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Found 14 results

  1. Plot/Backstory Nearly two millennia ago, humans came to exist in a dark world shrouded in mist. For a brief period of human history, all was well. This peace would soon be broken; dark creatures emerged from the Black Mists, running rampant and terrorizing humanity.Unable to combat the emerging threat, humans called upon the heavens in desperation, only to be returned with silence. The being that had placed them upon this earth would not respond to their cries of agony and humanity quickly learned they had been forsaken. With their backs to the walls and forces of darkness encroaching ever closer, the peoples took matters into their own hands. These desperate times drove humanity to desperate measures, steel weapons were forged from human dread and desperation. But these weapons were not enough, greater power was needed, more than a simple forge could produce. A commanding sage named Velhari turned to the arcane arts and through further tribulations, created a flaming staff of overwhelming power. With the weapon complete, all of humanity rallied together in a final offensive for survival; Velhari plunged the staff into the dirt. Light arced through the land, shining pillars bursting forth throughout the corners of earth and the fruits of mans desperation rang true. The beasts from the dark turned to cinders and the Black Mists were sealed away, leaving a bright new world in humanitys fingertips. The world would remember its heroine, Velhari, and named the continent in her honor. Her legendary weapon would be forever immortalized at the center of a great city and was dubbed: The Staff of Ages. Free from the Black Mists oppression, the peoples of the new founded continent spread to its corners. The kingdom of Fortuita, located at the continents heart, tamed pegasi and rode into the skies. Arynden, a nation to the west, created a name for themselves by mastering steel and magic. To the East, the merchant nation of Riviere and its duchy, Persici, grew strong through trade, and between Fortuita and Persici, the tribal "nation" of Gahum formed. To the north, the isolationist nation of Toska rose. And to the south, explorers trekked through dangerous swamps to found Ezpatha. As time marched on, the continents nations grew lax and careless. Countless years after humanitys stuggle, the Aryndese King Oberon, began attacking Fortuitum villages under the guise of border disputes; these militant actions were the first to be seen in a millennia. In hopes of avoiding any sort of conflict, Fortuitan Queen Kalvesta drew back her nation. Never-the-less, Arynden continued its assaults, with the queen doing little to retaliate. Now, the Fortuitan-Arynden border is a standstill... Whats Planned Over 40 playable characters ~30 Chapters in total Some custom weapons Supports A full story with multiple Lords to follow New classes Rain levels(!!!) Hard Mode Credits: Download SoAXNA v0.1.1 here! Public bug tracker Act 1, Crown of Thorns: Complete Act 2 is currently in development. Hard mode will be done eventually. All constructive feedback is welcome! Discord link if you want more updates
  2. (old topic link) It’s the engine FE7x uses. This is the public beta. Have fun. The core engine and more information are available at http://bwdyeti.com/tactile/. However, I expect that what you actually want is FEXNA FEXNA is now a content pack for Tactile, a collection of GBAFE assets that have been ported into the engine, for use when generating a new project. While Tactile is an original engine I have the rights to, FEXNA has been split off to play it safe. Use at your own risk of course, like with hacking. The FEXNA links are available in this Google doc. If you just want one simple download, you can get FEXNA and Tactile in one package. Otherwise if you’re interested in trying Tactile on its own, you can get just the FEXNA Content Pack separately. Copy it into Tactile Editor/srccontent/ so the editor can find it. Source Control The engine and content are all on GitHub, if that is a thing that interests you. FEXNA can be found separately on GitLab. Setup Installation instructions can be found at bwdyeti.com/tactile/install/, while a more detailed guide explaining creating a new project and getting started with Git can be found in the FEXNA download. License There are detailed license files in the download and on GitHub. The tldr is you can do whatever you want with Tactile other than sell it, and for now you can use the FE7x content that’s in FEXNA for educational purposes, but don’t distribute it as part of your own game. We’ll sort out making much of the 7x content available at some point. Patreon If you read all that and thought “wow that guy made a whole game engine for free, I sure wish I could support him somehow”, I made a Patreon I guess. Tactile will always be free to use, as well as all kinds of other stuff I made, but I appreciate the consideration.
