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Found 19 results

  1. I just started a playthrough of Fire Emblem 6 and I already got a few supports. I was wondering can you view supports like in 7 and 8 in Extras? Or do I have to beat the game first to see the ones I got? I remember 8 letting me see the supports right after beating the chapter I saw them in, but its been a while.
  2. you tuber Mangs is playing iron man on fire emblem biding blade and he is playing with a patch that has diferent animations as you can see here https://youtu.be/2eHLirEmdRU?t=2734 does any one knows where i can gert this patch?
  3. Hey everyone! After so many years of being a lurker, I decided to join Serenes and this is my first thread here. So, onto the topic I am here for: I am working on a small project on FEBuilderGBA and I decided to add in a couple of changes in the chapter 3 map of Fire Emblem 6 (Sword of Seals). For this, tho, I had to add some tiles to the tileset. The tileset I am trying to use is attached to this post if you want to try it by yourself. However, for some reason, whenever I import this tileset into the game, this happens: https://imgur.com/AuVc1a1 This happens with almost every single palette when I import a tileset. And yes, I encounter this error with any tileset I try to import into the game. I have tried to: - Insert the palettes' codes manually. - Export the palettes beforehand and then import them when I imported the tileset. - Import the tileset with and without importing the palettes. - Use this tileset in black and white, or with only one of the palettes. All of this is to no avail: The palettes end up messed up regardless and after racking my brain for a while, I realized this was a problem I could not solve by myself with my limited knowledge in coding. Do any of you know of any workarounds for this problem? Have any of you experienced it? Do you know of a solution (even if it means using a different software for this particular issue)? I would greatly appreciate any help I can get. Thank you all in advance!
  4. REQUIRES A CLEAN FE 6 ROM, UNFORTUNATELY THIS IS IN JAPANESE UNTIL I GET AN UPDATE IN MY FEBUILDER AND IT HAS A TRANSLATION PATCH. This is my FE 6 hack. I have been working on for a while, it's in japanese and I finally finished testing it in hard mode and did the necessary changes. Notable changes include: Buffs to most units through growth rates, bases or weapon ranks: Notable buffs include: Roy using anima magic Marcus having better weapon ranks Zelot, snipers and Dayan have 30 crit Dayan can wield the wo dao Lilina and Sophia can use staves at first tier. Pegasus knights start with light magic Knights and generals can wield swords Gwendy is a level 1 cav with insane growths. Hit rates are increased by 10 wta is +/-1 mt and +/-15 hit magic wta is +/-2 mt and +/- 20 hit Chapter 3 has a hero crest. Flux is 1-3 range. short bow is 1-2 range with 0 crit Certain shops have extra weapons and items Fimbulvetr is a purchasable A rank tome FE 6 Broken Emblem 1102019.ups The second link is what I feel a fairly detailed I hope, experience of my hack. http://aminoapps.com/p/7d8moh Animation credits: Troubador Magic: Lisandra_Brave Roy Magic: Pikmin1211 Pegasus Knight Light magic: Darknight 97 and George Red Knight Sword: TBA Cavalier axe: Primefusion Falcoknight magic animation: George red
  5. Hi I plan to randomize FE 6 but dont know how should I edit the number in randomizer to make the game more challenging , ( cause I find the orginal game kinda easy, and some charater over power, but some chars is pretty weak ). But the enemy is not too strong. I really dont want Seth Emblem, or Frederick emblem, v..v... And how to change palette ? after randomize, some charater palettes is kinda messy, I have nightmare , but not sure how to do that. and where is " mark solved" button @@
  6. Hi all so I've worked on a Fire emblem sealed sword hack a while ago and i'm currently just playing through it to test it out and fix any errors. I would love to upload a patch for others to play, however, I do need some people's permission before I do so. I have used a few different sprites from other hacks, I had used a bunch of different class animations and so on. I've been using FEBuilder. Now, I believe a few things were snagged from Elibean Nights, some from The Last promise I think. I downloaded a bunch of the class animations from different sites that said they were fair game to use, but want to double check first, some of them being dracoknights with axes, hoodless shamans and mages, bard using light magic, etc. Errr….also, downloaded a huge page of weapons sprites that I used and inserted into the game, It's still the same game, with a bunch of different supports, boss dialogs, boss palettes coloured and a few added classes and more weapons. Anyways, hope I can get all the proper permissions and give credit where it's due! Thanks for reading! Jaygore
