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  1. Ever since Playable Avatar was a thing in NmotE and could also choose which class would you be in that game such as a Myrmidon, Cavalier or Mage in that FE game what do you choose to become it could be any other FE games regardless if there isn't an Avatar in some of the other FE game series. If I was, my choice would to become a Mercenary in New Mystery of the Emblem and be promoted as a Hero because I find Hero to be one of my favorite classes. The Rules: The class has to be from that FE game that you choose No being a lord, Final boss & other exclusive character classes(not even enemy exclusive monster classes) your allowed to choose being a Manakete or a Taguel Class can be an unpromoted or a promoted class from that FE game
  2. During my sleep, one of my slightly weird dream segments is related to Fire Emblem. But sadly for me, instead of dreaming about Jugdral, I am dreaming about being in Elibe instead (not that its a bad thing or anything I just prefer to dream about being in Jugdral alongside Sigurd or even Seliph at the very least) and its during the events of Binding Blade. I'm a bit too shy to tell you guys about this dream I have since you guys might think I just made it up since it doesn't make any logical sense, but basically in my dreams, after a dream segment where me and my family just won a lot of cash from a MrBeast challenge in the middle of nowhere, my dream suddenly changed the scene to the place where I presume is where Klein and Thea first appeared in the game (I think it is in Chapter 11? I honestly don't remember since it has been a while since I last played the game). Basically in that dream, I was watching Thea and her younger sister Shanna talking to each other while riding their pegasi in the sky. Just beside me is a guy that looks like that protagonist guy from White House Down (I don't remember that actor's name) and he is also watching the conversation. We basically just watch Shanna trying to convince her sister that they shouldn't fight for what felt like minutes before the two would eventually begin to fight with Thea being the victor as she stabbed Shanna in the chest with her lance before Shanna's body begins to fall from her steed towards the ground. Meanwhile the guy beside me suddenly began to cry in tears as he laments Shanna's death for a whole minute before he begins to yell in rage towards Thea as he magically unsheathes his sword to go after her while ignoring the fact that Thea is still on the sky riding her pegasus. Then Thea would fly away while the guy is still chasing her and soon the dream changed the scene to where the guy is walking towards a… modern day house in a middle of some grasslands, still having a sword in his right hand, with me just following him towards the house, not knowing how much time has passed since the dream changed the scene. Once we are inside the house, the guy would go inside the bedroom to see that Thea is lying on the bed and looks a bit too sick for some reason. The guy would then drop his sword and begins to strangle Thea's neck with his bare hands with me suddenly trying to restrain him from killing Thea. He kept shouting insults and threats towards Thea as well as saying that he hates her for killing his lover, which implies that this guy and Shanna are apparently lovers for some reason. Meanwhile Thea would suddenly begin to cry loudly as she talks about how she feel really guilty and sad for killing her younger sister, which suddenly causes the guy to stop trying to strangle her. I don't exactly remember the exact words that she said, but she continues to talk about how she laments killing Shanna before moving on to explain that she is now dying of tuberculosis and that she has been stuck in that bed for quite a long time. Soon afterwards, Thea would just cough and die immediately, presumably succumbing to her illness. I would then just leave the house before the dream would soon switch to another dream segment. So putting aside the things in my dream that obviously made no sense, since it is all just a dream and all, can anybody tell me how accurate is the characteristics and personalities of Thea and Shanna in this dream? Sorry for asking this question since I barely really remember the plot of the Binding Blade as well as the personalities of its characters as it has already been a while since I last played it.
  3. Nintendo just announced and putted out a new First Look Trailer that there is the next Fire Emblem installment that is going to be coming as a launch title for the Next Gen Successor after the Nintendo Switch console released at Late 2025. The game is called Fire Emblem: Sins of the Thousand Year War and it looked like it has some PS5 type of quality graphics for the console and it looks like action RPG this time similar to Final Fantasy VII Remake Trilogy handled. Here is the information is available: Source of the Link to the New Game Play Trailer for Fire Emblem: Sins of Thousand Year War on YouTube. Edit from 2/2: April Fools to everyone saw this thread.
