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  1. Hi everyone, I know it's probably a long shot, but I'm really hoping someone in the community might have this file they could maybe fish up and share. I've played this game to death recently and am putting it to a bit of a rest for a while, but I feel bad knowing that there's a hidden chapter that I never once experienced for myself. That chapter is the fabled Chapter 19xx: A Glimpse in Time. If you're unaware, from what I've read it requires multiple different difficult prerequisites: Playing Lyn's story and ensuring Nils is at least at Level 7 before finishing Chapter 10, playing Hector's story to Chapter 19, unlocking Chapter 19x and actually killing Kishuna on that chapter without him escaping. I just can't bring myself to play through Lyn's entire story again plus all of the stuff needed to get to 19x AND reset until I get a 19x playthrough where I'm lucky enough to actually pull of the Kishuna kill. I'm begging that someone has a save file saved at that chapter so I can just load it myself and experience it. Worst case scenario, any save file with parts of the setup work cut out would also help. A Chapter 10 Lyn's story save that has Nils already levelled to 7 and a turn away from winning. A Hector story save that made sure to continue from a Lyn save with Level 7+ Nils, etc. But a direct save ready to go at 19xx would be absolutely best. I'm at that point where I recently played it to the point where my brain is looping the stage music in my head and I can recite several parts of the dialogue by memory. It would be such a massive help to just go directly to that chapter. Huge thanks in advance if anyone has this. P.S. One final note, I would be playing this through RetroArch on my Steam Deck, I'm afraid a savestate file or those .sps GameShark files won't load. I would need a .sav or .srm.
  2. Ever since Playable Avatar was a thing in NmotE and could also choose which class would you be in that game such as a Myrmidon, Cavalier or Mage in that FE game what do you choose to become it could be any other FE games regardless if there isn't an Avatar in some of the other FE game series. If I was, my choice would to become a Mercenary in New Mystery of the Emblem and be promoted as a Hero because I find Hero to be one of my favorite classes. The Rules: The class has to be from that FE game that you choose No being a lord, Final boss & other exclusive character classes(not even enemy exclusive monster classes) your allowed to choose being a Manakete or a Taguel Class can be an unpromoted or a promoted class from that FE game
  3. I said I was going to make this thread like a year ago, but it had completely slipped my mind, and I had set out on looking into FE9, getting burned out, and then getting everything back together again to actually make things happen. In any case, here's the link to the repo for Yune. Link Latest Release: 0.9.3 The downloads can be found in the releases section. The readme also goes over how all of the options work and what they do. As the randomizer is written in Java, the only requirement is that you need a somewhat recent JRE installed to be able to run the randomizer. It has been compiled for Windows (32-bit or 64-bit), MacOS, and Linux (GTK). Supported titles: Fire Emblem 4: Genealogy of the Holy War - Requires JP ROM (headered or unheadered) or Pre-patched ROM with Project Naga translation patch. Fire Emblem 6: Binding Blade - Requires JP ROM or Pre-patched ROM with the Redux translation patch. Fire Emblem 7: Blazing Sword - Requires US ROM Fire Emblem 8: Sacred Stones - Requires US ROM Fire Emblem 9: Path of Radiance - Requires US ISO (Note that there is a good chance of an out of memory error when using a 32-bit JRE for FE9 randomization). I trust FE4 and the GBAFEs to be fairly stable, but FE9 is a bit shaky (and likely quite buggy, if you enable too many options that I haven't had the chance to test simultaneously), because it's not quite up to the standard I would have liked for it to be. I'm still trying to figure a lot of things out for how FE9 actually works and the next step is one that will likely take a long time because it involves chapter scripting. Rather than hold it for that long, I'd rather have people able to test it and start finding bugs that need to be addressed, as well as solicit information if anybody has anything that might help with FE9 quirks. Those bugs could also help give me other ideas on how FE9 might actually work under the covers. Please file any bugs you find in the GitHub repository directly in the Issues section so that I can track them, alongside any suggestions that could help me improve Yune. EDIT: 0.9.1 is now available. Changelog: EDIT: 0.9.2 is now available! Changelog: EDIT: 0.9.3 is now available! Changelog:
  4. Hi there I've been getting back into FE7 lately and want to balance the game a bit better. I messed around with Nightmare2 for the first time yesterday with some success, but I figured there is no reason to spend several days trying to reinvent the wheel, if people in this community have already done something similar. The FE7 Gameplay Reversion Hack is a good start including 3X weapon damage effectiveness, but I had some more ideas for balance changes: Buffing Lyn and Eliwood, their prf weapons, and preferably making Eliwood a lance wielder. There is a patch for this, but it also makes Lyn a bow wielder which I dislike. I managed to change Eliwoods weapon ranks and Rapiers type, but I failed my attempt to give him the Soldier lance animations. Also couldn't make the Mani Katti a magic 1-2 sword without overwriting effectiveness. Buffing Fighters, Warriors, Archers, Snipers, Generals, and Swordmasters. I wanted to give the Sniper class the crit ability, but it takes the slot of Ballista, which would screw with several maps. My fix was to give the Archer/Sniper characters the ability, but then it is also active when pre-promoted. Nerfing Paladins, removing their Axe ranks like FE8. Nerfing Hand Axes and Javelins. Buffing unpromoted enemies in the mid game, increasing their level. Base/Growth rebalancing, including nerfing some pre-promotes including Marcus, Pent, Harken, and Athos. Earlier/more promotion items for Thieves, Pirates, (and Lords). My thought was to make the Ocean seal and Fel Contract into Earth Seals, and have the latter be usable by all classes. Would appreciate links to any good balance patches, or info on which of my suggestions aren't feasible to implement, before I break my head over them.
