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  1. So I'm having trouble removing the limit on 1 S-Rank weapon per unit. I tried to search for a way to edit the rom or add a cheat to bypass that limit, but now I only find stuff about FE8. Can someone help me with that please?
  2. Hello everyone, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I'm also unsure where else to put my question. A few months ago I came across a fire emblem rom hack for one of the gba games, I think it was fire emblem 7 but I'm not entirely sure. In this rom hack they updated the sprites to match what the characters looked like in their portraits. To my knowledge there were no new characters or classes etc., just updated sprites to match the playable characters more accurately. I have been searching on google and through the forums for multiple hours, but I cannot for the life of me find it again. Can anyone help me? Has anyone else seen this hack before? and could you link me to it? Much appreciated.
  3. Some time ago I found out that Hector and Lyn can have special conversations in some specific chapters if they have an A support (kinda like those Pent x Louise conversations) and I started to wonder if other characters can do it too, apparently lots of them can but is really hard to find some of these (hence I calling them "secret conversations" in the title). Now that I'm in a new playthrough of FE7, I started to search online how to obtain all of these conversation, but some of them are really hard to find. So after a heavy research, I compiled probably almost every extra scene, conversation and modification in the game you can get, and in each chapter you can get each of them. (in the following spoiler tag there's a list what counts and what doesn't count as "extra or secret conversation/scene" in this post and why, ignore if you don't care) Also note that there will be spoilers (mainly only about the chapter you're reading about), and Units that were silenced (with the silence staff) can't talk (by pressing thr "talk" command) until the effect ends so before trying any of them be sure that none of the units that will talk to each other are silenced. The List: »»» Lyn mode Chapter 4: In occupations shadow: - After recruiting Dorcas, he can talk to Natalie by pressing "talk" - In Lyn hard mode you are no longer forced to recruit Dorcas, if you fail to recruit him, you get a modifed scene where he leaves with natalie but doesn't say anything about being in Lyn's group. Chapter 5: Beyond the borders: - If Serra and/or Erk die, you get and extra cuscene at the end of the chapter (even if they die as green units, the difference is that they join the army anyway if they die as green units). The cutscene will be different depending if only Erk was defeated or if both him and Serra were defeated (I don't know if there is another special cutscene in case only Serra is defeated but not Erk) Chapter 6: Blood of pride: - Each character has a different line when triggering the tiles -There is conversation between Serra and Mathew by pressing the "talk" command Chapter 7: Siblings abroad: - Matthew and Serra can have a different conversation with Hector by going in the southwest house »»» Hector and Eliwood modes (it will be mentioned if a conversation is only possible in one of the modes) Chapter 11H: Another journey - If Mattew dies in this chapter, Hector has some extra line during the chapter ending about his death. Chapter 12 Birds of a feather: - Hector and Eliwood can have a special conversation with each other by pressing "talk" Chapter 14: False friends - Priscilla can have an unique conversation with Erk, if he is the one to visit the village to recruit her instead of anyone else - Priscilla can talk to Erk (by pressing "talk", I'm not sure if this can happen if he was the one to recruit her, I'm also not sure if the conversation will be different if Erk is still a green unit when you trigger the convo) Chapter 15E/16H: Noble lady of Caelin: - CORRECTION: This is what said on FE wiki, it is wrong though (I confirmed it by myself): "- Lyn can have special conversations with Florina, Will, Kent and Sain. They will tell her what they have been up to during the time skip." - Lyn can have conversations (by pressing"talk") with Florina, Eliwood, Hector, Matthew, Serra, Erk and Dorcas. - Hector can have a conversation (by pressing "talk") with Florina. Chapter 16E/17H: Whereabouts unknown: - Lyn can talk to Lucius (by pressing "talk") either before or after he is recruited, both conversations are different but you can only get one of them (so if Lyn talks to Lucius while he is a green unit, they won't be able to talk again once he is recruited) - Lyn, Sain, Wil, Florina, and Kent can have conversations with the soldiers once they break free by pressing "talk" too (the conversation between any of the characters will not change depending on the soldier that they speak to, it's always the same, and so each of them can only speak to a soldier once) - At the end of the chapter there's a conversation between the Caelin soldiers and Lyn, the conversation will be different depending on how many of them you manage to keep alive until the end of the chapter. Chapter E16x/H17x: The port of Badon: - If a character enters the pub/inn and talk to Anna, then there will be an extra (actually, modificated) line in the next chapter (the line will be spoken by her boyfriend, that is one of Fargus's pirates) - If Fargus is attacked by the player, but