  4. Since the news that we are going to get 4 additional spirits around in January 2024 after the Evil Ryu Spirit was added last year when Sora becomes the last DLC newcomer and they stopped adding new Spirits afterwards for a year. Since we don't exactly what the 4 new additional spirits are going to be shown off in January 2024. I do like to see more Spirit Events gets added in SSBU, but I think the team who works on the Spirit Events should add some post-Sora DLC SSBU era titles like Fire Emblem Engage, Splatoon 3, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Bayonetta 3, etc. (I think Sakurai is still resting up and let the Spirit Event team handle it) So I am thinking of creating a thread to show what new Spirit Events in post-Sora era do you like to see any of them get added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate thanks to the news that 5 year anniversary is returning with a brand new Spirit Event happening. I had some ideas on keeping the 4 or 3 Spirits for the possible future Spirit Events are: Fire Emblem Engage: Alear (both genders) - Both Red and Blue Corrins + Marth Alfred, Diamant, Ivy, & Timerra - Chrom + Lucina, Roy + Roy, Zelda (w/Lyn Assist Trophy), & Daisy + RD Ike Veyle - Isabelle + Marth Lumera - Lucina + Sigurd Colored Ike Xenoblade Chronicles 3: (Got spirits from 1/9) Noah & Mio - Shulk and Incineroar Lanz & Sena - RD Ike or Cloud and Wii Fit Trainer Euine & Taion - Palutena and Robin N & M - Shulk and Incineroar Bayonetta 3: Bayonetta (Bayonetta 3) - Bayonetta or *spoilers* Viola - Sheik or Lucina Cheshire - Incineroar Splatoon 3: (Got spirits from 1/9) Shiver, Frye, & Big Man - Multiple Inklings Mr. Coco - Kirby? Harmony - Peach O.R.C.A.- R.O.B. Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: (Got spirits from 2/6) Koraidon & Miraidon - 2 Charizards Sprigatito, Fuecoco, & Quaxly - Tiny Incineroar, Tiny King K. Rool, & Tiny Duck Hunt Armarouge & Ceruledge - 2 Mega Mans Scream Tail - Jigglypuff Post what your new possible Spirit Events that you would like to see it get added to SSBU post Sora updates? Edit from 2/11: What was been confirmed after January 9th are what we had gotten so far: 1/9: Batch 1: Tears of the Kingdom, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Splatoon 3, and Pikmin 4. 1/23: Batch 2: 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim (Atlus/Sega), eBaseball: Power Pros (Konami), and Hades (Indie). 2/6: Batch 3: 4 Spirits from Pokémon Scarlet & Violet
  5. Hello! I'm back again to ask another dumb question in this forum. What if the Mjölnir tome not only grants +20 Skill and +10 Speed, but also grants the user to use much higher forms of electromagnetism powers beyond just sending powerful lightning bolts towards enemies? Let's say that House Freege somehow discovered the concept of electromagnetism and gains extensive knowledge of it as years pass, what would happen if Thrud, or rather, his descendants with major holy blood, used that knowledge to utilize the tome's electromagnetism powers to its full potential? Would it make them more powerful? Or would it make them weaker? And how would this affect the story and lore of FE4 and FE5?
  6. Hi, I have another question to ask. I know I have just recently posted a question a few moments ago, but I just couldn't wait to ask this question in this forum. I want to ask what you would imagine dogfighting tactics should look like if an FE game decided to show an animated cutscene that only shows two squadron of pegasi/wyverns/whatever fighting each other in the skies. For me, I personally think that fliers in FE should primarily use bows and magic to shoot down enemy fliers once they are close enough to their target and also perform some evasive maneuvers to avoid being taken down by enemy fliers. The fliers might still use melee weapons in case the enemy gets too close. And in the case of wyvern riders, the wyvern's claws or jaws could be used as melee weapons against the enemy. I would like to see some tactics where two wyvern knights luring two enemy wyvern knights into chasing them with all of the four of them flying at their maximum speeds, only for the enemy to be caught off guard as two wyvern knights to execute sharp banking maneuvers to make way for another pair of allied wyvern knights to fly towards the two enemy wyvern knights head on and hit them hard with the enemy pair having no way to react or maneuver out of the way in time as the allied wyverns hit the enemy riders off their saddles with force equivalent to a high-speed car crash as the allied wyverns dug their claws deep into the enemy wyverns' torsos. How about you? What do you think FE dogfighting in FE should look like?