  3. I tried looking for the old topic, it's like on page 12 or something with nearly everything outdated So, I decided to just make a different topic. Can't promise I'll monitor it as much as the FEU topic, but I will do my best. This is not a ROM hack, it is instead a FEXNA project. No patching to be done. Check out the readme for information Fractured Realms is a project that follows Prince Sugari as he escapes from his home of Drytton in search of refuge. The whole gimmick of Fractured Realms is the Ambition system. While sadly I don't have a way to visually show you where Sugari's ambition currently lies, it's fairly obvious when you're leaning towards higher, lower, or somewhere in the middle. The ambition levels will affect dialogue, entire events, recruitment, promotion for Sugari, and other things, so each play-through always has something new to offer. Quests are another gimmick. Again, I don't currently have a way to show you what quests you've started and completed, these will help add to the story. These can give bonus chapters, characters, items, and lore (boo). These are also, for the most part, independent of Ambition, so you can do any quest regardless of where the ambition of your Sugari lies. Anyway, enough of the boring stuff. Newest Release: - Version 1.2.1 Ch6 & Ch7 Bug Fix - Download To apply the fix, download the folder attached. Go into the content/Data/Map Data folder of the game project and replace the Event Data folder with the one in the download. Discord link - https://discord.gg/QzMDqHQ If you have never played FE7x, here are some Additional Downloads Media Content: Enjoy!
  4. Since apparently it's not a secret anymore Basically "FEXP: the version that Yeti will actually be completing and supporting". FEXNA uses Microsoft XNA, somewhat obviously, and MonoGame for OSX/Linux/Android??? versions. I'm developing a series of editors that will cover almost everything you could want to change; and if you're looking for something more in-depth, the source code will be included as well. Currently in private beta (no we're not looking for testers) while I work on 7x Basically just a thread to let you know it's eventually happening and to fish for ideas. What you don't like about hacking that you think FEXNA should improve on, what you like about hacking that I should definitely keep, where FEXP made mistakes (other than not being supported after release), etc etc
  5. This is very early in development, but I wanted to put this up because of reasons addressed at the end of the post. Normally my games are a long, single chapter with lots of custom code, but I wanted to go in a different direction and make a game with lots of small-to-medium chapters with as little coding as possible, basically something of a more "standard" FEXNA game. I'll probably still make some custom skills, but I'm going to try and focus on content. Speaking of content, here are a couple quick screenshots to show there's actually something going on: So, why did I want to make the thread so soon? Because I don't have enough "stuff" to produce a large-scale game, so that's where you come in! I'm looking for characters, playable, boss, and even NPC. Self-inserts, OCs, all fine. If you have a certain idea for how you want your recruitment/boss chapter to go, I'll hear that, too! Be sure to give your portrait, class, stats, favorite weapon, personal skill if you want one, and relevant text (hopefully including level up quotes for bad, average, and good levels, but I don't guarantee I'll use them). Be detailed, or don't. Also say about how early/late in the game you want to appear--note that if you say you're a Swordmaster that appears earlygame or have a powerful personal skill or whatever, or have a mug with FE7 colors, I'll probably make some alterations. (Also, I'm not going to, like, make sprites for custom/new classes, but if you have some, I can definitely consider giving pretty much anyone a special class!) Anyway, yeah! Uhh, stuff? Here's a doc with all the submitted characters and some quick info about them. I'll probably fill it in with some more details over time, but the portraits will be happy to be attended to anytime~ Don't feel the need to follow this exactly, but here's a general idea of the information I'd like to be provided when submitting a character: Name Portrait (I very much prefer that it's provided and in GBA or FEXP format, but at least an appearance description) Affinity Class(es) (base class and one promotion or promoted base class) (ideally something that uses existing sprites, be they from any of the GBA games, the Animation Resource thread, or your own creation) Preferred inventory and equippable weapons per class (example: one character is a Knight that uses Bows and something else (I think lances) and because sprites for that exist, that's totally cool) General join time (earlygame, midgame, lategame, or anywhere inbetween. Note that earlygame proper is filling up, but there are some spots left) Personal Skill if desired (it's totally optional but hey they're cool) Some description of stats Some description of dialogue/information (R-button info, level-up quotes (planned on using 3 tiers but many people submit 4, in which case I'll just choose) recruitment and possibly some scenario/support talking, or boss quote (always death quote)) Some description of recruitment/encounter conditions (anywhere from just how they're recruited (from chapter start, red unit you talk to with hero) to a full chapter idea)
