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Found 19 results

  1. I have a scenario to propose: What if every version of Link (from the Legend of Zelda) fought one Fire Emblem Lord each? Who would win? So the premise is simple: A) A Link with his in-game weapons/items/abilties will fight a Lord with his/her weapons/items/abilities B) Lore or in-game stats can be discussed (because this is just for fun) C) the winner is the one who incapacitates the other So without further ado, let me propose the first three scenarios: 1) OG Link (Legend of Zelda) vs OG Marth (Fire Emblem) The two heroes that kicked off the series face each other, all in 8 bit glory. Who wins? 2) Twilight Princess Link vs Corrin (F) (From Conquest) Both heroes can transform into a wolf and a dragon respectively. Having come from troubled backgrounds, which hero will triumph? 3) Breath of the Wild Link vs Byleth (M) (From Three Houses) Two of the most versatile heroes face off. They can use multiple weapons and manipulate time to aid them in battle. Who will be the victor?
  2. Hello guys, I just made a new account to ask this but may I know if there are any budget decklists for a Risen deck? I'm planning to use F!Grima as my MC and it would help out a lot to have a decklist I can use as reference when building my deck. I don't really need meta decks or anything, I'm just playing casually with a group of friends. Thanks.
  3. I'm actually interested on what would happen in FE8's story if Eirika isn't actually a kindhearted and naive person after all and is just a coldhearted sociopath. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that what if Eirika is the kind of person who: is smart and manipulates others by using methods such as pretending to be kind and naive. never actually cares about anybody and only sees others as tools. would leave someone to die just to save herself. never really cares if somebody died whether its an ally or not and would sometimes insult them for being "weak". I could add some more, but you get the idea. How would this kind of Eirika react to the events of Sacred Stones or what events would change as a result of her personality?
  4. So as much as I love Fates and FE, i've noticed that more people are starting to hate on Fates less and less. Why do you all think that is the case? Personally for me, I went back to Fates being my favorite when I realized Three Houses gameplay wasnt as fun as I thought it was first time.
  5. Hello I’m working on my fic which is a massive Xover and I’m entering the world of threes houses but I would like some help. My main hero team is this Naoto(OC and Naruto twin brother) Naruto Artoria and Aqua (KH) but the problem is that saved Byleth and revoked Sothis and her crestone via a stopga spell and Keyblade making her human. The problem is well Kostas has to live up to chapter 2. He and his mens ste facing 3keybladers (Aqua,Naoto,Naruto). 2 SSJ God (Naoto, Naruto) any ideas how you guys would fix this somewhat. I don’t want to rewrite everything as this chapter which introduce 3Houses is like 22nd. So yeah help please and here the link for reference. https://m.fanfiction.net/s/13796267/1/Savior-of-the-Universe
  6. Hello fellow War Heroes. I thought of something fun. We all know each Classes in Fire Emblem very well. Let's Deduce with the help of Hardcore Fans of both Fire Emblem and Castlevania to decide what Fire Emblem Class fits them the best I got a bunch of Names for a lot of popular characters. If you have a good idea what they'd be Leave an answer below The Characters Simon, Trevor, and Richter Belmont Dracula Vlad Tepes Adrian Fahrenheit Tepes AKA Alucard Grant Danasty Sypha Belnades Cornell Reinhardt From Legacy of Darkness Eric Lecarde Aeon from Judgment Maria Renard Shanoa Carmilla Death Carrie Fernandez Charlotte Shaft Malus Aka Dracula Reborn Lady Bats Soma Cruz Actrise from Castlevania 64 and Legacy of Darkness Elizabeth Bathory And finally Mathius Croqviest before becoming Dracula himself. I hope this is a fun topic for both fandoms. I am a huge Castlevania fan so I thought it'd be a fun topic. Happy Halloween 🎃👻💀
  7. I'm kinda running low on motivation given that I'm playing the game simultaneously. So I'd be glad if you would be kind enough to give me a hand. I've already created a poll so I'll just link it here. If you actually do vote then many thanks https://strawpoll.com/ppsaf87fp
  8. Hello. I'm kind of new here and been having a bit too much fun here so far (Flame Emperor disapproves of this statement) Anyway. I want to make some FE friends. Anyone want to follow eachother and talk about fire emblem in general? The more friends, the merrier. Let us join in hand as companions!! Comrade in arms!! I also have a YT channel of me doing FE content, it would be cool if some FE fans joined my audience. I want to discuss the series more and more but not many of my audience are FE fans when I started doing it recently. So if you are interested in that, you can find it on my profile. Let's talk. Let's talk about why Owain is amazing. Let's talk about waifus and let's have fun!! 😁
  9. I don't know, if Marth haves birthday date, I was investigated in Fire Emblem Wiki, but, his birthday date hasn't shown. Unlike Lucina's birthday is in April 20th, Edelgard's birthday is in June 22, and/or Sakura's birthday is in April 9th. We don't know if Marth's doesn't have birthday date, or his birthday is unknown........