  7. So as the title says which change to Engage’s maddening mode you’re not a fan of? I’ll start: they made certain enemies and vast majority of bosses being immune to effective damage like wrymslayers and ridersbane. To me this severely limits the usefulness of most of your go to weapons. Especially when you have bosses being immune to being broken on top of that.
  8. Sorry if this topic contains a very sensitive topic such as cancer. Some of you probably have loved ones who are suffering or have died from this condition, and I am truly sorry for bringing this up. But I just couldn't help myself because I could not help but wonder how exactly does healing staves in FE, well, heal people. You see, I stumbled upon a post in some subreddit about how Healing Magic, while helpful, could potentially cause health issues such as cancer. I forgot where I found it, but I still remember the part of it. It basically says something like this: "There's a lot of the method to explain the healing magic, however the most plausible explanation is that the spell is accelerating the cell growths, however this also mean that the spell would increase the chances to give patients cancer due to the abnormal cell growths" I'm not sure if my quoting is accurate, but it does have the same idea that magic can cause cancer. So when I first saw this post, I was wondering as to why units in Fire Emblem don't get cancer whenever they get healed by a Cleric, Bishop, or whatever class that can use a staff. I'm not necessarily saying that it should be a gameplay feature in FE for units to get cancer if they get healed multiple times by healing magic. It's just that there hasn't been a case in-lore where somebody got cancer for getting healed by some cleric so many times. Again, sorry for bringing up this topic. I just want to know why nobody in FE lore suffers from cancer due to healing magic as it over replicates cells or white cells in particular or whatever.
  9. Hi I am back again for another dumb question. And as you can see I am back in the NES and SNES forum again to ask for another Jugdral related question. Sorry, I just find FE4 and FE5 to be very fascinating to me due to their fascinating story and lore as well as their dark themes and interesting game mechanics, though admittedly the maps in Genealogy are very very very large for me. However, I'm not here to talk about how I love Shouzou Kaga's Jugdral games. This is a very very silly question for me to ask, but what do you guys think would happen if Jugdral was suddenly "isekai'd" to our world, but during the days of the Cold War (1947 - 1991)? Assuming that Jugdral's entire landmass somehow got transported to our world (Earth) along with its countries, and once the natives of Jugdral realized that they are in another world, how would the natives react to the fact that their entire continent just got transported to another world? Also, I would assume that the countries of the Cold War Earth would notice the sudden presence of the Jugdral continent eventually. How would the encounter between the Cold War Nations of Earth and the nations of Jugdral would play out? What would either side think of each other? Basically, how would the nations of Jugdral react to the civilizations far advanced than their own? And how would the Cold War Nations, especially the USA and the USSR, react to Jugdral's magic and fantasy creatures like pegasi and wyverns? How would the sudden arrival of Jugdral's landmass affect the geopolitical tension between the United States and the Soviet Union in any way? Would any of the Jugdral nations pick a side in the Cold War or would all of them just simply stay neutral to the ongoing tensions of Earth's nations? Sorry for asking such a question. I just really like FE4/5 and I am always intrigued with the history of the Cold War itself. And asking this question just satisfies my likeness for both topics even if they are unrelated to each other. So uhh… yeah. What do you guys think would happen if Jugdral suddenly get transported to another world. Also, sorry for my terrible English.
