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  1. The title is the main question, what happened to the fanmade Fire Emblem If? I started playing Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition recently and I really wanted to know what happened to the project, since all the news I find researching is from 2016 or at the most 2017, and it seemed not yet ready. I'm currently playing only with the undub, because that's all I have.
  2. Hi, I am trying to reach the 9999 Battle and Visit Points in Fire Emblem Fates (US). Would anyone who plays the game still or have the copy of it, be able to visit and battle my castle? Currently, I have set up the Corrin, Azura and the Royal Siblings as defenders but placed on Hold, so you can just capture the Seize tile. For this case, I do not have a lot to give in return, I do have the Aptitude skill on most of my Units, and I do not have the Children characters yet in that Save File. But in return, I can invade your castle as well in return, so you would be able to get those points as well. Any help would be appreciated. My Castle Code (US): 11405-50667 41188-72955
  3. So, I recently got my hands on the Invisible Kingdom/Revelation side manga released for Fates. I’ve been translating it with online translators so I can read it, as I cannot read or speak Japanese, but there’s a few lines of dialogue that either the AI cannot detect the characters used or the translation comes out borderline nonsensical. Can anyone help translate these? Just a quick note—for the first two, the lines I need translated are the ones in black with a white border, in a font that resembles messy/quick handwriting.
  4. I'm going to make it clear that the only reason that I delved into FETwiddler was because of a save data corruption, so I went "fuck it" and delved into stuff. Omega Yato in Birthright, alongside adding Gunter. But apparently I allowed units to learn enemy-only skills, and well... Omega Yato on Birthright. After some testing stuff out, I was able to get unshadowbanned by straight up removing my save data and not equipping beast/corrin/azura/enemy only skills since my castle is able to be visited by others. I'm still a little curious and confused on how the Shadowban works entirely, since all I know is that it can be reverted by removing the offenders and updating data, the aforementioned illegal/enemy only skills, and that's about it. Apparently, the check starts when you save or update data. However, I'm still at a loss on how it works full-scope. I now know that adding units like Gunter or items like Omega Yato are a huge no-no, it's just when it comes to items to be sure. Forging some items that can't be forged results in a shadowban, yeah? Some people say that the shadowban is permanent, others say that it can be reverted if offending stuff is removed, and I don't know what to believe at this point. I am so sorry if I look dumb for this, but honestly? I'd rather be dumb than get shadowbanned over and over again. So here are two questions I have. How exactly does shadowbanning work, alongside what causes it, and why do I no longer receive feedback even after it's revoked? The former is something that I do want to know to understand it better. As for the latter, I can only assume that it was because of the shadowban. I've even tried the 5-Minute Trick, except it didn't work. People can still visit my castle though. I thought that this wasn't a thing lately, even in 2022. But since this happened, it's most certainly still there. If adding an enemy-only skill like Dragonskin gets you thrown into Va- ...you get the idea. As in getting thrown into banland, then how come stuff like this has happened before? I still remember a time that a castle had two Kanas, and one Corrin had a Falchion despite it being impossible, and yet nothing happened. Even if this may have already been answered, I'd still like to get a better understanding on how shadowbanning works so I can at least try to avoid it as much as I can in the future.
  5. I’ve been having this thought for a bit now, cause my main pairing for Camilla is Odin but I keep debating on what happens to her after the game. Does she stay in Fatesland or does she go with Odin/Owain, and presumably Ophelia, to his world? I doubt she’d be all that keen on leaving her family but I think she’d want Odin/Owain to be happy too and be able to back to his home and family. I just don’t know what to do about her. So what do you all think, do you think Camilla would stay or leave?
  6. I’m currently writing the script to a video on a Fire Emblem Fates iceberg chart that I made, and one of the surface-layer entries is about the #BlameTakumi meme. I’ve been trying to find the original source of it, but I’m drawing some blanks. Most sources I checked refer to some Twitch stream where the chat came up with it, but I can’t find the name of the streamer anywhere. Can anyone help?
  7. Hello, this is my first post here so idk if it's right but the best i can do. I'm currently working on an Azura mod for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and am in need of all her Heroes voice lines (Default - all alts), and voice lines of her singing the first part of lost in thoughts all alone for a voice mod I'm working on. You will be credited ofc when I post the mod. That's all, ty for any support.
