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Found 133 results

  1. NOTE: This is an old release. Please get v2.1 Here it is; The beta release of a project that took way too many stressful days to complete... It unintentionally re-balances most of the units in FE6... "FIRE EMBLEM: THE BINDING BLADE" CANONIZATION PROJECT now in public beta ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Introduction This is a project I've been working on for the past few days; adding FE4-like generation mechanics to FE6. Now, because I don't feel like frankensteining two GBA roms together, a few days ago I asked /r/FireEmblem to give me their favorite FE7 pairings (that lead to children in FE6). After calculating growths and base stats using the awakening formulae, I inserted those changed stats into the game via Nightmare. In addition to this, I gave all returning units from FE7 their FE7 growths, so now Bartre is more usable and Karel is a shining turd (sorry karel fans). I also took a leif from the FE4 inheritance book, and gave all children characters an item or weapon from their parents' inventory (Geese also gets a Killer Axe from Geitz). With these introduction thoughts out of the way, here are the pairings that /r/FireEmblem gave me; ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pairings Eliwood x Ninian Hector x Farina Rath x Lyn (Lyn is only possible mother for Sue) Nino x Erk (Jaffar Soon™) Rebecca x Lowen Hawkeye x ??? Bartre x Karla (already canon) Pent x Louise (already canon) Canas x ??? Harken x Isadora (May or may not be implemented) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RELEASE (OPEN BETA) Patch: Binding Blade Canonization Patch v1.0.zip Note: Please apply this patch on top of a ROM that has already been patched with the latest translation, failing to do so will result in error while trying to access certain content. Excel Document Reflecting Changed Stats and Growths: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ph2ex8qWRpAwt7jdTWJbqemt1LmpoDEpSSeEfJANLxA/edit?usp=sharing Word Document Reflecting Changed Factors: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ajdD7gG2YGYczZMCnz_QeZZUxlactIKIl4TRBlSUTN8/edit?usp=sharing -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please let me know of any bugs or errors, as this is my first hack. Also, if someone requests it, I will change the other Manga weapons to reflect fan-favorite FE7 characters. Gant's Lance is now Lowen's Pike and appears in Wolt's starting inventory, so the ones left are the Staff and the Sword. Thank you, and enjoy! Also, the reason this is in beta is because I had some problems with editing starting stats before, and I need conformation that the children characters after the first chapter turned out the way I wanted to. Please compare the starting stats of changed units with the excel sheet linked above. COMING SOON: Adjusted pairings (Nino x Jaffar), but using Erk's magic growth because fuck that 15% Name patch to match with Heroes. Will release a separate patch with just the name changes. Binding Blade Canonization Patch v1.0.zip
  2. Hello, everyone. I've only just recently picked up the use of Nightmare to make edits to FE6's relatively unbalanced nature, (yes, I know it's been done many times before,) and I've read through Blazer's guide on how nightmare works (only skipping information about music editing and the like.) I've been strugging to understand how I would go about removing Roy's forced promotion in chapter 21 / 21x and switching it over to chapter 16 / 16x. I assume it would have something to do with the respective chapter's events, but I am not sure how I would go about figuring them out. Of all the things I wanted to do to the game, this is the only block I've stumbled upon that I, as a newbie to the FE-editing scene, cannot figure out. TLDR: How would I move Roy's promotion in chapter 21/21x to Chapter 16/16x using Nightmare? And, if this is something that cannot be done in Nightmare, what programs do I need? Thabks in advance, sorry for the text mountain.
  3. Well, I'm currently playing through FE6 for the first time, I'm at chapter 19A (Ilia route) and just checked what the conditions on entering chapter 20AX were so I can get the legendary lance, Maltet, and play the final chapters. Turns out Zealot needs to be alive, which he isn't as I didn't know this at the time and let him die as an NPC. Well, suppose that's what I get for not researching it enough beforehand xD. Does anyone know a relatively easy way to hack the ROM and put Maltet in my inventory so I can play the last chapters or is this impossible? Thanks in advance! Note: I am pretty unexperienced with hacking, so I might not know all terminology but can of course look up how to do basic things. Sorry if this has been posted before, I couldn't find it on the forums.
