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Found 4 results

  1. Click to look at Fódlan! Ok, so, here's the map of Fódlan(?), right. So, this continent goes on right? Click to look at the surroundings of Fódlan! And to the east there's a continent named Palmica. I might be crazy, but doesn't Palmica look strangely like... Click here to look at FE 10 Tellius Map! But reversed, I guess. What is "Palmica" Could easily be Begnion and Daein, with the southern Islands being those islands that we see below Palmica(don't judge my spelling okay, reading what the map says is difficult). Leicester in the east of Fódlan is slightly brighter than the rest of the map suggesting a desert, and then in the Tellius Saga they clearly state that there is a desert to the east. I mean it's kind of a long shot, and there would have to be a reason for Tellius to be flipped on Fódlan's map(it could be as easy as it's simply just perspective). Or, I might just be crazy. But, I've been thinking about this like all day. (All of the links except the surrounding Fódlan one should just be Serenes Forest links so they should really not be harmful)
  2. So i'll probably post the prolouge tomorrow. The reason why I may not complete this is because I am TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE at FE. I couldn't even beat hard classic of awakening. I will try this however since I've been wanting to play FE9 for a long time. The farthest i've played is chapter 4 on normal mode so that's what I mean by almost blind. Meanwhile I'll hopefully get some tips. I've already been advised to use Titania quite a bit especially in earlygame.
  3. so i have been always wanting to play fe 9 and fe 10 but i hear fe 9 is very easy, i don't want a game that will put me to sleep. however i am worried about not being able to understand anything about the radiant saga. can you help me. and if you DO want me to play fe 9 first tell me about how diffcult it is on hardest NA mode. also give reasons if you do want me to play fe 9 before fe 10 or if it os okay to play fe 10 before fe 9
  4. so i have never played fe 9 and people are saying this game is very easy, but people have said maniac mode is actually considerably harder than hard. so i want to know how hard is fe 9 maniac mode compared to other fe games, give some reasons please not just mm is harder than hard. so yeah.
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