  8. Alright, so I own a copy of FE Conquest. and I am almost done with it. I thought to myself while doing a chapter, is there anyone that has completed a FE game to it's max constent (DLC, Supports, Stats, units so I have to pick shura, also I will not max out movement, because there isn't enough boots in the game for that and gold). I want to do this for FE Fates, but I stumbled upon a roadblock. I would have to clear every single support conversation in FE Fates. Since I can buy the path Hoshido, I have to max supports for both Nohr and Hoshido. I first want to know in the comments if anyone has ever 100% a Fire emblem game and any exploits, or suggestions to help me complete my goal.
  9. Fire Emblem Fates: Good Guy Garon Edition TRAILER & RECORDED CHAPTERS HERE HEAD HERE FOR THE LATEST PATCH AND UPDATE NOTES: MAIN THREAD To use this modification you will need to either have CFW and Luma3DS installed, or another method to modify the game's core files. Information: Chapter Videos: Overview of Changes (Mild Spoilers Within): Download (Updated 1/02/18): Installation: (via Luma LayeredFS) Special Thanks: SecretiveCactus for their Fire Emblem Conversation Editor thane98 for their Fire Emblem Fate’s Editor DeathChaos25 for their Fates ROM Hacking General Thread
  10. Have you ever thought that the Fates generic enemy units were really well made and kinda wanted to build a team around them? The goal of this patch is to present a new type of challenge by making the player capture enemy units in order to build up their army. In contrast to my previous romhack, I tried to keep changes to a minimum. That being said.... Here are the changes made to the game: - Corrin's personal skill has been replaced with Capture. - All units excluding Jakob1/Felicia1 and Azura leave the party after their recruit chapter. They can still be used as player units on their recruit chapter. Paralogue units are still recruitable, meaning Mozu and Children will not leave the party. - Prison and its Lv2 upgrade is available at Chapter 6 for 0 cost. The Lv3 upgrade is available at its normal unlock time. (Chapter 20) - All Item Farms and the Arena and their upgrades are available at Chapter 6 for 0 cost. (Unfortunately the game is still locked to 1 gem farm and 1 food farm per save file.) It is HIGHLY recommended to cheat to gain an unlimited supply of My Castle Resources for bribing prisoners. If you are playing on 3DS, here are some save editors: If you are playing on Citra, here is the cheat for getting unlimited My Castle resources: Patch Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1CUi3e4fNIG3sv75_g3gUFsGFzvZBoV_p?usp=sharing How to patch the ROM: Making Player Units un-recruitable is a lot more tedious than I thought, so for now this patch only includes functionality for Conquest and Birthright. I probably won't make a Revelation version. Thanks a lot for reading! It would be appreciated if you could share your playthroughs, report bugs, or leave some feedback! I might post some things from my own playthroughs as well. If you want to contact me personally, feel free to shoot me a message on Discord at windypanda1#4593.
  11. After playing fates I have started to notice that the the war between Nohr and Hoshido is similar to the war between the Greek and the Trojans to start both have god’s fighting for both sides and are even responsible for starting both conflicts. The Trojan war starts after Aphrodite promised the most beautiful woman to Paris this was Helen wife of king menelous. Paris would take Helen for himself after making an alliance with the Greeks like how corrin is taken by Nohr during a supposed peace agreement and yes I’m comparing corrin to Helen both actions starting a long war between the two nations.
  12. This might get hate but I think corrin is a good character. He/she might be generic but Corrin is still charismatic he/she is willing to help their friend even if they die in the process they’re not perfect they’re both experienced, over trusting and kind to fault but that’s why I like them when Corrin doesn’t get something right the first time he keeps trying and doesn’t ask for help even when he/she needs it. In the end Corrin is stubborn, kind, prideful, kind to a fault, is willing to fight to see his/her friends safely to the end of the battle and the war and these are just some of what I like about Corrin.
  13. Okay!~ So i might not see any replies to this for a while, But i was wondering if anyone has their hands on the map-sprites from Fate, Everything from Corrin to the hoshidan and nohr soldiers, even the faceless and other characters, Ive always wanted to get my hands on a biiig folder full of these sprites from every ally, enemy, character and canonfodder just to give them a good look and check their design, Does anyone have their hands on them?