  10. I know Byleth was born a stillborn and has the Crest stone of Flames in his heart but why hasn’t Sothis taken over I mean he has no personality until he bonds with the students so the process would be easier right? There be less fighting back than a person who has still has something to do than a puppet. I also noticed that are Minor and Major Crest of Cethlean Indech Macuil Cihol Seiros and of Flames. So is the Major a potent version of the Minor Crest? I’m asking because we see the Lance of Ruin with its Crestones takeover Micklan who didn’t have the requirements. So Shouldn’t Byleth have the Crest of Flames Naturally and have the Crestone in the Sword of the Creator so he wouldn’t Turned into a Crest Beast? It contradicts the lore itself sunce Rhea admits it happened to Micklan and even Byleth asked if they have to fear that and says ‘’No’’ immediately as if to deny that possibility happening. We also know that Sitri was the 12th.
  11. So I think I just discovered something that no one else has ever witnessed. I'm doing a playthrough of Heroes of Light and Shadow on Lunatic Reverse and when I got to chapter 15, the one from Shadow Dragon where you can only visit one of two villages to get either a Dracoshield or Energy Drop, something incredibly odd happened. I had save the villages from the initial Thieves and were farming the reinforcements coming from the center forts and right fort. The first turn of reinforcements were Thieves from the center and a Paladin from the right. The next turn Horsemen spawned from the center forts and a Paladin again from the right one (and this wave repeats for another turn). At one point two Horsemen and a Paladin were coming towards my army which I had set up at the island with the villages. I left a unit to take on the closest Horseman (and forgot the Paladin could attack him) and when the enemy phase began, instead of attacking me, the Horseman went to the village and destroyed it. A Horseman. Destroyed. A village. What the actual hell? Only Thieves are supposed to have that ability, so what the hell happened here? I only have a theory that I have no way of testing, so if anyone can confirm or deny feel free to do so, but this is what I think happened. On Normal through Maniac, the reinforcements from the center forts are two rounds of Thieves, but on Lunatic above, the second round of Thieves are replaced by Horsemen, so what I think happened is that when the Thieves were replaced by Horsemen, the AI programming remained the same as if they were still Thieves and since he could have gone for the village, he did.
  12. What crossover spinoff do you think would work well? What genre would the crossover be? What lords would you love to see involved? What non lords would you love to see involved? And what other spinoff ideas would you like to see for fire emblem?
  13. What’s the most unexpected class choice that sounds dumb on concept, but personally worked for your playthrough Right now, a Swordmaster Ferdinand is wrecking things on my Church Playthrough
  14. I plan on being a game dev in the future and making my own Fire Emblem-esque SRPG one day, but so far it's a mess of scattered and disconnected ideas that don't really fit together. Thinking about this got me curious what other people would hypothetically come up with if you got to write the plot of a future Fire Emblem game yourselves. It goes without saying that certain games (we all know which ones) have divisive plots so I should clarify that I don't mean an improvement of a story that already exists (so no "x but good/better" type answers), but an original plot that can take inspiration from the mainline series without directly copying their homework. So, what would YOUR Fire Emblem be about?
  15. In our family, we have always been big fans of the Legend of Zelda franchise, and playing the game is a family event. However, since completing BOTW, we don't have another "New" Zelda game coming out any time soon. I did some research, and this franchise seemed like it had some of the elements we liked from Zelda, especially the storyline. To introduce my family to the franchise, which game should we play? We have a wii and a wii U, and already have Fire emblem and Sacred Stones, but can also get Path of Radiance and Radiant dawn. Which of those is the best of those?