  5. I recently watched a Lets Play of Hector Hard Mode where the player lamented that effective weapons suck in this game. I decided to see if anyone had made a patch to fix this and other gameplay changes made to the U.S. version of the game, and to my surprise, no one had! So I did it myself. This patch is meant to be applied to the U.S. version of the game. I used febuilder and Event Assembler to make this hack. I'd also like to thank Venno, as I used his FE7 Effectiveness Rework assembly hack to change the effective weapon multipliers (found here). (If I need to seek permission to use it, please let me know and I'll take this down until I have obtained permission.) This hack has only received minimal testing, but the alterations were mostly simple ones, so it should work alright. If you find any bugs or differences that haven't been corrected, though, please let me know. UPDATE: I have just completed version 1.1 of this hack. The only change made was slightly altering the inventories of four enemies whose items were slightly different in the Japanese version. This will most likely be my last and only revision. Version 1.1 is available here. Here is a list of things that have been changed in this hack: What Has Been Changed The "Gate" and "Throne" terrain types grant 30 Avoid instead of 20. (The "Castle Gate" terrain type still only grants 20 Avoid--it was like this in the Japanese version.) The "Gate," "Castle Gate," and "Throne" terrain types grant 3 Defense instead of 2. The effective damage multiplier was raised from 2 to 3 for Aureola and all non dragon-slaying weapons. Bosses that had their stats reduced in the U.S. version of the game have had them restored to their Japanese stats. In Chapter 27: Cog of Destiny, Lloyd and Linus each carry a Runesword rather than a Light Brand. In the first part of Final Chapter: Light, two doors open at the start of the map, after which two doors open every two turns. (By contrast, the U.S. version starts with one door open, and one door opens each turn.) The Fire Dragon's max stats have been increased (even though they don't hit those caps). Some enemies have had their inventories tweaked to match the Japanese version. (There were only four of these.) What Hasn't Been Changed: The "Blood Type" option is still absent from the Tactician creation screen. I'm not a good enough hacker to put it in, and since it only alters Affinity as far as I can tell, there is no significant gameplay change. Correct me if I'm wrong on this. Lyn mode cannot be skipped, and the extended epilogue plays by default. None of the text has been changed. This means translation errors and the glitchy text on the Wind Sword and Dragon Axe is still present. Old versions: Version 1.0
  6. Hi, everybody. I already made a post on FEUniverse, but I thought I should make it here as well. This patch exists in order to bring some of the amazing changes in the hacking community to the base games of Fire Emblems 6, 7, & 8 as well as fixing bugs/localization issues. The idea is to attempt to create a hack that doesn’t create an alternate experience to the base game but, instead, an enhanced one. Major changes include: QOL fixes like HP bars, toggling animations with L, viewing the danger zone with Select, fast unit/text speed by default, etc. (FE7 & 8 only) Casual mode added All difficulty modes available at start in FE6 & FE7 along with a fully unlocked support viewer and sound room for FE7 & FE8 Errors brought on by localization fixed (FE7 & FE8) Option to remove localization changes (especially in FE8) in order to bring the games more in line with the Japanese versions or add additions made in the Numbers patch (FE6) Check out the READme for more info. Thanks for checking this out. Let me know if there are any issues/feedback you want to give. Hope you enjoy! NOTE: I'm tired of editing the link here and on FEUniverse. Please check out FEUniverse for the link in the future.