  10. I’ve been thinking for a different maddening run I could make a couple of units that is dedicated to basically repositioning teammates around the map for safety purposes. Like having Swap and Reposition on the same set for example. Like maybe Louis and Jade could fill those roles since they only need master seals to get to their general classes. They both would need to reach level 5 as a general to get Swap. And they both could get Reposition thanks to Emblem Ike. But one can have Draw Back thanks to Eliwood’s S rank ring and the other Shove with Mia’s S rank ring. Not sure about other abilities to inherit. Maybe Canter or Defense + x. With DLC I could always get them Speed/Res + x from Camilla. Does it sound like a cool idea to try out or are there other ideas for units that anyone can think of whose role wouldn’t be dedicated to combat?
  11. Copied this from FEU. Yes, just as the title says, what sort of tips and advice can you guys provide for how to better oneself to be a better Fire Emblem player? Edit: To be more specific, I mean improving on strategy, item management, which stat matters the most, what items should my units have, etc. Edit 2: To be a little more clear, I’m very good at it myself, this post was just for my friends and family that are interested at getting better.-MegaCowsamMan
  12. So after watching a couple of playthroughs of the Jugdral and Tellius games, a funny question just appeared in my mind. What if somehow, without the existence of Ashunera and the Zunanma, the Laguz still exists, but on Jugdral instead of on Tellius? How would the existence of the Laguz affect the lore and history of the Jugdral continent from the Era of the Loptrian Empire to the events of FE4 and FE5? How would their existence affect the story of both Geneaology of the Holy War and Thracia 776? (NOTE: I am very hesitant in posting this as while this question is related to the Jugdral lore, the Laguz are from the Tellius games which are not from the NES and SNES Era and I am worried that I might break any rules of the Serenes Forums for posting this here. So if I made a mistake on posting this in this forum, please don't hesitate to let me know so I can delete this post.)
  13. Hello. I'm back again at trying to apply logic to a Japanese fantasy video game like Fire Emblem even though my takes can be very ignorant. This is probably an ignorant take, but while I was watching iron man playthroughs in YouTube, I somehow kept asking myself: why are the Lords in the FE series allowing, or rather, seem to be very willing to let enemy characters who probably killed their close friends/close relatives/family member in battle? I mean, I could somewhat understand Alear forgiving Veyle for "killing" Lumera (I put quotation marks on the word "killing" since Lumera technically died due to exhausting her powers on intercepting Veyle's spell to protect Alear since she was already exhausted after reviving Alear and all but you get what I mean right?) seeing as Alear is a kind person and all and that Veyle was being "controlled" by the other Veyle and stuff like that, but I'm not really sure the other Lords in the series are as forgiving or at least maybe tolerant as he is to recruited enemies who probably killed their closest loved ones during the gameplay battle (maybe Eirika and Celica though I am not sure). I don't know, I'm probably still too ignorant about the Lords' personalities and also usually always keep my units alive in the games as much as possible and also because I never really get to play other FE games that much to get to know about the Lords' characters and personalities. But even still… I mean, for example, in FE6's Chapter 9, if either Sin or Fir killed Lilina, wouldn't that automatically remove the ability to recruit either of them even if you have Sue and Noah in your party? You know, like the same way Vestaria Saga removes the ability to recruit Ma'aya if you poison the well in Chapter 11? Okay, actually maybe they should still be recruitable, but I mean shouldn't Roy realistically be at least feel a bit reluctant to take them in and feel some resentment towards them? Like obviously not to the point of wanting to imprison or kill them or anything, but… you know? Like, they literally just killed Lilina, who is technically Roy's cousin and close friend, and it doesn't really help that both Sin and Fir are working with pirates/bandits. Even if Roy still haven't developed some romantic feelings for Lilina, surely he must at least feel pain for losing her, especially when Roy failed his promise to Hector to take care and protect Lilina. I know it's war and that people die in wars, but he should have at least feel emotional for her death, even if just a little bit. Yet for some reason, he doesn't seem to react or even care about Lilina's death whenever she dies in the game. I could've provided better examples for this like Delthea killing Gray or Faye, Alm's childhood friends (then again she was brainwashed so Alm may somewhat understand why she killed them, I don't know) but… yeah. Sorry if this may seem a bit ignorant about the main characters of the other Fire Emblem Games. I don't really know much about the Lords of the other FE games as I haven't really finished their games aside from Engage and Three Houses. Maybe Roy and the other Lords in the FE series are matured enough to understand that people die in wars and that their closest relatives/buddies/family members are willing to risk their lives for their cause and would be willing to forgive the recruited enemy who killed them. Maybe the Lords still bear resentment to the recruited enemy who killed their loved ones, but decided to not let it get in the way of reaching their goal to end the war and defeat evil or whatever. Or maybe it's because the Lords' loved ones have plot armor and doesn't die even if they got defeated in Classic Mode. Whatever the case is, it just feels a bit off that the Lords/MCs of the FE games seemed to have no problems letting the recruited enemies who killed their loved ones in the battlefield just join their army like they didn't kill their loved ones or whatever. It just seems like the Lords just forgive them and moved on way too easily. What are your thoughts about this? (Also, sorry for my poor English grammar.)