  16. I had finished playing my first route. I had loved the game, but I wouldn't have called it my favorite fe game. Afterwards I decided to play a different route. This time I liked the fame significantly less. In fact I got really sick of playing it. I decided to drop that playthrough, and replay my first route. I still didn't like the game, and I was only getting more sick of playing it. I put the game away, and decided to play other fire emblem's. While playing them I was wondering why I liked my first route, but hated my second and third. I came to a conclusion and would like to flesh out the biggest problem I have with three houses. That problem is the lack of limitations.that is to say. The only time I liked playing three houses is when I artificially limited my resources. From banning fliers, banning turn wheel, and never doing paralogue's or auxiliary battles. Fire emblem, as a strategy game, gives itself well to limitations and how you solve puzzles. Either trying to work around those limitations, or embracing them, these games don't only have just one answer; these games have multiple answers that all are valid strategies to get through special situations. From deciding to buy that silver sword to having a unit die. The situation your in is special, because the money you spend and experience given is all limited. In fire emblem three house your choices don't matter. It doesn't matter if Sylvain died; Just turn back that clock till you pull through. If you bought too many stat boosters, weapons, repaired some items, bought some seeds, etc. You can just play some auxiliary battles to get some money back. You're given the freedom to make everyone the best class in the game, and no amount of money is stopping you from getting the best weapons or battalions. There's only ever one right way to beat any chapter. I get that they try to limit such things sone what, but giving you the ability to hit the battle icon twice a month, and the fact you can do up to 3 maps in the later games, means you never have to go without experience or money. Advanced seals may cost quite a bit of money, but you have so much money anyway. Another resource that is given to you too much are forging stones. Of course special forging stones are harder to get, but normal forging stones in particular are practically just handed to you. Group tasks are a good example of this. They give you proficiency in certain skills, they don't take any resources to use, and they give you forging stones. You get given, and have too many, of these valuable resources. So much that I question why things like regular forging stones exist instead of allowing you to just forge with money alone. I do think I would enjoy three houses more if they were restricted, but I do not require them to, nor do I expect them. I would be fine if they went into the next game with that in mind. Finally, the turn wheel. I have my idea as how to fix it, and I would like to hear your thoughts on it. Each use of the turn wheel allows for you to go anywhere on the time line, even back to the beginning of the map. I've seen two good reasons for its existence. 1. It means those who don't ironman never have to restart an entire map. 2. It gives a safety net for new players. It does indeed allow for corrections of mistakes without replaying the entire map, but it's not the best system to put in place. I would impose a limited resource. One that saves your game in the middle of a chapter, that can't be repaired, and incentives you not to use it. I would propose for this item to be the main characters sword. It is a good weapon, it saves the game, it has about 15-20 durability, and can't be repaired. In my mind this gives an incentive to new and old players to take their chances. It also acts as a safety net if they ever needed it. This gives you an option as to what you want to do. Do you want to save your game, or take your chances and use the weapon to kill bosses.
  17. Hello, hope your day is going okay. I don't know how to start this other than to explain who I am before proposing this idea, so I don't look like a complete idiot. So hi! I'm KingNecro, a veteran fire emblem player. I've been on these forums since about 2015, but I don't exactly post much. I just read other peoples comments and go off of that. But I've been recording videos, playing rom hacks, and trying to make some of my own ever since then. Recently I had my old computer fixed, and I went through my storage and found some old fire emblem files that used to play. From this, I went to my new computer and started diving back deep into the fan-made games, and even playing through Fe6, 7, and 8. I recently finished playing through The Last Promise, and after suffering through the cringy edgelord that is Kelik, I realized that I wanted to make another fully fleshed out game. I don't know about the rest of the community, but I love playing through other people's rom hacks, because it shows off their own ideas, how they can create their own world and gives you a story to just dive deep into. Then I realized that I am literally shit at art and music. Not to mention, I have no idea how to code complex things into the game like voice acting. MarkyJoe's video of FeBuilderGBA taught me a lot about event editing, but that's about it. Then I also realized that there are a lot of really talented people in the community that could really contribute, and if we all worked together, we could make one cool motherf*cking hack. I know what you're thinking. I seem like I'm new because I haven't posted on these forums in god knows how long, and it seems stupid to just pop up out of no where and suggest that random people come together and make a hack. I've realized that. But hell I want it, and I'm sure a lot of other people do too. So why not? So if you're still reading this and haven't clicked off/wrote a comment telling me how much of an idiot I am, hear me out. For a fully fleshed out hack we need: 3 event editors 3 composers for music 2 Map designers 2 portrait designers 2 animation designers 1 Weapon and class designer 2 storyboard writers 1 Support convo writer 1 Title screen artist 1 Skill designer/coordinator Voice actors (The Last promise did it, we can do it better) As many test players as possible I think that if this all comes together, we should make this an Fe8 hack with skills and new animations and things of the sort. I have some ideas for a story that haven't been built up yet, but I don't want it to be just my ideas. That's the fun of making a hack like this, we can put everyone's ideas in it Also, if the hack goes well enough, I'm willing to compensate for the people who really put a lot of work into it. Let me know what you think, give me your feedback, let me know if I forgot anything. Thanks!