  7. Guest

    Tough choice

    Hello guys, So here's my situation, I'm playing for the first time Fire Emblem 6 in hard mode directly and it was kinda difficult to get where I am (at chapter 9 at the moment and it took about 10 + hours) The thing is I let Sue die in a very stupid way where I put her in a risky situation without any reasons, but sinceI restarted the chapter twice already I said fck it because bow units aren't really good in Fire Emblem anyway and I think I get get a similar one later on. But now (at chapter 9) I realize that I need Sue to recruit that Shin guy... who looks really good. And from my researchs FE 6 is one of the best game for bow units. And the fact that I screwed up almost all the Sacae line kinda annoys me.. (I still can have Fir tho) So I just wanted to have your opinion on this guys.. Is it worth restarting a new game in order to not let Sue die and get Shin ? It's 10 hours.. If it was a chapter I'd have do it instantly but I didn't know back then so a new game is a bit more annoying x) Oh and I guess there is NO way to get Shin on the current game whatever I do right ? sigh
  8. So, I'm nearing the endgame of Blazing Sword (Eliwood mode, on Chapter 25 rn), and I'm planning on following it up by playing Binding Blade. I've heard a few things about the game, and I'd like to hear your opinions on what the game is like. Stuff I've heard around or want to know includes: Roy is a terrible unit, for a Lord at least, and doesn't get promoted until Chapter 23 (I believe?), which is near the end of the game. Is he really that bad? Are his growths at least middle-of-the-road? Units in FE6 have different attributes than those in FE7. How different are these changes, and should I change my strategy based on them? What are some units I should pay attention to? What units can I feed EXP to, and which ones are acceptable to bench? What chapters should I look out for?
  9. Over the past month, I've been on and off planning and cutting out this binding blade prop, and I'm really happy with how it's come out so far! Now to add on the scabbard details and paint!!
  10. Hey Guys, I’m new here and I can proudly say I’ve played every FE game that’s released in Europe, but I wanna play one of the fan translated emulators, so if anyone has any good link if you’d comment them I’d be really greatful :) Thank you so much for having me.
  11. Hi there, so I would like to essentially make the Rapier effective against sword users but I honestly have no idea how to do this. I've never used Hex codes or anything so hopefully someone could give me a hand! Thanks :)
  12. Now I'm going to say right now, that I have never finished Fe 6. However, I do like some of the ideas the game had, and would love to see it remade so the west can play it without emulators. Now, I will say right now that I am a weird person, and the things I value in fire emblem games are different than most people's values. I also some times find smaller details in games agitating, so if you see and idea that seems out of place to you, it is probably because it was meant to fix a small detail that most of you were probably fine with. I would just like to share my ideas for a possible remake of Fe 6 with you all, and would love to see your opinions as well. So here we go... - A camp after battles, so you won't just be directed to the battle field after a battle is over. You can talk to characters sort of like in fates (If the next chapter can lead you into getting a new legendary weapon, they can give you clues/rumors that can give you the requirement into getting the weapon), they can give you clues about the requirements, and get items for it. You can also go to town, where you can buy weapons or repair them (another feature I think they should add), recruit a new teamate, or train in the arena. - An item similiar to Mila's turnwheel, but with different purposes. The person who uses it will be in camp after battles, and with his item, he can tell you if a legendary weapon can be obtained in the next chapter. He will also tell you that you should also protect Fae. This person and the item are basically guides to help you get the best ending. - Balancing characters and RNG - make the sword of seals and the legendary weapons unbreakable, but nerf them as well. - Make the exaccus a special weapon instead of a sword, for instance, it can become either a sword, axe, or spear, depending on the situation. - Make the final boss resistant to the legendary weapons (don't know how they would integrate this into the story, but the bosses weakness made her much easier). Also make give the final boss max health. What do you think of these ideas? Do you agree with them, or disagree with them, let me know.