  7. I made dis. I don't know if people still play this but if you have ideas to improve it, or find any bugs or it's hard to use tell me. Requires Cheat Engine, VBAM (or similar), any FE GBA ROM (all regions seem to work). 1. Open Rom 2. Load chapter 3. Open CE and attach to vbam (the glowing icon) 4. Load table 5. Start enabling things with mouse or space and open submenus with arrow keys, space or mouse. With the help of: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/gba/563015-fire-emblem-fuuin-no-tsurugi/faqs/35138 https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/gba/468480-fire-emblem/faqs/31542 https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/gba/921183-fire-emblem-the-sacred-stones/faqs/36978 https://serenesforest.net/binding-blade/ https://serenesforest.net/blazing-sword/ https://serenesforest.net/the-sacred-stones/ FE6.7z FE7.7z FE8.7z
  8. I was wondering if there was any way I could get access to, and play the fe gba games. I don’t have a computer, so emulation is out of the question, and I bought a copy of fe7, fell in love with it, but when I got to chapter 16, it froze and deleted all of my data. Turns out it was a bootleg and all of the authentic gba games cost so much and the bootlegs have major issues.
  9. Been a couple of years since I last uploaded to this site, so I wanted to share some recent work I've put out on my more active channels. The illustration of Gerik's mercenaries was made for the CHOP zine over on Twitter. If you want to see more like this, you can follow me over at Twitter as well. Thanks for your time!
  10. Okay so… I’m arena grinding my Fiora on the chapter where you get Ninian and she is at this point her statistically average self as is per the effect of the Tony mode patch which is essentially a Fixed Mode for FE7: Blazing Sword. However upon approaching level 18, something bizarre happens… all of her stats jump to 20 except luck which jumped to 29… Wtf just happened? Is there a more updated version of Tony Mode that doesn’t have this issue?
  11. I managed to add Eliwood to Lyn's first chapter just fine, but whenever I try to add Mark he just doesn't appear. Also, I managed to add Mark to Eliwood Mode, but for some reason he can make an infinite number of actions on Player Turn. Any idea of how to solve this? I just want to add Mark to the game, sounds simple enough.
  12. Hey, all! I'm sure this has been asked before, but I couldn't find an answer by searching the forums, so I thought I'd ask here. In FE7's class table, there are three classes directly after eliwood, hector, and Lyn's lord classes, but before their promoted classes. These classes use the map animations from the unpromoted, but use the names of the promoted. Is this extra data (and thus safe to overwrite with other classes), or does this serve some extra function in the game? Thanks!
  13. So I don’t have any experience hacking roms but I’ve always wondered especially after playing Path of Radiance, is there a way to add the feature where you can show the entire enemy threat range stay by selecting Enemy Units like the newer Fire Emblem Titles have? I know this is technically and issue for Binding blade and Sacred Stones but it might be a little bit much for me to ask about three patches so I decided to go with one and see if it’s possible at least. I feel like this minor change would greatly improve the quality of life of the game.
  14. I've committed myself to a simple yet time-intensive project: draw every single playable FE7 character as a cute chibi! I hope it's alright with everyone here if I post one to this thread each day. (If not, please do let me know!) Here's the first one - it's Lyn.
