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Found 1 result

  1. This is partly an excuse to talk about combat animations (and swordfighting) again, but I really am curious; Do you want the combat animations in the next game to be realistic, over-the-top, or focus more on looking cool than being practical. For those who don't know what Flynning is, you can can look at the Tv Tropes page for in-depth detail and analysis. It's essentially stage swordplay, where opponents seem focus more on attacking each others swords and providing a good show than actually hitting each other. The main reason for this is safety concerns for the actors/stuntmen to avoid accidental injury, although the fact that fencing lessons cost time and money, along with how real life fights are fast, subtle and occasionally anticlimactic, are also factors. Examples of Flynning (note that these are just examples; in a Fire Emblem game, I'd expect the fights to be faster and downplayed in flashiness): An example of a more realistic/authentic swordfight (from Adorea Olomouc):
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