  6. (kinda?) CANCELLED Thread is still here for archival/reference purposes. I am no longer on remotely amicable terms with Markyjoe enough anymore to continue this project... Sorry for all who were interested. So... I've had this project going on at least since early March or February, and it was intended to be entered into Ragefest IV, but due to problems both personal and mechanical, I was unable to meet the deadline. And now, Marc has basically implied that Ragefest V won't exist, and honestly even if it does, it won't happen for at least over half a year, and if I had finished by then it'd still take forever to get played. I don't want to wait that long, so I've decided I'm going to finish this thing up on my own time and then release it to the public, and I'll likely have TheMoniker play it part-by-part as I finish them, and release it to everyone when it's finished. Marc's obviously plenty free to play it on his time too, but given the circumstances I doubt he'll get any opportunity. So, about this game. I decided very early on that there was absolutely no way I would best Pwnagekirby in the sadism department, so I instead directed my efforts into winning the Artist award, with some attempts at my own version of humor too. As a result, the game uses an extensive amount of original graphics (or those taken from other, free resources) and generally attempts to be as unique as possible. Thanks to being a beta tester for FEXNA, I have access to quite literally the most powerful fangame creation engine there is, so plenty of features are completely one-of-a-kind. I know the community has been pretty excited for the engine overall so I also felt that this could be a good opportunity to show the sheer power of this thing off. Its gameplay has been thoroughly tested by myself and has ended up rather tight, while still allowing plenty of wiggle room and plenty of choices for the player. In fact, this was also something I decided I wanted to do; instead of making a game that was essentially a giant puzzle, I wanted to make a game that gave plenty of freedom to choose. However, due to Ragefest giving me the freedom in design decisions it does, there's still some hints of rather "mean" mechanics. I'll probably say it would have been the easiest entry in the contest, but also possibly the most satisfying, if I do say so myself. But enough rambling! I'm sure what you all REALLY want to see is some proof of my words, so lo and behold, I present unto you, TEASER SCREENSHOTS. Part 1 ("The Escape") really only lacks dialogue and some final polishing, so if wannabe Saleh Moniker is ready for it and you guys want it, we can probably get some actual gameplay up pretty soon! From there onwards I just have to wrap up Part 2: The Battlefield, and then finish the rest. Part 3: The Pursuit, Part 4: The Iron Ruin, and then lastly The Grand Finale. Part 2 has playable functionality but no eventing, Part 3 has a map but no unit data whatsoever, Part 4 doesn't yet exist, and the Finale is planned and has a basic map but nothing finished. Yeah, if it wasn't obvious enough, this thing is LONG. So long, in fact, that it might have even gotten me disqualified from Ragefest due to the fact all four parts sans the Finale are basically entire chapters on their own. So maybe it was a good thing I didn't make it? I honestly don't know how lenient Markyjoe would have been with its extraordinary length compared to everything else! Honestly, though, the actual reason why I didn't finish in time wasn't overambition, it was due to numerous problems cropping up and impeding my progress along the way. I'm still sort of dealing with one of them... But I've got confidence and motivation, so I think with a little push I might be able to pull this thing off. Before I finish this post, though, I'd also like to make a public request to the community. One of my particular struggles with this project has indeed been assets, and my puny little "Team" hardly has been enough for it all. I've made by fine for now, but I'm still using plenty of tentative pieces. Marc's portrait, for example, or a large number of NPCs who aren't actually playable. Then there's stuff like the scrolling "CGs" used in the intro, which are optional and I've been largely getting by just using Anime screencaps for, for now, but lack the ability to, uh, represent Marc. (Puush link. Probably dead, if you're reading this a long time from the original post date.) No longer applicable! I've actually got myself a wonderful artist now who's doing more or less all the art work for me, although battle animations are consistent enough in style that I can probably accept multiple people working on them. And lastly I also lack certain animations, such as literally everything related to Kichy (The lance catgirl). The thing I'm finding myself most in-need of is actually music. I don't really have a reliable composer at this point in time... I think I probably need musicians more than anything at the moment. The music style I'm using is kind of more an orchestral style. I'm not using traditional FE music, since FEXNA allows you to just plop in an Ogg and play it. For reference, the song I'm presently using for the majority of Part 1 during Player Phase is below: I do have a composer on my "team" already, so at present I'm moreso looking for artists. I can do some degree of battle spriting on my own, so my first priority is art for character portraits. Second come battle sprites. CGs are optional, so I can live without them if need be. This is also mostly N/A now! I am, however, still in need of battle spriters, and could also use somebody who knows how to do map sprites, if possible... This said, if anybody has skills they can offer, be it musical composition, artistic ability, or perhaps something I didn't list here that you feel may help, feel free to say so! Feel free to post here or PM me, whatever suits you.