  14. I decided to s-rank my MU with Laslow just cause I wanted to get a boost in Lck and skill most of all in Kana and Soleil since I’ve chosen Lck as my bane and str as my boon. I also recently gotten Soleil from her paralogue and reclassed her to Nohrian Princess but herein lies my dilemma unfortunately: Idk if Nohrian or Hosidan noble is worth saving my great lord seal for Selena!Caelodori, since my main reasons for reclassing Soleil into one of these 2 avatar based special classes is 1.) mainly to get Dragon Fang since she didn’t get in inherited from my MU unfortuantely and 2.) I also wanted to see if it would increase her bulk overall unlike hero or bow knight. Are there any advantages of reclassing Soleil into Nohrian noble and any disadvantages or does she want to be in the Hoshidan noble class for better bulk overall? I’m so torn cause I don’t want her to go the canon Great lord route (saving that for Selena!Caeldori). Thoughts or advice please?
  15. Hello, everyone! I am in a band called Grimleal, which makes symphonic black/melodic death metal that is inspired by and about Fire Emblem. We dropped a new single back in late December called "Love Reincarnate", which is the first song in the Time-Surpassing Fate trilogy (named after our upcoming EP), and is based on Rhajat's reincarnation. There is some Japanese folk elements in the song, which is intended to evoke the aesthetics of Hoshido, and because it was also inspired by Fates' soundtrack. There’s also a slight gothic metal influence, in the vein of Cradle of Filth’s Dusk and Her Embrace era, so if you're a fan of that band and that album, you may enjoy this one a lot. Anyways, if any of the above happens to pique your interest in any way, feel free to give it a listen and leave any comments/criticisms! (P.S. There's plenty of references to Rhajat's dialogue in the lyrics, can you spot them all?)
  16. Here are some Nightmare modules for Fire Emblem Fates I've just made: https://github.com/RainThunder/fefates-tools For those who wonder what Nightmare is, it is a software that let you hex edit every file via modules. With Nightmare, even those who don't have any knowledge in data structure and hex editing can still edit the game's files and make some cool stuff. Instruction and documentation and be found in the README file and wiki of the repository.
  17. Hi Fire Emblem fans!! Sorry I haven't been on here in a while. I'm raising a wild and crazy little girl and she takes up so much of my time. Speaking of kids...I wanted to share that I'm producing a kids album of all classic Sesame Street songs! I'm so excited about this project and wanted to share it with you in case you wanted to be involved. I have an entire chorus of young blind singers along with Jason Alexander, French Stewart & Jonah Platt guest singing! It's going to be amazing! PLUS, a large portion of the proceeds will be donated to various blind non-profits around the country. I just launched a non-profit fundraising campaign and I'd love your help getting the word out. THANKS SO MUCH! xo Rena AKA AZURA https://fundraising.fracturedatlas.org/imagi…/campaigns/3062
  18. I'm currently Doing Fates Custom Bond unit challenge run. The only hack I use is the bond unit apperance and class creation tool, rest of gameplays stays as normal though the whole run. Anyone is welcome to join regardless of whether you have game or not, this is open request. Anyone is welcome to request your custom bond unit stats for my playthrough: * Your MU name, class, skill, apperance, and stats for my custom bond unit only playthrough. * For anyone wants their specific hair style and apperance, use this customizer as reference to comment down below. * You can freely choose any MU's hair color you want including colors that are not avalible ingame. If you want to have custom color, here is a website for the hex color code and please type the hex code down in comments. * Any accessories outside of customizer they want for their MU are optional to have, please type down the item you want. Here are the rules: * Unplayable class (except Minerva's Pegasus Knight) and enemy exclusive item are not allowed. * No swimwear and Japan exclusive accessories such as pumpkin head are not allowed for their decoration. * One person can only have 1 bond skill, Due to the limitation, MU's genders are restricted through bond skill, thus the personal skill you are choosing is also your gender's choice. Here are the lists of gender and bond skill Custom Bond unit Submission Example: Name: Neo Boon/Bane: +spd -luck Class (Advance): Paladin Personal Skill: Sol Hair Color Hex: #61453F Accessories (Optional): Flower Braids Apperance (Optional): Face 3, Hair 6, Hair Clip 3, Facial Feature None
  19. Hey y'all, just wondering who your favorite character is in Fire Emblem Fates. Playable or nonplayable. I don't give a shit who. And y'all can guess who mine is. (You'll be wrong as all hell.) Alright, sleep well!