  13. A couple years ago, I began working on a hack in which Guinevere was implemented as a fully playable character and can be played as for whenever she is with Roy, (So really everywhere but the Western Isles) but to be fully content, I have to add boss conversations. Somehow, I managed to create a boss conversation between her and Narcian about a year ago, and I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to do it again. Not having her talk to Zephiel upon initiating combat with him would leave a bad taste in my mouth. And yeah, I know it could be argued that Guinevere fighting against Bern more actively is wholly against her character, but my Guinevere is a bit different from the canon one. (: I have a good amount of experience with Event Assembler, Mappy, Zahlman's Song Editor (lol), Nightmare 2.0, and FEditor, but I'm not sure where to begin anymore. I've gotten event editing down to a science (again, aside from boss conversations) and I know how to edit the text WITHIN the pre-existing boss conversations (ex. I can make Lilina talk Legance's ear off...) I just don't know how to create new boss conversations anymore. I want to finish this project, if only for my own personal satisfaction, though I do plan on publishing it upon completion. So, to reiterate, I'm hoping to add new, unique, boss conversations, but can't remember how to do that. I didn't want to have to ask, but i've about given up on the project and don't want to let it die quite yet. If anyone knows how to insert a new boss conversation somewhere in FE6, that would be a tremendous help. Thanks sooo much! Any little bit of knowledge helps. (:
  14. Fire Emblem 6: Easier Hack version 1.09 (Updated July 2, 2013) I made this hack to lower the difficulty of FE6 (just a wee bit, actually) for players who find it a little hard. Character stats are tweaked, but not too exteme, so it isn't completely breeze-through easy. And also, support conversations are unlocked easily. (On the left screen we see Roy's stats from the original game, and the right screen, his stats from the hack.) (On the left screen we see Wolt's stats from the original game, and the right screen, his stats from the hack.) Game changes: Support conversations unlocked faster Slight character stat changes and item changes Boss enemies stats decreased (2 to 4 stat decrease) Item changes: Rapier durability increased from 25 to 40 Rapier critical increased from 10 to 15 Sword of Seals durability increased from 20 to 30 Iron, Steel, Silver and other weapons hit percent increased by 5 Character stat changes: Roy Base HP +2 Base Defense +1 Base Strength +1 Base Speed +1 Base Constitution +1 Strength Growth from 40 to 45% Defense Growth from 25 to 30% Resistance Growth from 30 to 35% Unpromoted Roy stat caps increased from 20 to 25 Clarine Base Magic +1 Base Defense +1 Base HP +2 Defense Growth from 10 to 20% Magic Growth from 30 to 35% Fa Base Skill +2 Base Speed +2 Shin Base Strength +1 Base Skill +2 Base Defense +1 Defense Growth from 10% to 15% Sue Base Strength +2 Base Skill +1 Base Defense +1 Resistance Growth from 15 to 20% Dayan Base Strength +3 Strength Growth from 20 to 30% Skill Growth from 20 to 30% Defense Growth from 10 to 40% Speed Growth from 15 to 20% Barth Base Strength +2 Base Skill +1 Base Luck +1 Resistance Growth from 2 to 5% Skill Growth from 25 to 30% Defense Growth from 40 to 45% Lance weapon level from C to B Bors Base HP +2 Base Defense +1 Strength Growth from 30 to 50% Defense Growth from 35 to 45% Wendy Base Speed +2 Base HP +6 Base Strength +2 Resistance Growth from 10 to 45% Speed Growth from 40 to 65% Lance weapon level increased to C Douglas HP Growth from 60 to 75% Defense Growth from 30 to 60% Wolt Base Strength +3 Base Skill +1 Base Speed +1 Base Luck +3 Base