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Found 1 result

  1. So if you've looked into gaming news recently the Wii U has sold 9.2 million units in two years which is lagging behind the Gamecube and even the Sega Dreamcast at this point in time. This is after we've had a 2D and 3D Mario game, after Mario Kart 8, and after Super Smash Bros 4. Third party support continues to dwindle because of the underpowered hardware and Nintendo's general alienation of third parties altogether. Its also worth noting that the videogame market was not as big then as it is now. As you all know Nintendo had a rocky start to this generation with meager sales of its home console. The 3DS recovered in a big way and is now dominating the handheld market due to heavy hitters but it too started off in much the same way. It doesn't stop there though. Nintendo has proceeded to make controversial and very nonsensical business decisions. One of them being their recent move to create a network on youtube that gives 70% of the profits to the user to let ads be posted (many networks provide much better rates btw) without fear of being copyrighted by Nintendo for using footage of their games in videos. This follows the mass of copyright claims they made earlier in the year. Despite youtube users practically giving free advertising for their games (which they desperately need) through lets plays, footage, etc...they seem to proceed to alienate what seems to be a loyal and active consumer base. Then there is the amiibo debacle in the US. Granted they are selling like hotcakes but Nintendo has done nothing to recitfy the supply causing scalping to skyrocket and a loss in profits they could otherwise have. They already have sites set up to order amiibo from them for standard retail price in NOE, Australia, and in Japan but not in the US. Why the hell not? This is not a I hate Nintendo thread or post. Quite the contrary, its I'm concerned as all hell thread and wondering if anyone else has noticed similar things as of late? I personally think that losing Nintendo or Nintendo fading into irrelevancy could be one of the worst things for the industry. One its less competition but Nintendo also produces unique experiences you can't find anywhere else (Fire Emblem just being one such example). This is purely a disscussion thread and I'm wondering if anyone has noticed these unsettling facts. Please refrain from flamming others or igniting a flame war that dosen't need to be around. EDIT: If this is the wrong place to put this I apologize. If its more fitting in the Debates section or Entertainment have at it Mods.
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