  20. As a part of an upcoming story rewrite patch a friend and I decided that one of the issues that needs to be fixed is the map. So he made a political map that a kind person from the 3dsFE hacking discord made into a patchable file. To instal, simply make a file in romfs named field and remove the -1 from the patch file's name. hope you all enjoy! Credits: Direction, Fish Map, Hambone Patch creation, Puddles https://drive.google.com/file/d/1568XlAqAcO6iY1qBdJLePvdQjFn2ofIW/view?usp=sharing
  21. Background: So I'm trying to play FE:Fates Special Edition (USA) Decrypted Rom in Citra (with Cheats Support). I just finished playing FE Awakening yesterday. I played FE:A using Cheat Engine (for changing uses/quantities) by using the method given in this post: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/643003-fire-emblem-awakening/74334777 I'm trying to achieve the same thing in Fates but unfortunately, I don't know where to begin with since I don't have any CE value for any Item/Weapon. In the link (mentioned above), they use the value: 196760 (for Vulnerary) to find the Item Slot for any character. But in Fates, I don't have such a value (because I don't know how to find this using CE). So I would really appreciate if someone would guide me on how to find the CE value for any item/weapon in Fates (like the one they found for Vulnerary: 196760) Or if someone can provide me with the value of commonly found items/weapons in Fates so I could use that to find the specific item slots and then values for other items/weapons. Or you can also help me by providing me with Gateway codes for FE: Fates SE (USA). Thank you so much.
  22. I’m thinking about replaying Birthright on Lunatic mode. My class will be samurai, and I’m considering S supporting either Takumi or Kaze this run. My bane will be magic, but I don’t know whether to choose my boon as +STR or +SPD. I was considering a +SKL boon as well for proc crit esteem, but I’m more so focused on a physically offensive unit this round (though I know Midori benefits from a luck and strength growth and Kiragi benefits from speed in my favor). Which boon (strength or speed) would be more optimal in my case?
  23. Sorry if this isn't the appropriate place to ask, this is my best guess. This also has to do with Citra, if that is not allowed, please say so, thank you. I'm trying to patch my Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition .3ds or .cia (I have both) in order to add the romfs files from these two patches: https://gbatemp.net/threads/fire-emblem-fates-expanded-same-sex-marriage-patch-wip.416109/ https://gbatemp.net/threads/fire-emblem-fates-revelation-unit-buff-patch.429594/ I was using the instructions from https://gbatemp.net/threads/guide-installing-mods-hacks-for-citra-3ds-emulator.521228/ to end up with a .cia file with the two mentioned patches applied, which would then be modified with the Fan Translation patch from https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/67613-fire-emblem-if-fan-translation-under-new-management/ However, when I reach the step 10, where 3DS to CIA is used to rebuild a .cia file with the patched romfs.bin file, there is an IndexError before checking the rfs file, and then a "File specified cannot be found" error. If anybody has any help, even if it means taking a completely different approach, I would appreciate your help, thank you.
  24. Can I purchase one physical cartridge copy of Fire Emblem Fates Birthright or Conquest pre-owned in some manner, through Amazon for example and still get the discount for the two other paths? On Nintendo's fire emblem fates website it says "Buy the first game for US$39.99MSRP/CA$49.99MSRP, then purchase and download the other paths for just US$19.99MSRP/CA$24.99MSRP. MSRP = Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price, Actual Price May Vary" How does the discount work, would it come with a discount code when you buy the game brand new, or is it something that works with all Fire Emblem Fates Cartridges where once you purchase one version you then can purchase the other two paths for $19.99 no matter what. Is the discount for the two other paths locked to brand new retail purchased games? How about digital purchases? I'm trying to get all 3 versions, Conquest, Birthright and Revelations as cheap as possible on one cartridge without spending upwards of $100-$300 on the special edition, or purchase it new still pay $80 for an 2 year old title to save money and SD card space. This question didn't seem redundant since I can't find it on reddit/google, and Nintendo Customer Service is closed/busy due to it being Cyber Monday. The website isn't too specific as to how the discount actually works so I came here. Be as specific with your response as possible please.
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