  18. Are you insane like me? Do you plan on taking on one of the hardest routes in Fire Emblem Fates? Then this is for you. This will be a chapter/map guide of chapter 10 Nohr path on lunatic. This took about 3 hours to gain and make all this information, so I hope you all find this useful. If there is anything I miss, feel free to tell me about it so it can be fixed, thank you. (This will focuses on the self made map in the attached files section, so make sure to refer to that.) If not colored, the tile is a normal area. Black are walls, which can not be passed. Brown is areas that can be based by flying units. Red are special enemies. Blue is water (by the end of turn 6 all water is gone, and turned into normal tiles.) Peach (or light brown) are bridges and boats. Sky Blue will be your starting point for your units. Green is the area you have to defend from enemies. Aqua Green will be your houses. Purple are your turrets. Orange is normal starting enemies. Avatar Starting point: K5 Reinforcements (Allies): Belka: K4 Camilla: L4 Luna: M4 Belka: Wyvern Rider Level:9 HP:23 Str:13 Mag:0 Skl:14 Spd:9 Lck:10 Def:14 Res:7 Mov:7 Skills: Strength +2, Ambush Duty Equipment:Iron Axe Weapon Level: Axe D half way to C Camilla: Revenat Knight Level:1 HP:30 Str:19 Mag:11 Skl:15 Spd:19 Lck:12 Def:18 Res:15 Mov:8 Skills: Strength +2, Cut Through, Bewitching Flower Equipment: Steel Axe, Thunder Weapon Level: Axe C, Tome D Luna: Mercenary Level:10 HP:24 Str:12 Mag:3 Skl:12 Spd:15 Lck:9 Def:11 Res:8 Mov:5 Skills: Stubbornness, Patient Assurance, Competitive Equipment: Iron sword, Bronze Sword Weapon Level: Sword D, half way to C Now for all enemy reinforcements. Reinforcements (Enemy): End of turn 2: Pegasus Warrior: 21H, 21O, 21V End of turn 3: Lancer's: F19 F20, H19 Archer's: Z14, Z15, Y15 End of turn 4: Pegasus Warrior: F21, Q21 Dual Guard Pegasus Warrior's: K21 End of turn 5: Oni Savage: A8, B8, Q19,Q20 Dual Guard Oni Savage: B9, O19 End of turn 6: Pegasus Warrior: K12 Oni Savage: T17,T18 Dual Guard: Pegasus Warrior's: F21, T21, V21 Oni Savage's: T19 End of turn 7: Oni Savage: A8, B8, B9, O19,Q19 Ninja: A9, H20, O20 Archer: Z15 Dual Guards: Ninja's: F19 Archer's :Z14 End Of enemy reinforcements Start of Tactics For the Chapter So, you got an idea of where all the enemies will be, so now what can you do to beat it? Lets start with some basics. On the right side of the map are archers, meaning that its best to keep flyers away from them, but it is only on the right side that archers come from, so everywhere is free rain. ​There are no magic units on this map, so you don't have to worry about having low Res for this map. Make sure no one touches the turrets besides your self, or you will have problems. Get your self a hand axe for Belka, as that will be use full with her personal skill to skill of units faster. Also might want to get a beast killer, as that can help kill off any Pegasus Warrior that get past. Your flying units you get in this chapter will be your flyer killers, as they have enough strength to kill them off easy. Most units in this map have a Def around 10 when not paired up with anyone, meaning that they are a bit squish, so your Power dealers will be useful here. Strength is also around the 10-12 area, so make sure to place your defense units in the right spot to make a great wall. Since there are a few ninja's running around, you might want to focus them down as they have high speed and have Hidden Weapons, which can break your Stats down to an unfavorable amount. If your willing to forge a weapon, it can help to kill enemies faster, but you will only be able to forge around a +2 weapon at this time, but it can very much help. The AI seems to work like this; Pegasus Warrior's Move as far as the can to the goal, then if an enemy is in range, they will attack. For most other units, they will try to attack more then getting the Defending Point, unless there is no one to stop them, then they will head for the Point. With that out of the way, lets move on too 3 different ways to take this map head on. Defense: More then likely the best way to deal with this map. With this strategy in mind, you will want to keep around you starting area, from the left bridge to the two arrow turrets. Use your flyers and archers to take down and flyers in you way, and block bridges and stay in this position unit the end of the map. Effie and Cyrus will more then likely be your Defense units, but if you have a female Avatar and switch Jacob over to Great knight, he can also do a great job at tanking. Belka, Camilla and Zero will be your flyer killers. Make sure to bring one magic unit for the one magic turret, as it can help taking care of waves of enemies. Make sure archers don't get the right arrow turret, as