  7. I'm not sure if this has been posted somewhere else before, but I had a quick question - does anyone know if FEXP is compatible with windows 10? And does anyone know if FEXNA will be compatible with windows 10 when it's released someday? Thanks in advance!
  8. Is it true that I can use FEXP or FEXNA to add skills like Astra and Luna into Fe7? If it is, how can I do it?
  9. Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone knows if BWDYeti has given any word on FE7x or possibly FEXNA as of late. I don't need a release date or anything, but it would be nice to know if he was still working on said projects. :D
  10. So, I kinda feel like I've posted a big thing about a Fire Emblem fangame project idea before, but as I'm slowly fleshing out more and more just what I want to do with this, I felt I'd make a topic here to gauge interest and get feedback on some of these ideas. This project will be made in FEXNA when that comes out. If not, I'll have to find some other way to make it work. The world the game is set in is somewhat different from a lot of Fire Emblem games, in that it's actually a somewhat post-apocalyptic world. Technology a little ahead of what exists today (although still mostly fantastical in flavor) did exist in the past, but most of it- as well as the knowledge required to use, build, and repair it- was lost during a great war seven hundred years ago... It might be better to just post the little blurb I wrote about the world backstory. [spoiler=Probably not how it'll be written in-game but all the important stuff is there]Long ago, dragons ruled the land. With their vast knowledge and mighty bodies, they formed great civilizations and crafted enormous, advanced cities. While humankind was able to coexist peacefully with dragons for a time, it wasn’t long before relations between the two races began to foul. Humans grew envious and fearful of the dragons’ great power and advanced technology, while dragons came to view humankind as freeloaders; inferior in every way, and nothing but a drag on society. Perhaps inevitably, the tensions between the two peoples rose to a boiling point, and at last exploded into violence and war. Sorely outmatched and outgunned, it seemed at first that there was no hope for humankind. In what seemed to be no time at all, what had once been an organized military force had been reduced to scattered guerilla fighters and haggard, defeated refugees. At the moment when humanity’s light of hope was at its most dim, a young hero appeared, he and his band armed with blessed weapons and magic spells uniquely advantaged against humanity’s seemingly-indomitable adversaries. Even with such mighty tools at their disposal, humankind’s battle against the dragons was still a steep uphill climb, but miraculously, they were able to reach the top, standing toe to toe with dragons on the battlefield and turning the tables on their mighty oppressors. Smacked in their faces with the reality of their newfound disadvantage, and coming to understand the gravity of their sins, the leaders of the dragons commanded their forces to cease fire, and parleyed with humans in hopes of establishing a peaceful relationship between their two peoples. Due in no small part to the immense toll the war had taken on all involved parties, the dragons were successful in securing peace, and for several years, all was calm. Humans and dragons worked hand in hand- albeit hesitantly- to repair a world broken by the savagery of war. However, this burgeoning peace was not to last. While the majority of both humans and dragons were more than happy to put the terrors of war behind them and vow to henceforth settle their disagreements and conflicts of interest through more civilized venues, there was a vocal group of anti-dragon extremists among the humans who incited riots and skirmishes in attempts to rekindle the war and see their hated enemies wiped off the face of the land completely. Their opportunity came when the human leader who had accepted the dragons’ peace treaty passed away. The new leader of humankind aligned far closer to the extremists’ viewpoints, and ordered humanity’s forces to take up arms and attack the dragons. The comparatively-quick reproduction and physical maturation of humankind had blessed them with speedier recovery from the war’s terrors than the dragon combatants, and a sudden attack from a larger-than-anticipated force caught the dragons off-balance. Pushed further and further back, with no hope of winning against the brutal onslaught, the dragons turned and fled to a remote part of the continent, sealing themselves away. As for the great hero who had spearheaded the human war effort? It was said that he forsook his sword, and vanished without a word. As the years went by, the dragons, the war, and the heroes and villains of the darkest time the continent had yet known passed into myth and legend. The stark, broken shadows of the once-great civilization of the dragons that pierced the horizon served as the only reminders of that bygone era. In time, man rebuilt and spread his dominion across the land and onto the islands beyond. Seven long centuries have passed since those dark days ended. As for the present-day