  15. An unimportant hack that let’s you play every different kinds of lyn. You got nomad trooper lyn, a magic user lyn, a tanned lyn, the cool lyn, the gotoh lyn, a better unit lyn, and alot of lyns. Features: beat the game with sacae classes slight gameplay changes harder gameplay (kinda) black fang members now a complete threat IMPORTANT!!! only lyn and eliwood modes are playable, hector modes and kishuna side quests are unedited. also skip cutscenes they might contain crashes and bugs. Story is unchanged this hack is more focused only on gameplay. report bugs or somthing whatever https://www.mediafire.com/file/nf5o5pty4d1gc72/Lyn_Insanity.rar/file See previous updates on FEUniverse https://feuniverse.us/t/fe7-lyn-emblem-complete-v-1-1-0/14108
  16. Ladies and gentlemen... Have you ever seen an E rank in an HHM run? Have you ever seen someone get Athos killed on turn 1? Have you ever been told that you're not a good servant by Serra? No? Good for you. Unfortunately for Hector, He is about to see all of those things, and much more. Can someone as bad as me finish the infamous HHM? Will good triumph over evil? Will Nils and Ninian meet a terrible fate at the hands of Nergal? Will I run out of things to say before the end of the opening sequence? The answer to all of those questions Is Perhaps? Enjoy my suffering, children. And join me as I play... FIRE EMBLEM: THE BLAZING BLADE! WHILE MOSTLY BLIND!! Welcome one, welcome all! I'll try to suffer through this game with few casualties! (Spoiler alert: There is going to be far more than a few casualties.) So, let's get down to it! I've played this game once before, a few years ago on Lyn/Eliwood Normal mode. I have forgotten most of that by this point, but maybe I'll remember where the body ring and ocean seal are during the desert map? THE RULES: It's gonna be straightforward enough: 1. I'm playing Lyn Hard Mode first. 2. I will then go on to Hector Hard mode, playing the game until the end. 3. I have to deploy all three lords every time. 3. This is an ironman run: Anyone who dies stays dead, and if I have to reset after their death, then they will be permanently benched. 4. I will play all of the gaiden chapters and try to get the true ending. 5. I will be doing MINOR event editing, but nothing that will actually affect much**. (Setting Nils to level 7 with the same bases so I don't have to spend 70 turns grinding exp for him, giving Canas a good ending because he's a true god, etc.) 6. No Save-state abuse, or any save-states at all.* (Exception to that later on) 7.I will try to upload every three or four days, but it might vary from week to week. 8. I will not be showing all of the turns in Lyn mode since there isn't much happening during it. 9.Got a unit you want me to use? Let me know! I might use them if they're not a prempromote! 10. This is a largely blind run, using only the knowledge I have from my run a few years ago. 11. This is NOT a ranked run, so don't expect any kind of skill coming from me at all. 12. Units who bow out because they were defeated in Lyn mode CANNOT return in Hector mode. 13. I'M ALLOWED BEING LUCKY TWICE PER UPDATE WHILE STILL BEING HIGHLY GOOD EXCEPTIONS TO THESE RULES: Exception to rule 3: Lords cannot be permanently benched and will always be deployed, no matter how stat-screwed they are. Exception to rule 5: Uh...Well... I hate Battle Before Dawn VERY VERY MUCH, so I conveniently had Zephiel, Jaffar and Nino out for a walk when the chapter starts. (I.E. I put them near where the players load so this chapter doesn't cause me hell. I know, I'm a chicken, but I hate this chapter SOOOOOOOOO much!) Exception to rule 6: Kishuna is really hard to kill, so I will be permitting Save-state abuse specifically for killing him. Hector Hard mode-chapters 11 onwards. I'm going to try to these updates Rubenio-style, with responses in one spoiler and updates in the other. I lack skills in everything but telling puns, so expect a lot of them! My tactitian will be speaking through regular text, I shall be speaking with Bolded Itallics! The first update will happen soon!
  17. Hello all! I just finished my first large-scale hack of FE7. A hack of Fire Emblem The Blazing Blade that follows House Cornwell and its scions. It involves a slight twist in the plot of Lycia, wherein Cornwell was standing up against Ostia's rampant corruption and was destroyed because of it. Follow Raven and Priscilla on their quest for justice and their opposition to emerging forces of darkness that threaten Elibe. For fans of the original game who want to revisit the nostalgia of The Blazing Blade with new and updated chapters plus expanded recruitment options. I've made a webpage with more information and the download itself, please check it out! www.cornwellsascension.com Please post if you find any glaring issues as you play it, and enjoy!
  18. I feel like this is probably something stupid I'm missing, but I've been trying to create a clone class for an existing class to better manage promotions and effectiveness. So I've copied the 0x20D0 bytes from the default location in FE7 (0xBE015C) to the bottom of the file (0x1000000). I then updated the pointers to 00 00 00 09 (three instances replaced). So far everything works up to this point. All of the existing classes still work fine. I then go and copy Lyn's class and paste it to the end at index 0x64 after some of the placeholder classes that apparently are known to cause issues. I also update the class number appropriately to 0x64 (this is the only change I make). Then I give this class to a unit in the chapter data. This causes the game to freeze once that unit tries to load. Is there something else that needs to be done when adding a new class? It doesn't use any new animations or sprites. Everything points to a known working class. If I use the original class (0x2) everything still works. So my current guess is that it doesn't like reading past 0x63 or that there's another table that is implicitly tied to the class table that I'm unaware of.
  19. What is the most efficient way to complete the support log in fe7? I’m just talking the set of 3 chapters that allows for the easiest support grinding, even if you can’t get every support then (For example, I know I’m gonna have to replay the final three chapters specifically a million times for Renault and Karla’s supports). Or other than that, those of you who have completed the support log, how did you do it? Thanks in advance!
