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Found 137 results

  1. Inspired by the FE7 Tag-Team that David started (that I still need to update), a group of posters from the Last to Post thread teamed up to get through Fuuin no Tsurugi. They will laugh. They will cry. This will curse their fellow teammates when they do trollish moves (let's hope not). Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...The Sword of Seals/The Binding Blade Tag-Team! The bros (and one sis): Jprebs, Kalas, Dusk, ZM, Poly. The following units cannot be killed off at all and must be used as much as they possibly can: Jprebs: Dusk: Kalas: ZM: Duck: This will start soon. Because Jprebs wanted me to get it up, for some reason. :P
  2. They said it couldn't be done, they said it was absurd... But I'll show them! I'll show them AAAALLLLLL! ... Ahem. So this is an idea that's been floating around the boards and no one has done it yet... until today! With Roy as my only sword user, three healers, and a whole lot of axes, will I be able to beat the game notorious for its bad hit rates? We'll see! [spoiler=Rules]1. AXES ARE THE ONLY WEAPON. Anyone who can't use axes doesn't fight! Exception 1: Roy is allowed because fuck having him one-shotted by siege weapons from Ch14x on. Exception 2: Marcus can use whatever the heck he wants for the first two chapters. Exception 3: Ellen/Saul/Clarine can be used for healing, but may not promote. Dancers can dance. Might use other non-combat utility here and there (i.e. ferrying in Chapter 8). 2. We do this on HARD MODE. Game will be played to the true ending. 3. Two savestates per chapter, just like Shadow Dragon. Let us begin... Now. [spoiler=First is the worst] No axes, 0/10 fuck this chapter I mean seriously, look at them. Would it be too much to ask for one of these guys to be on our side? Whatever. Just hand in your weapons and fall back, scrubs. And why is this even an option? Is there anyone here who doesn't change this to "Fast" at the first opportunity? For glory! Step it up, Marcus! Roy is dodging better than you! And it wasn't just one hit. Both fighters hit him. You should be ashamed of yourself, Marcus. Well, that didn't take long. Okay, let's try this again. I'm not using this for long, why not? And then after another death I decided the bottom route is probably much better. Well, mostly easier. One time I tried having Marcus go straight for the archer's throat... Bad idea. Thaaaaat's a good Jeigan. Why can't Iron Swords have one more Mt? :c acceptable I'm trying to farm good levels early on, because I'm going to need them. Used a save state here so he doesn't die from shit rates on a forest. Shut up and give me my gold Navi Not bad. Who you calling idiots, Dumbass? You can't even spell your name right! Marcus is getting tired of these bandits. Okay Roy, let's see if you can pull it off! Didn't think so. At least the level was good. More softening with Marcus and... There, that wraps things up. See you in Chapter 2!
  4. I have Fire Emblem 6 on the GBA. It's (of course) all in Japanese and though I've done okay enough considering I don't know a word of what they're saying, I've encountered a small problem. I just found out that I missed the divine weapon Armads and that I've sentenced myself to the so-called bad ending of the game. I really want to play it in full, including the last few chapters, but I don't want to start from scratch. Playing in Japanese was hard enough the first time around. I know I can look up translations, and try to restart the game but I was hoping there might be a better solution. Is there a way I can use an emulator to recreate my scenario from the GBA (but with Armads)? Is there a way to start from Chapter 14 and recreate my characters as I used them in the game? Or can I at the very least change the characters' levels to avoid grinding and arena abuse like I did in my current play-through? I know there are hacking programs that can edit stats, but they seem to only affect base stats and growth rates, which I don't want to alter. I also don't want to make my characters start at higher levels, because then they'll be too overpowered by the end. If I could change their levels/stats mid-game that would work, but it doesn't seem to be an option. Of course the ideal is a way to import or replicate the data directly but that doesn't seem possible. Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. I've looked and didn't seem to find any detailed pairings of FE6 canon here (probably because of the hard-on the game seemed to have for only Roy) but there were definitely some implied pairings I thought would have been great had the game actually allowed you to pair up other people... Saul x Dorothy Everytime I doubt this i reminds me of Miroku and Sango...so...instant canon points from me... Sue x Roy Shin I "want" to ship Sue x Roy because it give me the impression of Lyn x Eliwood but nah...Shin/Sue...kinda obvious. Especially seeing how he ends up becoming the new Wolf. Zealot x Juno obvious Klein x Tate obvious Perceval x Cecilia ehhh...only because I see someone better with Lalum in my mind Zeiss x Ellen Great supports ^_^ Wendy x Barth She seems to crush on him, plus he at least cares for her. Pretty sure it could get fleshed out more in the epilogue. Niime x Yodel I feel like if they had the chance, once things settled down they would work out their differences. Treck x Miledy I would pair her with Galle...but I killed him...soooo.....On to Treck she goes! Treck is one of the most hilarious characters in FE6 so he deserves someone...hmmm maybe Gonzales x Treck. Oujay x Lalum Super special dance time Ray x Sophia nice supports, could see this going great had FE6 actually fleshed out their supports Astol x Igrene They would get back together after finally meeting again I'd think Ward x Thany hmmmm why not and roy....ehh....I don't really like Roy. But I like Lilina so she can have him. I'd like to hear what other people thought canonically happened in the epilogue besides it being the "Roy" show
  6. Hey guys so something has had me wondering while messing with FE6 in nightmare uhh how do you change char portraits without any problems or for that matter problems that won`t hinder gameplay too much like major glitches etc. Awhile ago I was hacking FE6 and I wanted to change character portraits and it worked for chapter 1 then after chapter 2 ended the game just freezes!! another problem i have is FE6 has growth rate and pallete editors after I reset the game and start a chapter up again my changed characters lose all the stuff i gave them! they turn into generic units again all edited stat growth rates and even their unique pallete`s are all gone so yeah how do I avoid this problem? should i change their character ID numbers back and just only change the portrait? So maybe I can sneak my changed units into the game without it messing up. I posted a picture below as you can see Idoun who was previously Wolt before i changed him has changed from unique how i had her to generic even the growth rates are gone.
  7. I'm trying to put new trial maps into the game. I don't want to alter anything in the game, rather ADD stuff. Any pointers or tools for me?
  8. The basis of the idea is this: The game begins in Lyn's story. It goes on to Eliwood's (Or Hector's if you unlock it). You go through Eliwood's/Hector's story. The difference is, it has the support system of Awakening, with added S supports so characters can get married. The marriages affect the children's growth rates later in the game. After the ending scene, you move on to Sword of Seals. The children's stats are not affected by the parent's level, but they're growth rates are (I.E. Erk!Raigh/Lugh would have ridiculously high magic growths). Once you get done with Zephiel, sidequests appear to recruit the parents, who have the same stats that they had when you left them at the end of Blazing Sword. Changes: -Marriage system that's not completely OP like in Awakening (Canas/Dorcas can't get S supports, as they are already married. Also, Bartre x Karla is cann, so they only S support with each other). -Tactician is a character, you pick his starting class at the beginning of the game, as well as asset/flaw. -Recruit surviving parents in the SoS half. -Updated graphics, but not exactly the same as Awakening (We don't want Canas in that ridiculous Sorcerer outfit) -Voice acting. -World map, but no skirmishes. -Limited arena use for each character (A character can only get so many level ups in a certain arena). -DLC (Available for play after beating Zephiel) -Going to also add in Karla to Eliwood's story, so then Fir doesn't seem like she just came in to existence. My friend and I were speculating about a remake for FE7, and it escalated to this. What do you guys think?
