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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Fire Emblem Addicts: I have been working on a FE8 ROM Hack, titled Fire Emblem: The Lonely Mirror, for about three years now and wanted to share it with the FE Community. This hack is complete from Prologue to Final with an Epilogue too. I love the Fire Emblem series so much, and working on this project has been really fun. I have fun playing through this hack often, and I hope that this ROM hack will be enjoyable for you as well. If you wish to provide feedback in any way, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Features: Original story and characters. 36 playable maps on single route of play (38 total). 44 total playable characters. Player choices that impact branching chapter maps, character recruitment, items, and enemy placements. Unique chapter objectives and map interactivity. Custom backgrounds that enhance story telling including hand-painted, storybook intro. Custom battle sprites. Newly introduced classes and weapon types. Newly added music. Many Support Conversations for added character development. Paired Endings with Special Epilogues Enhanced gameplay; though, staying true to classic GBA Fire Emblem. Trailer: Here is the trailer for the game's release. Download: You can download a UPS of Fire Emblem: The Lonely Mirror ROM hack here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/so69b7n12mzlv6b/AADf60KnaGDf79NIhJYHEQuXa?dl=0 I would suggest playing the game on Normal difficulty as Hard mode has not been properly balanced. Also, included will be credits and special thanks, character stat growth, and a ReadMe to help get you going.
  2. So, I'm working on a little Rom-hack of FE8 for my friends (not something I'll publish, of course), and I've stumbled across a little problem: When I save AFTER chapter 3, close, and reload the game, some of my units disappear. I've seen cases where ALL of the units disappear, and cases when only the latest 2 units recruited (who replace Colm and Neimi), disappear. A gif of the glitch: https://imgur.com/ckOQPnO As you can see, both Ranulf (who replaces Neimi) and 776 (who replaces Colm) disappear completely. (It is a little embarrassing to show all of this, so please ignore all of the shit I did lmfao) The biggest thing I have done with recruiting is removing Ross (=you get only one extra unit in chapter 2), but I deleted the event in which he joins your party, so I'm really in a pinnacle here. It's also important to note that I am in no way experienced in Rom-Hacking, as this is my first ever project. I'm having a ton of fun regardless!
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