  20. Hello, I am using FEBuilder and I'm working on my FE1/FE11 Hybrid Remake hack. (More info here: https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/92222-fe7-fe1fe11-hybrid-remake/) I tried to import Jagen's sprite from FE11 to FE7, but I ran into one problem (yes, I know it's importing a DS sprite to a GBA game, but I couldn't find a GBA-style Jagen sprite). Besides the color reduction that makes Jagen look quite monochrome (as it exceeds 16 colors), FEBuilder automatically assumes part of his armor to be his mouth and eyes, and so the sprite ends up a bit scrambled (Here's a screenshot) FEBuilder forced me to resize it to 128x112 (from 128x128), so that might be the issue. How can I fix this? EDIT: So apparently the GBA FE games have a "format". I'll try to do this the best I can.
  21. This will be a RP/Ironman Randomizer. Call me a lunatic. Chapter 1 The Knights of the Greataxe
  22. Hello Serenes Forum, I am a french videomaker-wannabe who recently produced a lenghty analysis of the game design of FE7, with extension to the whole series. Having browsed this forum for years for interesting discussions, I know this place has the best concentration of Fire Emblem enthusiasts on the net, probably including french ones, so I humbly submit this video to their attention. https://youtu.be/UMXy5Rh416U
  23. I decided to do an experiment. My six-year-old brother decided to try FE3H, but couldn't do too well, so I decided to see how well he'd do in FE7. I put him on Lyn's normal tale for the sake of actually giving him a tutorial, and he actually did fairly well. Up until about chapter three. He got Florina killed hilariously quickly, she was dead by the end of turn 3. He also managed to lose Dorcas on the last turn of HIS join map. Then, he basically threw Matthew away on Chapter 7 by trying to make him fight a shaman. He then asked if he should send Rath in against said shaman. It sounded good to me, so I gave him the green light. He forgot to tell me that Rath was on 13HP and wouldn't survive EP... He's still got both of the cavaliers, though, so he should be fine. I plan to at least get him through Lyn's Tale.
  24. Greetings! My name is SavageJester and I have decided that I wanted to make a rom hack. I do have experience with FEBuilder but I would still call myself a fledgling hacker (A turn off for a lot of experienced hackers, I know). The rom hack necessarily won’t be a new game but rather an edit and adding new things to FE7; an expansion if you will. I also would like others to help give me a hand in the process too. This is also my first time doing a collab as well. I also posted this on FE Universe a s well. In this project, I plan on adding and changing new things such as balancing (Marcus and Karla for example) and editing units, fixing typos and bugs, and changing certain scenarios in the game. A major addition in this project will be a playable Mark (another turn off for a lot of people) with their own unique class. They would not have the game revolve around them but rather have a supporting role similar to a deuteragonist (akin to Kris and Robin). The character’s role and backstory as well as the other things mentioned before in the previous paragraph will be determined by the people in the collab. It will be something that everyone would agree and vote on. Every change and addition will be decided by the group and not by one person myself included. Those who are interested can fill out the form and will be assigned to different roles in the project such as script editing, map design, sprite animations, art, etc. They will then receive a discord invite via PM to a server dedicated to the collab. The invite will be determined by first come first serve and the role’s quota. Requirements would include having a basic understanding of rom hacking but not having to be an expert, experience with Sappy, Usenti, etc., being able to communicate, time aside to participate, and have played FE7 and beaten all routes (will make it easier to work with people who have experience with the game). Now I notice some people have other obligations such as jobs and school, so when the collab is in its initial phase, we will discuss schedules and deadlines that can work with everyone. For people who are wondering how this collab will work, we will discuss that in the discord as well. As I said before, this is my first time doing something like this. The deadline to apply is 1/22 and the project will begin on 1/23. Thank you for reading and I hope this project will come to fruition! I am eager to work with you all! P.S. I posted this under questions because I was not able to post this directly under Fan Projects
  25. I've been writing on and off for a while, but between a relatively recent replay of Echoes and a less-recent replaying of GotHW, I came up with a Crossover story centered around Sigurd surviving Belhalla in a modern AU where he finds himself barred from contacting anyone he ever knew. While I'll try to update it here first from here on, here's the first chapter of Little Chalphy (link leads to AO3, so warning if your Job/School forbids access to it). Any feedback is welcome here. While I've been translating documentation and whatnot for a long time, it was only up until a few years ago that I gained enough confidence to start writing fiction in English, so any daft bits you find that sound odd/goofy/out of place to you, do not hesitate to let me know. Good day to you all and thanks in advance.
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