where has the daughters hair color is of there mothers 27. you can buy hair dyes at castles 28. female seliph ( with sliver hair and staff utility but worse stats) 29. no incest pairings corpell should never be able to use the valkire staff 30. a alternate ending if you input the konami code where Sigurd doges alvis attack and lands a tyrfang critical 31. that boss that reks midir actually has the critical skill 32. Claude meets Claude secret event ( you must turn your switch upside down near a tree in chapter 5) 33.wind magic has +2 might and is effective against fliers 34. aura has 1 weight 35. you get a light tome in chapter 4 36. comedy mode where the entire tone of the game changes to that of a parody 37. villages on hard give half as much money 38. more civilians to save 39. more Easter egg chacters in the arena 40. diedres stuff is moved to pawnsho[ 41. you always get the nosfratu tome in chapter 6
  23. Hello, I was wondering if there is a SNES cartridge of Genealogy of the Holy War that has the Naga translation that I can buy online? I've only found that the Gharnef translation is put on an SNES cartridge. I just like having the game on a cartridge, its just something I like doing. Thank you for anyone giving me an answer.
  24. Hey, all! I'm currently hacking FE4, and I had a few questions that I wanted to see if anyone can answer. I have pored over the threads containing all the tools and info from Lamia and others (such as this thread here: https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/39603-lamias-fe4-stuff/#comments ) and there's been a lot of useful information! However, I do have some specific issues that I haven't been able to find answers to yet. If anyone has the time and know-how, I was wondering if you could give me some advice? 🙂 1. Using the Broken weapon slots to implement new weapons. Lamia included a broken weapon editor and indicated that it can be used to consolidate broken weapons in order to free space in the item list. I tried doing so by having each of the weapon ranks refer to the A rank broken weapon. This causes the game to always crash when a battle is initiated. Any idea on how I should be doing this? 2. D rank patch The sword skill patch works just fine with the Project Naga translation, but the D rank patch does not (regardless of whether there's any other patches other than Naga on top of it.) Has anyone played around with this and found a way to make it work? It just crashes my game when used, similar to the broken weapon issue. (And yeah, I did make sure that the area it specified in the readme was blank before patching, and it was without me having to do anything, so that's not the issue. Right now, the only thing I can think of would be to apply the patch to a clean rom, and THEN put project Naga on top of that and painstakingly implement all the other changes I've done on top of that. But, eh... I'd rather not.) 3. Editing enemy Stats, skills, etc. I can't find any way to edit enemy data AT ALL besides the enemy editor modules, which really only allow you to change their class and inventories. How have others gone about this? Hex? 4. Text editing I haven't experimented with Lamia's tools yet on this front, so I'll try that first. But in the meantime, is there any specific advice people could offer for text editing in FE4? Thanks so much! EDIT: 5. Also, being able to edit max stats for classes would be just swell! kthxbye!
  25. I've been looking desperately for a clean version of the "Castle Seized" sound effect to no avail. In fact, I can't seem to find any FE4 sound effects that aren't leveling up. Just wondering if there was a way to bulk download them or if anyone specifically had the "Castle Seized" effect
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