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Found 2 results

  1. So for about a month I have been trying to get the fire emblem fates jp voices (not the my room voices I have those). Like the crit voices and dialogue voice clips. I've tried probably every bcwav file extractor I could find, used braindump to extract the files from my game and searching through those, but i seriously can not figure it out. Does abyone know how to obtain the files from the game? Or perhaps a link to download them that isn't dead? I'm begging you guys this has me pulling my dang hair out :/
  2. Recently I got a PC Engine emulator and tried to record videos from it. So i use the input record option since for some weird reason record to AVI is always grayed out if anyone knows why that is please do let me know then I can avoid the search that I`m doing right now. Anyway I used input record since that is the only option I can pick and playing the recording back in the emulator is no problem at all but then I go into the folder where it is stored and it is in .trx format I asked a few people about it but they don`t know. What I want to do with this file though is change it to a format that is compatible with youtube AVI,MP4 etc. so i was hoping maybe someone here has come across that strange file type? I will understand if no one has before as it is very uncommon to see such a file. I tried a file converter site just one but i get an error message and they say source file format is still unknown. So is there any file converter out there? that can change this file to another more common file type?? I will even do a desperation move if need be and change the format manually if possible (though that would probably be risky) anyway yeah who has ever seen these file types before. You know this file type is probably a very old one too probably and that is why it is so unknown and uncommon I don`t know haha but the world is a large place :D so surely someone else somewhere has seen this file before well that is all the info I can provide at the moment for this mystery file type I will continue searching about this thing and find a way to crack it open and change it to a normal more known type. Lol or maybe not haha.
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