  4. If you are one of those special people that managed to buy an NES Classic this past year, then I have some good news for you. In the past few months, applications like Hakchi and RetroArch allow us to put any NES, SNES, GBA, and many more onto our NES. Now it is possible to play Fire Emblem 1 all the way through to 8 on your television. Of course you can always play emulations on your computer, but I've always enjoyed playing NES and SNES on the big screen. The menu music now is the 8 bit FE theme song. I'm thinking about making an entire FE theme for the NES Classic. I hope this thread inspires someone else with a mini to download the FE titles. This tutorial is not mine, but it is the best one out there right now. NOTICE*- The GBA games (FE6, FE7, FE8) require a Wii Pro Controler if you would like to enjoy the full experience. It is still possible to play them, but the NES controller does not have bumpers.
  5. And, I'm back with a new randomizer because my old one's save stopped working. I'm not going to bother with a long intro, so I'm just going to start again right away. Also the format for the spoiler tags is: top-screenshots/commentary middle-new units/unit ratings bottom-level ups And here's the settings I used. The growth randomization was a bit more extreme
  6. So I saw my friend Radrex do a fe8 Pme, which looks pretty exciting. So I thought. I know a bit of hacking. Why not do a fun little Fe6 pick my edits run? Now, keep in mind. Despite me having played every game in the series (have not completed fe4 but i'm on my way), i'm a noob at this game. Just saying. Now, I will release this ROM here too so you guys can enjoy this too. Changing portraits is beyond my knowledge (might have to take that up someday), so having someone who is able to change portraits would be a great help, but it is not neccesairy. Now for some things: - Every playable character must be edited in some way. If I accept them is completely up to me, but most things will be accepted. - Editing boss characters is also encouraged, but not neccesairy - Items can also be edited, along with Classes. Edits: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UAroLvn6CCJwOcIjbUorG9wqwp0rzl04Pe7M_d3K-ws/edit?usp=sharing
  7. NOTE: Thread abandoned due to technical reasons, and the new thread/randomizer will be up shortly, and I'll link it when it's up. I promise I won't forget about/abandon this randomizer like just about every other one I've done. Welcome to my randomizer of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. It doesn't seem to be as popular as FE7 in the way of randomizers, so I figured I'd give it a try. This also happens to be my first time playing FE6 for the long run in general, so that should make this even more interesting. Here's to hoping it doesn't end up rendering this unwinnable as a result of not being able to get the Divinestone because of Fae being randomized. GENERAL RULE OF THUMB FOR STRUCTURE: First spoiler box is screenshots, second is growths/rating and commentary, third is level ups in the map. Without further ado, let's do this. Chapter 1
  8. Welcome to the FE6 poll! Whoever wins this poll will go up against all of the other favorites from all the other games! I already started a poll from FE1-FE5 in the NES/SNES era. Anyway, to start we have Roy and Lance and who wins is up to you!
  9. This is a modified version of gringe's FE6 localization patch detailed here: The dialogue and story/script remain unchanged. All this patch does is update the names of all the characters in both data and script to match those localized in the Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends event. So now Allen is Alen, Wendy is Gwendolyn, etc. As always, let me know if there are any bugs and errors past the first chapter, and enjoy! EDIT: Thite is now Thea, and you can apply this patch onto a clean FE6 rom. FE6 Name Patch v2.1.zip
  10. Hello, I've been working on a German FE6 Patch, and the German language has letters like "ä" and "ü", but they are of course not in the game code. Is there a way I can fix this, like, maybe how I can add it to the game?
  11. I want to use Saul as my Aureola user once I finally get it, but I'm worried he'll reach an S in staves before he can get his Light rank up high enough. What can I do to remedy this? Currently, I'm on chapter 11B.