things can become bad from there. Once the water is gone, you have to try your best to put units in the right area and take down any units that slip by as much as possible. A Mix: The idea here is to take paired units of your choice (Say Belka and the Avatar) and go down to Takumi so that the water does not go down, but to do so is a bit hard. First off, you have to fight through a good amount of units just to get to him, more then likely Hinata included, meaning that you would have to take down about 5-7 units to go against takumi, unless you use a flying unit, which normal only get one by turn 3 of the map, unless you re class aqua, which is not the best option due to her being frail. Once you get to him, he has two skills of importance, being Confined Defense, meaning you can only attack him once, and Proximity Shot, meaning do NOT engage with any flying unit. So your best option is take a strong physical unit and pair up with either Belka or Camilla and fly over to takumi and take him down before the end of turn 6, or else he will remove the water, making that whole trouble point less. Once he is down, do the same thing as defense strategy and you should make it through. Offense: ​This will more then likely be the hardest way to do this chapter, but still can work great. The idea is to wipe out all enemies before they have a chance to get to the Defense Point. With that in mind, you will want units around the spawning points to take them down before they can do anything, and make sure to take down takumi before the end of turn 6, or else you will have to switch to defense right away if your lucky. With this in mind, you will want to send units from the sides and the middle, then keep some around the middle, send some to the left or right if needed. Flyers should stay to the left and middle areas of the map to avoid archers. Have your deference units make a wall so that enemies cant reach your squishier units or healers. If there is more info that i miss, feel free to talk about it below, and it will be added to the guide, thanks, I hope this was helpful to you. Extra: Thanks to Tooru for the extra information, you can find it down bellow. Got some good looking information that can help a bunch if you need even more info then what I have here.
  19. Dear fellow Fire Emblem fans, The first Fire Emblem game that I played was the very first one released in the US/ Europe. The game that got me interested was Super Smash bros. melee. Roy was my favorite character, and he was someone I wasn't even familiar with. When Fire Emblem was released for the first time in a language I could understand I immediately bought the game, and fell in love... Fire Emblem is my all time favorite game with Jaffar being my favorite character in this game. (Zach Fair is my all time favorite video game character) With the release of Sacred stones I was once again captivated, but let down at the same time. By the time the endgame had come along all of my characters were lvl. 20/20... Grinding was made possible, and as a result every decision I now made carried significantly less weight. Exp. could be gained unlimited. When Path of Radiance was released I was filled with joy. However after playing through the game without ever having to really think about any of the decisions that I made with once again all of my characters at lvl. 20/20 by the time I finished the game, and to top it all off the story wasn't even done... When the Nintendo DS was released I happened to have enough money to buy one with the hope that one day a Fire Emblem game would be released on the system. What a disappointment Shadow Dragon was... Due to my disappointment with Path of Radiance, and my lack of finances I decided to not buy a Wii, and let this one pass me by. When I caught wind of Awakening being released I pre-ordered the limited edition Fire Emblem 3ds XL. This is the game that I am currently still playing. (Actually the only reason I bought a 3ds, and the only game that I own on a 3ds) I'm on my first play through, (Hard/ Classic) and will not pass any (real) judgement until I've at least beaten it. Due to the possibility of grinding... (I seriously hate grinding...) the difficulty level is a joke, and obviously has nothing to do with why it is taking me so long to beat this game. I'm a very casual gamer, and the story/ game has not been able to motivate me to keep playing out of excitement for what's to come next. That, and I'm very indecisive when it comes to picking a partner for myself, and all of my other characters... I'm actually here to seek help for that... :P (And to thank whoever made the translation to Sword of Seals which I will be playing once I've finished Awakening :D)
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