not defeated (which is the most likely outcoming of the fight like, good luck trying to kill him), then in the end of the chapter there will be an extra scene that results in a game over. Chapter E17/H18: Pirate ship: - Extra scene where we get to see Jake, a random pirate from Fargus crew, that is also Anna's boyfriend. You will only get this scene if you sent an unit to the pub/inn in the The Port of Badon. (actually I just found out that Jake is not only a random pirate, he is actually a recurrent character in FE, just like Anna). Anyway, if you DON'T send any of your units to talk with Anna in The Port of Badon, then Jake's line will be spoken by Dart. Chapter E18/H19: Dread Isle: - There are two versions of the scene where they find Leila's corpse, one if Matthew is alive (the default version) and another is he died before the chapter. - Hector and Mathew can have a conversation, NOT by pressing "talk" command with them adjacent to each other during the map, this one is in the begining of the chapter if you deploy Matthew (and I think that in Eliwood mode you have to choose to deploy Hector too) - Rebecca and Dart, if both are deployed, there will be an extra scene with a short conversation between the two. Chapter E18x/H19x: Imprisioner of magic: - House conversation with Renault, his lines will always be the same but each character responds to them in a different way Chapter E22/H23: The living legend - Hawkeye can have an special house conversation with Fae (from FE6). If he enters the only house in the chapter she will be there (I belive that if other character enters she just won't be there, or maybe she just have a generic line to every other character who visits her) Chapter 23E/24H: Four fanged offense - This one is actually a lack of modification, but I find it would be interesting to put is here anyway: Legault will appear in this chapter's cutscene regardless on wheter you recruited him in Dragon's gate or not, and regardless on wheter he is alive or not (i'm not sure if it is only if he die in Dragon's gate, or if he will appear in this cutscene if he died in your army too) Chapter 26E/28H: Battle before dawn - Any of the lords can have a conversation with Zephiel, but once one of them has talked to him the others two will no longer be able to do so. - Also, the obvious conversation between Jaffar and Nino (which is a requirement to his recruitment and to unlock the gaiden chapter, I think everyone knows this one anyway) - If you don't kill Ursula there is an extra scene of a conversation between her and Limstella. - If Nino dies in this chapter there will be an extra scene where she and Lyn talk (you have to have recruited her, she have o die as an ally not as a green unit) Chapter E26x/H28x: Night of farewells: - If Nino dies and Jaffar survives, there is an extra scene with him talking(I don't know if this is the only chapter where it happens or if Nino dies in any chapter this cutscene happens) Chpter 27E/29H: Cog of destiny - In the beggining of the chapter you can get an extra scene with Nergal and Sonia, i'm not completely sure how you unlock it but it is very probable that it happens if you don't get the gaiden chapter Night of Farewells (therefore you haven't defeated Sonia so she is still alive talking with Nergal now) - Conversation between Nino and Loyd or Linus (you know, whoever is the boss for you in this level), remember that in the beggining of the chapter, if you deploy Nino she will ask you (in her "tactician conversation") to let her talk to Loyd/Linus? Well this can actually happen (by pressing the talk command), she can talk with either of them but the conversation CAN actually prejudice you. Loyd won't attack Nino (I don't know if he attacks her if she doesn't talk to him, but if she does then she is safe), he will however leave the trone and become A MOVING BOSS WHO WILL ATTACK THE WEAKEST UNIT IN HIS RANGE (except Nino). Linus does the same, but unlike Loyd he does attack Nino too. (note that Loyd won't start to attack Nino even if she start to attack him, but he will counter attack) - Pent and Louise first special conversation . They can have 3 conversations with each other in the game, all of them in specific chapters, this one is the first of them and you have to unlock this one to see the next ones, if you forget to have the first you can't have the second and therefore can't see the third. To get these conversations you have to press the talk command - If Hector is the one who kills Linus (only needs to be the last blow), you will get an extra scene in the end of the chapter of a conversation between Hector and Athos (only in Hector mode) Chapter e29x/H31x: Battle preparations: - Hector can have an special conversation with Lyn if they have an A support with each other (Hector mode only), by pressing "talk" - Hector can also have a conversation with Mathew and one with Serra by pressing "talk" too (also I think he can have a conversation with Oswin too, but I'm not sure). (Hector mode only) (I don't know there is a certain order to these conversations between Hector and Lyn/Matthew/Serra) - If Eliwood and Lyn have at least a B support, they can have a conversation (but in this case I think that the conversation happens in the begining of the map, not by pressing "talk" command with them adjacent to each other, but I'm not sure) - Bartre and Karla can have 4 different dialogues depending in what happens in their battle: the first one is the 'canon'/suposed to be