  12. Like in the FE10 tierlist which was made this year it's also a public competition. You vote for the introduced units from the scale 1-10. Furthermore you also can give a short comment. But I will only accept the votes in the poll. After two days I'll upload the voting results and represent the next five units. If you missed a voting, you can still vote afterwards by posting your votes in this thread or via PM. Reference: hard mode, casual run voting results Tierlist Roy Bases + Growthrates Lord Level: 1 HP: 18 (80) Strength: 5 (40) Skill: 5 (50) Speed: 7 (40) Luck: 7 (60) Defense: 5 (25) Resistance: 0 (30) Oh boi... where shall I just begin? Roy is the lord who has some issues unfortunately: Low bases Low constitution: He can't even use killing edges without speed penalty. Poor growthrates. He has the best growthrates in the least needed stats. Way too late promotion. It makes him pretty useless in some chapters and he's just a wasted slot. Roy is quite painful to use in HM. He barely doubles and his output damage is pretty low. On the other hand he has wields the best weapon type in the game and can turn out into a pretty good dodgetank at least. His quick supports with Wolt, Marcus and Alance can make his earlygame slightly better. But nevertheless he's still the least useful lord in FE till he gets the Binding Blade. 4 Marcus Bases + Growthrates Paladin Level: 1 HP: 32 (60) Strength: 9 (25) Skill: 14 (20) Speed: 11 (25) Luck: 10 (20) Defense: 9 (15) Resistance: 8 (20) Marcus is an amazing Jagen. Without him most earlygame chapters (especially 4 + 7) are impossible to beat. His bases are good enough to deal with the enemies. Furthermore he can use all three melee weapon types which makes him very flexible regarding weapon triangle. He's also the best axe user in earlygame till Dieck's or Alance's promotion. Even at the end his low growthrates don't matter all that much. With an energy drop and speed wing he's still very usable. Without him HM would be almost impossible to beat. 9 Wolt Bases + Growthrates Level: 1 HP: 18 (80) Strength: 4 (40) Skill: 4 (50) Speed: 5 (40) Luck: 2 (40) Defense: 4 (20) Resistance: 0 (10) Wolt has two main issues: He's a GBA archer. He's suffering on the low accuracy of bows. He's a decent chipper against soldiers and helpful in chapter 7, but at the end he's not great at all. He's not even trustful due to the bad accuracy of bows. His con is quite nice but pretty much pointless later on when you have Sue and Shin. If his bases were better and bows were more accurate, you could work with him much more. 2.5 Alan + Lance Bases + Growthrates Alan Cavalier Level: 1 HP: 21 (85) Strength: 7 (45) Skill: 4 (40) Speed: 6 (45) Luck: 3 (40) Defense: 6 (25) Luck: 0 (10) Lance Cavalier Level: 1 HP: 20 (80) Strength: 5 (40) Skill: 6 (45) Speed: 8 (50) Luck: 2 (35) Defense: 6 (20) Resistance: 0 (15) Red and green cavalier turn pretty much into the same: great paladins. Alan is a bit more powerful than Lance who's however a bit faster so he can double more enemies. All in all both have the same usage in total for me and so I give both the exact same rating. Their quick support to each other and the ability to be mounted and to use all three melee weapon types later on make them pretty damn good. 8
  13. So I beat this game on normal mode. It wasn't too hard except that the enemy turn reinforcements made me have to restart a bunch of times. I enjoyed it though, so now I'm restarting on hard mode to do the other routes. This is the first time where I've felt like I can't actually beat a Fire Emblem game, at least not the way I'd like to. You see, I like to keep a brisk pace when I play because I find the game gets boring when I'm just healing and waiting for the enemies to attack. I feel like I can't do that in this game because my units are consistently weaker than the enemies. I'm still in the Lycia arc. I beat chapter 7 after doing some crazy save state BS and then realized I wasn't enjoying the game anymore. So I restarted and now I'm at chapter 4 and I'm not seeing any way to beat it without getting lucky or playing really defensively. Basically, it seems like it takes my units 4 rounds to beat enemy cavaliers while my units can only survive 3 rounds. Roy's rapier and Marcus's silver lance help a little bit but I still feel I'm just totally outmatched. I'm at the point where I'm thinking of just knocking the difficulty back down to normal so I can see the rest of the game. I'd really like to play on hard mode for the challenge but not if my only option is slowly peeling away at the enemies each turn. That's not fun to me. So yeah I need some help, or at least an assessment on whether or not it's possible to play hard mode without playing extremely cautious. As far as I can tell, I'm using the best characters: Marcus, Alllen, Lance, Deke, and Rutger with other units providing support and chip damage. Lance and Allen got to level 6 each by chapter 4 with C support but are still noticeably weaker than enemy cavaliers. The only other thing to add is that I'm using the numbers patch from the translation patch topic linked to by the main page. It doesn't seem to change much though and what is different seems like it would make the game easier.