story, I don't have a whole lot of details down that I feel would be wise to reveal at this time (y'know, spoilers and all), but I've decided that the story will involve more player choices and branching routes than- to my knowledge- the series has had before. While the overall direction of the plot and the ending can't really be drastically changed, there are a lot of venues for the player to decide how they want to get to the ending. Additionally, I feel now would be a good time to bring up that I do plan to include a second generation in the game. However, it will definitely be along the lines of Genealogy of the Holy War's second generation, with a time skip to a party containing only child and otherwise new characters. The number of first generation characters who can potentially rejoin you will definitely be significantly more than Genealogy's one, but it will be some time before they start becoming recruitable. And yes, the plot is being written with this generation split in mind, so it will be meaningful and make sense in the story. Aaaand I guess now would be a good time for more excerpts from my project documents! Again, this is probably stuff I've posted somewhere before, buuuut it's going here too since it's still relevant: Inheritance: Each character has a child character associated with them, and if a character is married by the end of the first generation, then their child (and, of course, their spouse’s) will be recruitable in the second generation. Each child character also has a substitute, who will be recruitable in their place if the parent associated with the given child character does not marry during the first generation. Depending on who their fixed parent married, a child character’s equipment, stats, skills, appearance, and sometimes even starting class will be affected. Additionally, there will be intergenerational sidequests that must be started in the first generation but cannot be finished until the second. Each first-generation character, regardless of gender, has a child character attached to them. If they marry in the first generation, their child will then be recruitable in the second. The child character will inherit stats and skills from both of their parents, as well as the hair color of their non-fixed parent. In some cases, certain non-fixed parent choices can even affect the class of a child character. Parents will also pass down any items they have to a child who can use them, with priority given to the non-fixed child if both children are viable. In the rare cases that the parents can rejoin the party in the second generation, if that parent passed down their items, they will be given a new inventory in the second generation. Default inventories are also prepared for children who do not inherit any weapons. Item durability is fully restored upon reaching the second generation, and in the case that a unit still ends up with under 20 uses worth of weapons and magic in their inventory, they will be given an Iron weapon or basic tome or staff based on their class if they have room to carry it. And finally, here are some additional miscellaneous gameplay ideas I had, written sort of in the style of a game manual talking about them: Reclassing & Class Masters Masters of various classes exist, scattered throughout the world. If they are found and visited, they will teach their craft to the visitor, changing their class. Each master will only teach their class to one student from the player’s army, and each character can only learn from one master per playthrough. There may even be a few classes that can only be added to the player’s army by having a character learn that class from a master… Smithies & Forging During the game, you may run across Smithies. At Smithies, you can forge stronger weapons and tomes, as well as repair existing ones. You may either modify an existing weapon or tome in the visitor’s inventory, or create a new weapon or tome from scratch using a normal weapon as a base. Note that if you craft a new weapon or tome from scratch, you will have to pay for the new weapon in addition to the modifications. When repairing a weapon or tome, the cost is the same as purchasing back the number of uses lost. Note that some weapons may be incompatible with one or both of these features. After choosing the weapon or tome you want to modify, the following parameters can be adjusted, within limitations: Name, Might, Hit Rate, Critical Bonus, Weight, Weapon Rank, and Color. The greater the degree to which you modify each attribute, the more the modifications will cost. Name and Color can be modified for free, and Weapon Rank can be decreased by one rank for a steep fee. Arenas In an Arena, you can bet gold on your unit’s success in combat, for a chance to win back more than you bet if they succeed. Three options are available: Battle, Gauntlet, and High Stakes. (Note: In Casual mode, falling in any Arena battle leaves your unit with 1 HP rather than dead) Battle sends your unit up against a random opponent of roughly equal strength. You can press the B button to retreat from the fight if things aren’t looking good for your champion. Retreat, however, is considered the same as a loss, and you will not get your