dialogue (Both Bartre and Karla survive the battle and you recruit Karla), the second and third conversations are one if Bartre wins and other if Karla wins (none of them die though, they only retreat, so either of these could be canon too I guess). The last one is if you try to enter the battle against Karla having Bartre not bring any weapon (equippable weapons, so you can't have bows either), you'll get a different conversation before the battle (actually they won't battle if you don't have a weapon, so lets say that the conversation is diferent once they meet), also Karla will leave if you do this, so you won't have a 2nd chance of recruiting her unless you restart the chapter. Chapter 30E/32H: Victory or death: - Sophia (from FE6) will be in a temple in this map (the closest temple to your starting position) and each character that enters there can have a different conversation with her, even though there are like 2 or 3 "generic" reactions that some characters share, also Sophia's lines are mostly the same, but there are some characters with exclusive reactions (*Cough Serra's is the best one *Cough) But after an unit enters there and talks to Sophia, no one else can do it (kinda like the conversation between one of the lords and Zephiel in Battle Before Dawn). YES, ALL of your units can have a conversation with her. Here is a video of all of them if you want to see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sksCO5BHkTE - Pent and Louise second conversation (unlocked by pressiing the "talk" command), you must have acessed the first one(in Cog of Destiny) to see this, otherwise it won't work. Also, if you unlock this one then will be able to see their next and last conversation in Light part 2. Chapter 31E/33H: Light: - 4 conversations (by pressing the "talk" command) between and Hector and Eliwood, Hector and Oswin, Eliwood and Lyn, and Hector and Lyn ( the last one only if Hector and Lyn have an A support) (I don't think any other support is necessary between Hector and Oswin/Eliwood, maybe Lyn and Eliwood have to have a B support like in Battle Preparations but I'm not sure, I also think that these conversations don't need to be triggered in a specific order, but I'm not sure too). (Hector mode only, all of them) (Also I think that all of these conversations have to be triggered in Light part 1, but again, I'm not sure... yeah I'm not sure about lots of things.) - Nergal's death quote is extended if you've played 2 Kishuna chapters and defeated him, and EVEN MORE extended if you beat every Kishuna chapter and kill him (only possible in Hector mode). Also I think you can obtain the complete death quote by beating the game 8 times, so I think it might be possible in Eliwood mode. Also I'm not sure if you get this extended death quote only once every 8 times you beat the game or if after the 8th time the quote will stay extended forever. - Lyn and Eliwood can have a special conversation if they have an A support by pressing "talk" (i think is only possible in Eliwood mode, but i'm not sure)(also I know it can be acessed in Light part 1, don't know about Light pt 2) - Third and last special conversation between o Pent e a Louise (can only be unlocked in Light part 2, and the two previous conversations, available in Cog of destiny and Victory or death must have been acessed) by pressing "talk" - If Ninian and Eliwood had an A support you get one ending scene in this chapter, if they don't have an A support then a part of the ending scene will be very different (not only in the epilogue cutscene, I'm still talking about Light's final cutscene) Epilogue: - If Eliwood was A supported with Ninian, Lyn or Fiora, there will be an extra dialogue between Eliwood, His girlfriend and the tactician (the dialogue is different with each of the girls). I belive that if he has no A supports, or has an A support with neither of his romantic options then there will only be the first part of the cutscene where he is talking to the tactician (before his girfriend appears). (only possible in Eliwood mode) - If the tactician is absent, the ending conversation is between Hector and Eliwood instead of Eliwood and Mark, and is very different. Again, the second part of this conversation varies depending of who (between Ninian, Lyn and Fiora) has an A support with Eliwood. Also the second part of the conversation, between Eliwood, his girlfriend and Hector is different than the version between Eliwood, the same girlfriend and Mark. Just like in the version with the tactitian, I think that if Eliwood wasn't A supported with any of his romantic options then the second part of the conversation (when the girlfriend arrives) will just not happen and the rest of the scene will be identical (I don't know about the second part of the epilogue, when Eliwood and Hector are with Roy and Lilina). (Eliwood mode only) - The exactly same goes for Hector, the ending cutscene will change depending on who has an A support with him (between Lyn, Florina and Farina) and on whether the tactician is there or not (if he is not, then the final conversation will be with Eliwood instead of the tactician ,and is very diferent too), also I think that if he wasn't A supported with any of his romantic options then the second part of this conversation (when Hector's girlfriend joins them) won't happen (I don't know about the second part of the epilogue, when Eliwood and Hector are with Roy and Lilina). (Hector mode only) - So, you have 16 endings variations (8 in Eliwood mode, with 6 of them being with him paired up and two alone, and 8 endings in Hector mode too, 6 with him paired up and 2 with him alone). Not in a specific chapter - If Nils dies in battle, there will be an extra conversation in the end of the chapter between him and Eliwood, with Eliwood asking him to not fight anymore (in both Eliwood and Hector mode is Eliwood who speaks with him). (in Lyn mode there is also an extra scene if he dies, a conversation between Nils and and Lyn). If this happens you won't be able to use him anymore (and I think that you won't be able to use Ninian too, when they switch places but I'm not sure) BUT if he dies before last chapter, you'll have one extra slot to deploy whoever you want (since the game can't force you to deploy him anymore, it will free his slot) - If Ninian dies in battle, there will be an extra scene at the end of the chapter too (acording fo FE wikia, this is only possible in Hector Mode if Eliwood wasn't deployed in the map Ninian dies, but it doesn't make much sense so it might have been my misinterpretation? or maybe it was just poorly written there). If this happens you won't be able to use her anymore (not sure about Nils, when they switch places) - If Oswin dies in battle you get an extra scene in the end of the chapter too (I don't know if it is only in Hector mode or not, but I belive not) - If Matthew dies in Lyn mode you get an extra scene in the end of the chapter (Lyn mode only) - If Erk dies in battle you get an extra scene in the end of the chapter with him talking to Lyn, and, if Serra died too in the same chapter then you get another scene with both of them talking to Lyn (both scenes are only possible in Lyn mode) (I dont know if Serra can get an extra scene if she dies alone in a chapter on Lyn mode) - If Wallace dies in battle, you get an extra scene in the end of the chapter where he talks with Kent and Sain. (Lyn mode only) - If Rath dies in battle you get an extra scene in the end of the chapter where he talks to Lyn. (Lyn mode only) - If Marcus dies in battle there will be an extra scene in the end of the chapter, with a conversation between him and Eliwood and you won'tt be able to use him anymore. - If Bartre dies in battle, you get an extra scene of a conversation between Marcus and Eliwood in the end of the chapter, and you will also not be able to use him anymore - If Pent dies in battle you get an extra scene in the end of the chapter with a conversation between Eliwood, Hector and Lyn. Also, Louise will leave your party (yes, she will actually leave even if she survives the chapter, what? you didn't know people could leave your party in FE7? well... neither did I). The same goes for Louise, if she dies in battle you get a conversation between the lords (a slightly different one) and Pent leaves your party. I wonder what would happen if both of them died in the same chapter, which conversation you would get (probably one of them is the "default" conversation, or you would get the convesation of the one who died first, but maybe there is a new one? I don't know, I have to test it someday), anyway by letting one die you'll lose both. - If Karla dies in battle, after the chapter she died you get a conversation beetween Oswin and Hector. - Canas's death quote can be extended after clearing the game 8 times (or transfering save data from FE6, in the japanese version) - Hawkeye's death quote can be extended by clearing the game 8 times (or transfering save data from FE6, in the japanese version) - Saint Elimine's face: You can see her face and a line of dialogue from her by transfering data from a Mario Kart game (linking FE7 to a copy of the Mario Kart: Double Dash!! bonus disc, with the aid of a Link Cable and a Nintendo GameCube console system). Elimine will also give you some special items (Silver card and one extra Thor's Ire ring) some them being unobtainable in other way (the Dragon exe, the 4 Emblem Weapons, a Wind Sword and the Emblem Scrol). Doing this also unlocks the last 2 songs of the sound room. Since you might never see this in the game yourself, here is a video of how it is if you want to see it (showing Elimine's face and the new weapons' and items' stats and descriptions): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrURPlYDsD8 Variations that I'm not sure about: (please, help if you know the answer) - I read somwhere that at one point(I'm not sure in which chapter, probably is in Light) Hector can have a conversation with Florina if he has an A support with her, and one with Farina if he was A suported with her instead. - In New resolve I think Ninian can have an special talk with Eliwood (by pressing "talk" command) - False friends: I think that after being recruited by either Serra or Priscilla, Erk can talk with the other one anyway (Like Raigh's recruitment in FE6, he can be recruited by either Lugh or Chad but after being recuited he can still talk with the other one too) - Battle preparation: I think Hector can talk to Oswin (only in hector mode) - I think that all the lords can have a special conversation with whoever is A supported with them (or with whoever is A supported with them AND can have a paired or romantic ending with them too) in Light, but i'm not sure. If so then Lyn could have this conversation with Hector/Eliwood/Rath/Kent (probaly not with Florina, since they don't have a romantic ending, or at leats not explicitaly romantic paired ending), Hector could have it with