  14. This isn't a LP of the original FE6 but of a patch called redux hack. It fixed some issues from the main game like balancing the stats and growthrates of most units and improving axes, lances and bows and make them as accurate as in other games. That means that no one should be disqualified in this game anymore. Units like Gonzales, Sophia and Wendy should be seriously usable now. However I have to say it's also the first time that I ever will play this hack; it's just what I expect. I'll mention some differences of the party members between the original game and this patch. Difficulty: hard These units have to be used in each chapter after they joined and must be kept alive. Maggy Lewd: Fae, Gonzales Glaceon Mage: Wolt, Tate FrostyFireMage: Sue, Zeiss Sophia: Sophia, Cecilia Claimed supports: A: Roy x Wolt B: Roy x Cecilia A: Elphin x Cecilia A: Fae x Sophia B: Sue x Wolt (if possible)
  15. drew best dragon full resolution here from reddit
  16. Well it looks like Roy beat out Lance (no surprise), but can he beat Alen? It's up to you!
  17. I want to insert several animations in all the GBA games but keep running into a problem. I've followed the steps in the animation thread for insertion, but I can't get the game to run afterward or worse. the game crashes when any battle takes place. Here are the steps I took: Open FE Editor Render Edition, go to Class Manager and up the max index by the number of animations I intend to put in, proceed to put in said animations then add the correct information in hex for the classes. If I try to replace existing animations it either freezes up or says something along the lines of using too many editors at once. The animations I'm trying to add/replace are as follows: FE Binding Blade: Thief, Thief F, Pegasus Knight, Falcon Knight, Yetizerker, Lalum w/ Staff, Elphin w/ Magic, Wyvern Lord w/Axes, Soldier Reworked, General FE Blazing Sword: Thief, Thief F, Pegasus Knight, Falcon Knight, Yetizerker, Ninian w/ Staff, Nils w/ Staff, Wyvern Lord w/Axes, Soldier Reworked, General, Knight Lord, Hector Lord/ Great Lord FE Sacred Stones: Thief, Thief F, Pegasus Knight, Falcon Knight, Hawkzerker, Tethys w/ Staff, Druidmancer, Wyvern Lord w/Axes, Soldier Reworked, General, Great Knight, Female Assassin I've tried looking through lots of threads to see if a similar problem was reported but I came up empty. Any push in the right direction would be appreciated!
  18. Is there a way to set the priority of music in FE6 so you can play your musics on maps and in cutscenes like you could in FE7? Also, how to do give stat bonuses in FE6 because I wanted to give some weapons stat bonuses like in FE7 with the Uber Spear so I was wondering how you give them to weapons in FE6?
  19. For the sake of not copy pasting a shit ton of information, everything you need to know can be found here, pairings wise: For those of you who saw the first release, welcome to version 2.0! Major changes I've made since the last update are: All characters names have been changed to reflect the Choose Your Legends event name localization. This is included with the patch. Jaffar is now the father of Lugh and Raigh. However, to prevent their growths from being completely screwed over, I increased all of Jaffar's growths by 5%, as if he was the recipient of Afa's Drops in the Blazing Blade. This leaves both of their magic growths the same as before, which I'm fine with. Lugh no longer starts with a goddess icon. Statwise, Jaffar really beefed the both of them up, so have fun with that Minor text fixes You can now patch this on a clean rom rather than a pretranslated one, the issue with the last release was my mistake. UPDATE V2.1: Thite is now Thea in accordance with Shanna from FE Heroes. UPDATE V2.2: Bartre now has the base stats of a legitimately promoted FE7 Bartre, at the minimum level required to unlock the Karla event. This was done by generating 7 columns of randomly sequenced numbers, and applying a set of those to Bartre's FE7 growth rates 25 times, simulating 25 in-game level ups. 25 level ups (or Level 5 Warrior) is required to recruit Karla, making this a canon thing to do, unless you can argue that Bartre somehow lost his FE7 stats over the generational gap (if you can, discussion's open) The new base stats are: HP/Str/Skl/Spd/Lck/Def/Res/Con/Mov | 50/23/15/14/14/12/4/14/6 Well that's it! I really hope you enjoy this release, as I put lots of time and effort into it. Let me know of any changes you would like to see in version 2.2 (the manga sword and staff are still open for changes)! Canonization v2.2.zip
  20. Hello! I have a little question or maybe a request. There is the "Earlier Roy Promotion Hack" by Omni. (Its under EXTRAS) Here is the download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mle7gutvbwqtciq/Early+Roy+Promotion+Hack.ups But the hack doenst work with the newest english patch for FE Binding Blade, cause it is already a translation patch by itself. I really want a usefull Roy when I play this game and the most recent translation. (cause the old one got some bugs) So my question is, can someone make something similar do this? Or update the hack? Or is there a way i can learn how do do it? Or is there already a new version of that? I would be very thankfully! :D (btw english is not my first language, also i hope i posted in th right place)
  21. So I was wondering if people would like to suggest edits for fe6 PME style but with a little bit of help with the randomizer! What I will be doing is taking requests. I will be using Nightmare editor to make the edits. How this will work is I will randomize a FE6 rom and apply the requested edits ontop of it. I will try to apply all the requests but I can't make any promises. I don't know exactly when I will be able to get this done yet but I will try to get it done as soon as possible. Request away!