wager back. Victory earns you twice your wager back, for a net gain the same as the amount of money that you initially bet. Gauntlet allows your unit to challenge the Arena’s Gauntlet of Champions, a progression of eight successively stronger warriors. Each unit’s progress through the Gauntlet will be stored individually, and there are separate Gauntlets for Bow-specialized units, and units who are proficient in melee combat. A unit equally proficient in both melee and ranged combat may choose to challenge the opponent from either for each battle, but cannot go back and challenge the other occupant of a given rank once they have moved past it. Gauntlet wagers work the same way as Battle wagers. However, defeat in battle during a Gauntlet challenge does not result in death, instead leaving your unit with 1 HP. Perhaps some Champions of the Gauntlet would lend their swords to a warrior who could best them in combat…? High Stakes is similar to Battle, but the winnings are ten to one, and you cannot retreat from battle. A very risky proposition, but the payout is huge if you win! As a miscellaneous tidbit that doesn't really have anywhere else to go, I'd like to do something like FESNES-style animations, but with the art style/proportions of the GameBoy Advance games' battle sprites. This is really more of a "best case scenario"-type desire, and not something I necessarily think is likely to have happen, but I'll certainly be working towards it. EDIT 1: So the spoiler tags on the last two text dumps broke and only concealed the first "paragraph" of each bit of text, despite showing the whole thing as being inside the "Spoiler" box. Because this amounted to decreasing the text by only a couple lines worth and making the layout a tiny bit confusing, they're gone now. If anybody has any idea what the problem is and how to fix it, I'll put them back into spoiler tags, but until then, this is how they'll be. EDIT 2: I forgot when I was copy-pasting the "Concept" bit that it included massive spoilers for the first generation plot so that's gone now. But hey, at least the second generation mechanics and etc. are still there!
  11. Chapter 1! Thoughts on the chapter: Pretty solid for first impression! It's a good size map for the player to get used to all of the 'new' mechanics. Get used to the new characters and just generally let everything sink in. Really digging the young versions of the fe7 chars we all know and love. Obviously the art quality is insanity, can't say much more than that! My fav mechanic funny enough, is the flashing '!' icon when there are talk conversations. I personally would abuse that so hard! :P If you want to play through the game, click hurrrr http://www.bwdyeti.com/fe7x/ Onto chapter 2!
  12. A while ago, I had the idea that it would be neat to have Shadow Dragon, Gaiden, and Mystery of the Emblem, as well as the BSFE and FE12 on-disc DLC maps, together in one compilation, preferably as a trilogy of enhanced remakes. So, naturally, considering FEXNA is on the way, I've decided to use the engine to accomplish this. [spoiler=Planned Features]All three games together in one package, sorted thusly: Book 1: Shadow Dragon (Unabridged version) Book 2: Gaiden Book 3: Mystery of the Emblem Addendum: Tales of Archanea and Valentia (Bonus Maps) Revamped and rebalanced player character classes/stats and chapter layouts (including some map and goal changes), which will be togglable independently of one another when starting a new game. The following New Game setting options: (Setting: Option 1, Option 2, so on...) Difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard, Maniac, Lunatic Mode: Classic, Casual/Newcomer Player Units: Remastered, Original Chapters*: Remastered, Original -> Enemy Layout (prompted when "Original" is selected): Original, Remastered *As Fire Emblem Gaiden's maps and plot progression are likely to be revamped heavily, Chapter Layout selection may not be available for Gaiden. Also note that the whole Player Units, Chapters, Enemy Layout, etc. being selectable is still sorta pending. I may have it not be selectable and just use a revamped design for everything. Either way, the revamped content will be given priority and implemented first, with the "Original" settings being put on the back burner as potential extra content for those who would prefer it. You'll now have the ability to visit villages with anyone and not just Marth. Hardin will be given a unique personal class for Book 1 and will serve as a second Lord character. Hardin's Tale may be an unlockable mode, with an alternate set of chapters leading up to Chapter 5, as well as slightly tweaked enemy layouts for most maps and maybe additional chapters and playable characters. Nyna might be made playable in Book 1, joining at the same time as Hardin and getting a similar treatment, gameplay-wise. (Unique personal class, serves as a third Lord character, Nyna's Tale being unlocked after clearing Marth's Tale as well) If any out of Marth, Hardin, or Nyna fall in battle, it's Game Over. (On this note, this is probably an extremely minor point, but that villager who gives you a weapon for Hardin will give you a Silver Lance, or maybe Hardin's first Prf weapon, rather