Lyn/Florina/Farina (but we already know he can have it with Lyn) and Eliwood could have it with /Lyn/Fiora (since Ninian is not available in the last chapter). Also I belive that Hector can only have this conversation with his lover in Hector mode while Eliwood could ony do this in Eliwood mode. - I got Kent Killed once in Lyn mode and a think I remember getting an extra scene with Lyn asking him to retreat but I'm not sure - I think that if Pent and Louise die in the same chapter you get the conversation of the one who died first at the end of the chapter, but maybe there is a third conversation where both Pent and Louise are injured leaving to Etruria? (instead of Pent's where he is injured and Louise leaves with him, and Louise's where she is injured and pent leaves with her) Note that I didnt tested all of them, so if there is any misinformation let me know so I can correct it. Please do not spoil the content of some these conversations nor the differences in the alternative scenes without spoiler tags, since some of them are major spoilers (use your common sense, if you think the content of the conversation if is a minor spoiler or not a spoiler at all you can say it) And feel free to share more of these "secret" conversation/modifiications/variations/scenes/content/stuff/whatever, if you know any that wasn't listed (or even to correct something you think is wrong). 😉 If you know about any other "secret" extra content that I didn't put on the list let me know so I edit the post and put it here too. I want this too be the ultimate list of these stuff (well, actually I didn't found any other list with these stuff so... maybe it already it is since is probably the only one?) Also, sorry for any grammar mistake, my first language is not english
  4. We play Hector Mode for the first time LIVE NOW!! Come Support my new Fire Emblem playthrough!! Three Houses Maddening was an amazing run. Now it's time for a new journey with The ChoZen One!!
  5. ''There is a place between war and murder in which our demons lurk.'' Hello Community. I'm not usually one to do this type of thing but I think I'm finally due to put something out. It's small but I made a promise to have this out by early August and I plan to commit to that promise. What Is This? Clash of Fates is a fan-made League of Legends themed mod centering on a war started between Noxus and its allies and the fall of the Institute of War. In the wake of the League Championship series final matches the City-States of Noxus and Zaun launched a devastating attacking upon the Institute of War. A potent weapon known only as spell blight cut those on sight of the Institute of War off from their magic while their aggressors were fully prepared for battle. For now, the story turns to Riven, an exile of her country who opposes the brutal nature of this attack. My ultimate goal for this mod is to produce something that will cater to fans of the League of Legends game but will also satisfy Fire Emblem fans. This is a mod I dont want to make about difficulty, but rather something different and more memorable. Expect the game to offer more beyond a main story. How much is done right now? What I have in the patch right now is a complete chapter but I formerly had two playable chapters and one structured but not playable. Music? I plan on eventually getting around to edits to the OST. As it stands I've done one successful insert. (I'm not the best at this) That guy in your avatar is that guy in TLP who is that guy in this mod? Why is he here with so much HP? Self Insert! OP! Long story short, Tekun tends to be in most things I got a larger hand in. Just the way of things. Can I help? Absolutely. I always looking for a hand with anything! Will X Champion be in this? I don't know. It's a W.I.P. If there's a need for X, I'll get X in there. I'm doing what I can. If there's a portrait out there and Y person feels like letting me use it then the odds of Z being in goes up. I'm one ninja man, I'm doing my best. Credit List Graphics Merc Redfield Lehn Mewthos ArcFalchion <3 The Blind Archer ECut Nayr Graphics Battle - Shining the Holy Ark (courtesy of VGMusic) Modding (People I turn to for aid) Blazer Ghast Dialog http://ask-riven.tumblr.com/ http://generaldarius.tumblr.com/ http://ask-sivir.tumblr.com/ http://matronoftheblackrose.tumblr.com/ http://timetogetourhandsdirty.tumblr.com/ http://follow-no-false-light.tumblr.com/ There are a few others who I'm unsure of how to reliably credit since I can't source them well. They know their involvement. They know I'm thankful and they know I love the fact they've aided me with this. I hope I did not forget anyone. D: There's been a lot of help. Download: Clash of Fates v.0.1 Clash of Fates v.0.2 You'll need a GBA emulator (obviously), a UPS patcher, Which can be found here, and a clean copy of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Sword to play this. Don't ask me for a ROM. I won't give you one. 7/30/15: So I have some explaining. I realized that I didn't like the direction I was heading in so I opted to do some restructuring. I decided I wanted to focus a little bit more on other Champions so I wanted to branch out and explore that. With the Lore of the game finally making a come back I decided that hey, I should put forth a little more effort while dealing with one hundred different projects. The following patch v.0.2 contains 3 Chapters. Two that follow Sion and Fiora and a "Trial" that follows Ashe. Hopefully this is worth posting.
