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Found 5 results

  1. Since the FE:W streams went so well I thought i'd advertise this, I am planning a stream of the latest game in the mainline Dynasty Warriors series. Multiple streams in fact, due to the fact that the game is going for a more open world approach to China and that the character you pick as goes through the era's they lived through in history/the novel. We might have to play a number of characters on a different amount of factions to get the full story. Some example gameplay. The first stream will be on its English launch day of February 13th at 10AM PST, which will give me around 4 hours before work, and then after work I will resume the stream for another 4 or 5 hours, or so is the plan. The first character I plan on streaming as is Zhou Yu. A tactician of the Wu faction/kingdom. If you'd like to learn more about Zhou Yu i'd recommend reading this, http://kongming.net/novel/kma/zhouyu.php If you have any questions on the mainline games, this is also where you can ask me.
  2. http://nintendoeverything.com/nintendo-reveals-the-most-played-games-on-switch-since-launch-in-north-america/ I think this is a neat little milestone for us.
  3. I won't be back from my vacation until the 16th and I work morning on the 17th, but would anyone want to just watch a chill stream of it?
  4. To celebrate the massive success of my Japanese streams of FE:W, the influx of followers I got on Twitch and some on Youtube, I've decided to do this q&a session. You can ask me anything you'd like in here, although I'd rather it be more related to gaming overall I don't mind some questions about myself, I will be doing this for A week so on the 13th, this session will conclude, It doesn't have to be related to Fire Emblem & Warriors either, it can be pretty much anything you think of barring like obvious private questions I shouldn't tell anyone. Here's the best part, one of you who asks me questions, gets a chance to win a free copy of Fire Emblem Warriors, from yours truly, the winner will also get to select whether its the N3DS version or the Switch version. They will be randomly selected lotto style, there will be no bias in any way shape or form. @VincentASM a pin would be appreciated for this! Please try not to ask me more than 4 or 5 questions at a time, or less (I don't mind you posting multiple times but please keep it a little contained haha).
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