than a Silver Sword, so base Hardin can actually use the gift that guy has for him.) Proper support conversations, as well as paired endings, will be added. BSFE chapters and Heroes of Light and Shadow bonus maps will be unlocked periodically as relevant milestones are reached in the main stories. A few additional bonus maps exclusive to the remake compilation will also be unlockable. New characters may be added sparingly to (further) represent sparse and/or newly-recruitable classes. (Ex. New Dark Mage and Soldier characters.) Marth will now promote in Remastered Characters mode instead of simply being able to reach level 30. In both Shadow Dragon and Mystery of the Emblem, promotion will take place after reclaiming Altea: Shadow Dragon: Lord (Swords) -> Great Lord (Swords, Lances) Mystery of the Emblem: Great Lord (Swords, Lances) -> Lodestar (Swords, Lances, Axes) Despite beginning as a Great Lord in Mystery of the Emblem, his stats, including Movement, will be back down to 1st-tier level. Data transfer will be available, and returning characters will obtain small bonuses to stats at which they excelled in earlier books. They'll also retain A-rank support relationships in the form of Bonds, which will increase the speed at which new supports become available for the pair and allow the next set of supports to follow from the earlier set for an effective six support conversations (gameplay-wise, though, it still maxes out at A-rank); nine in the case of supports between the Whitewing sisters). Expanded main storyline detail. Information that was previously disclosed only in developers' notes and supplementary materials will be worked into the main game. Ties between the Archanean and Valentian stories will be tightened and expanded upon. More details will be given about reason for the Whitewings' journey to Valentia, which will tie into an explanation for the Falchion's previously-inexplicable presence in Rigel. The assassins subplot that was added in New Mystery will either be kept and reworked or dropped entirely, but it won't remain as it was in New Mystery. Additionally, a few characters from Gaiden may become recruitable in Mystery of the Emblem with data transfer. Edited the poll to reflect something I was a bit shy to mention initially: I will not be retconning anything of consequence out of the current canon. As much as people have complained about it, New Mystery of the Emblem's version of the story seems to be considered canon now, so all the characters and elements it introduced will be retained. However, I will be reworking Kris' inclusion and the assassin subplot, considering they were originally shoehorned into the story pretty sloppily. Also, the presence of sidequests in Marth's quests in general are very liable to be played with or redone entirely, since none of them seemed to be terribly well-integrated with the main plot of either game. However, the new characters introduced in Shadow Dragon's sidequests and prologue chapters will still be recruitable- or at least present in the story, in Nagi's case- in some way or another. [spoiler=Names]All of NoA's officially-translated names will be used where present. Names of characters who don't have official translations: (Original name -> Remake Compilation name) Luka Gray Robin -> Lark (To prevent name overlap with Awakening's Robin) Cliff Silk Force Python Matilda -> Mathilde (More refined spelling) Dyute -> Dutar (To go with her brother's name. Just as a luthier is someone who makes and tends to stringed instruments, a dutar is a type of stringed instrument) Teeta -> Tita (More refined spelling) Zeke -> Ezekiel (Zeke is short for Ezekiel) Jenny Saber Kamui -> Kam'ir (To prevent name overlap with if's Kamui. Also a nod to the Chon'sinese naming conventions in Awakening) Leo Atlas Jesey -> Jesse (Jesse is a real name and Jesey isn't. It honestly kind of baffles me that it wasn't translated this way to begin with) Sonia -> Sondra (To prevent name overlap with Blazing Sword's Sonia) Luke Rody Cecille Ryan Malicia -> Marisha (It would be confusing having Malicia and Malice in the same party) Warren Yumina -> Eumina (I honestly have no idea what to do with these two. Suggestions?) Yubello -> Eubello (Seriously, if anyone has any suggestions, lay 'em on me.) Samto -> Samther (Samto's just a really weird-sounding name) Feena Elrean -> Elraine (Really no reason other than "Because I like it better this way") Dice Robert -> Roberto (Probably I'm being a nitpick but the kana seems closer to Roberto than Robert to me) Belf -> Virgil Bell (It's a real man's name, apparently) Leiden Sheema Frost Rudolf -> Randolph (You all know why. Rudolf would be an extremely difficult name for an English-speaking audience to take seriously) Kleine Eremiah -> Eremilla/Eremija (Can't decide which to go with, if either, but either way the "ll"/"j" makes a "y" sound. Eremiah looks like it would rhyme with Jeremiah, which wouldn't match the kana. I'm open to suggestions for this one as well) Some of the names of incidental bosses from Gaiden and Mystery of the Emblem may also be retranslated or changed. I'll get around to that sometime. It's not really a priority. Feedback and constructive criticisms are welcome!
