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Found 6 results

  1. Fire Emblem Engage PMU Announcement!! What is a PMU? It means Pick My Units!! Yes, you!! We have finally completed Fire Emblem Engage Blind. Now we will do a very fun and silly run, where we play with all the new DLC, play with new units, learn new strategies, wear the One Piece, and more!! We will be doing Maddening Classic Mode (Random Growths) on our second run. Pick a SINGLE unit you would like me to use and the class you want me to train them into!! It can be a unique and new class I never tried before so i can experiment with new classes I didn't get to try in my last run. It can be an experimental class that works in favor with a certain units' stats that can offer them a greater hidden potential. Or even a silly, meme class for funsies!! It's all up to you guys!! If you see most people leaning towards one side, try to balance it out with the other. We want to have a good time after all and not just struggling throughout it all. Last but not least, here are a list of BANNED units in this run. All of the ones here are units who have already been used in my previous run and it's to give opportunity to try out new characters and see more supports and get to know more about the rest of the cast I didn't get to know!! (SPOILER ALERT for Engage units below. If you have not beaten the game and do not want to be spoiled on recruitable units. Do not proceed any further) Male Alear Hortensia Anna Clanne Framme Seadall Ivy Kagetsu Yunaka Veyle Etie Fogado Timerra and Louis will not be banned cuz they are based. Timerra is a mandatory pick since she is the waifu. Sorry, not sorry. Just how it goes around here 😋 DISCLAIMER: If you want me to choose your pick, please try to be present atleast to some extent in the streams. It's only fair to others who are present and weren't fortunate enough to get a pick and that we see you around to support your specialized unit for the run!! (Or the VODS. Just leave a comment to show your support and to show that you were there. I understand people can be busy to catch it Live)😆
  2. I was able to get a free OG!Micaiah in this week’s revival banner on my first free summon and apparently for a slow magic unit, my version is +spd but -def. Is it viable to keep her and make a potential speedy and atk based tank mage bulid for her, with the following skills: DB4, lull atk/res 3, joint drive atk, atk/res solo 3 with refined Thani and Luna special, or should I make an atk and res based dmg reduction bulid for her in AR O and Arena as a bonus unit? If neither of these options work or appeal to the type of bulid I wanted for OG!Micaiah, does she also make good fodder for my +atk, -res F!Tiki with Distant Def 3 or should I feed distant def 3 to a mage type unit, like my unmerged Delthea or Valentines Mist?
  3. Hello, I was just doing an other playtrough of Fire emblem three houses maddening mode. I was on chapter 7 ( battle of the eagle and the lion ) and I noticed that I wasn't able to steal the ring of precision from Edelgard. The strange thing is that I was able to steal Dimitri's one. Any one have noticed that or is it a bug or a mistake from me ?
  4. I am pretty sure we are either getting a fe6 remake due to the fact the team has shown interest in remaking it. Whatever game comes out next tho I want some connection to three houses s i am a big fan for connecting the game's lorewise.
  5. That's a weird title but I didn't know what to put that wouldn't be a paragraph by itself, my bad! Anyway, for those who don't know, Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee are console games that hybridise OG!Pokemon and Pokemon GO mechanics into a simpler core title (I also just realised that was a palindrome), with Game Freak also announcing a "proper" entry next year that's more in-line with standard Pokemon. Now that we know Three Houses exists, would you be (more) accepting of FE17 skewing closer to FE Heroes? P.S. I was planning this post back when this subforum was still titled "FE Switch," so if this is better suited for a general discussion forum please feel free to move it, dear mods!
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