Defense +2 Strength Growth from 40 to 50% Resistance Growth from 10 to 25% Dorothy Base HP +3 Base Skill +4 Base Speed +5 Base Defense +1 Speed Growth from 45 to 60% Skill Growth from 45 to 50% Luck Growth from 35 to 50% Klein HP Growth from 60 to 80% Strength Growth from 35 to 50% Saul Base Magic +3 Base Defense +3 Base Luck +1 Defense Growth from 15 to 25% Ellen Base Magic +3 Base Defense +2 Defense Growth from 5 to 15% Yodel Base Magic -2 Base Speed +1 Magic Growth from 20 to 30% Skill Growth from 15 to 30% Resistance Growth from 20 to 80% Luck Growth from 20 to 60% HP Growth from 20 to 40% Chad Base Skill +1 Base HP +1 Base Speed +1 Base Defense +2 Karel No change Fir Base Strength +1 Base Defense +2 Rutger No change Dieck Speed Growth from 30 to 40% Oujay Base Speed +3 Base HP +2 Strength Growth from 40 to 50% Garet Base Luck +2 Base Skill +3 Base Speed +3 HP Growth from 70% to 100% Defense Growth from 15 to 30% Alan Sword Level increase (from E to D) Spear Level decrease (from D to E) Base Luck +1 Base Speed +1 Defense Growth from 25 to 30% Lance Base Luck +1 Base HP +1 Base Speed +1 Defense Growth from 20 to 25% Percival Luck Growth from 20 to 25% Strength Growth from 30 to 50% Igrene Base Defense +2 Speed Growth from 35 to 50% Resistance Growth from 5 to 20% Luck Growth from 20 to 35% Skill Growth from 25 to 45% Marcus All Growths +5% Astohl Defense Growth from 20 to 40% Speed Growth from 50 to 65% All Stats +1, except for HP which is +3 Ward Strength Growth from 50 to 55% Strength, Skill and Speed +1 Lot Skill Growth from 30 to 50% Strength, Defense and Speed +1 Bartre Base Strength +3 Strength Growth from 40 to 70% Skill, Speed and Def Growth +5% Lugh Base Speed, Defense and Luck +1 Skill Growth from 50 to 60% Lilina Base Skill, Speed, Resistance +1 Skill Growth from 20 to 30% Hugh Strength Growth from 30 to 65% Skill Growth from 30 to 65% Speed Growth from 45 to 50% Defense Growth from 20 to 30% Niime Base HP +5 All Growths +40% Resistance Growth from 20 to 100% Luck Growth from 5 to 100% Ray Base Luck +1 Base Defense +2 Strength Growth from 45 to 50% Lalum Defense Growth +5% Speed Growth from 70 to 75% Yuno Base Level from 9 to 1 Strength Growth from 20 to 60% Speed Growth from 20 to 60% Skill Growth from 35 to 75% Resistance Growth from 10 to 40% Base Defense +2 Base Resistance +2 Tate Base Strength +1 Base Defense +1 Base Resistance +1 Strength Growth from 40 to 60% Resistance Growth from 20 to 25% Thany Base Defense +1 Base Skill +1 Speed Growth from 60 to 70% Resistance Growth from 30 to 40% Zeiss All Base Stats except Defense +1 Defense Growth from 25 to 50% Elphin Base HP +2 Speed Growth from 65 to 75% Cath Base Strength +5 Base Defense +5 Base Resistance +3 Base Luck +4 Base Speed +2 Strength Growth from 40 to 50% Defense Growth from 15 to 20% Sophia Base Luck +1 Base Skill +2 Base Resistance +3 All Growths +20% Miledy Base Luck +2 Base Defense +2 Defense Growth from 20 to 40% Gonzales Base Luck +1 Strength Growth from 60 to 65% Luck Growth from 35 to 75% Noah Strength Growth from 30 to 35% Skill Growth from 45 to 85% All Stats +1 Treck Luck Growth from 55 to 85% All Stats +1 Spear Level increased to C Sword Level increased to D Zealot Base Strength +2 Base Defense +2 Defense Growth from 30 to 50% Strength Growth from 25 to 75% Echidna All Growths +10% Base Defense +2 Cecilia All Growths +5% Base Skill +2 Base Speed +2 Geese Base Speed +2 Speed Growth from 40 to 60% Merlinus Base HP +10 Skill, Speed, Defense Growth +5% New! DOWNLOAD the LATEST IPS patch (v1.09) here. Please tell me what you think, or if you would suggest some stats to be changed. It's just an alternative in case someone actually does go epic-fail playing FE6, and if anyone wants to save time from getting the support conversations. Thanks!