  6. Hi! I want to add new battle bow animation to Lord class. Hope you take a little time to check where I was wrong : 1) I press "Extented list" -> change "Total number of new data allocate" to 3 -> press "Reallocate data and repoint" : 2) The new weapon type slot battle animation appear, I changed it to "3" which is for bow type battle animation -> write to rom : 3) I press "Import battle animation" then choose a bow animation I dowloaded : Then the error begin, it change both bow type animation I've just created and original Eliwood sword battle animation to the new bow battle animation that just be imported : The same error go with any class. A class like Fighter which have hand axe type animation , is changed to a new battle animation that would be imported, too. Also, is there a site that after we upload a image, we can edit, resize it ? But still able to image copy that link to paste somewhere else. I'm using imgur.
  7. Hello there my friends, I'm new to the forums and I want some suggestions for playing the GBA fire emblems romhacks (Fire emblem 6 and 7). Last week i've played this Sacred Stones Reskin and Rebalance: Oh man, let me say this is a wonderful romhack, top of the line in my opinion, very nice sprites and animations, a lot of diverse skins for a lot of characters, and new custom classes too. So, I don't know many reskin romhacks for FE 6 & 7, can you guys indicate me a top quality reskin (and rebalance if comes together, but i truly want is a reskin), like this one I've linked, romhack for both FE 6 and 7? Observation: I don't want romhacks with custom story, like The Last Promise, I want romhacks with primarily top quality reskins for the original story of Binding Blade and Blazing Blade.
  8. Hello, my name is OdysseyNeptune and I would like to present my own hack (which is in very early stages). This hack is about Dragon Ball Z, having iconic characters such as Krillin, Yamcha, Tien Shinhan, etc. My plans for this game include the following: The whole DBZ story inside the game, from the Saiyan Saga to the Majin Buu Saga. All of the characters (or all of the important ones) as playable units. Maybe the movies as Gaiden Chapters? And more! For now, the hack barely has "content": There's only 6 characters (Yamcha, Krillin, Ten Shinhan, Chiaotzu, Son Goku, and Roshi) and only up to Chapter 3 is playable. However, Chapter 3 is nigh-unplayable due to a bug (I'm new to FEBuilder) that allows to attack at an extreme range, but softlocks the game if attempted (and enemies will attempt it). I'll leave the patch, but you have to follow a few instructions: 1. Load a save that has Hard Modes unlocked. 2. Select Lyn Hard Mode (as this disables the tutorials, which I couldn't fully disable in Chapter 1) Also, here are the base stats and growths for each: Base Stats: Growths: A few notes: None of the bosses were changed much; they were changed to be in the Knight class (renamed to First Form, as this is intended for Frieza) and their speeds increased to be 0 (else they would be undefined and displayed as --), however, Batta has a new, Frieza-related battle quote ("This is a test for Boss Battle Quotes. I am the mighty Frieza!") as well as a new defeat quote ("Impossible! Me? Beaten!?"). However, none of the post-chapter and pre-chapter dialogues were changed (I think I removed part of them), so please ignore if you see any Fire Emblem character talking and skip it. The game is extremely easy due to enemies being changed to Soldiers (renamed to Frieza Soldiers), to test a few things, although the bosses might prove to be difficult without Master Roshi (as he fulfills the Jagen role). Also, Chapter 1's boss (Zugu) has no equipable item. I had forgotten to give him an Iron lance but decided to keep it this way. Also, none of the characters have new portraits or map icons, so they use ones from FE7 as placeholders for now. Last note: The patch is compatible with US FE7, I don't know about the other FE7 ROMs. Dragon Ball Z Tactics.ups
  9. I've noticied in Know Your Meme, a fan made sprite was posted in Fire Emblem: Three Houses entry, Is Edelgard von Hsresvelg's GBA sprite in Full body. Is made by BuskHusker, just like the style of The Blazing Blade artist, because, Three Houses has another character designer, Is Kurahana Chinatsu, the person who designed the characters from Uta no Prince-sama, instead to the Awakening and Fates artist. And I found an another one from this latest installment, but in a Fake animated gameplay: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/76939541. Is Dimitri, and is made by sameduma from Pixiv. Well, I guess this rom hack is going to be planned, but Im not sure if this rom hack is going from The Sacred Stones or The Blazing Blade? I thinks The Sacred Stones ROM Hack it's a better Idea for me...... Meh.....