  14. It will help fill out my work portfolio for one but more importantly tell us where different pockets of the community are at as far as their favorite ships! Survey Link I want this to reach everyone not just the main website but I have to start somewhere! This isn’t meant to start any sort of fights and remember that a ship being popular doesn’t make it better, canon, or any of that. All this measures is a general scope of popularity.
  15. I have been wondering if there are serfs in the Fire Emblem games, especially considering that serfs are more common in the medieval era than slaves, at least in Europe I think. I mean, we could see that slavery does exist in the games (example: Linde being sold in a slave market and a lot of Laguz being enslaved by beorcs, especially in Begnion as far as I remember.), so why can't serfdom? If serfdom does exist in Fire Emblem, could you tell me where in the games was it shown or at least mentioned? Perhaps I overlooked a couple of details that showcases serfdom in the games. If so, please tell me so I will know.
  16. I suddenly just got a weird idea in my head while I was eating my breakfast. If IS and Nintendo, for some reason, decided to make some kind of anime series with a slightly similar premise as the MCU's "What if…?" series, what alternate events do you think would each of the episodes be about? Would each of the episodes take place in a single mainline game (e.g Episode 1 - Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, Episode 4 - Genealogy of the Holy War, etc)? Would there be some kind of a "Infinity Ultron (FE version) plans to take over the Multiverse/Destroy all Life in the Multiverse" type of scenario? If so, who would take the role of the "Infinity Ultron" type of character? How do you think that scenario would play out? I am really really tempted to hear your thoughts about this because I couldn't get it out of my mind.
  17. I know this question may sound silly considering the fact that magic doesn't exist and the fact that they don't seem to follow our laws of physics. But let's just say that magic in Fire Emblem could be an extension to the laws of physics or a unique subset of said laws. So if that is the case, what do you think could be a scientific explanation on how people can cast fire and ice? How are people able to use magic using tomes? What do you think is the scientific explanation on how Imhullu makes Gharnef immune to all attacks except for Starlight? Basically, what do you think are the scientific explanations or theories for every magical stuff that is happening in Fire Emblem if magic is considered to be a subset of the laws of physics of Fire Emblem's world.
  18. Wyverns are like the dominant aerial assets for the air forces of the factions in the Fire Emblem franchise. Countries such as Macedon, Bern, and Thracia are very well known for their dominant wyvern air power and are likely what makes them so feared in the battlefield (at least as far as I can see. I don't know I could be wrong, but if I am, please don't hesitate to correct me on this one). However, there is something that bugs me about these wyverns whenever I observe how wyvern knights fight alongside their, well wyverns. Why are these wyverns not breathing fire or any kind of elemental breaths to use as a weapon against enemies? I mean, we already saw dragons use breath attacks against their enemies in FE games, so why can't wyverns? Wouldn't having that ability be a bit more helpful at killing enemies or harassing ground troops than simply having their riders use javelins or axes as their only primary weapons with said melee weapons being only used in close-quarter combat against enemy wyvern riders or something? There is probably some gameplay reason behind this, but does the games provide any in-lore explanations about the wyverns' lack of ability to use breath attacks? If not, do you guys at least have some kind of plausible scientific or magical speculations about the wyverns' inability to use breath attacks like other dragons in the series?