  15. Hello guys i'm searching for people to make a custom sprite sheet of a paladin wielding Durandal, right now all I have is Fire Emblem 6 Eliwood Paladin wielding Durandal, but I am not the best Sprite modder here's a sprite I made myself it's exactly what I envision from a paladin, how I did this was quite simple, I took photo from FE6 gameplay then cut out the background stuff then went ahead took a photo from FE7 gameplay at the right time sliced the background stuff out yet again then I deleted the lance mirrored the paladin image then copied the photo with eliwood wielding the durandal at the right angle and Deleted Eliwood keeping only the Durandal intact, it turns out that Eliwood's colour palette in Fire Emblem 7 is the same as his Fire Emblem 6 Paladin Colour Palette. If you read this Then I don't really care if you credit me for the idea just don't go claiming it was your idea, I already made the first frame to show what I'm aiming to accomplish EDIT: I'm going to continue making the look of the sprite as one frame isn't good enough
  16. Welcome to my attempt to Ironman my favorite FE game, forewarning, do not expect top tier play. I did pretty much no pre-planning, and it's been a fair bit since I last did FE6 HM. Comments and views as usual are appreciated, and I hope you enjoy this lol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgq6CUxkc1E&feature=youtu.be
  17. Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem, did something that I always thought was brilliant: it included two "books," a remake of the first game and then a full on sequel, while the whole package was a refinement of the systems already established in the first game and (to a lesser extent) Gaiden. The idea of having the prequel and the sequel together in one place always delighted me, and, so, for someone looking to get his start with ROMHacking, a thought a neat idea would be doing the same treatment for Fire Emblem 6 and 7, where, instead of Hector's Story, you played Roy's Story, which was Fire Emblem 6. Mapping out the Chapters (including trimming Lyn's story down to 7+1 Gaiden chapter, 30 Eliwood Chapters in a mix of main, Gaiden, and A/B Route splits, and trimming off just one Chapter of FE6), not only is there enough room for all the Chapters from 6, there's room enough for one more chapter in FE7 to better tie the two together. However, there are other limitation concerns I was wondering about: 1. Character limitations. Counting Wallace/Geitz, Nils/Ninian, and Harken/Karel as one unit each, Fire Emblem 7 has 46 available characters by the Finale (45 if we consider Merlinus's lack of deployment and Athos's ability to deploy as them exchanging character limit positions). Applying the same to Lalum/Elphin, Echidna/Bartre, and Dayan/Yuno, Fire Emblem 6 has 50 available characters (51 if we count Merlinus). Is there room enough in Fire Emblem 7's ROM to accommodate 50/51 available, deployable characters? What's the hard cap for available characters? 2. Speaking of Character Limitations, while you'd never have them all in one room, that is still 103 individual recruitable characters, not to mention all the new bosses (even if we trimmed out all the Monke's down to 1 in the Sacae Route Gaiden Chapter). Can the ROM support all that character, unit, and portrait data, let alone potentially 7 new playable characters (5 NPC's and Bosses promoted to playable in FE7, 2 NPC's/Bosses in FE6)? 3. Support Limits. Restoration Queen ran into technical problems with FE8's ROM, working around new paired endings, that some of the originals had to be cut. A potential "Elibe Book 1, Book 2" project would have all the supports from 7, AND from 6, AND all the endings from both (the shortened endings would obviously be cut, but that's still all the full character endings). What are the hard and fast limits on new supports and new paired endings (if, say, one of the new playable characters had a support and paired ending with one of the original characters?) 4. Would it just be easier to remake both FE7 and 6 in Microsoft XNA like FE7x is doing? It'd technically be more work but there would be so much hardware room to work with?
  18. Okay, so finally my 1st Episode of Fire Emblem Dark Souls Season 2 is up! The character that everyone voted for the most is being cosplayed as is Roy from Fire Emblem 6: Fuuin no Tsurugi (Sword of Seals). Check it out here! As always, please leave your feedback on what you think about it, so I may improve my video quality and skills. I will be trying my best to update this weekly at least, so stay tuned for future updates! :D I hope you enjoy this series! :D
  19. so yeah i know alot of my playthroughs have failed due to no one actually looking a them. but i will try one last time, well it is partly me to blame due to being to lazy to actually play the game and type, but what i mean by the almost blind is i have gotten to chapter 4 and thats it. i would do this on hard mode if it were unlocked!
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