  9. Jedi

    Fe6: (R)FEmastered

    There is a project I've had on my mind for awhile, although being at job corps kinda restricts my time to do anything especially with KP starting next Friday for me. anyways the concepts, this would be Fe6 made on the Fe8 engine. The story would be revamped a fair bit and there would be two parties (think Fe2 or TRS) one led by Roy and the other Lilina, the cast of Fe6 would be divided between the two thereby allowing a more balanced game. Not to mention stat changes more classes, thieves would promote, Roy would promote in a reasonable time and his stats would actually be decent. All new maps with some of the originals being used Cavaliers would become like their fe9 selves aka Mono weapon. With the two teams the various split paths would both be followed. Hit rates would be much more reliable and thrones not as much of a pain. Fe5 PCC and possibly fatigue would be integrated thanks to Cam Promotion items would all be Master Seals to allow people to use their favorites more easily with promotions. Possible new prfs and prfs for non Roy people. Such as a Judgral styled Fire Sword for Roy 3x effectiveness would remain. As would Swordmaster and Zerker 30% crit and Snipers would join their ranks Archers and Healers would have a greater experience gain. Weapon ranks would be easier to up, support rates will be ridiculously high in comparison. Unsure how to divide the partied equally and make sense currently. I will make a document when I can but all I have is my phone I am writing this on currently
  10. Hey all. I've noticed that there are no editors and no documentation on editing the properties of terrain in Sacred Stones, so I've started a little project to fix that. Fortuitously, terrain data is structured identically in FE7 and FE8 - the only real difference is the location of the tables. Because of this, I have been able to simply adapt the FE7 terrain modules for my purposes. The modules here will allow you to edit the defence/avoid/resistance bonuses given by terrain, the percentage HP they regenerate each turn, and the movement point penalty that different types of units incur when crossing terrain. You can find them here: Terrain Editors Note: It is possible to edit the amount of HP regained per turn from terrain in Blazing Sword, as well. The most convenient way is to set the Terrain Stat Editor to use thirteen tables instead of six. Also also! I have ported over the Support Compatibility Editor to FE8. With this you can change how fast supports grow between characters as well as who can support with whom. Here's the link to the appropriate Nightmare files: Support Editors This was another simple one. The only difficulty was figuring out the order characters were listed in the support table...honestly, I'm not sure why this wasn't done earlier. Finally, I've ported the S-rank Bonus editor to FE8. Finding the offset of the data was kinda tricky, but not really. S-rank Editor Alternatively, you can just download all the new modules together: New FE8 Modules I also have ported the Terrain Stat editors to Fire Emblem 6, for those that are interested: Link
  11. So I repointed the Class, Character and Item tables in FE6 to 830000 (Items), A30000 (Class) and 930000 (Characters) And modified the Nightmare modules to look in those locations, changed the pointers all those lovely things. Except I've stumbled into something I don't quite understand. Some classes have had their HP inflated to 40. This didn't happen before re-pointing even after having edited it with FEditor and Nightmare. Now however Roy's HP is hitting 40, the Generic Fighters are hitting 40, and the Boss is hitting 29 for his HP. I opened up the rom in Nightmare and the stats all read exactly the same as they were in FE6. So there was nothing wrong with the way the stats were. And again this was fine before repointing and moving the class tables. Any potential ideas? STEPS: 1. Take FE6 Rom 2. locate Item, Class and Character Tables. 3. copy them to new locations. 4. Change the pointers to a new location.
  12. Hi there! Some of you may remember I was on a 'play every fire emblem game' run a while back. I finished the SNES era, and well, I had to take a break as my wedding was getting close and I had to work on you know, planning that. Then I got sick, was in an accident...pretty much life kicked me around a bit. Still, after a long time away, I am resuming my run. I played FE7 (Blazing sword) to get me back into the swing of things, having beaten than game to death many a time before. I also wanted to refresh my memory for when I now play this game, I can see all the hints for FE7. But one thing I am noticing as I begin looking into this, is that there are some 'subtle' references, without being blatant. It's never clearly stated who Roy's mother is, for example. I would love to build a team around the kids of my old favorites, and would love to know what details we do KNOW, and what is speculated. I can't find this information at the moment, though I could have SWORN I had seen something like this on the site before. Did I imagine this? Am I going crazy? If anyone can shed some light on this, I would be most appreciative!
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