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Found 4 results

  1. hello does anyone know how to convert NTSC-U code to pal code?
  2. Click to look at Fódlan! Ok, so, here's the map of Fódlan(?), right. So, this continent goes on right? Click to look at the surroundings of Fódlan! And to the east there's a continent named Palmica. I might be crazy, but doesn't Palmica look strangely like... Click here to look at FE 10 Tellius Map! But reversed, I guess. What is "Palmica" Could easily be Begnion and Daein, with the southern Islands being those islands that we see below Palmica(don't judge my spelling okay, reading what the map says is difficult). Leicester in the east of Fódlan is slightly brighter than the rest of the map suggesting a desert, and then in the Tellius Saga they clearly state that there is a desert to the east. I mean it's kind of a long shot, and there would have to be a reason for Tellius to be flipped on Fódlan's map(it could be as easy as it's simply just perspective). Or, I might just be crazy. But, I've been thinking about this like all day. (All of the links except the surrounding Fódlan one should just be Serenes Forest links so they should really not be harmful)
  3. Sorry for a long wait, anyways i am still playing through the mod to see what changes i can do before updating a patch, there has been some interesting thinks along the way that i have discovered, but aside from the initial changes i posted down there all the other ones will not be revealed until at least a beta of the patch is down, I could upload one, but still a few tweaks, I think a lot of people will like it, or at least i hope so, but in case you are wondering i am planning to release the first version of it in a couple of months(December), so feel free to post any changes in the meantime and sorry again for the long wait. First Version Release: January 15th Character changes: ----Sothe Guard --> Resolve Biorythm->09 Spd 50% Lck 60% Def 35% --Rogue FOW->06 non-promote skill->Crit15 Stre 22->25 Skill 26->30 Luck->35 Res->17 --Whisper->Assasin FOW->7 Whisper item find bonus->crit25 Bane-> Lethality Str 28->34 Skill38->40 Def26->25 ----Micaiah Sacrifice->Wrath Biorythm->09 1 authority star Recruitment +1 Skill +1 Speed HP 50% Skill 45% Speed 40% Luck70% Def 25% Res 80% --Light Mage FOW 03->05 non-promote skill->Sacrifice --Light Sage FOW 03->05 non-promote skill->Sacrifice Dark magic added C/A Skill 23->25 Speed 25->26 --Light Priestess FOW 04->07 Shove->Aurora(mostly for messing with the skill) Dark magic A/SS Speed 33->35 ----Sanaki recruitment: +4 Str +2 Speed +1 Skl Mgc 70% Skl 65% Spd 45% --Empress Shove->Aurora Skill 33->37 speed 32->35 Thunder SS Wind SS Light SS Weapon Changes: -Florete changed to do magic damage +1MT Cymbeline +10% Crit Beast Knife Rank D-> B Peshkatz +2 MT +15% Crit Kard +1MT +10 hit +5% Crit Stiletto +1 MT +10% Crit Baselard +5% Crit Lughnasadh +1MT +10% Crit This is just for now, I will take a break and continue in a while and update it. Some photos when I was testing: Micah modded Caps as a Light Mage Sothe Caps as an Assasin(regular Assasin has 40 in skill and speed) Sothe Skills as an Assasin Micah having access to Dark Magic when promoted.
  4. Ohey there! I'm Shneaky, one of those weird guys that goes through the insane trouble of completing challenge runs of games for bragging rights and the enjoyment of others. Last year I did a bearable FE9 Magic Only run which was streamed on twitch and the finale was recorded and uploaded. I have a YouTube channel where I post the recorded clips (Edited, HD, not the typical garbage quality you find) and I like to think of the videos as a bit of a diamond in the rough among a lot of the trash that kids tend to upload. I just started a Fire Emblem 10 Magic Only run that I'm uploading Chapter-by-Chapter to YouTube. Please check it out and leave any constructive criticism, this is something I've wanted to do for a long time and I can't imagine dealing with 20+ failures on one mission without some support. Trailer for the Run: ( )Thanks!
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