  13. So, I've always wanted to make my own FE game for some years now (about 7 or so) and a few years back I was into rom hacking. Long story short, I lost a lot of my contents back then including working form of my FE8 patch. A few years later I finally recover a few animations and mugs however, after putting such a project down for some time coupled with the fact that a lot of progress was loss I no longer feel compelled to resume my FE8 hack. ...but, I seen the debut of FEXp back in the days and loved the freedom and capabilities of creating a FE game on that engine. I didn't pick it up at the time because I was midway in between finishing my GBAhack....eventually I put down FEhacking (after the loss of progress) for 4 years, my college years, and now I'm back. So why am I here: I've been browsing the web for fexp help for a few weeks now and it's pretty scarce, I'ma be honest. Klok's tutorial was great, but it left out most the things that it would take a long time to figure out on my own, like the counter intuitive aspects of fexp (which there are a lot). I would reeeeeeeally, really, really, like to know the limitations of Fexp, and what problems rpg maker presents for creating a FE game. because I'd hate to be stuck midway in development. Fire Emblem and the Seven Seals brief overview/summary : Some Important Houses and Families of Cambria: Gameplay & Goals: Revamped Class System Now one of the reasons I really wanted to work with Fexp is the implementation of skills.... I've been playing around with fexp for a few weeks now....and I'm still in the dark with its capabilities... but here are some skills I want to implement. Some of which I won't reveal due to me not wanting to spoil everything. SKILLS! So yeah guys that's it, I really would like to know the limitations of Fexp, what is possible and what is not... please don't suggest I wait for Fexna, Ive seen someone get told that 3 years ago lol...unless you know for a fact yeti will release the beta to the public before the months end or something. Names in Red are subject to immediate change
  14. I've been wanting to do an FEXNA remake for a long time, and I've got docs drawn up for most of the older games (FE1, FE2, FE4, FE5, and FE6). I'm just sort of in the pondering phase, and honestly, I don't know much about the game to begin with, never actually beat it. Out of all the games that want a remake, FE2 seems the most in-need of an overhaul. [spoiler=FE2 Stuff]Here's the Google Doc outline. Some ideas/goals: Level-up magic system retained; also adding tomes and staves, which allow units to cast spells without having learned them (at the cost of limited use and weighing down the spellcaster, these items are uncommon and expensive). Learned spells cost HP to use. Villagers replaced with FE8-style specific trainee classes. No third-tier classes for normal units. Switching to the normal way of handling items and equipment. Traversable world map with visitable villages and skirmishes, obviously. Fleshing out the maps into full chapters, redoing a lot of the designs. Taking out the Archanea references (sorry, fans of the Peg Knight trio). I want to do something about making bows more viable (since they were so great in the original), but Gaiden's approach of giving archers a third tier with a mount and 1-5 range is a bit...much? Maybe 2-3 range for standard bows, 2-5 for the longbow? I also want to try to expand on the split party system. It'll have certain points in the story where the parties meet and can swap units and items, you can send items to the other party by talking to an NPC in the villages. Part 3 alternates the parties, and I wanted to possibly add a merged section in Part 4 if it makes sense. Could somebody explain the "frozen party" issue I've heard about towards the end? I'd love to hear some feedback. Ideas are much appreciated, comments on areas where FE2 could stand to be improved. I'm still in the pondering phase, most of my remake attentions have been focused on FE1, FE5 and FE6, so the concepts for a gaiden remake are still being developed in my head.
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