  10. Hello everyone . Lately , I played the chaos mode patch of FE7 and I reached chapter 16 , so the thing is that I want a little help in how to improve my style of play so I can beat this chapter and the next ones that are coming , and how to do well in those battles because when i played all of FE7 in normal mode it wasn't that hard really because I could just win most of battles aggressively and I didn't need a lot of time to play in a safe way , so I need some advice from you and if someone has played it I would like to know how he/she leveled up his/her characters and what strategy I'll have to follow if I wanna win without anyone dying and without spamming savestates 😂 Thank you ! And well , this is the battle i'm in now .
  11. So I've been searching the internet for a good Fire Emblem Soundfont, however i can't seem to find any. Does anyone here have a soundfont that they are willing to share with me?
  12. Let's Play Fire Emblem 7 HHM: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjqcE9v1NPL4Y4lO1LvJrJHFK55Fbp57S Here is my current playlist of my fire emblem 7 HHM blind run Enjoy and have a nice day
  13. How to remove FE7 tutorials? I need to remove this because since I am making my hack, the location of my characters are in different area but the tutorial is keep working(For example, the location of my character is far away to the place where should I place lyn in tutorial. the cursor where tutorial is telling, conversation of tutorial etc.) I need to remove this so i can make my fire emblem hack well. please help me. Also how to remove Lyn illustration and other illustration appearing in FE7(ex death of eliwood father, nergal removing hood etc) Fire Emblem(U)(Venom) is my version (just incase you need to know or needed to know) I check a certain video at youtube for making text using Eventiel, but eventiel is really not working to me and other say it was down in somepart.
  14. I randomly deicided to make this rebalance patch for FE7, Here's what it does - It changes all stat caps to 30. - Some characters have been reclassed. - The Final boss is more challenging.