  22. So yeah. Sophia is my favourite unit and I wanted to do a Solo run with her. I was thinking of replacing Roy with her in the first chapter, making Flux tomes obtainable earlier and making Zeiss recruitable from the start to make getting Apocalypse a bit easier. My question is: Can Sophia take the Late game alone? Or even the early game?
  23. Any chance someone has created a mod/hack that imports Roy from fe6 into fe8? Roy is one of my favorite characters and i would love to see this sort of minor hack. If something like this already exists I would appreciate a nudge in the right direction. Thanks!
  24. Hey everyone! I'm SEVA. I don't post regularly, but you might know me as the person who made Micro Emblem, and this Paper Mario fangame. So anyway, if you've been around the Fan Projects section, you probably know about FE6xna, a remake of Fire Emblem 6 using the FEXNA engine. Well, the remake has a sort of mixed reputation, so I'm going to be taking a look at the good and the bad of it, and I invite you to join me! This can be done by tuning in to my Twitch stream on Friday, 27th of January. (This is stream part 3.) You can find my Twitch channel here. The stream starts at 22:00 GMT. That's also 9:00 AM AEDT, 5:00 PM EST, 2:00 PM PST. Any other time zones, you can look up yourself. EDIT: second video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRWjXuF6ZgQ
  25. And by "Balanced" I mean fix characters that are borderline unusable, like the Knights or give me a reason to use unit X when unit Y is 10 times better. Also, imma try make more weapons...you know... NOT HORRIBLE. So, I want some suggestions on fixes. It does make the game somewhat easier. Major changes I'm thinking of (Anything not specified has been left the same) [spoiler=Roy] Growths: 40->55% Str (+15) 40->55% Spd (+15) 25->35% Def (+10) Bases: Level 1 22 HP (+4) 7 Str (+2) 7 Skl (+2) 6 Def (+1) 3 Res (+3) Items: Starts with Iron Sword too I buffed him somewhat much because he will be useless for a while and he WILL cap his level without being able to promote. I also felt like it was unreasonable that he had less Def than Res AND buffed both HP and Res bases so that he won't be Bolting and Purge material in castle chapters. The Iron Sword is just so that he won't have to strip a Cavalier to save his Rapier uses. [spoiler=Bors] Knight movement is now 5. General is 6. Growths: 30 -> 45% Str and Skill (+15) 10 -> 15% Res (+5) Bases: 8 Str (+1) 6 Skl (+2) 5 Spd (+2) 6 Lck (+2) I tried making Bors the jack-of-all-trades Knight of the trio whose best feature is his superior availability and being well-rounded. Soon will be Barth the Knightliest Knight to have ever Knighted and Wendy, the FE6 incarnation of Effie. [spoiler=Barth] Growths: 110% HP (+10, so it is 10% chance to gain 2 HP and you are guaranteed to get 1) 70% Str (+10) 40% Skl (+15) 50 Def (+10) Bases: 10 level (+1, Insta-promotion) 12 Str (+2) 8 Skl (+2) 6 Lck (+4, though it's not growing...) 3 Res (+1 because lol 2% growth) Extreme much? His Knightly stats rise like there's no tomorrow. Lck, Spd and Res are for sissies so no serious Knightly Knight cares. [spoiler=Best unit in the game] Wendy's new growths: 50% Str (+10) 45% Skl (+5) 55% Spd (+15) Wendy's actually functional bases: Level 6 Knight: 23 HP (+4) 7 Str (+3) 7 Skl (+4) 7 Spd (+4) 10 Def (+2) C Lances (+1) Now Wendy has above average Str, Skl and Spd with respectable Lck, Def and bad Res. Her Def base is now high but she is less bulky than her comrades. She is the child of a Myrmidon and a Knight. I am thinking of lowering her Def to make her have less of an advantage than the other Knights, but I'm not sure. Anyways, I've got more ideas but I got tired of writing. So, any suggestions?
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