  19. I haven't seen anyone post a topic for the recent GHB so I guess I'll make one myself. I don't make topics often so hopefully I haven't missed anything. Map: (Infernal) Infernal Units/Stats/Skills
  20. Discord Server----> https://discord.gg/ymvjf5J Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/c6tuu5ttudvev8j/Genealogy+Remake.ups Patch to Fe8 (U) So, long-short story, this is my remake idea for Fire Emblem 4 - Genealogy of the Holy War. It won't be exactly like the source game was, because if it were to be a perfect copy of the source, then it would be better to go and play the original. So, what I mean is that I'm remaking it, and while I'm setting it to be as close to the source as possible, I'm also adding in some extra stuff, that I feel to be necessary to be a even better hack. For example: Thracia 776's characters, like Eyvel, Orsin, Olwen. As well as slightly altering some stuff. Some other examples include myself taking some events from the Manga version and altering it myself. I also plan to make Ishtar and Julius characters to be more relevant, and/or likable as well. So, what I mean is that, please don't tell me: "This is not a Fe4 remake." While I call it remake, all ROMHacking is actually a playable fanfiction. So, yeah, this is my version into Fe4's story. But don't worry, I'm not some edgy teenager creating a cringe-worthy story. I try to make this hack as close as possible from what's considered canon or not. And yeah, Arden is there, he's a joke, but the reason he's there is for the lack of armored units. Hanibal joins too late and giving Darsim/Xavier to the player would also make them come out too late. I hope you can enjoy this hack of mine and if possible give me feedback. And for those who played the source game: I hope you can enjoy it as well, even though it's not exactly the same plot/mechanics as the original. Credits:
  21. By now i'm sure a lot of people have seen the translated text of Anna's S-rank support for Fire Emblem Engage. In contract to the amount of attention that particular support conversation has received, I've seen comparatively less discussion and controversy pertaining to the other "way too young to be on the battlefield seriously where are your parents?!" kid in the 10-year-old Jean. As such, i'm wondering if there's been any sort of fan translation of the S-rank support and what the contents of the conversation contain because if it's anything like the one they gave to Mini Me Anna, then I am shocked to see it not be a part of that discourse. I'm currently trying to do research on it and the support for Anna to script a video on Fire Emblem's history when it comes to localization/the controversies that have arisen as a result of changes (The lost dialogue and watering down of certain character's sexuality in Radiant Dawn as a result of the stereotypes applied to said characters in the original, Fates' handling of Soleil vs the original text, etc.), namely when there's some contentious content to the localized release (and of that, drilling down on the North American releases - I am significantly less informed/have far less access to releases compared to the various PAL region releases and any localization changes made for a given language).
  22. This is a forum to post FE memes related to any of the games. Whether it be a joke about the amount of clone characters in a game, or just something stupid like "Takumi plop" or something. You may post whatever under certain conditions: No Knoll Roll spamming... No reposting Use common sense and don't post anything possibly/intentionally offensive But anyway, just enjoy!
  23. I must confess, I am not really good at Math. I can add, subtract, multiply and divide sure, but other than that, I'm just not that good. Since RPGs use statistics for characters, I cannot exactly measure how strong some characters are compared to others. The only thing I could measure is their health stat. Since I suck at that, I'm pretty scared to play a Fire Emblem game. I only know stuff about Fire Emblem by watching some playthroughs and such, but I really want to play Fire Emblem games so I can experience what it is like to play them. So, do I really have to be good at Statistics or Calculus to play Fire Emblem more effectively?
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