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Found 2 results

  1. I'm gonna talk about move sets so yeah Camilla: Holy heck yes, I love it. Her combos that were shown were great, the wyvern looked super good and other than a few ugly ends, the models looked good. Hinoka: I hate her move set. It's the same as Cordelia's but it's somehow worse Takumi: The move set isn't something I would make myself, but it looked super good. The multiple shots and his special is great Leo: Uh it wasn't shown off, probably something good. I hope Now onto the topical stuff The AI is can't improve, it'll be terrible in every Musou game. The models need a lot more work put into them, they have rough spots. The person playing was pretty bad, but that's not topical Xander sucks, his combos are legit just a worse Epona And uh...Camus when?
  2. While the weapon triangle appears to be an important factor to both the roster and how the game plays, I'm curious to wondering how other units may function, since that may or may not apply to them. Such classes include: Archer Mage Ninjas/Thieves(?)/Maid/Butler Manakete Of course, such a thought also depends on whether Fates' ranged weapon triangle applies, which in that case, the only class exempt would be Tiki and potentially Corrin, assuming that we do not gain any other transformation characters. Will update as more information comes along, but otherwise feel free to discuss
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