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Found 3 results

  1. So, what was the most notable thing any of you have witnessed in Far from the Forest? Whether it be mafia, other forum games, or just in miscellaneous conversations like the FE4 thread or Touhou thread, give some historical events from this far from the Forest here.
  2. 1: Say you like a pairing, say Mario x Peach. 2: Wait for someone to hate on your pairing. "marioxpeach sux, luigixpeach rulz! gt said so!!!1" 3: Get annoyed and try to be reasonable to them. "No, Game Theory was wrong. Mario and Peach have more ship-teasing." 4: Have your bad pairing of choice flame you. "i am right, you are rong. luigixpeach 4ever, only idiots ship marioxpeach, noob." 5: Get very annoyed and yell at the guy. "STOP INSULTING MY PAIRING! MARIO AND PEACH FOREVER!!!" 6: Someone clicks the report button and calls in a mod. 7: The mod locks the thread and bans both of you. "locked, banned. no shipping wars allowed." 8: Whine in bed as you wait out your ban. Take your salt to the internet wasteland. PS: I ship Mario and Peach, regardless of GT. PPS: In Tomodachi Life, I got with Peach. 3PS: Do not take this seriously. But it's FftF, what did you expect?
  3. I never really did get this area of the forum,so people just post whatever the hell they want?
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