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Found 33 results

  1. Am I the only one who would like to see characters with personalized skills like how Jugdral and Tellius did, but have class skills along with them? I mean I know reclassing is a thing, but come on, it adds a little more to the characters if they have personalized skills based on who they are. I mean honestly, with 5 slots it's not that out there of a concept, but I suppose we'll have to wait and see if any characters have an "abnormal" skill.
  2. I just realized that the plot concept reminds me a bit of Code Geass. Especially with the European inspired nation oppressing the Japanese inspired nation... XD Kamui's situation is almost like a cross between Lelouch and Suzaku. :) What does the game remind you of?
  3. What I want to return Link Arena from the GBA FEs, only expanded so we can even battle fellow players over Wi-Fi. Now this would be awesome. Trial Maps. I didn't like the FE6 trial maps very much, but I loved the ones from FE9. They were a fun challenge. I want 'em back. The warp staff. plz i want muh warp shenanigans #ltcpride What I don't want to return Marriage. go away and stay go The world map. I don't have a problem with it at all, but let's save it for a future title again. like an FE8 sequel because best The avatar. Or rather, I don't want an avatar like FE13's. FE12's was alright, but I personally like the FE7 tactician.
  4. In Fire Emblem If, we will have to choose an adventure. Now, this question is specifically asking: "Who would you side with?" NOT: "Who is morally in the right?" This is what I mean: Choosing Nohr would not be choosing evil, you are choosing the dangerous mission of turning your friends against their evil leader, Garon. This will be more challenging, and you would never know who might stab you in the back. Nohr's leadership is obviously in the wrong. The way i look at it, Garon is the real villain, not your surrogate family that loves and cares about you. This choice is less about good over evil and more about which people don't deserve to be betrayed. Personally, i am most looking forward to the third path that doesn't make you pick a side. But, i think blood is not as strong as bond. Choosing Hoshido would be honorable, in the context of the war over-all. At the same time, i don't want to give up on the people being manipulated by evil. I would choose to save them, and use their strength to help me overthrow the king of darkness. What do you think? This is most assuredly the most important decision in the game, since it sets you down a path very different from the other. Who will you choose? Are you influenced by logic or emotion? Are you bound by Blood... or Loyalty? Neither choice is wrong... but we have to choose.
  5. Forgive me if I missed it, but I haven't seen a thread dedicated to the cut scenes that we can expect to see in the game. Just wanted to make this thread to talk about the CGI that we've been seeing in the trailers, especially the most recent one! The art-style of the cut-scenes seem to be very similar to those of Awakening, which I personally really enjoyed. The animations are extremely fluid and just so unique to the series, I'm loving the way it's looking. But what's even better is the number of characters that we can confirm to see in the cut-scenes. If there's one thing that really bothered me about Awakening, it was how we only saw Robin, Chrom, Lucina, Emm, Lissa, Validar, Grima, and Risen/soldiers in the cutscenes. Of the massive cast we had in Awakening, we saw 7ish characters, 3 of which weren't even playable (one is in the after-game, but that's different). With the new trailers released for Fire Emblem If, we already know that we're going to see WAY more characters in these cut scenes, and that excites me a lot! Characters we're guaranteed to see include: Kamui, Dancer, Ryouma, Takumi, Hinoka, Sakura, Marx, Garon, Camilla, Dark Mage guy, Blonde Nohrian healer?, the Hoshido leader, and the poor bastard who was being executed. That's already WAY more characters than we saw in the cut scenes of Awakening. It seems like we're going to be seeing a lot more cutscenes than we have in previous games, even if Fire Emblem IF is split into two separate paths. So, what are your thoughts on this?
  6. Um. I'm new, but I've been lurking around this site for awhile. Anyways, after rewatching the April Direct trailor multiple times and finding some screenshots here and there, I figured I might as well share what I've found. First things first. This red haired guy is Saizou, and a lot of people have been thinking that he is perhaps a new class in this game? A Ninja, probably. Anyways, a lot of people have been wondering what Ninjas might use as a weapon and I have an idea. Do you see in Saizou's portrait, right underneath Kamui's sprite, there seems to be some curved wooden... thingie? I honestly believe that this is part of a bow. It's rounded and wooded, and it just seems likely. Maybe I'm crazy, but I do think that if there is a new Ninja class in this game, that there weapon of choice would be a bow. I think I also have other evidence that thieves will use bows in this game as well. Here you can see #teamnohr in some castle or something. Anyways, just focus on the unit between the knight and dark mage(??) You can clearly see in his map sprite that he's holding a bow. Most would probably assume that he's an archer, but I don't think so. Notice in his sprite that he also seems hunched over, similar to Gaius's sprite in awakening. Unless IS is reusing the thief sprite for the new archer sprite, I think that thieve's will now use bows in this game. I know it's not fantastic, ground-breaking evidence, and could easily be disputed, but those are just some of my theories. (I know the above pic is crap, so here's the website where I found it at for a better view. Just scroll thru the screenshots) http://www.rpgsite.net/games/726-fire-emblem-if
  7. I (and of course, others) have noticed since the original trailer that there are new weapon "types," corresponding to a sort of East vs. West duality that we now know is realized in Hoshido vs. Nohr: 剣 (tsurugi/ken, sword) vs. 刀 (katana) 槍 (yari, spear) vs. 薙刀 (naginata, glaive) 斧 (ono, axe) vs. 金棒 (kanabo, metal club) We've also seen: magical tomes, used by the Nohrian mage party member magical fans, used by Orochi and an enemy of hers an odd winged knife, used by a heretofore unnamed green-haired assassin the standard 弓 (yumi, bow) used by the now bow-wielding Thieves fought by Kazahana glowy-glowy swords used by Marx, Ryouma, and Full-of-Arrows-man an odd staff seen in Sakura's map icon and cover art that makes her appear different from "normal clerics" (that is, the two maids) the dragonstone (竜石) a unique sword in Kamui's possession that I've taken to calling the Nohr Godsword (夜刀神) What other weapon varieties do you guys expect to see in the future of FEif? Do you think ballistae will ever return? Offensive staves? Either of the trinities of magic? Will my desire for symmetry of variety between weapon classes ever be satisfied, or will swords remain the most numerous forever?
  8. So in the trailer we saw some of the units to be included in IF. I had an idea of a fun little game, lets try to guess what classes the general group of characters will end up being. Feel free to put number of characters to the list to if you so desire, I just felt it would be fun to start this now and update along as we get more characters. Feel free to talk about our already revealed characters too of course.
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