  15. Hello, fellow members of the FE community! I am proud to be announcing a large new up-and-coming Fire Emblem project. As you may be able to tell, it is a fandub of FE7 where we hope to voice a large chunk of supports as well as eventually the campaign. What you can do now is audition here: https://www.castingcall.club/projects/fire-emblem-7-the-voiceactening/. Auditions are submitted via sound files of all the audition lines recorded through a voice recorder like Audacity or a built-in one on your phone or PC. Auditioning for multiple to many characters is definitely recommended if not strongly advised. Should we pick you for one or more roles, you shall earn a spot in our private discord, where matters will be discussed further. Looking forward to hearing lots of voices and talent, -Daan Also, should you have any questions, refer to this E-Mail: [email protected]
  16. k so in fe7 in the dorcas chapter with natalie, she's an npc. Thing is, she doesn't have a unit window like every (most?) other units do. It seems directly tied to her character, not her class, and I just wanted to know how or why or whut for possible duplication. My guess is it's hardcoded unless I'm missing something obvious. Thanks
  17. Hello guys i'm searching for people to make a custom sprite sheet of a paladin wielding Durandal, right now all I have is Fire Emblem 6 Eliwood Paladin wielding Durandal, but I am not the best Sprite modder here's a sprite I made myself it's exactly what I envision from a paladin, how I did this was quite simple, I took photo from FE6 gameplay then cut out the background stuff then went ahead took a photo from FE7 gameplay at the right time sliced the background stuff out yet again then I deleted the lance mirrored the paladin image then copied the photo with eliwood wielding the durandal at the right angle and Deleted Eliwood keeping only the Durandal intact, it turns out that Eliwood's colour palette in Fire Emblem 7 is the same as his Fire Emblem 6 Paladin Colour Palette. If you read this Then I don't really care if you credit me for the idea just don't go claiming it was your idea, I already made the first frame to show what I'm aiming to accomplish EDIT: I'm going to continue making the look of the sprite as one frame isn't good enough
  18. So, can anyone help me with seting up an FE 7 Pick my Edits run? I have some ideas for it already. Serra Now a mage Has access to the new LALALALALALALALA tome (An E rank Thunder with half the weight). All growths buffed 10% Karel Replaced with Kelik from TLP with the same growths Same class as promoted Kelik Comes with the Arectaris Bases are: HP: 36 Str: 20 Skill: 21 Spd: 20 Lck: 11 Def: 13 Res: 7 Con: 11 Pent Replaced with Mangs Nomad Trooper (Referencing Bosswin) Comes with a Killing Edge, Killer Bow and Pepsi Max Has Alm's Gaiden growths doubled. I'm pretty proud of these ideas, feel free to add on so I can pester someone to add them!.
  19. I have decided to use the program Nightmare recently on Fire Emblem:Blazing Sword to create a new, unique experience for me within the game. However, I have a few questions regarding it and I am having some problems with the program that I would like to get resolved asap. 1.Every time I edit the map music, after an animation is started, the music is cut out and won't come back until the next phase. How do I fix this? 2.I was using a randomized rom of FE7 because I saw my base class for Lowen was archer and I wanted to make him a mercenary. If I want to do this, do I have to use a regular rom for FE7 without messing with it or there another way? 3.How do I increase the enemy growth rate's of characters without using the Randomizer and how do I activate Hard Mode Bonuses on Eliwood Hard Mode? Thank you for taking your time for reading this and helping me out with these Nightmare problems. Its just that this is quite a "nightmare" for me! lol
  20. I'm working on a chapter in a mod I'm making and it just won't go on. Can someone look at my event assembler code thing that I made and tell me if it's something with it. Chapter 2 Escaping.txt Here's the nightmare info for the Chapter:
  21. I just want to say that I was looking for this type of document for 30 minutes before deciding it'll be a better use of my time to go onto Nightmare and put all the offsets onto a document. I then thought that I can share this for lazy people like me so I did. Notes: 1. Every offset starts with 0x8 but that's not needed in most programs you'll use this stuff in. 2. There's no organization to this because I just copied this straight out of Nightmare and how the program had these values organized. They go from 0x01 to 0x78. 3. Remember the numbering system from the point above goes, 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E,F Here's the .txt document then. Every Character's Palette Offset.txt
  22. As you might know, I will be finishing my Randomized Fire Emblem 6 Let's Play soon. However, at the time I want to play some other games besides just that. I have a poll that I want you guys to vote on. You can also post on this forum what other games you would like to see me play! I hope you guys vote a lot for which you would want to see me play and I hope to see you all and more in the near future! :) Here is the link to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOtD_gACSlGrSaDyxtNeGTw Here is the link to my Randomized Fire Emblem 6: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLse8DG1LjyttsJzVidFColEnsbhV09H5l
  23. Hi, I´m interested in hacking/modding (correct me please) fire emblem 7, but... I have a huge problem, I don't know how to hack/mod, I downloaded "GBA Nightmare Modules", "FEditor ADV" and "Advance Pallete Editor", I don't know how to use any of these, so I ask. Could anybody give me an explanation on how to change animations, portraits and text (descriptions for my characters) please? Thank you.
  24. So, I've finally understood how to edit the portraits and load them into the game, but I've noticed every character has a different possition for the blinking and the talking animations. How do I program this?
  25. My brother happened upon a Twitch plays Fire Emblem stream, problem is, no one seems to be there with him. He's trying to slowly progress, though it seems every recruited character before the chapter you recruit Lyn in is dead except for Oswin and it's progressing slowly. If you feel like helping out a bit or troll my brother for shits and giggles, here's the link: http://www.twitch.tv/TheHartTech
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